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Ishihara: “Japan Needs Its Own Mossad!”


In the wake of a new anti-spying law, top nationalist politician Shintaro Ishihara is calling for Japan to go a step further and emulate Israel by “creating our own Mossad” (or “Section 9” as GitS fans have pointed out).

In recent public remarks, the 81-year-old ex-Tokyo mayor (his hand-picked successor’s political career is currently unravelling over a $500,000 loan he refuses to explain) and Ishin no Kai spokesman called media opposition to Japan’s new anti-spying law “groundless” and “part of their persecution complex.”

He also went further and proposed Japan solve its spying problems with its own Mossad:

“In addition to this law, shouldn’t we be considering the creation of an intelligence service like Israel’s Mossad? Despite Israel’s small size they do a fantastic job.”

Mossad is of course notorious for using a variety of highly illegal means to kidnap and assassinate those who it deems enemies of the Israeli state, irrespective of such trifles as national borders or international law – although to generally great success.

Another LDP-connected politician who fervently supports the bill recently caused similar controversy by likening those demonstrating against it to “terrorists.”

The new “anti-spying” law attaches a maximum 10 year sentence to those who part with classified information in areas of defence, diplomacy, espionage and counter-terrorism.

The law sets a massive 60-year limit on the duration of secrets but various exceptions are allowed perpetual secrecy.

This being Japan it is vague in its wording and is widely suspected to be the ideal way for politicians and civil servants to classify any and all details of their incompetence and corruption.

In particular, the mass media claims the 5 year sentence it mandates for attempting to “instigate” a leak is the ideal way for the government to intimidate them into not revealing embarrassing details.

Even amongst Japan’s fervently right-wing online masses, this is regarded as a bit much:

“Aren’t we making one already?”

“This old coot just needs to die already.”

“More pearls of wisdom from that crazed old rape novelist.”

“It’s ironic when this guy calls other people deluded…”

“He should have said MI6 rather than Mossad.”

“Mossad are the best, though it took 30 years to get there.”

“Surrounded by hostile countries, some with much bigger populations, is Japan so different to Israel?”

“Odd that he would pick Mossad. All we need is a proper intelligence section.”

“What is with this old fool. He could have just said the CIA or NSA but instead chooses Mossad of all the agencies…”

“Mossad assassinate way too many people…”

“Japan must be the only developed nation not to have one.”

“I agree with Ishihara! But it should be under the control of the Imperial household.”

“Who do you think will dictate their agenda? If it’s increasing the Keidanren’s profits we are in trouble.”

“Honestly I have my doubts about whether Japan’s agencies are not already assassinating people…”

“So in other words, Public Peace Section 9?”

“Wait, National INtelligence agency of JApan – abbreviation: NINJA.”

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