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Sony: PS4 Launch “Greatest Ever” “2.1 Million Sold”


With 2.1 million PS4s sold Sony is boldly proclaiming it “the greatest start in history” for a PlayStation launch.

Sony says the PS4’s “actual sales” have topped 2.1 million as of the 1st of December, with much of the world (not least Japan) still to even get it.

They can but hope the scepticism this has aroused amongst surly Japanese gamers is down to them being jaded over their delayed launch:

“To think they got a chance to outdo the PS2 launch, amazing.”

“With the PS3 the same numbers they trotted out were all about sneaky retail terms like ‘shipped to distributors’ – for them to give actual sales figures must mean things are going well I guess.”

“Was I missing the part where they released any decent games to go with it?”

“I guess it will eventually manage 20 million in total at least.”

“Finally the Xbox dies!”

“Who cares, they have forsaken the Japanese market so it hardly matters.”

“And Japan gets it last of all. I won’t buy it!”

“What do you expect from a company headed by a foreigner!”

“It isn’t really surprising they had this record. They got more pre-orders than the Xbox, destroyed it at all the shows before it was even released, the launch was theirs to screw up.”

“With this example to follow I expect most Japanese companies will start leaving Japan until last, great.”

“The Xbox One apparently outsold it on Black Friday – I think they still have a chance in North America.”

“That was just Walmart and Target data. It is useful data but not the whole story.”

“They could be at 3 million with a simultaneous Japanese launch.”

“As if… there aren’t any games Japanese would buy for it yet.”

“Delaying the Japanese launch until last was definitely a successful strategy. There is no point in a Japanese launch until all the Japanese titles are ready, as nobody here buys anything else.”

“Japan is already sewn up. If they win the rest of the planet this generation is back to being a 1-console generation again.”

“With Japanese infatuated with card games on smartphones the PS4 and Xbox Ones are pearls cast before swine here.”

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