GitS Arise Ghost Tears: “Despair in More Ways Than One”


The 3rd instalment of the not uncontroversial Ghost in the Shell ARISE has been dated for the middle of 2014, even as fan dissatisfaction with the two instalments so far continues to fester.


Border:3 Ghost Tears will be theatrically released June 28th, with the usual BDs to follow.


A total of 4 instalments are planned, suggesting it will wrap up by the end of 2014.

Between the pre-release controversy, and both the November 30th release of border:2 Ghost Whispers and the recent TV premières of the first instalment which coincided with it, the fan reaction seems to have gone from bad to worse:

“Don’t bother following this.”

“How can it take them 6 months to finish a 1 hour production?”

“Right, I just saw border:1 on TV and the production values are no better than a weekly TV anime. Quite a mystery how they spend 6 months on something like that.”

“The production values of Arise are frankly worse than many late night anime.”

“They are still desperate to squeeze some more life out of this?”

“Like Berserk, One Piece, Five Star Stories and the rest…”

“They still intend to continue with this awful new series?”

“At least they seem to have stopped the pachinko.”

“GitS was totally fresh when it came out but it is really wearing thin now. The stories were never that good, it was the novel setting which made it.”

“Arise was such a disappointment.”

“I wouldn’t say it was bad but it certainly had its flaws. The production was OVA level I guess.”

“The production values were awful! They could have kept Motoko and continued the existing series at least. Was there any point to changing all the seiyuu?”

“Probably to cut costs…”

“They should never have given Ghost in the Shell to these new clowns.”

“It is not generating any buzz even. I guess this is the end for Ghost in the Shell.”

“It isn’t bad but has to compare to the TV series, so it had no chance.”

“The second one is a bit better than the first. Awful music though.”

“1 was OK with it being fresh and new, but the 2nd one was just bad. It’s like they have to use some template with Motoko, terrorists and the ‘koma being manipulated by some irregular AI behind the scenes. It’s old. Making the same stuff with new character designs and seiyuu was a bizarre decision. I finished with 2, I’ll not be buying any more.”

“Except the irregular AI has become a series regular.”

“This all reminds me of FF13…”

“Come on, it’s just a bad work. GitS is probably finished now.”

“It is sad how this series is just inferior in each an every way to its predecessors.”

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