USA Orders Planes To Kowtow To China




The USA has told its airlines to file their flight-plans with the Chinese military when flying through its new air defence zone, after even Japan had the spine to tell its airlines to ignore China.

The US government has said it expects all American airlines to abide by Chinese government’s requirements

However, the US oddly maintains that officially ordering its carriers to obey China’s requirements in the zone does not mean it “accepts China’s requirements” for the area.





Various American airlines are reportedly either already submitting flight plans to China where they pass over the zone, or have indicated they will be doing so.

Despite all this, America, Japan and South Korea have all made unannounced military flights in the area, prompting China to scramble its own jets.

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  • So there is anger that the US is not using passengers on commercial flights as pawns in this political game as the Japanses are? Is Japan perhaps hoping for a tragic incident started by the Chinese?

  • All this bitching between US Americans and Chinese … Don’t they realize how very much alike they’ve actually become? They’re both trying their very best to emulate the worst aspects of each other’s cultures, because they’re both run by people for whom only money and power matters. So why should anyone side with one or the other? It just means getting used and trampled upon both ways.

    Well, maybe they DO realize that they’re just mirror images of each other and that’s why they hate each other so much … No one likes what he sees in the mirror, eh?

  • Civilian airliners are slow, large on radar, not at all maneuverable, not at all equipped with any ECM, chaff, IR flares, or other protective countermeasures, and most importantly, ARE CARRYING INNOCENT CIVILIANS. I’m 100% on the side of Japan in this mess but accusing the US of “cowtowing” by not dangling innocent civilians in the face of the clearly unstable Chinese nationalist nutjobs who are antagonizing everyone around them is at its best moment extremely dishonest.

  • A-are you abandoning me, my master US-sama?

    We have been strugling to serve you well and to be your best ally in Asia all this time.

    But for the past 50 years, we have not be able to have a full-scale military because you never allowed us to do that.

    Now are we going to give up the islands of ours to China for the faith in you and isn’t there any other way, my master?

  • This is just to keep civilians out of the way of this dick-measuring contest, lest we get a repeat of KAL007 over the disputed area. This order does not apply to USN and USAF aircraft.

    Luckily for China, this isn’t an actual dick-measuring contest.

  • “kowtow”? Ever hear of KAL 007? If you are a B-52, armed with all the latest that DAPRA has deployed and nukes, too, that is one thing, but if you are a civilian aircraft, it is only smart to comply and not get blown away

  • Personally I find the US being spineless here. It would be better if the US had the civilian flights ignore China. Because if CHina did shoot down a civilian airplane you know trouble would follow and it would be all a disadvantage for China.

  • samuraikatana1 says:

    Last I checked civilian airliners don’t carry missiles under their wings… And the U.S. didn’t “order” the airlines to do this either, it encouraged them to keep doing what they were already doing. Sankaku, you’re getting a little carried away with the sensationalism here.

    • How cute. Somebody still thinks that the US president has any real power. He is a commander in chief in nothing but paper. The only decision the US president is allowed to make is to refuse to rubberstamp the will of the brass, which is a one way ticket to being forcefully retired, Kennedy style.

    • Okay. So not wanting to risk civilian lives means the US us a “dying cow”? Okay, tell your civilian airlines to ignore the Chinese warning, don’t inform them about the intended flight path, get a little too close to the mainland, and then get shot down and you end up with a couple hundred dead civilians that could have been avoided had you done a simple thing.

    • LAWL the ‘margin call’.

      I love how fuckin dumb bitches go on about how ‘china owns us debts’.

      How about, ‘china gave 2 trillion to US and will probably get 1 trillion back because of dollar inflation on the international market that chnks can’t do shit about’?

      Yeah we should just claim taiwan and have them declare independence while we’re at it.

      The best thing is, dollar inflation will hit china much harder forcing yuan revaluation while America get only mediocre increase inflation if any. Since the start of QE, American inflation never even reached 2.8% while many other nations get hit with 5% + inflation and 15% on their food stuffs.

      Global economics is a tricky business, but I don’t expect a ‘we own us debt’ dumbass chnk to understand its subtleties 🙂

  • Isn’t this akin to taking territory that does not belong to someone? If anyone tried that with the US, or anyone else it would be a nightmare, why are they just sitting back and taking it? I know we want peace blah blah. But it just seems like its only getting worse and worse, next up “We really like your, land. I think we will take it”.

    • I think it is more amusing, that Japan does not have the balls to do anything about it. All they do is continue about their daily lives, when they could just as easily begin to pull manufacturing contracts from China.

      Which insistently Japan is in dire need of, as the 1980’s bubble burst has completely killed off their middle class and forced many to work multiple minimum wage jobs. Right now their poverty rage sits at nearly 16% and is increasing on an annual basis.

      Grow some balls, Japan, pull those contracts and begin paying your employees a “fair wage”. You cowardly cheap bastards.

  • Well this ended quickly.
    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

    The military doesnt care about this and they will not care until that airspace is needed and when it is im sure some deal will be made.

    So Chine now owns those skies and no one will do anything. Now it’s time to sit and watch to see what china does next.

  • Take note investors: the more yellow aggression you see in foreign relations, the poorer the economic forecast for China.

    The only thing that pisses me off about rising conflict in Eastern Asia is that it ignores the real enemy: Islam.

    • Islam wouldn’t be seen as a threat if they had just continued with what they were doing before 2001. Killing/Oppressing each other and happily selling oil to more civilized countries. A war every 20 years with Israel to be shown how backwards they are, ok, but that’s why the civilized world created Israel for in the first place. Two birds with one stone.
      Now there’s a dilemma in the west: support the tyrants that oppress their own people, that doesn’t go well with the stupid masses and the press or support “rebels” that are even worse when they win. I wonder why the leaders there never have the gall to open fire on demonstrators for real. From the top of my head, I can’t think of a war or revolution where the side firing on civilians lost if the other didn’t do the same.
      It’s really a pity for all the smart people in Egypt and Syria to be stuck in such shitty places.

        • Yeah, Christianity was extremist, intolerant and dangerous to non-Christians… centuries ago.

          Islam is backwards and medieval in it’s stupidity to it’s own followers, doubly so for ANY women and ANY non-muslim. The Quran actually preaches fair treatment and protection to all “people of the book” which is ALL Christians and Jews, but Muslims don’t give a fuck and hate everyone. It is a religion of intolerance and hatred.

          Japan is one of the few Nations that doesn’t have an Islamist insurgency or the threat of one, which is entirely due to it’s protectionist immigration policies, something other Nations should pursue.

  • what with those posts talking about culture supremacy of china? no seriously what culture are we talking about? the unification of china back in the BC days or the great kung fu cheapo movies, fail wars against japan and 2$/h world’s industry bitches? no just wondering really… as much as I hate america for being full of themselves, arrogant, schizophrenic, without any manners and reading this post, chicken also after trying to show off their dick with a few flights, it’s hard to deny that they still pretty much impose their culture over the world.. And if chinese believe they don’t because they use chinese brands and such that simply COPY american ones then well nice brain wash there…
    I just hope it comes to more than a dick size fight (in which case murica with their niggas will win hands down) and there will be some casualties, the planet needs a good chinese purge in order to restore some balance, fucking zerglings

  • Sankaku Complex – anime, manga, video games, and…international politic?

    Only arrogant, brainwashed dumbasses crow loudly about that of which they are complete ignorance. Stick to covering Japanese cartoon and other irrelevant modern perversion; it’s better for your overmasturbated brainkill readership.

    China has absolutely no fear of any military. Kinetic kill carrier-killer missiles render US + Japan naval assets useless. Americans are freaked out and get very pissy over unmatched Chinese industrial dominance and calm, masterful control in cyberespionage both corporate and military. US’s respectful, accommodating response to China is very wise consdering US + Japan exhaustion, age and decline while China assertively pursues choice national interests backed by refreshed economic vigor, unrivaled culture, and adequate, intimidating military power.

    US and Japanese boys schizophrenically cling to remnants of past glory as a basis for forming modern policy. Such boys, laughable, keep your heads low, repay your debts to China, continue living pathetically with parents and no female contact. Go now, watch Kardashian or pedophilic Japan cartoon, but please, no comment on politics until you understand the reality truth.

    • Congratulations, comrade! You have masterfully memorized your propaganda lessons and are hereby promoted to Grade A cannonfodder. Please report to the nearest suicide bomber training facility and have a nice day!

    • And i can assume you understand the “reality truth” as you so aptly put it? The sad fact of the matter is that the US spends so much money on military resources, that even when fighting several comparatively small wars around the world, it could easily decimate china in a full scale war, should it ever come to that.

      The chinese-japanese conflict over the senkaku islands is an old one, and china tried to seize control over the surrounding airspace in order to gain an edge in the conflict, but as it turns out, it has no effect. And the reason america decided to have their airlines submit their flightplans over the area to china is that even if they don’t accept it, it’s just plain stupid to gamble with civilian lives. The real power struggle lies in the military flights.

      In other words america is basically saying that they are willing to go to war if it’s needed (as usual), completely disregarding any impact it would have on the nations finances. And japan just doesn’t give a flying fuck about it, as china wouldn’t risk going to war as long as america is allied with japan. The reasons for this are: 1. China would probably be decimated to a wasteland of radioactive smog. And 2. Even if china wasn’t nuked to oblivion, the financial repercussions would be too big to handle as chinas financial state is highly dependent on their anerican investments.

      So to summarize my take on the situation: China won’t let it escalate to a war as long as america is on the battlefield, as china has more to lose than america.

      If your “reality truth” is different, please tell me, and please use facts to back up your claims, not just “america and japan are shaking in fear because fuck you that’s why and you can’t say anything else because you read news on sankaku complex.” NEWS FLASH! You read news on sankaku complex too if you haven’t noticed, so by your own argument your comment is invalid.

    • “…unmatched Chinese industrial dominance and calm, masterful control in cyberespionage both corporate and military.”

      Self claiming great Nation.. when the action, show nothing to be impressed.

    • What Anon really wants to say is I’m a green-blooded piece of shit who loves money, and I’ll trash whatever shores I land on in order to make it, then give the country that fed me well the finger.

    • Hoo … And you are the voice of truth and the only one with brains here ..
      Curious how to think so superior and restricts others ..
      After which side are you on?
      Of those who are scared to death of a third world war or WHAT seems more sympathetic to communists!?
      America will do absolutely nothing.
      To have nothing to gain from it and do not have money to support.
      Nobody cares until someone knock on your door and take everything you have .. including their freedom ..

    • You had my interest until “continue living pathetically with parents and no female contact”, at which point I realized you had accidentally swapped “China” and “US” in your post. Whoops!

      • ZING!

        Everytime a chinese try to criticize others, just flip the board and think about how it applies to the chinese 10 times more than anyone else. Clinging to the past? Over bloated, strong on the outside, weak on the inside? Shakey economy that’s ready to have its rug pulled out from under it? Being a ‘paper tiger’ for all of its history?

        Chinese complaints are all petulant childish denials of their own realities and pathetic attempts at trying to impose their own weaknesses to others in order to bring the rest of the world down to their level.

        But then again, china’s a mongrel nation inhibited by mongrel rape victims who opened their legs for any foreign invaders from mongols, manchus, to japs to come in and take advantage. I doubt the ancient chinese are anything like modern ‘chinese’ since so many people ran trains over their women throughout their 5000 years of GLORIOUS history LOL

  • Of course. It’s not kowtowing either. Way to fluff your fucking headlines.

    That aside, it’s foolish to think that an air line carrying civilians is going to risk running into a Chinese fighter plane. It’s restricted air space. Doubtful that the Chinese would do something (read, anything) to a US plane. But why run the risk?

    ALL of that being said, this is stupid. You can’t expect this to last without something being broken and it’ll likely escalate to the point of War or the US stepping in and playing world police.

    • “Despite all this, America, Japan and South Korea have all made unannounced military flights in the area, prompting China to scramble its own jets.”

      Exactly. Civilian flights thing is a face saving excuse for the chinese politicians to back the fuck off before getting bitch slapped by US into losing their domestic political clout.

      By continuing the military flight unabated and having the MILITARY side completely ignore the chinese, US and its allies are sending an interesting double message to the chinese about who REALLY holds the best hand in this game.

      In japan’s case, they cannot allow the public opinion to see them as weak, so unlike US they seemingly ‘stand up to chinese aggression’ and ‘tell airline to ignore the chinese’. However, in terms of real consequences the japanese ‘stance’ has little to no impact – it’s all publicity stunt.

      Also, people have missed the most crucial aspect of it all: No one is US told the airlines that they had to abide by any chinese changes in regulations – only that they make their presence known. US airlines will not change courses unless something real like a shooting war starts, since no civilians should be in a war zone.

      And yet some child-like ch!nks will come by and try to bitch at themselves about a ‘victory’ lol

      China: proving once again they are a nation of Ah Qs forever. So gullible and so easy.

    • IT IS KOWTOwING. Accepting unillateral sovereingty proclamations over something is always telling them they are are even when politicians don’t have the courage to say it in public. But don’t wory, there will be no war. Murrica owes too much money to chinese investors and american investors need chinese economy growth to make more money and chinese factories to manufacture their products. This is not world police, these are world loan sharks bluffing to each other.

      • [quote]Accepting unillateral sovereingty proclamations over something is always telling them they are are even when politicians don’t have the courage to say it in public[/quote]
        Except it’s not a proclamation of sovereignty, but an air defence zone.
        On another note, you might want to familiarize yourself with a spell-checker.

        [quote]Murrica owes too much money to chinese investors[/quote]
        And why exactly would that discourage them? Oh look, we owe these guys money. We better be very careful not to kill them, because that would be bad!

        [quote]and american investors need chinese economy growth to make more money and chinese factories to manufacture their products[/quote]
        America does not benefit from Chinese economic partnership at all. If anything, it’s US economy that is getting dragged down by local capital being invested into foreign economies.

        [quote]This is not world police, these are world loan sharks bluffing to each other.[/quote]
        I don’t see any difference.

      • It is not kowtowing (whatever that means in the present day). It is just avoiding trouble. US policy in this matter seems at least rational: send in military planes to say you don’t recognize the zone, but keep civilian planes out to save lives.

        In any case, Japan has a far larger zone in which it requires aircraft to inform traffic control.

        The kind of chauvinistic howling on this site is exactly what doomed the first democracy. When ancient Athens was at war with Sparta, it had a chance to make peace, but the public demanded that it get more “honorable” terms and Athens ended up losing the war and its empire.

        The big problem today is that those islands actually were given back to Japan against the terms of a WW2 agreement. The US was supposed to consult China (or Taiwan) before giving back to Japan any islands taken by imperial Japan. It did not. Now it has the contradictory policy of saying it takes no position on who actually owns them, but promising to defend them for Japan.

        • The only reason it seems “petulant” now is because the U.S. is interjecting on top of the fact most other disputes HAVE BEEN SOLVED. Also being present at certain conferences in 45 does not mean equal right of opinion for China.

        • So it’s other people’s job to see to it that you can get your internal affairs in order to the level fully capable of participating in international negotiations?

          LOL what a bitch. If it was that important, china should have put it forth as petulantly as they are doing now in 1945. They were never left out of the negotiations. One way or another, a ‘chinese’ did participate, and one way or another, they kept their mouths shut (more likely they didn’t even think too much about it until the oil and gas deposits were found in 1971).

          It seems their ‘bravery’ and ‘sovereign integrity’ are opportunistically compromised, are very spineless things indeed 🙂

          Bitch chinese, as always!

        • You missed the part where he said China was left out of the negotiations. Makes the rest of your post a joke, but keep trying though.

          Besides, all the airlines have to do is say something like “yo, we are flying from Taipei to Tokyo.” not really a big deal for anyone.

        • Hint: US is officially a republic, not a strict democracy.

          Also, china’s hypocritical attitude of not raising this issue during the negotiations and bringing up now is a clear sign of selective moralistic attitude they employ against Tibetans, Uyghrs, and all other nations around them. At least US acknowledges its faults and does its best to address them compared to those spineless chnks.

      • Unilateral is the norm, actually.

        Ever wondered why Japan’s own air warning zone is so huge? Extending 100 km from Taiwan coast and 50km from Russian coast? Yeah, unilateral declarations, over the past 4 decades. Korea and a few other small asian countries made a stink about it every time, but since they don’t matter, it stayed.

        This time too, it will stay. Only the perpetrator changed. It’s all just “I’m doing it, because I can,” period.

        • “Financially bankrupt” give me a break. When it comes down to it the US is a massive benchmark for the world economy. They aren’t even close to the level of debt crisis of countries like greece and cyprus and even if they were, they can buy their way out of it. the “massive debt” they owe china is less than 8%, and even if china wanted to “call in the note” today, they couldn’t. It’s all in treasury bills and is due at a fixed value at a fixed point in time.

        • Well said, that is how it goes, he with power rules, Japan no power, USA still there but more careful and financially bankrupt plus china is not some amateur people in bed sheets running around in a desert.

          Engaging China even a small one would probably find the USA ships been sunk, and there would be no winners in an altercation like that. No best to just let it slide and see how far they take it.

      • Loan sharks is a good way to put it. If the US and China were to war, the value of US treasury bonds held by Chinese investors would plummet to nothing, drastically destabilizing both economies, and neither is going to want that. The outcome of the US not paying back its loans is presumably a war to recover one’s losses (as well as an inability to borrow further money from the area), so the threat of default is already in action if they’ve skipped the step and jumped into it.

        The US has a strong economic tie to China, but don’t for a minute think that China isn’t equally tied to the US market. A war would cripple both their futures for decades, which is why it’s greatly unlikely to happen.

        • LOL some fool again brings up that retarded argument about being ‘made in china’ and can’t even tell the difference between manufacturing vs. Research and development.

          Guess what, shit made in mexico and india or vietnam and thailand don’t have fuckin lead and paint in them, unlike chinese fish imports.

          Almost anyone can piece shit together on an assembly line. That doesn’t make it ‘chinese’.

          BTW, I heard a chnk foreman got raped and killed by africans in a mine recently. Not to mention those africans fucking hate chnks for exploiting their natural resources under guise of ‘brothers against colonial oppression bullshit’.

          Or maybe we should look up all the brawls between africans and chinese in Guangzhou. Not to mention the riots.

          This is only from having less than 0.1% blacks in china.

          ‘Well liked’ LOL

        • Really? Go look at the stuff you have around the house and see exactly where they are made. Notice how the majority of the stuff seems to be made in the same place.

          As for China not being well liked around the world..go look up a documentary called “Chinatown Africa”

        • “Loan sharks is a good way to put it. If the US and China were to war, the value of US treasury bonds held by Chinese investors would plummet to nothing, drastically destabilizing both economies, and neither is going to want that. The outcome of the US not paying back its loans is presumably a war to recover one’s losses (as well as an inability to borrow further money from the area), so the threat of default is already in action if they’ve skipped the step and jumped into it.”

          Are you high? because you are obviously on something if you are using this stupid excuse. Let me state this as clear as possible for those that don’t do research

          CHINA OWNS 7% OF U.S. DEBT!!!!
          U.S. BUSINESSES OWNS 80% OF U.S. DEBT!!!

          Stop smoking people, saying that China owns the U.S. because they don’t.

          Damn can anyone read anymore. The last paragraph is the only thing that redeemed the bull you stated. For future reference, know your numbers and know just how much U.S. owes China

        • I do love some of Anonymous boasting how the USA does not need anyone, like that is real. The USA is a cripple as it really look like. It has a good propaganda machine making up stories about how they are doing well but its a minority of the population and most of its wealth now is on paper an no where else.

          What ever the believe the reality is that the USA would be hurt majorly, not including that we have way to many fringe groups here just waiting for a reason to go all Anarchy so its best not to destabilize the economy. Unlike Japan here in the states plenty can fight a limited war since we do have actually weapons to do so. Japan and other nations are just sheep that hope they never have their govt. turn on them.

        • China needs the world and US more than US needs either. That’s the harsh reality that chinese often like to ignore.

          Fundamentally speaking, chinese are not well-liked enough around to world to play any kind of a leading role due to the fact that anyone can tell they are trying to throw around attitudes.

          US, in the end, is coldly pragmatic and business like. The chinese THINK they are like this, but in the end they are driven by childish tantrums that compromises their standings and fragile psyche that cannot stand up to anyone stronger than them.

    • I would actually consider this an escalation on US’s part against china – it’s actually a backhanded message signaling that US is taking this seriously enough to consider a shooting war a real possibility. The last thing you want in a shooting war is a fat plane full of civilians wandering in everyone’s crosshairs.

      Besides, US doesn’t want foreign nationals riding its airlines in those routes to die from ‘accidental’ chinese aggression.

      So this move by US serves two purposes: While actually clearing the way for a real shooting war and signaling a warning to china that US is ready to escalate if need be, it is also giving the chinese a face-saving excuse to back off after the B-52 in-your-face flyover to satisfy the domestic chinese public opinion about ‘seemingly having stood up to others’.

      Remember, rattling a sabre makes noise. Drawing it does not.

      • China has no right doing what they did, basically it’s like saying that your property line goes into your neighbor’s yard so that you can later claim that their pool rightfully belongs to you, except in this instance, the property line is non existant space made of air, and the islands is the pool.

        The U.S. will back Japan, so we show our ass by flying our jets through the area.

        • National sovereignity is not property rights law. Saying they have “no right” doesn’t carry more weight here than “I don’t like that they did.”

          National territory is decided by a nations claim to it, and how far they are willing and can go to back that claim up. Of course, in case of a dispute, the opposing sides claims and willingness to back up matter just as much. Lastly, what others say matters too. There’s no right and wrong, only positions on who you support.

          By letting this slide too much, it will de facto become chinese air space.

        • [quote]Give a balanced point of view[/quote]
          Ignoring the fact that your PoV was in no way balanced, a balanced PoV is just another opinion and is in no way superior to any other opinion on the planet. If you want your arguments to be taken seriously, then you might want to start with making actual arguments (you know, the kind that have proof in them) instead empty justifications.

          Opinions are cheap. Everyone has them. Yours is not special in any way whatsoever.

          [quote]LOL some bitching going on here. Fuck off kids.[/quote]
          How about you take your own hypocritical advise and stop bitching yourself. Being the target of a dickish response is not an excuse to be a dick yourself.

        • – Give a balanced point of view

          – Get a bunch of whiny bitches moaning about how it doesn’t glorify shitty slanty eyes

          – Somebody actually thinks textbooks laden with pages on pages of American faults about everything from civil war to vietnam is ‘propaganda’.

          LOL some bitching going on here. Fuck off kids.

        • Refuting without even trying to provide a counter argument. LOL typical ch!nk logic: We don’t need facts, just feelings.

          Why don’t you run your mouth and do some mental gymnastics to offer some decent rebuttals? As far as anyone can see, that analysis is spot on. Or do chinese take pride in rushing a bunch of civilians into warzones?

          Oh wait, sino jap war when they traded their own countrymen’s unwilling deaths for ‘time’ while they begged the international community to strike the japs 🙂

    • Sure, we probably won’t blow your ass out of the sky but we sure can escort/intimidate your commerical airlines ass out, that’s for sure.

      So, you better comply, or you won’t be have a pleasant journey. Probably will be enjoying your return flights home back instead of flying to whatever holiday destination you had in mind.


  • This is probably the wisest choice for the states to avoid civilian casualties.

    If they report they flight path, China will have to shoot down civilian planes and look like the bad guy.

    Meanwhile, I expect they’ll continue with their normal “crossing” of the line with their B-52s


    • This was my take on this, too. The US is not backing down, but protecting civilians. Military flights will continue flipping the ChiComs the bird.

      Someone else commented that they wouldn’t dare attack a civilian flight. Think again. The Chinese government wouldn’t. But, that doesn’t guarantee that some trigger-happy pilot out there might not “mistakenly” shoot an airliner down.

    • China will not shoot down civilian airplanes. That’s not something you get away with, as soon as one civillian plain goes down it’s cold war all over again, except this time it won’t be east versus west, but everyone dogpiling on China for the [s]right to rape the country[/s] privilege of bringing democracy to them.

      They would, however, go to great lengths to antagonize the crew and passengers. All it takes is one 30 day stay in Chinese custody to convince airlines that they better not mess with them.

    • the us just wants to avoid having another ‘Flight 007’

      for those who don’t know Kal007 was a civilian airliner that was shot down when it accidently overflew soviet airspace on it’s way to korea

      • I agree with your post except for the “accidentally.” What I have read is that KAL007 may have been being secretly ordered by South Korean intelligence to cross into Soviet air space, in order to get data on Soviet air defenses.

        • Are you just phenomenally retarded? That was a fuckin CIVILIAN airliner.

          Not to mention, if soviets recovered any intelligence and surveillance equipments from the wreckage, they would have paraded it on the international stage. Strange they never did.

    • Obama is the new Neville Chamberline of our times. He appeases Iran, China, and anyone else but the American citizens.

      He lies, spouts bullshit, and has no backbone. Just like how one general said, he was ‘afraid and intimidated during military briefings by being around all those stars’.

      He deceives American citizens, tries to run things by himself then runs to congress to shift blame when shit goes up the creek.

      • What exactly has he lied about? What evil things has he done to the American citizens?

        also If he has no backbone and is weak, how did the US under his leadership manage to capture and kill Osama bin Laden, end the Iraq War, improve international relations, and help deploy a no fly zone over Libya, which therefore helped the rebels to overthrow Ghadaffi without the deployment of soldiers? doesn’t sound like the moves made by someone who is weak and has no backbone.

        • There was pretty much no way we could’ve withdrew from Iraq with a solid end. The whole Middle East is riddled with ethnic conflict, clan wars, and other unstable factors. Add in the US invading, the problems in the region is basically impossible to solve with one solid concluding solution. The point is that we got the troops out of Iraq, a country they shouldn’t have been in the first place.

          Wouldn’t you be concerned and “scared” if a special operation to kill/capture a man who’ve you been looking for the past 10 years? Besides, how does being concerned about whether or not this mission of such high value will be a success or a bust show that you are weak? A military operation can easily not go according to plan. And we all are humans after all.

          Well I applaud Obama for helping get rid of Ghaddafi through indirect means via the Libyan people. Otherwise it could’ve easily been another Iraq with the US spending tons of money to land and maintain troops and equipment in a hostile region of the world.

          Though I do have sympathy for the people who lost their lives in Libya, Israel attacked and killed Americans by attacking the USS Liberty and the US made excuses for those losses and still maintains its full friendship despite this incident.

          At least the talks with the Russia resulted in the US and Russia agreeing to oversee and assist with Syria’s chemical weapons clean-up.

          What are your sources stating China views him as spineless, Russia thinks he’s a fool, and the MIddle East thinks he doesn’t have the qualities to be President? Without sources, your statement really falls apart.

          How did he lie about health care? Besides don’t all politicians lie?

          I overall think Obama is doing a good job. Is he doing a perfect job? No. But before him, the whole world was practically viewing the US as either a fool or as an arrogant empire. The US before Obama was trying to make enemies with countries that didn’t even want to be enemies.

          We started angering Russia by placing missile defenses in Poland, the US went to war with Iraq for no real legitimate reason, and we were calling countries names such as the “Axis of Evil” (not a good move when you’re tying to reason with these same countries diplomatically).

          The US before Obama was at least to me more anti-secular and mixed religion with the political process. Laws and decisions were being made based partly on religious beliefs instead of empirical logic.

        • He screwed up the withdrawl from Iraq by giving too much to the iraqis before ensuring some form of order in the country and ending the sectarian violence. Instead of a solid end, he left behind a weak and shaky mess.

          He struck at osama after all the ground work had been laid from the work originating back from 2006 – under programs laid out by bush administration that included expanded intelligence and covert operation in all corners of the middle east. Think about how foolish and nervous he looked in that situation room photo, despite all the politically biased fools trying to spin it as ‘original’ and ‘humble’. The fool wasn’t humble, he was downright scared, just like when he was standing before his own generals and military personnel.

          In libya, he once again left behind a mess that resulted in the death of our personnel, a mess he made MUCH WORSE by MAKING EXCUSES FOR THOSE WHO KILLED OUR PEOPLE.

          He has little to no political or diplomatic savvy. He got schooled by Putin and was ass fucked and humiliated in the syria debacle when he thought he could make it by himself while even all the ‘yes men’ advised him against running his mouth.

          Chinese think he’s spineless. Russians play him for a fool. Middle east and the whole world now knows he doesn’t have presidential qualities, never mind qualities that befit someone to be the President of the United States of America.

          He outright lied about the health care.

          The only thing keeping his head where it is, is the secret service and joe biden being VP. That, and the fact that no one think he even deserves to be some kind of a martyr seeing as how he needs no one’s help in bitching and screwing himself over with his ‘eloquence’ about ‘world’s red line’.

          The private school boy needs to go back to a cush teaching job in chicago and run a college club or something.

      • Obama is hesitantly waging peace, whereas Bush/Cheney kept making the world worse by enthusiastically waging pointless wars.

        I’m not a big fan of Obama, but your ideas are quite wrong — and too tempting for an American public that treats international affairs as if it were a video game.

        The US has become Star Wars’ “evil empire.” Just look at super-equipped US troops and compare them to Star Wars troops. And think of whether you would approve of other countries using drones to assassinate people on your soil.

        • China and the US do not want armed to conflict to erupt between them. That’s the last thing the both of them want. I mean what do they gain from it except wasting large amounts of money and human lives over a tiny dispute.

          Sometimes the diplomatic solution is the best one for both parties. I mean if diplomacy wasn’t used during the Cold War, both the US and the Soviet Union, along with most of the world, would be a nuclear wasteland.

        • Democrats during those era were most DEFINITELY NOT democrats of today. If any of those democrats looked at the so called liberals that make up the democratic party today, they would be the first to put all ‘democrats’ up against walls and have them shot.

          You need a perspective in history.

        • What about Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt? They were both Democrats and they were President during two of the of bloodiest wars in world history. And if I remember, the US won WWI and WWII.

    • Ah, it’s rather unfortunate that we can no longer shoot down your commercial airliners out of the sky since you already ask your airliners to comply with our demands.

      But of course, we wouldn’t shoot down those planes anyway. I mean, that’s pretty horrid thing for us to do, right? We probably would have love to just play escorts to your airliners….but I guess that is also out of the picture too as well since you are already complying to us.

      See? Wasn’t it easy? Your airliners gets to stay safe and unharrased and we get to save unnecessary wastage of ammunition required to shoot down unauthorized flights or our fuel to kindly escort you out.

      • LOL this delusional chnnk and their mouth.

        Just like how you ‘complied’ with our government when your BLIND lawyer escaped from your ‘cops’ and ran to US embassy in the middle of Beijing.

        Not a fuckin thing you could do. Just like you did nothing against our military planes that continue to use that airspace and you don’t even have the balls to try and intercept them ^^

        • I’m amazed that some chinks actually believe that they can take on the US.

          The US can wipe the floor with China on their own, even without taking their allies into account. On the other side, China is such an obnoxious nation that there is not a single country on the planet that would be willing to aid China in a war. Except maybe your loyal puppet North Korea, but I’m not 100% sure even about them.

          Consider that for a moment, chinks.

        • 13:45 LOL this btch. US doesn’t give a fuck about your ADIZ enough to even arm the bombers, and you think that’s ‘weakness’.

          LAWL if they armed it you would try to btch about how they are too nervous to fly without weapons.

          As far as I am concerned, Americans went on about their business like it’s no one’s concern while you chnks were bleeding out of your pussies without even trying to intercept the largest radar-signature planes in USAF arsenal.

          US military is routinely flying through the ADIZ right now – with transfers going on between okinawa, guam, and other places. Many of them are armed. Where’s your ‘brave’ pilots who can’t even drive their planes enough to avoid crashing them?

          Also, some serious LOL @ looking to fuckin chinasmack for source. You definitely a class A btch.

        • 09:10 Pretty sure all those planes criss crossing right now are armed to the teeth.

          What’s the matter chnky? All mouth and no balls?

          Lookin forward to another one of your pilots being fucked like a biatch and losing a plane because he can’t drive for sht 🙂

        • So, I guess flying over our air space and a fugitive escaping our authorities and hiding in your country makes you feel proud, huh.

          Your country don’t even have the balls to arm those B-52 bombers and purposely cross our air defense zone. So, why don’t your country try arming the B-52 with armaments first and fly over and then see what we would do then?

        • Well, first of all, get you fact straight.

          “but didn’t respond to the B-52s, which weren’t armed and were part of a long-planned military exercise.”

          the US didn’t have the ball to actually armed their Bomber and look at this pathetic flight path:

          it merely reach the edge of the Air Defence Identification Zone.

        • Ah, pretty damn amused that your impotent people couldn’t do shit to stop him from escaping in the first place ^^

          Our planes go about their business as usual, unlike your btch nation that throws tantrums left and right like a puppet on a string. They can arm or carry fuckin medical supplies for phillipines or anything they like – and you better put your balls where your mouth is and bring it.

          Funny seeing you writing checks your mouth can’t cash in 🙂

  • China issued NOTAM restrictions for years, everytime they did excercises somewhere in the Pacific, which are perfectly legal. And those were always honoured by other countries, even the US and Japan.

    This here is nothing new.
    And ADIZ is nothing more than a permanent NOTAM…

    China doesnt care if military flights continue to cross their zone, but the other side should be prepared for interceptions when they get too close to China.

  • China issued NOTAM restrictions for years, everytime they did excercises somewhere in the Pacific, which are perfectly legal. And those were always honoured by other countries, even the US and Japan.

    This here is nothing new.
    And ADIZ is nothing more than a permanent NOTAM.

    China doesnt care if military flights continue to cross their zone, but the other side should be prepared for interceptions when they get too close to China.

    • This?

      Not that chinese had any balls to back up what they said.

      Just like now.

      But what is interesting is the fact that this is being played out loudly on media like it’s something new.

      It’s the same thing over and over again: china bitches, US throws them a small bone. etc. etc.

  • In the case of potential civilian casualties (especially in regards to Americans and those on American airliners), it’s completely expected that the government would advise the safest, most non-confrontational approach.

    For its military flights that’s another matter, but the last thing anyone wants to see is a 747 downed and the backlash that would cause for both countries.

  • US is beginning to understand the new normal and new realities, this is good to see of course

    US’s respectful response to China is quite a smart move. Don’t piss off people who

    a) you owe money to
    b) can kick your ass


    • You are cocky for nothing.. Kick US ass?

      Your engineer even cannot built building properly, pollution and smog everywhere while people are feeding crap and sewage, and you talk big like you are the most advance country in the whole world.

      Wake up before you get destroyed by your own stupidity, by all other country and US that hate your idiocy.

      In Senkaku island issue, the way I see it, China is being absolutely ridiculous by grabbing by force Japanese property, because it the island have resource in it.

      There are international procedure to claim what you think you own, and self declaring an island of others as yours, and even threatened the owner is an asshole move.

    • LOL chnks actually think any one, even their small neighbors, ‘respect’ them.


      Rest of the world looks at china much the same way chinese WISH they could look at other super powers: Over bloated, cowardly, and brave in only numbers and supposed ‘cultural supremacy’.

    • lol Chinese shill

      This is nothing of the sort, this is to put the Chinese on notice that if they harass or shoot down an airliner, they’ll be clearly and unequivocally wrong because they’ll have no excuse however flimsy to blame the airliner. Notice they didn’t mention anything about American military aircraft obeying this bullshit restriction.