Cops First Bust of “JK Photography Club”

cg by takeda hiromitsu

Japanese police have for the first time busted a “JK photography club” which offered patrons the chance for some intimate photography sessions with schoolgirls in an effort to get round the recent restrictions on having schoolgirls provide reflexology services

Tokyo police arrested the 33-year-old manager of “Tsuinteiru” (“twintail”), a “JK photography event” which took place regularly at an Ikebukuro apartment.

Patrons would pay a ¥10,000 fee to join a schoolgirl for a one-to-one photography in curtained off section of the room, with the girl obligingly posing in a swimsuit.

In the case police made the arrest for, the girl was wearing a swimsuit under a school uniform for added effect.

Most of the girls working at the establishment were apparently high school girls under the age of 18. There is no indication that any sexual activity took place with the girls.

Police as usual chose to make some less than obvious charges – in this case alleging that the proprietor is in violation of child labour laws for making minors work in a “dangerous” environment.

The proprietor in admits to having run a “JK reflexology” clinic until the summer, when police cracked down and forced him into the photography club business in an effort to escape their latest restrictions.

As usual there are some wondering how this differs from the likes of AKB providing JKs and even JCs for creepy otaku to paw and photograph in large-scale events:

“I can’t accept this. If taking swimsuit photos of JKs is illegal, what of AKB’s gravure? Why was this guy arrested but not their manager?”

“How does this differ from making people pay to shake the hands of schoolgirls?”

“The difference is this guy wasn’t paying off the yakuza, a religious group, or the state, so they took him out.”

“What a rotten crackdown.”

“Japan is like some wretched communist country where you can’t do a thing without some organisation backing you.”

“She was wearing a swimsuit under a skirt, there wasn’t even any underwear visible.”

“Police are taking things too far cracking down on harmless swimsuits. We need some organisation to keep them in check!”

“If this is a violation of labour laws then what of AKB!”

“They have advertisers and sponsors so there is no problem of course.”

“I really don’t see how they can maintain these kinds of crackdowns without doing a thing about the junior idol industry which dwarfs them.”

“They are connected, these guys are not, it is that simple.”

“How is this any different at all to what AKB does?”

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