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China Scrambles Warplanes Into Senkaku Airspace


China has admitted scrambling fighters to intercept American and Japanese planes flying over the Senkaku islands, and has been sailing its sole carrier into disputed waters as well.

China says it scrambled fighters into the airspace around the disputed Senkaku islands to intercept and identify US and Japanese planes, noting it found there to be 10 planes present, including US surveillance and early warning planes, and Japanese fighters.

China apparently took no further action against this brazen violation of its sacred Diaoyu territory.

China’s English language state media has demanded “timely countermeasures without hesitation against Japan” should they “impudently” continue violating Chinese airspace, along with retaliatory violations of its air defence zone (although with Chinese ships, submarines and planes already freely violating Japanese territory for some time this is apparently already the case).

They are however plainly a little spooked by the prospect of having to deal with the USA, cravenly offering the USA an out: “If the US does not go too far, we will not target it in safeguarding our air defence zone.”

Meanwhile Australia can be “ignored” and South Korea can hopefully be co-opted at some point as they “understand” they have their own disagreements with Japan.

South Korea also joined the USA and Japan in protesting against China’s establishment of the zone, only to be ignored, whilst similar complaints from Australia resulted in China warning them that their “irresponsible” remarks could result in damage to Sino-Australian relations.

America’s B52 “training mission” over the islands was followed by both unannounced Japanese and South Korean military flights through the zone, although as Japan always maintained a military presence around the islands so it is not clear there is anything new about this except in its obvious timing.

Although still maintaining nobody sane could possibly object to it setting up an air defence zone over what is manifestly Chinese territory, China has stepped back from demanding all international civilian flights passing through the area identify themselves to the Chinese military, saying “the East China Sea air defence identification zone is not aimed at normal international flights.”

China is also reportedly sending its hand-me-down carrier the Liaoning (derisively called a “museum” by one US naval official) into its notoriously tenuous maritime claims in the South China Sea, prompting complaints from the Philippines as it passed through their waters.

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  • Momma US: China, sweetheart, no one cares what you do with your old warships but if you keep taking Japan’s toys I’m gonna have to give you a spanking. It’s not nice to take things without asking.

  • Oh lol, somebody tell China to definitely use nukes! That will be it. The beginning of World War 3. Which won’t be that bad, because it will be a war of revenge, democracy (the bad one [for you]), oppressed people taking guns against tyrants, the roles of slaves will be reversed, tears of happiness… We can finally rest in peace.

    Damn! I still have shitloads of anime to watch!

  • Does anyone take SK even serious any more, they can’t even really take care of their side of the country, they have no ability to take on NK at least from what I have been able to read and if the USA pulled out I have to wonder what they would do. So seen China not even pay attention makes sense.

    Japan well no nukes there so if they ever get into trouble they are screwed yeah nukes keep country at bay and talking, big difference when you don’t have them. To think NK has nukes and SK and Japan are at the level of children with a chance to been majorly spanked unless Uncle Sam does not intervene.

    Only saving grace is China is a blow hard and the rulers are not going to mess with the billions they would loose. So its business as usual.

    • I think you need to read a little more.

      The ROK forces are completely over-matched to the North Koreans with far more potent fully integrated platforms.

      Unlike the virtually untested DPRK forces the ROK forces have seen combat in Vietnam and the Gulf War giving them a decisive edge in honing leadership and operations capabilities.

      The real reason the ROK consistently stands down against the DPRK are possible Chinese intervention, keeping the balance of power between Japan the US and China tuned to their economic interests and deferring the enormous problem of reintegrating a impoverished and brainwashed North Korean population.

      • I also forgot the most important reason for the ROK standing down: U.S. insistence. The ROK wants American forces to leave so they can freely respond to aggression but the U.S. insists their forces stay in place to maintain the status quo.

  • Unfortunately, China has a good case that those islands should not belong to Japan. The US gave them back to Japan in violation of the WW2 Potsdam Declaration. And US policy is that it takes no position on who owns them, just that it will defend them for Japan until ownership is negotiated. Talk about contradictory. And undependable.

    China has spent decades helping its people hate Japan, and Japan has done nothing to make the situation better. Until the Emperor clearly apologizes (not just “regrets”) and Japanese realize that their grandparents really did evil things, and not things to be proud of, China will continue to be an ever-present (and growing) danger for Japan. That’s just how it is. Better do something about it now rather than waiting for something really awful to happen. Or is it just in the Japanese make-up to like to look down on people? Chinese, for better or worse, won’t stand for much more of that.

    Twenty years ago I attended a talk at a military college where a professor said that war between Japan and China was highly possible within 15 years.

    • If everyone had to apologize for what their ancestors did, we’d all be spending our lives apologizing for things we had no control over. Besides, when a Japanese “regrets” something, to him that IS an apology.

    • China, as you say, cultivates active hatred for Japan that borders. And insisting on differences between “regrets” and apologies is just immature. Honestly, no amount of apologies will be good enough for the Chinese government. No matter what any Japanese official says, China will dismiss them as being not good enough, not sincere enough, until such time as it somehow becomes advantageous for the Chinese government to accept such an apology. For the foreseeable future, that’s not going to happen.

      • This is basically a summary of what is happening to China’s neighbors.

        Every attempt to move forward in terms of peace and solutions is dismissed as insincere by China, and is then reworded by their media to fuel “patriotism” against the “foreign invaders”.

        However, when it’s China that is offering peace (from which they have something to gain), the countries that are supposed to answer are given a statement that resisting will damage Sino-X ties.

        Maybe this is just a phase, a result of the actions taken by our forefathers, which apparently eventually fit in very well through time with the Chinese peoples beliefs of unification in our current century.


    >U.S. Advises Commercial Jets to Honor China’s Rules

    >WASHINGTON — After an internal debate, the Obama administration has decided to tell American commercial airlines to comply with China’s demands to be notified of any flights through a broad swath of international airspace that it has claimed as an air defense zone, officials said Friday.

    >Even as the United States continued to send military planes into the zone in defiance of China’s declaration, officials said they expected civilian planes to go along with Beijing’s new demands out of an abundance of caution. Officials said they were worried about an accident or unintended confrontation that could endanger civilian passengers.


    Looks like after a little show of force, the US caved in.

    Now, I still wait for Japan to cave in as well, as they are only acting strong when they feel the US behind them. Now their master isnt anymore.

    Noone cares if the US will continue to send military planes through the ADIZ, as long as they do not approach the Chinese coast.
    In effect, the Chinese ADIZ would be like the US ADIZ: Commercial flights have to report their schedules, while military flights will be monitored but tolerated, and intercepted when approaching their territorial airspace.

    So, actually, China won.
    There’s basically nothing one could do against someone establishing an ADIZ anyway. Even Japan, South Korea and the US, all established theirs without any consultation with their neighbors.

    ADIZ are something you just deal with.

    • LOL just like how china caved from giving up that blind activist to US after he escaped from at least 4 ‘police’ guards.



      US just doesn’t want needless civillian casualties (majority of which will be foreign nationals flying those routes – what, you thought american airlines carry only US citizens?) from various nations that cross those airline routes. US is clearing the way for civilians in this potential shooting war.

      And you call it ‘caving’ LOL sounds like you need to learn a bit more about confrontations than what you talk shit to your little friends at the bar.

        • Good job going completely off topic and bitching off about how “white people” are wrongly accused. When I call rednecks, I point specifically to dumbfucks who use every shitty little excuse “Chnks are just as bad as rednecks!” “they CAVED, we’re just protecting civilians!” to think they’re better. Hint: that’s you, not your precious “white people”

          Also thinking I’m a “chnk”, that alone goes a long way to prove what you are.

        • LOL rednecks this, rednecks that. You fuckin wish it was just ‘rednecks’ eh?

          Guess what you fuckin punk. No body likes mouthy fuckers like chnks or anybody trying to pretending showing ‘pride’ is some kind of minority right.

          What makes you think your average bitch-made chinese nationalist (which is to say, by rational standards, all of them) is any better than most rednecks? At least most rednecks are willing to give some people chances.

          It never fails to surprise me how hypocritical chnks are. You will let 30% of your population become minorities, guarantee them equal rights, have your primier come from a tibetan background. That, times 50 years.

          Being a minority myself whose people has some fuckin standards, you little punks are pretty amusing when trying to talk shit to white people by calling them rednecks. Maybe I will even point you out when they come to rape your asses.

  • 日本政府关于钓鱼岛事件没有承认和中国的纷争,这篇报导的作者真对不起自己的工资。

    作者さんの立場は可笑しいね、日本は魚釣り島(尖閣諸島)について中国との紛争を認めないっていつも強調してたのに、この文でなんと「disputed Senkaku islands」そういう言葉を用いて来て、さぞかし中国の手先でしょう。

    The Japanese government never confessed the existence of territorial dispute with China on Diaoyu (Senkaku) isles affairs. I suggest author of this article restudy the spirit of his/her employer for the sake of his/her pathetic wages and Political Rightness.

    • Yes, China, please attack. You are surrounded by people who hate you and would love to jump in and take a chunk out of you. And it would help reduce the US national debt to have our #1 creditor knocked down to a pre-industrial, third world cesspool.

  • This is foolish and crazy, China needs to stop this stupidity before it escalates into full blown warfare. Both Japan and the US have the resources to knock them into third world poverty in less than a years time (doesn’t mean they will but they could). And would anyone like to guess what they are actually fighting for? Some rocks out in the ocean. They should treat the Senkaku islands as neutral territory that neither country has any right to violate or declare as their own. No one wins and no one gets pushed back to third world poverty.

      • LOL WUT

        Sounds like someone needs to read the real evidence and history of war between US and china.

        US had only the fraction of manpower and useful resources (airplanes and bombs being notoriously inaccurate since their accuracy against a standing city target was less than 10% – imagine their accuracy against moving targets) against china and NK last time around, and still managed to destroy the bulk of PRC army and chasing them back up to near Pyongyang.

        The only thing that kept the stalemate going at the 38th parallel was USSR’s ultimate threat to roll over western europe and bring the continental europe under communist conquest.

        Mao equipped the PVA with loads of captured weapons including those from US (garand rifle and thompson were favored), aside from the EXTREMELY useful PPsh-41 submachine guns for which Americans had no counter for.

        Chinese were also better equipped for winter environment and more experienced in light infantry warfare mountain tactics. On the other hand, US was in a draw down phase, most rank and file and officers were green volunteers, weapons were old and outdated, and most of all they lacked numbers and was in a peace keeping phase in the far east. Not to mention they were freezing their asses off trying to pile together summer clothing while fighting at below freezing temperatures, while the chinese were provided with russian clothes and equipment that much better protected them against the cold.

        This is on top of the fact that Korea by its geographic nature hindered the deployment of armor, firepower, and air that supposedly gave US an ‘advantage’. In fact, in all aspects, the geography gave every advantage to the chinese: Ideal mountainous terrain suitable for light infantry warfare in numbers, obstructing deployment of armor and other higher-tech weapons.

        So chinese had all the opportunity imaginable despite the deceptive picture they try to paint: American technological advantage was negated, they had more experience in that type of fighting, they had technological and equipment edge in that environment, chinese had greater numbers, and better guns.

        Yet you still got pushed back and had to run to the USSR to pressure US into a stalemate and save face.

        Please, learn some proper history. US is pissed, and ready for war.

        • “I suggest you stop googling furiously”

          I googled a pic based on what I know, unlike you scrapping around wikipedia hoping something helps with your fantasy “points”, like two links which repeat over and over the same basic definitions of the 50-cent party without any remotest claim on “courses on how to argue with foreigners”.

          “The very winter field dress in your picture definitely warmer for the chinese”

          Yeah definitely definitely. Talk about squealing without a source : )

          “you don’t even dare try to provide sources for any of your other arguments.”

          Point 3 taken from “your” history textbooks.
          Point 1: Ask any tailor, clothes seller or anyone who’s worn a coat. Or how about the fact noone ever wears that flimsy chinese cotton coat anywhere in the developed world? Hint: not because it’s warm and untearable.

          “you avoided mentioning all his points in regards to the korean war in general.”

          Lol why do that when you’re getting slapped left and right on a single point already?
          Also the distinction in that I’m toying you for fun, and not thinking this is some online pissing contest for listing transparently delusional “points”.
          All the while you somehow think any of your “points” come with a “source”, lol

        • Still on about “summer” uniforms while conveniently ignoring my every other point I see. As if poor Americans never had winter clothing.

          Google up M1951.

          Keep thinking you’re “winning” against a “Chines e kid” haha.

        • @16:32 No way! Don’t run away now when someone’s called you out for your pathetic attitude 🙂

          I swear to god the other guy’s laughing his ass off right now because some dumbass chinese kid is trying to play games lol

          I think you might have forgotten your own point where you mentioned it was made of ‘cotton’. As in, opposed to factory fiber ‘fabric’ of US summer uniforms haha

          Every time I hear a smart-mouth chinese kid, I think of this:

          Notice the trip ups and countless self-assured mantras about how he think’s he’s got it all figured out 🙂

        • Transparently dumb and pathetic any kid could “figure you out” a mile away.

          Anyway no rebuttal aside from “no that looks warmer”? No?

          Lol you’ve been great entertainment. Don’t forget to google more of that “wumao-dang”, lol

        • 15:51

          Nice try ‘NO U’ while googling for that picture 🙂

          LOL he got the wintercoat shit backwards. That #1 coat definitely looks warmer than American summer clothing uniform US army had to deal with. That’s from 1950 fool.

          Please, don’t try to pretend you know what the other man’s doing. You sound pretty pathetic right now trying to thinking you got someone figured out ^^

          For christ’s sake, have some fuckin dignity.

        • 15:51 lol sure love thinking how you know the other guy don’t cha? What a cheeky ch!nk/

          I suggest you stop googling furiously before accusing anyone else of doing the same by mistake 🙂

          The very winter field dress in your picture definitely warmer for the chinese than what was available for Americans, who were trying their best with summer uniforms that were shipped to garrison units in japan.

          Somehow, you don’t even dare try to provide sources for any of your other arguments. I suggest something other than hearsay and anecdotes 🙂

          Never mind the fact that you avoided mentioning all his points in regards to the korean war in general. None of which you even dared tried to refute.

          PLEASE KEEP BITCHING. I need to hear more self-masturbatory excuses from a desperate fool who can’t even face the majority of the argument’s points and mouth off with tangents that bites itself in the ass/

        • Hah cornered into googling eh? At least for one “point”.

          That was a restored ‘museum’ piece. The PVA coat was one-piece cotton as opposed to the American winter coat which had detachable lining, thus making it much more susceptible to wear and tear;

          Secondly, as demonstrated to a certain extent here:, the Chinese never bothered to come up with a warmer standard for the PVA wintercoat till late into winter of 52;

          Third and most importantly, most PVA infantrymen never received their coats (around 1 per 30), and those that did seldom did so before winter set in, rendering pretty much any other argument moot.

          Oh BTW no need to address yourself in the third person, it’s pathetic : )

        • @15:17 lol ‘fantasies’. Check some articles based on studied resources, and they will tell you exactly what has been claimed.

          Feel free to browse any of the cited sources 🙂

          I supposed you never visited any of the major news websites on stories concerning china, or you won’t even open your mouth about how chinese ‘don’t argue with foreigners’ LOL what a fool

        • No I don’t know what 五毛党 is. Please enlighten me on what they are or how they are related to “arguing courses” : )

          “…any of his points”

          you mean your delusions like “chinese blame the weather for half of casualties” “chinese have courses on arguing online w/ foreigners” “PVA wore thick attire”? I think I’ve answered them all, not that they were grounded in anything but your own fantasies.

          Now how about the source on chinese “arguing courses” : )

        • @12:37 lol this kid doesn’t even know what the fuck he’s talking about. Trying to mouth off about that shit without even knowing what wumao-dang is.

          Why do you keep coming back to btch and moan? You never answered any of his points because you can’t find a rebuttal?

        • “They even have some courses to prepare their people on how they should argue with foreigners online to ‘redirect international perception'”

          Would sure like to see a source on that.

          On the other hand you sure are doing a very good job in their place : )

        • 12:01 lol u even listen to yourself now?

          I suppose somebody never had the chance to listen to even 1/100th of the shit that spews out of chinese media. Everyday it’s bitching and moaning about this and that like they LOVE to argue with that imaginary ‘insult’ from other people. They even have some courses to prepare their people on how they should argue with foreigners online to ‘redirect international perception’ LOL

          Go read a book or see some primary evidence on the war. It’s interesting how they continued to blame ‘supply problems’ and ‘lack of this and that’ while their own PPsh armed troops outnumbering US troops kept getting pushed back.

          Mongrels and their bitchfest…it’s too cute ^^

        • “Because no chinese ever blamed the weather for supposedly freezing off half their casualties.”

          Do you spend eight hours a day spinning that shit in your head and arguing with imaginary chinese? lol.

          Also they can at least claim to be somewhat justified in that weather department since their economy was in total shit with zero logistics lol.

        • 11:19

          Because no chinese ever blamed the weather for supposedly freezing off half their casualties.

          Supposedly, any and all ‘missing’ or ‘neutralized’ PVA casualties were because of the ‘cold’ or other ‘environmental’ conditions.

          LOL maybe you want to look in the fuckin mirror for once in your life eh? As painful as it may be for some fools 🙂

        • “What kept the chinese from completely losing the peninsula war was USSR political pressure”

          “…thick attire worn by PVA”

          lawl now he’s blaming the weather.
          Go on convince yourself some more.

        • 08:36

          What part of that ‘rhetoric’ is so unacceptable? Anyone who has done even rudimentary unbiased research can see that US managed to turn around an under equipped, under manned situation to a near victory except for diplomatic and political pressure of USSR against western europe that tied US hands. We had to still keep the vast majority of our best units in Germany while we fought the chinese and NK with one hand and leg tied behind our backs.

          Everything he said is pretty much right on the money. Even the so called ‘supply situation’ of the chinese is a laughable excuse considering that korean peninsula is their back yard while we had to bring in supplies from half way around the world. We had to essentially fight a two-front war while chinese, with USSR support, could fully concentrate on one front.

          All of the supposed ‘technological’ advantage is strictly negated by terrain and numbers. All the weapons had the accuracy of caveman tech compared to modern day weapons. But that’s the favorite excuse of the chinese for losing so many soldiers and ‘lack of equipment’ while we were fighting tooth and nail for coats that only could protect our men as half as well as the thick attire worn by PVA.

          What kept the chinese from completely losing the peninsula war was USSR political pressure. What kept us from winning the war was Truman and his appeasement policies.

          Chinese can try to make more excuses as much as they like, but they are just being Ah Qs now.

        • Dude all that BS rhetoric can’t change the fact that Korea was a failure for the USA and the world (USA is least to blame though, they put the most into it). They should have fought to the end for a united Korea and because they didn’t North Korea exists today. Fuck the military posturing they do, there are millions of every day people there living in Soviet-style communism (i.e. poverty). ‘Stop Communism’ was always a shitty goal…a better goal would have been ‘Kill Communism’.

        • The only reason for the Korean stalemate is the Chinese’s supply lines being cut. They actually didn’t have trucks at the time, their supply was whatever they can carry on their backs.

          Not to mention US had complete naval superiority with which to raid supply lines from 3 directions off the peninsula’s coast.

          These are from American history textbooks. You need to go back to school and review your history…

      • I wouldn’t underestimate the “patriots” that the US can bring to bear. Even in slightly peaceful times, they have a standing army of 1% of the population. I think between the two armies, the morale would be a lot higher on the US side, although the Chinese would be slightly more brainwashed, if I see how they respond to the “unbiased” media.

        Anyway, it wouldn’t matter, because the economic repercussions would crush both nations, and then Russia and India would be the next US and China, respectively. With our luck, the NATO would probably be dragged in somehow.

        Maybe I’ll just live in Scandinavia. I’ve heard that Chinese people don’t like the cold.

    • it cant be declared neutral, because that is a lose for japan as it is currently under their control. it doesnt have any actual value, but territory actually being relinquished because of this sort of nonsense from china sets a trend that is extremely dangerous

      china just needs to stop risking a war on petty posturing…..

      • Oh, fair point, I had not considered that. In that case China needs to knock off this stupidity before they get themselves hurt. I guess the question becomes what is so bloody important about those territories that it requires potentially starting a war over.

  • So when do you let us have our own military, my master US-sama?

    We need some warships, submarines, tanks, aircrafts, and even nukes to protect ourselves from China.

    Otherwise, we will have to give up our lands to them and eventually, fall under their control.

    • It’s all about propaganda for local consumption. China knows it could never win a fight with the US, but they can tell the folks at home that they stood up to us and, as long as no actually fighting starts, can claim to be victorious.

        • News Flash: The myth that China owns most of America’s debt is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.

          True they own he largest amount for a single nation, but guess what? It only amounts to 8%. Th Federal Reserve owns 11% and the SS Trust Fund owns 19%.

          The U.S. overall owns most of it’s debt. China flushing down 8% of the U.S’s debt just means someone else owns it. Big whoop. Besides, China I DEPENDENT on that debt to finance a chunk of their own economic development.

          China would get it’s ass kicked in a war, both militarily and economically.

        • You don’t raise funds for this war. It’ll all be over in a week. China’s naval assets will be no more and whatever air assets survive will simply be the ones they kept on the tarmac.

          As far as China trying to flush U.S. debts, that’ll do more damage to China. Sure it’ll hurt the U.S. but they can recover eventually. China will sink into a depression & then civil war.

        • News flash: If so comes to war, China can and they will flush U.S debts down the train and damaged their efforts to fund their war machine if it comes to that. China could use those export trades in peaceful times to further strengthen their surplus but not a necessity.

          Who has the last laugh then.

        • News flash: China owns no more than 20 percent of U.S debt however they are almost completely dependent on export trade with the U.S. If they flush U.S. debt the entire West boycotts them and brings back their factories.

      • That laser system’s been retired some time ago. Look it up on wiki. US and Israel had jointly developed it, then the Chinese mirror coated their missiles, and that was the end of that.

        Laser missile defense system – 4 billion
        Bucket of chrome paint – priceless

        • Funny thing about heat is it’s carried efficiently through a relatively narrow wavelength, and missiles are already moderately tolerant of it by design due to engine heat, so the light needs only be partially reflected.

          I wonder if I can find the fitting paint in home depot.

          Reality, it’s a lot less flashy than Gundam…

    • Chinese punks. They need a 2nd Rape of Nanking to wake them up.

      Better yet, rape of Beijing.

      Remember, America did its share in invading that place. We still have that picture in the Pentagon of our Army guys scaling peking walls. No amount of technology or numbers will make up for the fact that chinese were always getting fucked by others after trying to act cheeky.

      Should make a good decoration under the chinese to sign their surrender in any future war ^^

        • LOL they will rape you just like they did back then. They were too scared to even try to billet the homes.

          You want to be a shivering lump of meat? Bitch at new york. They will tear a new hole on your sorry excuse for a dick and fuck you through and through 🙂

          Come to think of it, just like how they fucked over all those chnks living in mott street ^^

      • Typical American retards stuffed up with excessive fast food.
        First, are you dementia enough to forget which side you guys fought for in WWII? Allies! Us! If you guys like Japan so much why don’t just join little adolf and Tojo to conquer the world? That has always be your American fucking dream after all.
        After that, you really think you guys can pick a fight? America is declining son. You guys are already battered and exhausted even with those mujahedeens. If you gringos went for a real war you guys wont even last a week before succumbing and sucking our toes for more gold. Don’t forget who bought most of your crappy American public debt bonds. And you really think we are an easy opponent? You guys get nuke in 40’s, Ivan’s got them in 50’s and we already got them in 60’s. You nuke, I nuke then everyone gets a nuke for breakfast. If thats what you want.
        At last, you gringos truly deserves the name of ‘the land of free guns and brave naives’. You really think South Korea will really side the Japs? Never! They had been raped for half a century and suffered even more than us. And never forget the japs still annexed another island from them. If you guys keep forcing them to help the japs they may eventually going back to their old friend. Just find the pinoys and the kangaroos that are truly negligible一if you guys really want a fight.

      • Nukes for everyone? How about a little mushroom cloud over your house?

        The politicians do a little diplomatic dance for the domestic audience, and all you warmongering idiots come out of the woodworks…

      • That sandbox is covered by thousands of mid range missiles on the coast. Chinese antiship missiles skim the water surface and can’t be intercepted, and it takes only one to sink the biggest aircraft carrier. The concept of “armoring” had long been made obsolete by shaped charges. In the war that won’t happen, all assets moved into the area is as good as gone.

        There’s the difference in military philosophy between US and China, of projection vs domination. China’s only starting to move away from the latter to a more balanced stance, and still have almost no projection. Unfortunately, the area in question is well within China’s sphere of domination.

    • I am not so sure the illustration of the sunken aircraft/heli carrier. It looks like ‘Kiev’ class carrier to me. From the wikipedia, Kiev and Minsk were sold to China and have been converted to Museum.
      The only carrier that China have from Russia is the “Kuznetsov” class carrier, which was diverted from the original ‘casino’ plan to be a real carrier

      • by the way, the name of the “Kuznetsov” class carrier was Varyag. Now, the completed carrier is renamed as Laoning.
        To be honest, it is quite impossible for Hyuga to sink Laoning from paper simulation. Laoning can carry 30 J-15 (derivative from SU-27).
        Hyuga, on the other hands is very defensive, with a lot of SAM systems and only Sea Sparrow (SSM) with medium range. It also can only carry helicopters. Even AH-64 and AH-1 will not be a match against modern fixed wing fighters in one-to-one combat.

        tldr; Hyuga is a defensive ship, not a ship killer.

  • the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands arent their main reasons for establishing that ADIZ.

    What they want is to establish a precedence of patroling that air-space and shadow/observe US and Japanese planes and ships in this area, without their moves being called “unreasonable saber rattling”, as they would just reply that they are merely patroling their ADIZ.

    In that case, there’s no need for anyone to recognize their ADIZ claims (As South Korea and Japan similiarily do not recognize each others overlapping ADIZes), but the fact alone that China establishes a patrol routine that conveniently encompasses the disputed islands is more than enough reason for them to score that as a diplomatic victory for China.

    As we can see now; the western media that has previously been busy with condemning the Chinese for patroling the area, are now actually wondering why the Chinese DO NOT patrol the area.
    Japan and the US, who were busy with flying spy planes around China’s coast, are now busy with merely skipping China’s ADIZ to show that they can defy it, all that instead of getting closer to China and to continue their intelligence collecting missions vs Chinese navy and coastal installations.

    What we see now it a very hamfisted, but ultimately successful advance by China, that effectively establishes a routine of chinese patrols that was previously not existing.

    Also; It should be noted that nobody is talking about the Japanese ADIZ anymore. All these PLAAF patrols and interception flights are obviously entering the Japanese ADIZ, yet all the talk now is centered around the Chinese ADIZ, who entered it and whether they were intercepted, etc.

    The yardstick on the ground has been shifted, almost without anyone noticing.

    China has marked their claims and noone can do anything about them patroling that area and shadow anyone who they want.
    Everything because UN and international laws do not deal with the issue of ADIZ, and theoretically allow anyone to establish as many as they want (like Japan, who has set one up in 1969 that gets as close to the Chinese 12 miles territorial waters as it can get).

    • Not this time. China was the one who declared te whole zone thing.

      But us Americans are getting sick and tired of getting dragged into other people’s conflicts.

      So Japan, think you can handle China on your own? Or do you need help from “America Nii-sama”?

      • Not if America Nii sama is a reverse trap (which is in fact a big boob onee sama). I think China chan is just trying to look yandere. Well, I’ve been living in “China” for years. (a place which wasn’t part of China until recently). I know this stupid island shit has been around for decades and I don’t even care anymore. It is just the Commies and the Japanese drawing lines and threatening each other. For me, it looks like 2 kids sitting next to each other drawing lines between the region on their desks and yelling at each other not to cross over. My conspiracy theory is that whenever there are internal political issues happen inside their countries, both of them use the little island to diverge some attentions from their people. China has a huge internal problem as people (in average… at least inside cities) are demanding more freedom and knowing the harm of the cultural revolution had done irreversible harm to the good old Chinese moral standards. As the older generations are passing away, the younger and more educated generations (like us) knows that commies must be replaced by something better. The communists are doing all sort of shit to stabilize their power. The commie knows very well that if there is no “enemy” for the people to keep their attention on, people will soon find out the largest true enemy of Chinese people is the communist party itself.

      • Americans choose to puppet Japan for America’s sake.

        Whatever China wants from those islands, be it oil deposits that may or may not actually contain oil or dominion over shipping routes, America wants it too.

        America is the matador and Japan is the red flag. That’s the only reason why Japan has territory conflicts with China and Russia, nations against which it stands no chance against.

        When crunch time comes it won’t be the flag that hurts the bull, but the matador’s spears.

  • China’s love for these stupid rock islands is retarded. There in the middle of the sea, nobody lives on them. Why are they so up in arms. Looking to dump all their toxic waste there or something?

    If America can do one thing right, is to bully and get in everybody else’s business. In this case I am for our overly busybody mentality, to give China some grief.

    • I think you are the one who is short-sighted.
      When you can claim senkaku island, you can claim a big chunck of Economy Exclusive zone in that area. That area is believed to be rich in gas and oil. Not to mention that this is a strategic area, anyone from south east asia and USA needs to cross this one to reach china and korea. No wonder China and Japan are both contesting.

    • Go read Falklands/Malvinas history. Every time Argentina People are unhappy with the government the politicians touch the Falklands history as a way to channel popular nationalism to their side. And unlike Sankaku Argentina actually had occupied Falklands in he past so they have more real facts to back them up than China.

    • For the 1,834th time, they don’t care about that piece of rock. They care about things they can dig in the sea around it.

      Please do some research first. China might be dumb for thinking they can mark any piece of island as they please, but they’re not so dumb to mark them just because.

    • Having that stupid rock islands mean they are one step closer to the gas deposits which is within the stupid rock islands maritime zone.

      That’s it and it’s practically one of their main reasons they want that rock islands.

      It Is All About NATURAL RESOURCES!