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“Even Precure Is Mocking AKB48 Now!”


Creepy otaku favourite DokiDoki Precure has stunned viewers (the older ones at any rate) with its less than subtle lambasting of AKB48’s notorious efforts to manipulate music charts and drain otaku wallets by bundling handshaking event tickets with discs.

At issue is a recent episode of DokiDoki Precure (notionally aimed at ten-year-old girls) which features an evil music producer hawking his pop by entreating fans to “buy CDs for the handshaking event tickets.”

The character has been widely interpreted as a thinly veiled parody of AKB producer Yasushi Akimoto, famed for everything from mob ties to not forbidding his girls sex:

“This anime is truly godly, isn’t it? Well done.”

“Precure is pretty bold to take them on…”

“Don’t make enemies of those guys!”

“I don’t think they were solely targeting AKB though.”

“I don’t really see Precure as being in much of a position to criticise AKB though…”

“Precure or AKB, pick your poison.”

“Anime BDs are nothing but special extras, aren’t they?”

“Precure are busily brainwashing little girls into buying anime goods so who are they to talk.”

“They are both targeting creepy otaku with dodgy marketing techniques so who cares.”

“Nice to see some satirical content in a show like this, keep it up!”

“Who cares about them bilking otaku for tickets, the real issue with AKB is them abusing the human rights of these poor children they exploit in their shows.”

“How they market to maniacal fans is not really the issue. The issue is them taking over the music charts and mass media and trying to push their horrible group as ‘national idols.'”

“I’m somehow expecting Precure to be suddenly cancelled very soon.”

“My 6-year-old daughter loves Precure – to think it contains this kind of satire as well…”

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