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Teacher Shoots Off Pupil’s Gun In Staffroom

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Some searching questions are being asked the teacher who confiscated a pistol he found a student carrying opened fire in the staffroom.

According to police, a middle school boy brought a “pistol like object” in to school to show his friends, which was confiscated by a teacher.

The lure of a toy gun proved to much for the 25-year-old teacher, who ended up loosing off a round in the staff room by accident after hanging on to it for 3 days.

Nobody was injured and 2 days later staff decided it might be appropriate to report the incident to police, who promptly launched an investigation.

The boy for his part claims he thought the gun was a “fake” and confirmed that it belonged to his father, who is now the subject of searching police investigations as to how he came into possession of an apparently highly illegal handgun.

The school refuses to comment on the matter at all, only saying obliquely that “there was an accident involving an explosion but as police are investigating we cannot talk about it.”

Fukuoka prefectural police are already famous for having to warn residents of the dangers of the “rapidly increasing” use of hand-grenades in crimes in the region:


To say nothing of what has already been recovered from the prefecture’s exceptionally well-armed criminal fraternity:

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The incident raises all too many questions for some:


“At least it wasn’t one of their grenades he let off.”

“You could almost believe a third of the prefectures really are yakuza like they say.”

“There was that case where they found an RPG in a private residence there recently too… they got off lightly this time.”

“Good job the teacher didn’t mess about and point it at anyone.”

“He was pretty serious about things to confiscate a mere pistol, this is Fukuoka we’re talking about after all.”

“This whole thing is out of a manga, surely.”

“Which state is Fukuoka in?”

“I’m really wondering what line of work this kid’s father is in.”

“You might think that confiscating a pistol from a pupil would lead to it being secured, not touched, and reported to police. But what do the Fukuoka teachers do…”

“How exactly did this teacher ‘accidentally’ fire the weapon? At the end of the day it has a trigger and he pulled it.”

“Wait, this story was about Japan?”

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