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China Claims Senkaku Airspace



China has declared the skies over the Senkaku isles and much of the waters surrounding Okinawa are Chinese airspace and that it will feel free to shoot down planes which fail to obey its instructions in the zone.

China’s ministry of defence has officially announced an “East China Sea air-defence identification zone” extending far outside its former airspace and both extending over the Senkaku islands and overlapping Japan’s pre-existing air defence zone:



China says it will be “safeguarding state sovereignty, territorial land and air security, and maintaining flight order” in its newly appropriated airspace, and that its armed forces will “take emergency measures including using force” against any planes which refuse to obey its commands.

Japan has condemned the zone as a “unilateral escalation” of the situation.

In recent months the Japanese government has noted regular maritime patrols by China in the waters around the Senkaku islands have been bolstered by drone overflights for the first time – and has gone so far as to authorise they be shot down should they “ignore warnings.”

In response, China has said any attempt to shoot down its intruding aircraft would constitute an “act of war.”

Amongst Japanese online there is outrage at China’s brazen designs on the Senkaku islands, with few now convinced they stop even at Okinawa:

“China really wants war, doesn’t it?”

“This is what Abe gets for trying to appease China by avoiding Yasukuni. They are just mocking us.”

“The Chinese government must be really desperate to be doing this. How long until the country collapses? At least there is an ocean to keep all the refugees at bay.”

“So let me get this straight, both the JSDF and USAF now have to file flight plans with China?”

“It’s just propaganda for domestic consumption. They couldn’t attack those islands if they tried.”

“This is naked territorial aggression. It could lead to war. Japan should take this to the UN if they ignore our concerns. I doubt it will accomplish anything though.”

“You’d think they’d be a bit more careful considering the USA’s Okinawan bases are involved.”

“China is on a path to self-destruction. If they go to war their economy will be ruined, if they don’t they will collapse into civil war. All Japan can do is evacuate its nationals.”

“Nice to see our ‘allies’ the yanks being so firm in their support for us as usual.”

“As usual Japan will just watch as enemies overfly its territory. If they attack Japan will counter-attack. Nothing new to see here.”

“We can’t become a defeated nation again.”

“Japan needs nukes.”

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  • Figures.

    All you far-left moonbats absolutely LOVE Japan; but when it comes to actually protecting the country that produces most of your entertainment media, you rather just bend-over and let Chairman Mao ram his yellow microdick up your rotten pooper.

  • Silly China. This zone lasted for about a day, then AMERICA just flew right the hell through it. Boastful China needs to halt their militarist, expansionist agenda and stick to their own borders.


    U.S. military flips giant middle finger at China’s direction

    “We have conducted operations in the area of the Senkakus. We have continued to follow our normal procedures, which include not filing flight plans, not radioing ahead and not registering our frequencies,” spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said, using the Japanese name for the islands.

    There was no Chinese response, Warren said.


  • Let the China go there. FULL of Plutonium, they finally found a way to killed over a BILLION really really CHEAP. FUKU* your FOREVER and already killed 50% of Pacific ocean.

    Sankaku your censoring FUKU too? Not cleaver at all!

  • Japan may want to stop thinking that the USA is going to actually come to their rescue. Those days are more and more fading away, so Japan better be ready to deal with a war if it comes down to it, though I find it doubtful that China’s not going to overstep and ruin their economy. That said time for Japan to step up and do what ever they are going to do with the islands and stop FCKing around.

  • China in a meeting with the local government:

    “shit they bought those islands”

    “what now?”




    “that’s it! we’ll claim the airspace! those japs won’t see it coming!”

    “so what do we pose as a reason”

    “security reasons. america does it and everyone just seem to go with it, why not us?”

    “great! now let’s announce it.”

  • Pinpoint the leaders of such idiocy, borrow a nuke from either USA or Russia or whoever is willing to give them and drop it there. Case solved. Easy questions, easy answers.
    You can see quite clearly, that Chinese are calling for self-destruction. Don’t be a pussy and help them die. You are doing their nation a big favor.

    And also, all of China’s army will explode before it ever reaches Japan.

  • Misread title, expected NEET home security forces to be sent in full Strike Witches cosplay.

    “China is on a path to self-destruction. If they go to war their economy will be ruined, if they don’t they will collapse into civil war. All Japan can do is evacuate its nationals.”

    This guy isn’t as crazy as he sounds, war with Japan means boycott from the US and likely EU. These places also hold most of China’s bank deposits, let alone their economic activity. It would be literal suicide before a single shot is fired back at China.

  • It’s because Japan’s Air Defense Identification Zone is bigger than it’s supposed. Now China is doing the same. Why don’t return senkaku/diaoyu to taiwan and negotiate a more reasonable Air Defense Identification Zone?

  • Urgh. That Japanese zone of control is absurd. If they shrink it a little back as to involve the Sankaku islands with a 30 mile radius instead of the 100 mile radius they apparently claim atm, everyone would be a bit more happy.

    • But then they would surrender the chunxiao gas field, which they want a piece of. All of this peacocking is about who gets the oil & natural gas bellow the ocean’s surface. It’s got nothing to do with “national security”.

  • China is playing a dangerous game here. A country whose economy is entirely dependant on foreign powers should not risk upsetting the international scene with schoolyard bully tactics. It only takes a few trade embargos to burst their economic bubble.

  • Dear God, please hurry up and send a fucking huge meteor on earth already, so all these insolent and dumb people could unite against common threat. Although, they’ll probably rather die. Stupid fuckers

    • Of course we rather die, why would something like mass distraction change anything, the black plague was killing people and they still managed to go to war again and again. Lets not forget the death tool in WW1 was the flue, oh yeah we still kept fighting each other because some leader said so.

    • My Dear Pedo Boy,

      While you could say that this who debacle is for some oil, the likely scenario is that we simply don’t have enough information to know why these rhetorical games are at play. What the leadership of the Chinese Communist Part is thinking. What is the First Secretary on about and the Central Committe. It’s possible that this is all for China’s internal population to assert China’s strength and unify the people who face ever greater economic disparity. It could be posturing to see how the West and Japan will respond.
      It could also be false information to confuse everyone while China’s motives are something else. There could be many scenarios. And as said, such disputes are common in the region, you have Russia, both Koreas, China, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and other nations making territorial claims. This is likely a tit for tat.

      Thank you

      • Actually it IS entirely about oil & natural gas deposits. Beneath the east china sea rests more than 213 billion barrels of oil, along with an additional 250 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

        So stop trying to sound smart, because you’re not and that’s all there is to it. Keywords “chunxiao gas field”, use it stupid.

    • Right now, china believes that Obama will cave under the pressure of domestic policy failures and is counting on apparent dissatisfaction of US public against war. They think they can ‘read’ American public mood to try and manipulate our will into trampling on the japanese.

      Huge LOL @ chinese ‘tactics’.


      China once again overplayed its hand by getting too cheeky for their own good.

      I am against Obama in every way imaginable. But I guarentee that I am behind him 100% if he decides to go all the way with the chinese and teach them a lesson about disrespecting their neighbors and our allies.

      Obama, this is your chance. Redeem your standing and take the fight to the enemy. Show them that they have gravely miscalculated the implications of syria fiasco and iran appeasement deal.

      If they want to fight, we will give them a fight.

      Also: Nice bitch move taking an American veteran hostage as a bargaining chip. I am sure china’s bitch NK coordinated with their overlords to gain what they think is an upperhand in this bullshit they are trying to pull against the world.

        • I am against the American Bipartisan Bullshit, period. They hate Japan. Why? Because they are not making the technology to spy on people on the scale they want. Korea is doing it. In fact, they even have a whole city where everyone is under 24/7 surveillance. Now [the US] is sucking Samsung and LG’s penises and giving a big Fuck You to Japan. And Now it’s been discovered that LG and Sam spy on you 24/7 even when you opt out.

    • I think China mentions Senkaku just to distract he population from the real problems. Just like Argentina and Falklands (and even Argentina have more rights over Falklands than China have over Senkaku)

    • since when japan got its backbone back? they became a nation of sissies pretty much like every “civilized” countries around, the only ones that haven’t are china russia israel and north korea, rest use their militaries for national day parade or to secure their petrol source like usa

    • Japan has the nuclear fuel and rocketry expertise to produce ICBMs easily. In fact it is likely they have assemblies ready and waiting, and have since the cold war. Being under the USA nuclear ‘umbrella’ is really just more palatable for the general populace and the constitution.

  • china might puff it’s chest up and act intimidating but they won’t actually do anything, it’s mostly just to bolster nationalism at home, and appear tough to distract from the all the problems china is having every country does this in some fashion.

  • I’ve got a question which has been bugging me since these kinds of articles first started appearing on SanCom, and I hope somebody can answer it for me:

    Are these islands actually WORTH anything? Do they provide useful farmland or have some kind of valuable resource? Or is this this entire thing just an exercise in cultural penis-waving with the end result being either China or Japan gets some useless hunks of land in the middle of nowhere?

    If it sounds like I’m being flippant, I apologize, but so far none of the articles I’ve seen have mentioned these islands being anything other than a point of pride.

  • I say some anonymous third party needs to sneak in there and blow the those tiny useless islands out of the water. Literally. Then China will have to find something else to be a whiny baby about.

    • China’s economy relies almost entirely on trade with the US. Going to war with Japan would mean going to war with the US. Going to war with the US means cessation of trade and nullifying all treaties and agreements, including the 1.2 trillion dollars of debt they currently hold.

      So yes, going to war would be self destructive for China.

      • Not really, they don’t have to go full out war, a little here a little there and lets get realistic the USA is not going to expend massive resources for japan, if the whole thing is over some island and some retarded no-flight zone. After all USA need to go out and expend trillion cosplaying in countries with no potential to do any real damage. China is not one of those easy low hanging fruit countries.

        • That might be true if you were talking about “old china” but this is “new china” we are dealing with “new china” likes money, and having things, who is the biggest importer of chinese goods? USA , china might threaten and intimidate to bolster nationalism so that they can distract from other problems in the country, but they won’t dare to upset the number one consumer of it’s goods by actually attacking japan(who US is allied with), they love money too much now.

    • They really aren’t that powerful. Their military is still decades from being able to offer a threat to anyone that isn’t a direct neighbor. They have security and supply stretched pretty thin throughout much of their territory.

      Think about it, other then beating up buddist monks in tibet, shooting at fishermen and talking down to north koreans, they really don’t offer up much in the way of regional control or leadership.

    • are you implying that their opinions matter more?
      its only natural…. they have paid more. they are a mass…. they will allways pay more than a single individual which you try to filter out mister skullfuck 🙂

        • LOL the delusion. Educate yourself on geo politics and global economics. US doesn’t need china as much as china needs US to buy its cheap shit. We can easily move our factories elsewhere, as is happening now.

        • LOL someone doesn’t get global economics.

          US doesn’t need china as much as china needs US. If US dramatically downsized its waste in the bureaucracy, shifted the factories to other PLENTIFUL 3rd world nations for labors and manufacturing (better yet, bring it back to US where it’s getting more affordable now), and say FUCK chnks, than it’s china that will collapse for the lack of export market since they lose 22% of world’s GDP market and more when other nations who are more dependent on US influence joins in.

          I love the tears of chnk fools in the morning.

          Weak bitch 🙂

        • 02:45
          Damn strait, right now a number of factories are relocating to Mexico because it only costs 10% more to manufacture goods in Mexico. And that percentage will only continue shrink as China continues to grow.

          In truth we’re already done exploiting China, and only continue to do so because China intentionally devalues it’s own currency to keep our business.

          Which they do because China would no longer be able to support it’s citizens without our outsourced slave labor to keep them employed and feed. Without us they’d starve to death, like North Korea is doing and East Germany was. This is fact.

  • Hmmm… I see a war on the horizon. China will encroach on Japan until Japan can’t take it anymore. The UN won’t care, and japan will have to take matters into their own hands. The infighting will start between China and Japan with all other countries staying out of it until China attacks Ookinawa where the American military base is located and they end up losing some troops. The Americans will come in to take them back a peg, but will find a compromise to the situation because, let’s face it, without China America’s economy will plummet into the ground. North Korea will take the opportunity to bomb both the US and Japan. UN will still stay out of it while America gets nailed from China, North Korea, and middle eastern terrorist groups while already in a recession. Only after America has nothing left will the UN try to fight back, but it’s too late and everybody is too weak to help. The world now belongs to China.

    • Hilarious, guess you ignore the existence of every other country near China. Everyone else in the region HATES China: India, Russia, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, Mongolia. Shit, even Vietnam hates their guts because China keeps wagging it’s tiny 2 inch cock at everything and saying “mine” like some fucking 2 year old.

      China goes to war with anyone and everyone else jumps in against them.

    • Hate to burst your bubble, but you’re completely and utterly wrong. China is a leech on the US economy, our trade agreements with them actually weakens our economy. Second, China and North Korea have no no power projections, they have zero capability to wage war any meaningful distance beyond their own borders.

    • China is more dependant on the US economy than vise versa, actually. They can say anything they want, there’s a massive US military base on Okinawa that isn’t going anywhere.

      Any conflicts between the two would be laughably one-sided. I now direct your attention to the F-22 Raptor.

      • Raptor is retired, replaced by that overpriced POS jack of all trades that fails at everything. It’s the result of everything that’s wrong with the current American military industrial complex.

        While the Chinese stealth fighter is an updated refit based on stolen plans of the gold standard that is F-22. Go figure.

    • PLease, please,please do your research before you put your foot in your mouth. China has, as of July 2013, 7.5% of TOTAL U.S. debt. The overwhelming majority if U.S. debt is owned by American companies that buy bonds through everything from wartime to economic negotiations. Many of the stupid people around the world that claims that China own the U.S. because of debt only hear that through propaganda from other countries and actually take no attempt ti fact check. A great deal of foreign debt is owned by China, and is where many of the stupids have their homes.

      Let me say it one more time so the stupids can understand:

      Most of the debt the United States of America has is DOMESTIC debt, not foreign. The U.S. is quickly becoming slaves…to themselves and this will cause a great change within the country soon. China does not, let me repeat fr the stupids once again, DOES NOT own the U.S. debt

  • China can claim the islands all they want and Japan should know better than they have absolutely no chance of challenging that claim. They should also know that as long as US troops remain on Japanese soil, China is powerless to move against them.

    Japanese should just forget about those islands, what they need is more young, working immigrants to care for their old and repopulate the slowly dying Japanese people, not more islands…

  • Can’t we just import all the mangaka, anime production studios, lolicon artists etc. and then just leave Japan to the Chinese to rape and bomb to their hearts content. I call it Operation Japanese Paper Clip.

  • hmm could have a major conflict here.. but its gonna be bad since USA is in pretty bad shape with all that’s going on to defend japan maybe china sees this and wants to start a war? cant they at least wait till next year! i mean xmas would be ruined! lol

    • It’s only in economic, otherwise, I can see US going into war with China.

      If the US base also gets attacked along with the JP forces, people would be in for this one compared to the one Bush Jr. went into.

    • If US so much as sneezes, chinese economy is going down the shitters. Because last time was a balancing act of forced yuan inflation. This time too many chinese are invested in US to not lose money.

      • Your info is a decade out of date. US is down the list in their investments, the opposite is not true. The real chunks of Chinese investments these days are out in countries like Brazil.

        If US sneezes, the Feds and American taxpayers get a cold.

        • 14:20 haha fuckin fool get your facts straight. Our money circulates within our economy under our governmental regulation. China’s always bitching about how it’s got so much US debt but forget that it’s holding constitute nearly 18% of its own GDP which they will not retrieve through profitable means due to extremely low yield.

          America can recover its own people’s losses through currency deals and assistance that will only force other currencies to stop its crooked low-pegged manipulatory behavior. Chinese who spent money in American bonds and real estate will have no methods to bring it back if Americans put national security as a priority and freeze all assets 🙂

          Get it boy?

        • Genius, China’s US government bond holding is a tiny fraction of a percentage of what the Feds buy. To hit them with a pin prick, you hit American taxpayers with a sledgehammer.

          Same goes for real estate. How much American real estate does China hold in America compared to Americans hold in America? What happens when land prices crash?

          Suicide will show them, right? Lol…

        • Nope. Real estate and bonds soak up a lot of chinese capital these days. Your information is 2 months too late. Might want to speed it up a little yourself.

          Not to mention many of those countries are under US influence much more so than chinese.

        • 01:08, you have GOT to be insane. No, it did not work out fairly decently. It made the Arab world less safe in the long run, did nothing to bring down Al-Qaeda, etc.

          You are living in Bizarro world.

        • @01:08

          If you seriously think that America’s disastrous military adventures in the Muslim world over the past dozen years have “worked out fairly decently”, all I can say is: Whatever you’re drinking, order me a case.

          If that’s what your definition of a success is, I’d hate to see what you think an utter clusterfuck of a failure is.

        • 14:02

          How hypocritical. America owes no obligations to anyone to take care of their safety. Even assistance between allies is a two way street. Yet you squeal about ‘YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE’ when it suits your childish idea of america’s ‘responsibility’.

          Our job wasn’t to make anyone’s life safe. Our job was to kill the bastards, and make them pay blood with blood.

          It’s THEIR FUCKIN JOB to take care of themselves so we, or anyone else currently tied up patrolling horn of africa, don’t have to do it ourselves.

          Muslims are no worse off now than if china finally figured out pakistan was playing a double game with them in regards to xinjiang, or africans finally got fed up with arab lies and racism.

          Anybody can lift AQ name, including my neighborhood ‘gangstas’. They get too big for their breeches, we kill them. What’s wrong with keep killing criminals who hypocritically try to manipulate their religion on gullible people? Or is it only murder when a superpower does it?

          America did get a good share of resource rights, all agreed to be paid in cold hard US dollars according to market prices, along with guerantee that it will provide jobs and tax revenue for nations concerned.

          Your ‘hero’ osama is dead. So is saddam and gaddafi. It’s the job of the nations of their respective states to keep their own shit from spilling over the boarders and invading chad, kuwait, or threatening to specifically target civilians and threatening genocide/extermination of a nation state.

          They didn’t do their job. We did. If they come back, we will kill them.

          Of course, in your slanted bitch eyes, only Americans are criminals when fighting wars, even if these excuse making hypocritical slaver fucks with religious issues try to manipulate gullible world opinion.

          Next time you get hit by a natural disaster, be sure to not call on US navy since they are such EBIL enemies.

          It’s so pathetic how you simply hate US for holding the upper hand when certain infantile fucks can’t even agree on a piece of rock.

        • Saddam dead, osama dead, two countries governments changed, many insurgents killed and hiding under the fear of special forces and drones, US getting good chunk of resource rights at market prices from those nations, with overall barely more than 10% of KIA casualty rates compared to vietnam in over 12 years.

          I’d say it worked out fairly decently.

          But I sure do love hearing these desperate anti-Americans retards and ‘liberal’ spoiled rotten know-it-alls trying to spin it as the human rights atrocity of the century 🙂

          Muslims don’t need other people to make their lives miserable, nor does the majority of the world, just so you know. Total civilian casualties as the direct results of US military actions in 12 years was less than the number of people in africa who died from smoking too much khat, or the number of people in a year that died from auto accidents in developed nations.

        • “The US has […] means to intercept enemy ICBMs.”
          What you meant to say was: “The US uses propaganda to tell you and other countries that they can defend against ICBMs when they actually can’t.”

          Next time you see shooting stars at night, try to imagine them as MIRV warheads and the US at trying to shoot them all down from some place thousands of miles away. And if even one hits, game over.

        • fucking Chinese leaders are nothing but greedy asshole warlords, and all the product that comes out of there is all prison slave sweatshop labor…and the chink shitheads that put out the anti-usa/japan/Philippines comments are the propaganda puppets..

        • The US has more nukes and means to intercept enemy ICBMs.

          But really all the US needs to do is cut trade with China.
          For US companies like Apple China is mostly an assembly location.
          Those jobs can be easily shipped back to the US and to other countries such as Mexico and India.

        • 20:43

          Ignorant chnk right here 🙂

          US debt is around 16 trillion dollars, or 102 % of its gdp, with foreign holdings being around 38% of that. China only holds a little over 1 trillion in US bonds, which means they ‘own’ barely 10% of our entire debt.

          Educate yourself boy.

        • top kek

          as thou it matters what usa owes, when the government disavows their debt. which is would they would do, in the event of a war.

          the only effect a war with china would bring, is an immediate need for localized manufacturing & new contracts with other cheap textiles & metals suppliers.

          what you retards fail to realize is that the reason why americans have 10% less buying power today than they did a decade ago is because it became dependent on cheap foreign manufacturing. a boost in localized manufacturing would actually boost the local economy.

          and the rest of the world is not going to place sanctions against the us, just because they faulted on their debt to china.

          you people really are stupid.

        • Anon 13:23. Maybe you need to learn that import export comprises only 15% of the Chinese economy as it is mainly fuelled by government spending and domestic consumption. And the trade with the US? what about a safe estimate of 5% of the GDP? Since China ships cheap products to practically the whole world.

        • Trade sanctions or high tariffs.

          We won’t need nukes or fires to bring China to it’s knees. Just cut them off from the US consumer and they’ll be begging for forgiveness.

          Not to mention that it would drastically improve our employment numbers.

        • Reagan was a stooge for wall street a make believe leader. Wall Street put him there and had him in control the whole way. What was different back in the 80’s was the weakness of Russia and China as countries. That is not the case any more. Sure they are not in par with the USA in BS but they are not as weak as they use to be either.

          Still the real key here is Japan, does it want to be a useless weak country for ever?

        • 17:06

          HAHAHAHAHAHA how short sighted and childish can you get. Maybe you need to brush up on your memory and try to look at things from a proper perspective.

          If I remember correctly, the early 1980s and late 1970s was the period America experienced an even worse slump. Not that I would expect this spoiled generation to even remember and reflect on what happened 3 years ago.

          Doomsday prophets and naysayers were screaming their heads off that our economy was going to be overtaken by the japs. After the debacle that was vietnam, communist triumphalism was at an all time high, and national morale at all time low. Oil shock shook the nation. Watergate destroyed people’s trust in the government. Out debt seemed insolvable. America, rest of the world believed, was finished as a world power.

          Well we fucked that notion pretty good didn’t we?

          Yes we have problems today. Yes, they are problems PRECISELY because they are SEEMINGLY unsolvable. That’s what a problem is, fool. Key is that America like many nations go through cycles of rise and slumps. We are at a point where cycle is at a slump, and the rest of the world is engaging in many way what would constitute a self-gratifying masturbatory delusion of seeing the big guy fall. It would be amusing to see how justified they would be if they applied even one tenth of such criticisms to themselves – they might find it difficult to keep their mouths open.

          America needs no approval to succeed, especially from those who have proven themselves incapable of keeping their own businesses in check within their borders.

        • I’m afraid I agree. Don’t confuse the USA of 2013 with the USA of the 1980s. China wouldn’t, in its craziest fantasies, even have *thought* about trying to do this to Ron Reagan. But the US has had twenty years of being run into the ground by three bumbling morons in a row in the White House, and China knows it. More and more the US military becomes like the alien invaders from Magic Users’ Club: no one can quite get rid of them, but they aren’t really a threat to anybody, either, so everyone just more or less ignores them and goes about their business.

        • 10:03

          LOL fuck world’s contempt. Have some backbone everyone’s holding each other ‘contemptible’ on world stage. Being an appeasement pussy won’t get you anywhere.

          As far as anyone’s concerned, they need to watch their mouths.

        • And people like you are half the reason why people view the US with contempt. If yuou make your argument based on logic and facts instead of race and ignorance, maybe you wouldn’t sound like an idiot.

        • That’s good. Pissed off public = better chances for revolution and administration change from that incompetent half black mongrel book club leader.

          I am pretty sure even his closest aides and supporters are only pretending to support him now for appearances sakes. He’s finally being exposed for weak, ignorant, posturing fool he is.

          And he thought half the color of his skin will earn him ‘cred’ with the public. LOL just look at the way this fool acts.

        • [quote]and wars[/quote]
          I’m sorry, wars? The only war you’ve ever won since your founding is the one you waged amongst yourselves. WW2 was over by the time you joined, and you didn’t even do that much. The only credit America deserves in WW2 is crushing the Japanese fleets.

        • LOL

          If you seriously think technological edge is what enabled america to win battles and wars, you need to read up on history. Pacific’s turning point came when America was devoting 70% of its entire resources to the european theatre, while japs were looting east asia for free. Guadacanal and midway, if taken into account the actual boots on the ground, were evenly matched and Americans were fighting with less experience, even numbers, less developed planes and ships, not to mention fresh out of training. Turning points always came from tenacity and fighting determination of people involved, not technology.

          Let’s not even go into the Revolutionary War, WW1.

          All that technological ‘advantage’ only sped up the inevitable conclusion.

          If you really want to talk about who didn’t win despite technology, look to yourself and KMT who received ship loads of aid of weapons and equipment from US yet still managed to lose china.

          So yes, technological advantage does not confer victory. That doesn’t really seem to apply to Americans, but it sure does to chinese ^^

  • China has lost so much territory and whenever we want ours back, China looks like a evil right? Everything in this website about China is just explosion, so great, it looks like a book recording every fault you made from your childhood

  • Why has noone even mentioned how ridiculous Japan’s ADIZ is?

    It is extending far into international airspace and literally leaves China no place to fly their planes without getting into the Japanese and being intercepted. In 2010, Japan even unilaterally extended their ADIZ into Taiwan’s airspace, ignoring their protests.

    I am happy that Japan is getting a taste of their own medicine now.