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PS4 Launch “Flawless”



The US launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 has gone off without major incident and with much in the way fanfare – and, most importantly, sales, with a “million” pre-orders and only “0.4%” broken out of the box…

The first thing done with the device was of course to take it apart – and after that, complain about how few games there are so far:









Japanese are still unaccountably irritated at their own launch apparently being pushed back well into 2014 (notably behind even China and Korea) so the kind Americans can “beta test” it for them in time for the holidays:

“Poor Japan.”

“Japan: … ”

“A quarter of a fucking year!”

“Foreign companies are so cold to Japan.”

“Delaying this so far back in Japan just so they make the US date is just madness.”

“It is not like there would be any merit to releasing early in Japan.”

“Just import it, right?”

“Aren’t you supposed to wait for the slim version?”

“I have to wonder if they are suddenly going to have a superb release line-up come February.”

“Wait 6 months for the price to drop $100 and there to be some half decent games.”

“Probably all their localisations are running late.”

“I’ll buy it when there is an Ar Tonelico for it.”

“I might buy one when our beta testers get the bugs ironed out…”

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