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Miura “Abandons Berserk for New Manga”


Berserk fans have been decrying Kentaro Miura’s decision to abandon Berserk yet again, this time to release an entirely new manga.

The all-new Miura-penned Gigantomakhia will begin serialisation in volume 23 of Young Animal, and is his first new work in 20 years.


The title itself is an “SF romance” set 100 million years in the future, but other than it boasting his gorgeous art few other details have emerged.

Although it marks yet another hiatus, Berserk is promised to resume after Makia finishes its 202 page serialisation – 6 volumes later.

Fans are not happy about this to say the least – although some are inclined to be more understanding:

“What is going to happen to Berserk!?”

“What the… not again.”

“He’s abandoned Berserk fans yet again, the bastard!”

“What is this guy playing at!”

“He’s just taking a break to freshen himself up.”

“It is necessary for these long-running mangaka to take a break with works of a different hue. But you take more than enough breaks, Miura…”

“We get that he wants to try something new. But he should at least make sure he sketches out its future.”

“He needs to make better use of assistants, he must have been stocking up this for ages in advance of its publication.”

“At least finish Berserk before starting new projects!”

“I expect Berserk will not be resuming in a timely fashion, he’ll be wanting to redraw vast sections of the Gigantomakhia tankobon…”

“It’ll be delayed until after the new IdolMaster…”

“This will be like what happened with Battle Angel Alita’s mangaka.”

“Pretty obvious the only part of the story Miura ever had thought out was until Griffith’s transformation.”

“Who would have thought over 10 years after the anime he’d still not have finished this?”

“I think the anime was the problem. With all the money he got from that he probably had no financial incentive to keep things going. I hope Shingeki doesn’t turn out like this!”

“It’s the beginning of the end. Berserk is stuck in a rut and after this finishes up in a year will die a quick death I’m thinking.”

“I read this manga after leaving it for 10 years thinking it would have advanced the story and I found it was still in the same damn place…”

“You would get bored writing the same manga for 20 years. Hopefully he’ll come out of this refreshed.”

“Is he bored of Berserk or just unable to work out how to move it forward?”

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