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Korean “Tsunami” Offices Outrage Japanese



A new Seoul municipal office in the likeness of a “big wave” poised to crash down on the old Japanese colonial era city offices has provoked plenty of controversy in Japan, being condemned as “the ultimate expression of Korean tastelessness” and “a deliberate insult to tsunami victims.”



The former offices, now a public library, are a separate building but the juxtaposition of the two was apparently engineered for the purposes of political symbolism – although amongst Japanese there is a strong suspicion a rather more spiteful motive underpins the design:


“Koreans are geniuses when it comes to picking fights.”

“This country is nuts…”

“Quite funny really.”

“The design is pretty disturbing really, completely unsettling to see a building apparently poised to destroy another.”

“The design isn’t too bad, but the concept is utterly abominable.”

“How can anyone be expected to get along with a country which does stuff like this?”

“As expected of Korea.”

“The mass media can be relied on to completely ignore this stuff in favour of some awful Korean drama or music.”

“You’d think they’d get rid of the old one if they find it so offensive.”

“Reminds me of the ‘twin towers’ apartments they built…”


“Pretty sick…”

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