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Public 3P AV Busted: “Mistaken for JK Rape”


Police have arrested the cast of a public sex AV being filmed in a park after a passer-by assumed they were raping a schoolgirl in the back of their van.

Police arrested the 39-year-old director (also known to perform in his own films), 56-year-old hospital clerk and 20-year-old student for flagrantly filming themselves performing sex acts in the middle of a Nagoya public park.

According to a source familiar with the case, it was all the result of their filming being innocently mistaken for a schoolgirl gangrape:

“The three were filming in the park at about 6PM on the 15th of September.

A local resident witnessed the student fellating the hospital clerk, and as she was dressed in a school uniform and in the back of a small van assumed she was a highschooler being kidnapped and reported it to police.

The police arrived in the midst of filming and questioned them intensively, which resulted arrest warrants for public indecency offences being issued on the 30th of October. The girl was arrested at home.”

Sources in the AV industry say that most “exhibitionist” adult videos filmed in Japan use tricks to appear authentic, but that some actually are – and these are especially lucrative:

“As there is some chance of being arrested the guarantees are relatively high.

A director who might get 400,000 normally could expect 600,000-700,000, and a 200,000 girl 400,000.

Non-exhibitionist guys can expect to have trouble getting it up though.”

The director has been identified, and 2ch also believes it has uncovered the unfortunate Kobe university student involved in the incident – although no sign of her actual works has yet been surfaced.

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