Outrage at New “MoeMoe” Lupin

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The trailer for the latest Lupin movie – Lupin III – Princess of the Breeze – has been stoking outrage amongst fans of the classic franchise for its new character designs, which have been damned as “moefied” and “like Precure.”

The trailer, with the movie due in theatres November 15th:

Fans are not happy about their new shiny-eyed Lupin, moaning profusely about the producers daring to fiddle with the decades old design:

“God, they are making it into a moe anime…”

“Those pupils…”

“Don’t be making Lupin’s eyes all shiny!”

“They Precured up his eyes!”

“Shoujo manga style, why?”

“Lupin is doomed to become a moemoe anime for creepy otaku now!? What the hell…”

“He’s just another saucer-eyed freak now.”

“I couldn’t watch 2 hours of this.”

“The voices and faces are different, this is barely Lupin any more.”

“Fujiko is a different person too.”

“This just doesn’t fee right.”

“It’s like some doujinshi cooked up by a bunch of fujoshi.”

“Just pretend it is his latest disguise…”


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