Sankaku Complex Banned by Russia


The Russian federal government has announced it is banning Sankaku Complex over some raunchy Touhou pictures, with the snappily named ROSKOMNADZOR awarding the site the same official honour it bestowed on the likes of Wikipedia and Facebook.

The demand of course concerns third party 2D material, although as usual there is a fair amount of ambiguity over the ages of the fictional characters involved – and no indication as to why these particular 3 images were singled out from the millions present:

Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR)


We should inform you that the URL

contains child pornography.

You have been sent a notice from mailbox and within three days the information was not

[No such email was ever received and the first heard of the matter was when this was forwarded by the host]

According to the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 № 149-FZ “On Information,
Information Technology and Information Security» ( and the resolution of the
Government of the Russian Federation on October 26, 2012 № 1101 ( this IP address and URL will be
included to the “Unified register of domain names, Internet web-site page
links and network addresses enabling to identify the Internet web-sites
containing the information prohibited for public distribution in the Russian
Federation” and will be blocked by communication operators on the territory
of the Russian Federation.

Please inform us about the removal of information in the shortest time

Thank you for your cooperation!

Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information
Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR).

Russia has apparently been busily banning such nests of subversion as Facebook and Wikiedia (along with the expected slew of sites dealing with piracy and politics) in recent months, although it is not clear how rigourously enforced or serious these bans are, this being Russia.

As Sankaku Complex does not fall under Russian jurisdiction and with one exception is not expected to comply with the laws of despotic regimes, there are no particular repercussions on the site or its hosting.

Any users affected by the ban might be best advised to topple the Russian government or invest in a good VPN.

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