“Finally!”: Kantai Collection x Shimada Humikane


Kantai Collection fans have been celebrating the long-awaited “ultimate collaboration” of top mecha-musume artist and Strike Witches illustrator Shimada Fumikane, in the form of IJN light cruiser Nagara.

Next in formation is Blizzard-class destroyer Sazanami-chan, in a highly effective screening role to lure lolicon away from the big ships:


With an anime adaptation confirmed there is now only the question of whether the story-line devoid and adversary-lacking (a difficult prospect considering the most obvious option is the entry of a horde of buxom US carriers into the franchise) franchise will turn out as a latter day Strike Witches or else a mere BRS, and whether Japanese creators can once again cunningly rewrite history so the IJN and USN are friends…

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