Aya Hirano Haruhi Bunny “Still Too Cute!”


Newly lvl 26 scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano has been attracting attention with a Haruhi bunny girl at her recent fan-club only birthday concert.

She confirms it is not just any bunny suit but that of Haruhi in episode 12 of the original series – however, hinting at probable issues over her continued association with Haruhi she does say “it really isn’t cosplay, just a costume!”







Away from the twilight world of her miraculously still extant fan-club, Hirano-disaffected and Haruhi-starved “fans” are somewhat less laudatory:

“What’s wrong with this picture.”

“This is not what I was hoping for…”

“She’s cute!”

“She needs to put on some weight!”

“If she keeps this up she might actually grow her fan club a bit though.”

“5 years too late.”

“Nothing to do Haruhi I bet.”

“Those poor life-liners – are they still breathing?”

“What are you people moaning about, she’s cute!”

“This is great but I do think it is just some other bunny and not really Haruhi.”

“10 years too late.”

“Not bad but no longer really relevant.”

“She looks tired. What a waste.”

“She does look really worn out.”

“She’s still cute! She’s got her work cut out for her, despite being a seiyuu she was always treated as a top-class idol.”

“If they ever did do a third season, would they give the role to this person again?”

“Taketatsu would get it.”

“5 years late!”

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