89 JKs Nabbed by Pantsu Cyber-Patrol


Schoolgirls hawking their pantsu online are the target of a new national “cyber-patrol” crackdown by police.

Concerned by the “new” forms of pseudo-prostitution which have become popular online over the last decade, police are instituting a cyber-patrol program to hunt down schoolgirls selling their underwear and engaged in other criminal antics online.

Police say several prefectures have been running an trial of the scheme for several years, and now they are finally prepared to operate nationally.

Boasting of their success, police from 10 prefectures say they took custody of 97 minors in 5 months, 89 of them being girl “victims” of child prostitution and pornography related offences.

33 of these girls were selling their bodies in “enjo kousai” prostitution schemes, 53 were selling various articles of underwear online, and 3 were enterprisingly engaged in both.

48% of them were previously victims of perpetrating similar crimes – demonstrating just how effective a deterrent police handling has proven – and included one 15-year-old boy who was looking to procure rather than supply the services of schoolgirls.

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