Outrage at Singer’s “Inadequate Miku Cosplay”

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Chinese and Japanese Vocaloid fans alike have been outraged at a Chinese singer whose on-stage Hatsune Miku cosplay was “an insult to Miku fans” by way of its sheer sloppiness.

A September concert by Chinese songstress Moraynia (or Liu Xin) has been widely derided on Sina Weibo for donning an “inferior” Hatsune Miku outfit, with fans moaning that she was “insulting cosplay” and “not even trying to look like Miku.”

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The video:

The fact that she apparently took only 4 minutes to change into the costume and even omitted the holy twintails “because they got in the way of the dancing” has them particularly annoyed:

“I cannot believe she omitted the twintails!”

“That isn’t Miku’s costume, and that isn’t Miku’s hair. What is this, Chinese Miku?”

“Just playing dress-up is not cosplay!”

“Did they even bother getting Crypton’s permission for this…”

“It looks nothing like her.”

“What would anyone expect from China but a cheap rip-off?”

“Quite funny that she ditched the ‘tails because they got in the way of her dancing…”

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