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Cops Charge Woman For Killing Her Rapist

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A woman who fatally stabbed the man who was trying to rape her with his own knife after seizing it from him is being charged with manslaughter despite police conceding it “may have been justifiable self-defence,” and the fact they intend to charge the dead man with attempted rape.

According to police, a woman in her late teens was jogging by a river in Tokyo’s Adachi city at 10PM when an unidentified man his fifties ambushed her with a knife.

He pushed her down and began kissing her and touching her body, but put his knife down in order to do so.

The woman seized her chance and his knife, and stabbed him in the thigh and then made good her escape, seeking help from a passing man who summoned police.

Her assailant meanwhile bled to death from the wound she inflicted over a period of 90 minutes, being pronounced dead on his arrival at hospital.

The woman says she “grabbed the man’s knife when I saw a chance, stabbed him in the thigh and then ran.”

Bizarrely, police say they are planning to charge the dead man with “attempted rape or indecent assault.”

Even more bizarrely, they are planning on charging the woman with manslaughter – though they have announced they will not be charging her with murder, and that her punishment may be reduced if it is found she acted in justifiable self-defence, they still apparently intend to prosecute the victim.

The unsympathetic treatment the woman has received at the hands of police has many Japanese outraged:

“Come on, this is obviously self-defence!”

“Why didn’t they charge the rapist with attempted murder for threatening to use a knife on her!?”

“Japan, where it is a crime not to go along with the wishes of the criminal…”

“Jogging in Adachi at 10PM, reckless indeed!”

“Why haven’t they reported this guy’s name and occupation?”

“Probably because he was a Korean…”

“What the hell are the police doing charging this poor woman!?”

“Good riddance to the sex criminal swine she offed. Poor lady.”

“She could have just threatened him with it and ran off!”

“I expect they will drop the charges or otherwise fail to prosecute.”

“I think the police are just prosecuting as a matter of formality, she’ll just be acquitted in any trial.”

“Right, just because they are prosecuting now doesn’t mean they won’t just drop the charges afterwards.”

“Come on, prosecuting isn’t the same as a guilty verdict. The police aren’t the ones who should decide whether something like this is justifiable self-defence, the courts are!”

“It seems the only living witness to the incident is the woman so their caution is understandable.”

“Since they have only her word that she really didn’t know this man at all, it could always be something else.”

“A lot of rapists get away with it and their victims stay quiet – good for her that she put a stop to this one!”

“She acted with restraint – stabbing him in the thigh and not somewhere else, and probably thinking he wouldn’t die from an injury like that.”

“Just her luck that she scored a critical hit on an artery.”

“Considering the circumstances she may have been aiming somewhere else but missed…”

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  • “Her assailant meanwhile bled to death from the wound she inflicted over a period of 90 minutes, being pronounced dead on his arrival at hospital.”

    But nobody react on the fact it took 90 minutes for the guy to get to an hospital ?

  • Not really worth getting worked up about. They basically HAVE to arrest her since she DID actually cause the guy’s death. Deciding not to charge her would be tantamount to replacing the courts with the police- the police would get to decide who’s guilty or not. She’ll be arrested, charged, found not guilty and released. All in perfect order.

  • Of course they’re charging her, she killed someone.

    In fact they should have charged her with murder and here’s how they trial would have gone:

    Judge: How do you plead?
    Woman: Not guilty by reason of self defence
    *two-and-a-half minutes later*
    Jury: We find the defendant not guilty.

  • This is… bizarre.

    On one hand, it is good that the wannabe-rapist wasn’t declared a paedophile out of the blue just because he was in the vicinity of a woman – something which happened way too frequently in Japan as of lately.

    On the other hand, there are the plans to charge her for manslaughter. Which is stupid beyond measure, because with him being charged (posthumously) for rape, it could only be either murder or self-defence on her part, and charging someone for manslaughter when this person killed in self-defence and with the weapon originally belonging to the killed one and with only one stab in a “non-vital area” is… well, I want to say “stupid beyond measure”, but since I don’t like to repeat myself let’s go with “abstract”.

    I do understand that the story has to be checked by the police and thus it’s almost necessary to charge her “for the time being” because there seem to be no witnesses and the other party is dead, but it’s stuff like that – treating citizens as if every one of them was a murderer/rapist/Sith/pick-pocketer combo by default – which makes Japanese people bitter towards their government.

  • theres been a lot of false cases of woman framing a man for rape or sexual harassment even when the man did not do anything, so since no one saw the man rape her the cops can only assume is my guess for the reason they want to charge her. u never know she could be just a crazy bitch

  • I don’t know what is the truth. We will have to see if the woman knows the man before. If the knife has the man’s finger prints. If the police find any DNA or any clue that she has been kissed? If there are enough evidence that he tried to rape her, then it is logical that she is trying to self defense. Otherwise, it will be difficult to judge if she should be charged in attempt murdering. Remember, as a police, one must consider all possibility. Charging her doesnt mean declaring her guilty. If it is obvious to the majority that she is not guilty, then her charge will be drop in no time in the first day of court. Well, unless the Japanese justice system sucks.

  • The womans story sounds fishy alright, so an investigation is in order.

    Just because a women says it its not always true and they can easily lied.

    How many times does a woman has screamed chikan and accused someone without being really sure?

    How many times has women orchestrated BS fro money, in some countries, women invite men to touche them only to extortionate the men later.

    How many times have we read underage women prostitute themselves and they go without any puni9shemnet when the the male is caught.

    How many times a woman, taking advantage of her position has screamed rape without being true and ruining a man live?

    SO a woman says he tried to rape me and we are to believe it immediately and as it always happen proceed to prosecute the man and jail him instantly (if he was alive)? There many innocents in this predicament.

  • Each and every single officer, detective, captain, attorney, etc. involved in charging a(n attempted) rape victim with ANY crime deserves to be raped to death. Doesn’t matter if the victim is male or female, or if the assailant is male or female.

    Charging the victim with a crime when they are defending themselves? They deserve rape. From one of those auto-rape machines Marquis de Sade designed. With a wooden cock with barbs and rusted nails driven through it. Repeatedly until dead.

    And for those who read this, the story doesn’t state that she stabbed him for 90 minutes. It states she stabbed him in the thigh (singular wound), and he died by the time the police FINALLY got the fucker to the hospital 90 minutes later.

    His family really should sue the police for gross stupidity. Along with her. After the fuckers responsible for this legal bullshit are raped to death.

  • You can make any story by being ‘the only witness’

    Or is it only a manipulation by the police ?

    Or perhaps, it’s a whole different story actually ?

    There’s no witness

    There’s no evidence

    How can you condemn someone by just listening the

    story of others that you don’t even know ?

    People shouldn’t judge before knowing the whole story

  • Taking a different point of view,

    What if the woman being charged of manslaughter isn’t actually being tried to be raped ?

    What if The man is actually only asking for direction and the woman was hysterical/freaked and stab him to death, and put all the blame on the man ?

    What if it IS actually a set-up murder/revenge and by being a woman you can excuse yourself as ‘rape victim’ or playing ‘I’m innocent and getting assaulted’ and hoping to get sympathy from police but got backfired ? ( As a girl you can always mess your clothes, hair and play as victim, while men not ).

    And dead body can’t speak. You won’t find anything. This should be investigated thoroughly, not only based on assumption from the woman.

    Because it is just weird, if it’s death by bleeding for 90 minutes and not even one helps. and so wrong in so many levels, Does the cop actually is late ? or the woman is intentionally let it be late ?

    But if it IS the truth, what the woman says, then she should be freed because it is self-defense, but I doubt it though..

    We don’t know the real event.So Only heaven knows…

    • assuming Japanese detectives are able to do their job properly, finding out whether this woman knew her attempted rapist should not be difficult. If they find there’s no relation between the two, I think it may be safe to assume she was scared for her life and reacted properly; that being stabbing the guy and running to find help.

  • I guess the police aren’t happy to prosecute her, but they have to, because if the just let her go, it will give green lights to all other womens to kill their rapists, or any one for that matter, if there’s no witnesses. They’ll just tell it was a rape and that’s it.

    So, at least publicly, they have to announce prosecution, but I’ll bet they’ll let her off hook with trial.

  • They’re charging her for manslaughter. Now the court has to decide whether it was done in self defence or not, and judging by all of this I’m pretty sure it’ll end with her release. It’s just pure bureacracy, I don’t really see a problem here other than wasting money…

  • God dammit, Japan. I try to defend you, but it’s getting harder and harder with your blatant stupidity.

    I hope this is an isolated incident and typical cherry picking sensationalism from SanCon.

    Either way, I hope she is freed if she is innocent.

  • I agree with her stabbing to death as an act for self defend, but why the heck they charging the dead guy? He’s already dead, he’s already suffering before dying, I think that is enough punishment already. Just leave the dead guy alone..

  • The justice system can’t relly justify a crime if it’s just meant to stop a bigger crime.
    Otherwise killings would spike up, revenge killings would go up, we’d be back to the wild west.
    Murder is the worst of crimes, many orders of magnitude worse than mere rape.
    It’s to be taken seriously.
    For once the police are doing their job right.
    Depending on where she stabbed him she might have been acted on self defense or with a clear killing motive. Let the police do their job in peace.

  • Just totally weird. So because the police and paramedics fail to show up within time and fail to use their brains (artery wound = bind the leg off quick and tight, NOT leave it bleeding for another half hour or more) the woman gets charged with manslaughter?
    As a male I can’t get my head around this….

  • Be the stabbing justified or not, what seems most worrying here is the statement that she can get convicted even if self-defense is accepted by the court.


    Manslaughter is a crime, but it’s clearly defined as an act without the intent to kill. So, it’s more related to personal injury than outright murder.
    Furthermore, injury as an act of self-defense is normally not punished, even if the injury is very severe. The court will probably weigh the gravity of the situation (threatening with a weapon, attempted rape) against the injury inflicted (a stab to the abdomen), then pull in other situational facts (her calling the police quickly, speed of police response). In the end, she will probably be acquitted, but all evidence needs to be carefully taken into account.

    Possibly, even the police officers involved could receive punishment if they misjudged the situation or delayed response unjustifiably.

    • Must say that although in this case it seems clear that the girl should walk free (and hopefully will), there is obviously a question on what one can do in the name of self defense.

      For instance in Finland the law does hold the self defense clause, but it is not a “do what you want” clause, but rather a clause meant to protect the victim from being prosecuted of causing harm while in the act of self defense. It would not, however, protect someone who shot to death a burglar as clearly the situation wasn’t life threatening (as long as the burglar wasn’t trying to kill the man, that is), thus one does not get to “up the ante” and kill the man for trying to cause material instead of bodily harm.

      ie. Though a criminal (or soon to be, after being convicted), the person committing the crime does still have human rights. This is a lot more than some people are willing to admit, but hey, that’s just politics then.

    • Reminds me of the manga “Sex Slave System Chronicle” where schoolgirls undergo “rape training” in one chapter. It’s only common courtesy to remove your panties for your rapist if you don’t want them to get torn…

    • Gonna go “tinfoil hat” on you for a second, but:

      Governments don’t want people to be able to defend themselves or take care of themselves. Government wants people to be solely dependent on them, to the point that they would let a rapist have their way because “my government and police will do something about it”.

      In someways, we’re already trained like good lap dogs to just sit about, because we’ve been trained to not do anything. We’re constantly now telling eachother:
      “I can’t do anything. I’m just one person. They’ll lock me up if I don’t cooperate with them.” Says thousands of people around the world.
      In reality, we don’t need the government to survive, the government needs us to survive. So shit like this, better to be raped than self defending resulting in a crime, you’re seeing all around, and no country is immune from it.

      You can take off your tinfoil hats now.

  • As sympathetic as the story may be, you can’t expect for the law to simply overlook someone being stabbed to death. Otherwise, alleged rape would make the perfect “get out of jail free” card for murder.

    Being the victim of a crime doesn’t prove she didn’t mean to inflict disproportional retribution to her would be assailant, nor that she could have avoided killing him if she had acted more sensibly.

  • I think that probably she will be free of charges after they are sure of the attempted rape. Here in italy two 16 years old girl killed an old man(around 60 years) just for the fun of it(and he was a family friend who always gave them presents and rides). They even said it was like gta

    • Or he can’t get help because the woman already planned it beforehand so that he would be dead.

      How do you know that he is not murdered ?

      I believe, it’s your assumption and her story right?

      People can easily believe a woman’s story and her

      point of view when in justice system you should look

      at every possibility.

      If the man is your best friend, I doubt you can act like this.

  • LOL stabbing a rapist is not ‘justifiable self-defence’, if it were in this world you can get away with murder so so easily.

    The charge will be manslaughter with fair compromises, like low bail or early parole.

  • The police prosecuting the woman is wrong. Detaining her would be not though. It’s usually the case when a dead body ends up somewhere. Other than prosecution I could see this happening in the US or Europe for someone being detained whenever a body is found. The problem is that Japanese Police investigations aren’t known for their credibility. So now that I’ve played Devils-advocate, I’ll say my true feelings. I feel sorry for the woman. She was just unlucky in more ways than one.

      • Not here in the U.S. if someone simply says “im going to rape you” and they have a weapon, by law you can kill that person and not be charged with anything, as they had verbaly explained thier intent. If someone breaks into your home, by law you can kill them, if someone bigger and stronger than you, comes at you with thier fists, by law you can kill them, as well you should, criminals deserve to die.

        • While you might be allowed to kill someone in self defense in the US, i have different opinions on your examples. The first one, i agree on. If someone is armed and clearly states that they’re going to rape you/kill you/otherwise gravely injure you, you should have the right to kill them in self defense.

          The second one is more situation-conditional in my opinion. If they are armed or in any way aggressive, i’m fine with it. But if it’s just some drunk fuck who has mistaken it for his home and is too drunk to do anything, you shouuld just throw him out and call the police to get them to pick him up.

          And the third one, why the hell should you kill someone who’s unarmed. The only exception i can accept is if there’s nobody else around to stop the fight if it gets too excessive, AND he states that he wants to kill/rape/rip the arm/leg/dick off the victim. Then, and only then, would i accept it as justifiable self defense (unless the attacked person raped/killed/dismembered someone the attacker knew, in which case, the “victim” deserves what he had coming)

          I see fistfights as fairly honourable, and only a fucking cowardly asswipe would bring a weapon to a fistfight.

          But then again, sadly, i don’t make the laws, neither over here, nor in America.

        • Killing someone is stilll a crime. Justifiable self defense depends totally in the amount of force used and it should be judged in a court, the prosecutors should press charges regardless the circumstances and after reviewing all evidence and testimonies dicide if it was not possible to defend oneself otherwise.
          But yeah, I agree that self defense probably applies and it was police or ER’s fault that the man died. 90 minutes is fucking long.

  • I think people don’t quite get it.

    This is indeed self defense, but unfortunately it’s also under “excessive force” and as mentioned “manslaughter”.

    I don’t see the outrage, a person killed another person is by many standards as bad or worse than rape.

    • Excessive force? She stabbed the guy once, in the thigh, in order to get away. When you feel your life is in danger, you do whatever the hell you can to get away.

      And in many cases, cops would rather deal with a murder victim than a rape victim. You know why? Because, a murder victim is dead and no longer suffering. A rape victim is still living and has to live with that traumatic experience for the rest of their life.

      All of these people trying to justify arresting a woman who was sexually assaulted and nearly raped can all go to hell.

    • Yes… because when you’re about to get raped, the first thing on your mind is where you should aim the knife, or if you should even use it at all..
      Fact is, he was hit in his leg of all places and that moron just bled to death by himself, he would’ve easily survived had the paramedic came sooner than 90 minutes later. Or even applied rudimentary first aid to himself.

      • That’s why the charge is manslaughter, not murder…duhhh. There are provisions for manslaugher for exactly this, even if you had no intentions to kill someone or did something you would never guessed could kill someone THAT is manslaughter.

        The concept is simply, if you started the chain of events that kills someone, you committed manslaughter.

      • That country is apparently not the US, at least.

        “While the definitions vary from state to state, the general rule makes an important distinction between the use of non-deadly and deadly force. A person may use non-deadly force to prevent imminent injury; however, a person may not use deadly force unless that person is in reasonable fear of serious injury or death. Some states also include a duty to retreat, when deadly force may only be used if the person is unable to safely retreat”

        • So you’re saying that if someone holds you knifepoint, that’s not considered “reasonable fear of serious injury or death”?
          And that rape shouldn’t be considered a serious injury in and of itself?
          And when a rapist is lying on top of you, can you honestly say that you are able to safely retreat?

      • Because you live in country where people have right to defend themself.
        I live in place where only police, criminals and rich people have guns for self-defence, while guns allowed under licence (hunting, sport) cannot be legally used in self-defence anyway.
        Where there in no “stand your ground” or “castle doctrine”, and if you wound criminal in self-defence you should expect beign arrested by police and sued by criminal.

        Amerika, we jelly
        – Europe

        • 20:39

          Not sure about Italy, but in Poland we have murders that are not considered homoicide that lower our statistics.
          No weapon used = no homocide.
          You can smash person’s in head with hammer, or cut him with broken bottle and you’ll likely be charged with “lethal beating” rather than murder, so it won’t hurt our low crime statistics. Ingenious, isn’t it?
          In 2012 we had 582 murders, while more than 1000 of murders have been rebranded to “beating with deadly result”.

        • USA is way bigger then UK , and the UK police seems to work properly(have been there once) where instead in italy and other countries most violent cases are not.reported since they starr playng “gang wars”(play because they are mostly kids around 10-14 years)

        • It’s funny that you would bring up a country with homicide rates outshining such shiny examples of lawfulness such as Niger, Laos and Iran, Mr faux European. Even UK which otherwise ranks the highest in violent crimes across Europe, has more than 3 times less homocides per capita comapred to the US.

    • When someone is trying to rob, maim. or rape you. You have every right to assume such a person will kill you after. You have a right to use deadly force to stop them.

      Is it ideal? no. However you can not expect someone to kick back and take it or scream helplessly.

      • An who says the woman says the truth?

        Just because she is a woman and claims she was gonna be raped we must blindly believe her? Why, because she says she is a victim and a WOMAN?

        He story is hard to believabe, if this was some other country a little more believable, not Japan, the chances of this happening are almost none, little kids go to school on thwie own and go back safely, not that its impossible but:

        -running at 10 pm
        -woman in her 20s
        -attempted rape
        -a little wound let to death
        -the raper was an idiot that just let himself bled to death

        The story does not fit quite alright.

      • No you don’t. At least in sane jurisdictions, unless the assailant shows clear intent to inflict grievous harm to you or someone else, you are definitely not “justified” to kill them, and you may easily be charged for murder if you did such a thing.

        In fact, if you are shown to have been able to safely defuse the situation without anyone getting hurt (ie giving a thief what he wants, fleeing, etc…), you will definitely be charged for murder.

        Note, that I’m not a lawyer, and I’m definitely not your lawyer, so don’t take any of this as a legal advise.

        • “In fact, if you are shown to have been able to safely defuse the situation without anyone getting hurt (ie giving a thief what he wants, fleeing, etc…), you will definitely be charged for murder.”

          Ah, I see. Now it all makes sense. The best way to safely escape from a vilolent rape is to just let it happen. If you don’t fight back, the guy will simply get his rocks off and leave, and the victim won’t even have so much as a bruise.

        • Stabbing a knife in ones thigh as an act of self defense is not attempted murder. If the would have stabbed him several times it would have been a different story.

          The thing is,if the story is true as its written here, and the woman gets convicted then that would be injustice in the eyes of so many that hell will break lose (for at least some days until everyones forget about it)

    • Ok. Your perspective is already not neutral.

      How do you know he is guilty ?

      By a story from the woman ?

      How do you know it is self-defense ?

      How about if it is a planned murder by the woman and

      she said he attempted rape ?

      No witness, no evidence.

      Is the girl being truly attempted rape ?

      So many questions left unanswered.

      So it’s already good that the woman is charged first.

      Prove that she is innocent / not guilty by evidence not just talking.

  • If laws allows you to kill someone else just using as justification to stop an attempting of rape.

    Unfortunately that always can be used with malicious intents. I mean, I don’t deny that her case could be true but firstly are the courts which must confirm it.

    At least in my coutry if you commits murder but you claim it was self-defense, you aren’t instantly guilty but neither innocent. The court will decide after a proper investigation.

    • You are beyond reaper. Because you don’t have any brains and believe everything you hear.

      What if woman murdered man in cold blood? He should survived so we could heard other side of story.

      • I have no brain? how about you idiot, if you want to kill someone you don’t fucking stab him in the leg and wait 90mins for him to bleed to death, giving him a chance to find someone, get rescued, tell what happen and so on, you’re WAY beyond redemption

  • Nice aim!

    I think this one is right: “The police aren’t the ones who should decide whether something like this is justifiable self-defence, the courts are!”

    In Finland the victim would get convicted, for sure. You aren’t allowed to kill in self-defense especially if you use a weapon to do it.

    • This was self-defense. The women’s intention was clearly to get away from the assailant, not to kill the man. Otherwise you’d see multiple stab wounds, not just a stab to the leg.

      Not to mention, you seem so sure that he was only after rape. For all we know, he could’ve kidnapped her and hit her in his basement as a sex slave in an extreme scenario. He could’ve been a psychopath, he could’ve been into necrophilia. The point is, in the face of danger, it’s idiotic to give your assailant the benefit of the doubt. She made the right call by taking the opportunity to run for her life.

        • Do you all even know the truth behind this story? Does the woman lie ?

          I bet you all only make assumption from the woman’s story and the publication.

          Well, I can understand all men in all different world has all one the same weakness, to believe and listen to a woman’s trouble and just trust it outright, don’t care if it’s the truth or not.Especially the cute or beautiful one.

          That’s one advantage being a beautiful woman

        • @18:07 > Nobody ever deserves anything.

          Bullshit! So Einstein didn’t deserve credit/fame for his works?

          Truth is, depending on context/situation, people may or may not deserve something.

        • Almost all never get over the trauma.
          “you can get over trauma” is only true for a select few people. The other 95% can’t get over trauma.
          Literally. They can’t. Their minds are not capable of the depth and intensity of thought required to get over trauma. It’s physically impossible for them.

          Did he deserve death? No, of course not. Nobody ever deserves anything. He didn’t deserve life either. He WAS alive, and he was killed for an excellent reason. This has nothing to do with what’s “right” or “wrong”. He bet his life, and lost. He made a decision, and reaped the consequences.

          The reason the law does not punish rape with death is because that’s in the context of “punishment”.
          He didn’t die because he was punished. He died because of the direct consequences of his actions. It’s his fault. His death wasn’t a punishment, it was a consequence.