Teacher Tweets Handcuffed JK


A teacher is in hot water after Tweeting pictures of a young schoolgirl friend he handcuffed for reasons which have not been made clear.

According to reports, the 65-year-old middle-school teacher was “acquainted” with a high school girl who visited his Nagoya school.

Apparently their friendship extended to mild BDSM, as he soon had her in a pair of “toy” handcuffs, and posted photos of their antics on his Twitter account.

Once the school found out 5 days later they had him delete the pictures, and he admits it was “thoughtless” to post them on Twitter.

The nature of their “acquaintance” has not been confirmed by the school, but the obvious suspicions have been widely voiced online – as has the usual envy and amazement at his being able to get away with it without the school or authorities taking any further action.

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