Free! Good End: “See You Next Summer!”



The finale of Free! has been greeted warmly even by the unrotten contingent, the show by all accounts having proven a huge hit and having sold well – and fans will be overjoyed to learn that it will be returning next year, stealing another KyoAni production slot and giving them the twin delights of more Tamako Market and Free! to look forward to in 2014…
































































Free omake:










The final episode seems to have proven especially popular, most detractors having evidently given up on KyoAni in the face of their lithe young swimmers and corpulent cockatiel bodyguard:

“The competition was hard to follow but they all made up in the end! How nice is that!?”

“This is nice but they obviously saved up a lot of stuff for the next season, which had better come!”

“Those two homos may as well just have it off now.”

“Wait for the doujinshi…”

“That was great, the final scene in particular.”

“Thank goodness there was no transfer!”

“It certainly lives up to its name…”

“It was a great ending anyway.”

“And a pretty obvious second season flag…”

“Do we really have to wait until the summer!?”

“So this means Chuunimoe 2 in the winter, and Tamako in the spring then?”

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    • Anonymous says:

      Comment by Anonymous
      10:38 30/09/2013
      “El animu más puto de la temporada, el final fue tan puto, putos todos XD”…
      incluyendote a ti tambiem perro marica hipocrita chupa escroto pendejo cabron

  • I’m just glad Kyoani have dropped whatever pretenses they had to being anything more than a pandering fanservice studio. Now if someone wants well-animated fanservice, I can point them to Kyoani regardless of their sexual orientation. It’s nice to have a quick recommendation for those who aren’t looking for anything any more substantial as your average timid after-school special.

  • So, girls whining about what “superficial” men are, that the only thing that they wants are pretty girls with big boobs…

    So, what woman wants? Pretty boys doing pretty things, with big abds and SHIRTLESS (like Jacob from Twinlight)..


    • If your sexuality is THAT threatened by a group of fictional 2D teenagers, then you got problems.

      You’re all a bunch of sad pathetic assholes who can’t get laid so you blame your dislikes on women. Sexist pigs. Fuck you all, bastards.

      This is why most anime fans are bunch of loser pedophiles.

    • How exactly does one do “pretty things?”

      They spent most of the anime doing normal slice of life shit, practicing, doing more normal shit, and trying to keep Haru out of random bodies of water.

        • Because all guys should do is ogle the womminz while they’re in the kitchen and talk bro shit like sports. AMIRITE?

          I don’t give two shits about big tits…and yes I”m female. I don’t have to watch it or bash it…no one’s putting a fucking gun to my head. And no, not all females like yaoi either.


          Fuck you. Go get laid. Stop humping your pillow wives and learn to live in the motherfucking real world.

          Bring it on, because I know I’ll get threats. Go ahead motherfuckers!

          And if you all hate Fujoshit THAT much then you’re barking up the wrong tree with Free because I can give you more series that are ten times more ‘gayer’ than a simple series about a swim team.

        • They don’t do “normal” stuff, in fact they don’t act like guys at all. I’m nearly 100% sure you’re a female otherwise you’d know.

          It’s kind of mind boggling how girls always think they’re so hard to understand yet they have guys figured out and then what they think guys want, think and do is absolutely and completly wrong.

        • I’m a guy, and before you start wondering, I’m straitgh =)

          So what should “normal” guy do?
          I guess having male friend, doing sport and competing, is a big no-no, am I right?

          Sportsmen in a sport anime doing training and being friendly together, so gay ain’t it ?

      • It’s called double standard. When a anime is pandering towards males with fan service, a lot of females decry it and are listened to. When a anime is pandering towards females with fan service, anyone decrying it are told to shut up and that they have no taste.

        Unfortunately, double standards are the norm. Fan service for males will be disgusting. Fan service for females the best thing to happen.

        • I don’t like when man haters start talking about “objectifying” women. Unless EVERBYODY is born bisexual women won’t know what goes on in the minds of men. Despite that a lot of women have a lot of strong opinions about male sexuality. The word “objectify” is just another nice way of saying that you hate men anon 16.07.

        • @01:30 i’m 10:35 i forgot, just in case you don’t understand (again) on purpose what i said: by regular fan-service, i meant involving men.
          I can understand any kind of taste no matter what it is, really. But i can’t stand when those people put pretty words to make it more beautiful.

        • @01:30,
          “and lesbian stuff from time to time (‘cuz if when it’s men it’s bad, when it’s women it’s good)”
          Learn how to read, stop showing your stupidity.

          Anyway, it’s obvious that gay fantasies humiliate men more than “regular fan-service” (even if for women otaku, it seems it’s the only existing fanservice is gay stuff). You know it, deep down everyone know it’s true, and i don’t want to lose my time explaining such obvious things here. Grow up and stop the pretty demagogy just to justify the stuff you like.

        • @3:24 butthurt?
          ‘Cuz of course you’ll answer to a post that doesn’t concern you in the stead of the ppl concerned. =)

          As for the last part of your post, well, why wouldn’t I support it?
          With all that make it a good product remaining, I don’t give a damn wether its a bunch of girls or boys swimming as long as it’s well done and have a good story.

        • @01:30,

          LMAO, you’re quoting yourself and yet saying that I said which you said.

          See how that works. There is not a single Anonymous on this site. So of course you can grab any quote made by any Anonymous and claim that another Anonymous said it.

          But here is a test for you concerning double standards.

          Change only the sex of the swimmers, make them all girls. Keep the anime the same except for that one aspect. Would you still support Free and claim it is a good anime?

        • @00:19

          Nice way of putting words into my mouth and not arguing about the double standard. I did NOT call Free gay or anything.

          If I did please show me where.

          My whole statement was about the double standard concerning fan service. Fan service for males, disgusting. Fan service for females, good.

          So next time, please don’t try to divert attention from what was said.

        • It’s even worse than just that. Fan service for male aren’t gay shit all the time, it’s just boobs. Well once in a while yuri stuff is fine for me but i could understand if women felt offended while watching it.
          Of course all those homosexual stuffs are more humiliating for men than “normal” fan-service even targeted for women! It IS more digusting than simple fan service, why does women only want gay stuff, seriously.

          This, is one thing. Now i don’t care if it exists, everyone is “free” (lawl). Just don’t exhibit it ALL THE TIME like that, and don’t say it changes nothing about an anime that has “some good points”.

        • Fit men with normal bodies for swimming isn’t the same as oversized beach ball boobs and gratuitous panty shots. The fact that some of you can’t tell the difference makes me think you’re twelve and/or retarded.

          Women are objectified and disrespected through that objectification. Men are idealized and respected. These men were of normal body size for their activities. Most female anime characters are not. These men wore clothing suited to their activities. Most female characters are put in ridiculous outfits that appeal to men. And in anime, many things that should NOT be okay are deemed as being “normal” as long as it happens to a girl.

          And you are all complaining about how the men in this show act, but if you think women act the way they do in most anime you have never been outside your basement.

        • Yet you’re being a perfect exemple of double standard :

          Boobs jiggling all over the place,panties shot all over the screen, and lesbian stuff from time to time (‘cuz if when it’s men it’s bad, when it’s women it’s good): nothing wrong sir, not humiliating the very least.
          Cuz it’s what normal fan-service is about right, girl being (mostly) dumb, boobs jiggling, tits and panties showing.

          Story about friendship with well fitted men :” “homosexual stuff” more humiliating (..) than normal fan-service(…). It is more disgusting than simple fan-service, why do women only want gay stuff seriously.”
          I’m quoting you there, see …

          So ,hmm, you were sayin’?

        • Yeah, ‘cuz “normal” fan-service ain’t humiliating for women at all.

          And, well, I was wondering but, where’s the so called gay action every sexually insecure male over there are whining about?
          I mean, all I’ve seen while watching this show is a sports anime with well fitted guys swimming in swimming suit …
          If an half naked man is enough to make something gay ,you should never go close to any swimming pool/sport’s facilities/beach , ‘cuz it’s so gay you know …

    • This is just ONE anime. And unlike what was implied at the start of it, it was watchable not only for females. There was fan service during the first episodes which abruptly decreased while the focus on the plot started getting stronger, which is anything else than superficiality. Compared to anime with fan service for straight males… Take a look at this
      and the following page (
      That would be series aimed at males in general (I’ll leave counting the ones containing fan service to you), now compared to the few series females get, how many of those have fanservice in a comparable amount? I don’t think there’s anything out there like Free! for females, although as I mentioned above, the importance of their friendships and the competition was stronger later on than in the first episodes, so even the fan service of Free! might not be comparable.
      And if you want to measure what they want by the series’ success, as far as I know, Uta no Prince-sama for example was/is more successful.

      In short: There are way more series for (straight) male audiences out there possibly implying superficiality (physical fan service etc.) than there are for (straight) female ones; this isn’t limited to this medium (!); the success of one single series (Free!) isn’t enough to think of it as a representative for the wishes/wants/whatever of a whole gender.

      But most of all, while I can somehow understand the thought behind it (series with fan service like that are popular among males, just browse this site; the focus on female bodies has helped creations such as “boob socks” a.k.a. vacuum sealed breasts, the “boobs and butt pose”, “boob-windows”, distortions of body parts — the spine being very popular — just to showcase the female body, ridiculous and impractical outfits [], skirts often being reduced to belts, etc.), I don’t agree to call a whole gender “superficial”, be that males or females as a whole.

  • “Insert random hate post about Free!” or “Constructive criticism” and get some(Fujoshi + Fat Men with Waifu’s) + Yo mama so fat jokes and of course your friendly neighborhood “this is not a gay anime, Oh my GAWD you didn’t even see those first twelve episodes (out of twelve) so why are you hatin” anime justice defenders.
    Either way after watching the first 2 episodes I will definitly not see you next summer… Jumpin’ on the hate train ;^)

  • It was a good show. Even my male friends liked it! maybe a bit generic at times but had the usual kyoani awesomeness. Also the animation was beautiful!

    this is a very good anime for females! its not stupid reverse harem doesn’t have any ridiculous over the top gushy romance things in it.
    The female characters are also very likeable.

    if this was the female equivalent to “ecchi” you would be seeing the outline of their balls pink shiny skin lots of weird touching and a lot of moaning (and nipples! ) so it’s pretty tame. I mean of course their shirtless it’s an anime about swimming!

    Fujoshi aren’t the only ones who like shirtless hot men btw.

    Not all female anime fans like gay things and only watch gay things and hate 3d men

    kind of like just because you like ecchi anime doesn’t mean your one of those basement dwelling NEET manbabies who fap and complain all day
    Or maybe you are idk

    I hope that not all male anime fans are the hating types on here :T

    if you don’t like an anime that’s airing in that season just don’t watch it! Simple

  • i hope fot the next year to see another pool/beach anime… but with girls!!! 😀

    (this is nice too, but no boobs no fun u know ;-D)
    (uhmm bouncing boobs is nice..but id like to see some bouncing penis also something like CFNM hihih)

  • So many angry fat geeks. Calling this show gay when there is nothing gay about it. Dont you guys have any friends at all? Haven’t you gone out with them and had a great time? Have you gone to the pool with them? This show is just like that, and the liek swimming, 4 good friends since childhood. Seriously male otakus are the fucking saddest cunts on earth

    • Sure but never to go swimming just by ourselves. We are either there with chicks, to pick up chicks, or to compete with each other while showing off in front of chicks. Never have one of my guy friends suggested we go to the pool to just swim, do cardio on your own time. Some girls just don’t seem to understand that.

      • Fucking Americans. The men there can’t do anything without thinking of women or thinking of fucking. You guys are completely ruled by women and can’t think for yourselves. Everyone else on the planet can manage to function just fine without that mindset and still have great sex because we don’t come off as being half as desperate.

  • This show was excellent and both a critical and sales hit. Probably KyoAni’s best seller since K-on, so of course we’ll be seeing more.

    I can’t believe there are people that hate it just because most of the cast is male… excellent show that gave me K-on like warm and fuzzy friendship feelings.

    • I don’t know why people suddenly start to care, if there is money to be made it’s their choice. In the last 10 years that I’m watching anime there always has been 1-3 series almost every season targeting girls. This is nothing new.. and I always ignored them, except some gems like Nana.

    • That isn’t why so many people hate it. Most of the people that hate it are those that think that fan service for Fujoshi is disgusting (i couldn’t care less) and instantly hate the show without even watching it.

        • FUJIOSHI ARE WHAT IS RUINING ANIME AND MAKING SHIT GAY. All women should be BANNED and fuck KyoAni. FUCK THEM. Proven fact: All fujioshi are landwhales with tumblr accounts.


        • so, you still think homosexuality is sinful and therefore gays should not be allowed to marry?

          google it… must be from thaaa church of gaylordiness straight from america i guess…. if they do not CARE i do not know who would car…. except for some emotionally attached medicinal guys…

          whoops maybe i care…. because i replied… darn i fell right into your trap!

        • I don’t get the deal what is so bad about “fujoshi pandering”
          Looking at the 99% of other Anime I see nothing but male otaku pandering.

          I didn’t watch it because I don’t like seeing too many half naked men in my anime, I’m more of a half naked women kind of guy.

        • It was a good anime and the animation was amazing, so the studio will still be respected while at the same time gaining more income to make other things. Why hate on it? Who cares who it panders to? Just don’t watch if you don’t want. It was one anime out of a million.

      • Why is it that people like you think an all male cast with fanservice is necessarily for fujoshi? Not all girls are fujoshi. And it seems blatantly obvious why many female fans might like this show. I have absolutely no problem with girls getting something to perv over.

        Some of you are making it sound as though any anime that appeals to girls and has fanservice is JUST for the fujoshi crowd. Have you ever met a real girl? Or do you just think they are all blind and asexual?

      • Funny how it never occurs to people, that perhaps the show is for *GASP* SWIMMMING FANS!!! Or maybe just sports fans in general. Male, female, extraterrestrial, doesn’t matter, sport is sport.
        That being said, I prefer Prince of Tennis. Was never a fan of water sports.

  • Do you really think KyoAni gives a shit if males complain cause they made one anime catered to a female audience out of the countless unisex/male-taregeted ones they’ve done?

    It’s a for-profit company not a charity working for otakus. Blu-ray sales and the bottom line are what matter. If it sells well and makes money, you can bet they’ll make another.
    Wake up and smell the money you fools

  • I’m Italian, and here in Italy nobody complains about homo stuff… You abroad otaku male have some BIG problem… Why ar you bitching and complaining about it? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There’s tons of boobs anime every season.
    The show is about friendship first, I’m a fujoshi female but I didn’t like all the show, too much melodramas… however this last episode was great, beautiful and intense. I loved it.

    • The modern culture seems to be that if you personally do not like something, you have to justify yourself by insulting it and anyone who enjoys it.

      I don’t like football, so clearly, everyone who likes a stupid and boring sport like football must be a retard jock idiot.

      • italian here, l’anime è fatto benissimo (bei maschioni ^^ fighi come me :-P), ma ovviamente noi maschietti vogliamo sempre tanto ehehe , io personalmente mi sarei accontentato di un nuova serie tipo umisho, adoro gli anime estivi *.*
        saluti e fregatene di sti commenti che vedi 😀

  • “It’s ok to be gay, let’s rejoice with the boys in the gay way!”
    I kinda always think that people watching this anime are singing this song.
    Maybe a remix of it will be the opening for the next season xD All in all I still won’t watch it 😛

  • Given the (somewhat) Yaoi undertones, I had fun with this series. C+ in a good way, but fun. Some depth in there.

    To keep it simple
    Haruka is a Class A Aquasexual
    Makoto is awesome (like a male Tsumugi)
    Rei started off as a dick, but got better
    I didn’t like Rin, because he was putting alot of unnecessary expectations on his shoulders (hopefully he’ll get better in the next season)
    Nagisa was too cheery for my taste and I wish to see some weakness within him. But the would take it in stride. Bonus points for being voiced by Jude from Tales of Xillia
    Gou is cute and endearing. At least Gou wasn’t a Tsundere or I may have cringed and dropped the show.
    Ama-sensei’s hot as well. Had a feeling she was a swimmwear deigner, model, or both in her past job.

    • YES.

      Males are the majority of the audience for anime. I’m not saying that women can’t have their fun but that’s what shojo is for.

      Kyoani should concretrate on moe and a second seaon of FMP. NOT FUJIOSHI SHIT LIKE THIS!!!!

      • “Males are the majority of the audience for anime.”

        Fallacious argument. Males are the majority because of the amount of anime that already caters to them, NOT because girls don’t enjoy anime or wouldn’t watch if there was more for them. Free brought in a lot of regular female viewers, which can only mean good things for anime companies. In the end they are businesses.

      • Women don’t only like shojo. Shojo generally doesn’t have this sort of fanservice either. Honestly, I don’t get what the bitching is about. I couldn’t care less what genre or company girls get their kicks from.

        And if you think only fujoshi would enjoy this you’ve never met a woman in your life.

  • It’s weird how so many Americans view this show as gay. I can’t tell if you are all really repressed or really insecure or so far in the closet that you see everything as gay or all of the above.

    • It’s not an American thing. There was this one closeted douche named Taylor who hates women and can’t stand for them to get anything to enjoy, so he channels his insecurity into tons of accounts to downvote positive comments about Free and talk bad about it in a bunch of comments to try to convince people that lots of people hated Free, when the reality is that the majority was completely fine with it or just had the sense not to watch. Most of us thought it was funny or shrugged it off.

        • As if you have any proof of it. Im almost curious where you’re from because you’ve clearly never been to most places in europe which are in fact just as homophobic as the usa other than they aren’t nearly as vocal about it.
          Thus translating to being anon on the internet where they can freely hate. If you want to bash americans at least use something concrete