Kojima: Media’s Social Gaming Obsession “Dangerous”


None other than MGS-producer Hideo Kojima himself has been complaining about the mainstream media’s fixation on social gaming at the expense of the next generation, calling it “dangerous” and hinting about the real reason he has to put SNS features in the latest MGS titles…


Kojima made the comments whilst discussing the different versions of Metal Gear Solid V, probably in response to NHK reports which managed to completely ignore the PS4 in favour of “otome” visual novels and the ubiquitous and not quite burst smartphone social gaming bubble:

The next-gen consoles have really come along, haven’t they?

Well, we originally developed MGSV for the current gen, and as a result the graphics weren’t that good and that’s why we went ahead with the FOX ENGINE.

That’s one of the reasons games from other companies developed solely with next-gen in mind may have such impressive graphics.

Basically, the present gen version has 30FPS but the next gen has 60FPS, high quality textures and more light sources. They may look similar, but the next gen is much prettier.

On the other hand, in terms of the game both generations are all but identical. With multi-device support and other new features there is more mission depth possible on the new generation though.

So I think the next gen version is better, but looking around TGS I’m left wondering about this.

The mainstream media has only covered the otome games and smartphone apps here – it feels pretty dangerous.

Well, the mainstream media may have that bias.

I think the gaming press understands, but what I want to do is connected to all this.

This is why Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker was made. MGSV will connect to SNS and tablets too. We’ll use whatever comes after as sales gimmicks too.

What they should of course have been talking about is the amazing MGSV gameplay which was on display, no doubt:

Or the next gen bikini action he managed to slip in with “more erotic” characters:

phantom-pain-bikini (1)

phantom-pain-bikini (2)

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