PS4 “50% Faster” Than Xbox One


Game developers have been quoted as saying the PlayStation 4 is “50% faster” than the Xbox One, and that they will be forced to “castrate” the PS4 versions of multi-platform releases if the Xbox One is not to be utterly humiliated.

An article in Edge quotes “multiple high-level game development sources” as being emphatic that the PS4 is as much as 50% faster than its benighted Xbox One “rival”:

Our contacts have told us that memory reads on PS4 are 40-50 per cent quicker than Xbox One, and its ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) is around 50 per cent faster.

One basic example we were given suggested that without optimisation for either console, a platform-agnostic development build can run at around 30FPS in 1920×1080 on PS4, but it’ll run at “20-something” FPS in 1600×900 on Xbox One.

“Xbox One is weaker and it’s a pain to use its ESRAM,” concluded one developer.


Sony and Microsoft are each still working on the graphics drivers for each console, and Xbox One is lagging behind in this regard – Microsoft “has been late on their drivers and that has been hurting them,” said one source.

Another described Xbox One’s graphics drivers less charitably as “horrible”. Both consoles’ graphics drivers will continue to improve right up to – and beyond – launch, which will even up the difference in performance a little.

Also of interest are claims the yawning gulf in performance will lead to publishers hobbling multi-platform PS4 releases so the Xbox One version does not look too awful in comparison:

One source even suggested that enforcing parity across consoles could become a political issue between platform holders, developers and publishers.

They said that it could damage perceptions of a cross platform title, not to mention Xbox One, if the PS4 version shipped with an obviously superior resolution and framerate; better to “castrate” the PS4 version and release near-identical games to avoid ruffling any feathers.

This claim was later countered by a contact at a different studio. “It would be totally fine for us to make one version prettier without any political difficulties but it usually doesn’t make financial sense,” they said, “unless it’s a very simple tweak.”

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  • An idea for a solution, dunno if it would work:

    Develop the game for XBone first, then ask Sony if they’re willing to pay more to improve it for the PS4. That way developers are paid more for more work and Microsoft can’t complain because the advantage was paid for. If not, we get a mirror version of the game and can’t complain since Sony decided it was not worth the money.

    Win-win for everyone but the gamers at least?

  • Michael Bowden says:

    One wonders at exactly who these developers are to say this, when it has also been reported that having 50% more GPU cores does NOT translate into 50% better graphics or “speed”
    Eurogamer has a good article on this subject
    I welcome the fact that Sony has finally done right by us in terms of hardware! I was disappointed when PS3’s specs looked better than 360 on paper but were a bit crap in reality!
    I like to know about the competition though and even though PS4 is definitely more powerful, I am still cautious over the XBone’s architecture like the GPU compute cores and dedicated audio silicon, which make the CPU much more effective.
    Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens once they’re both out!
    In the meantime, even as a PS fan, I’m getting a bit tired of the negative spin Sankaku seems to put on every article about Xbox :/ Surely we are all gamers at heart?

    • >Surely we are all gamers at heart?

      I don’t believe so. I buy all systems eventually when they have enough games I want to play. But if someone says they “won’t” get a system because of it being weaker than the other… I guess playing games is less important than what they look like.

      And wait and see is correct. Once both systems have been out for a while the developers will tell us how they are, after having /worked/ with them. Right now we’re still guessing.

  • Microsoft should just get the fuck out of the consoles. If they’re going to hold back games instead of providing quality then they’re a huge liability. They need to be cut off otherwise more bad games would be made just to compromise for their bs of a product.

  • Frankly, I’ll be happy to watch both consoles crash and burn.

    PCs are the future of gaming. We just need to get through this “accessibility” fad we’re going through with consoles.

    Because that is quite literally the single advantage consoles have over PCs. Accessibility. Well that and an occasional “exclusive” title that never lives up to the hype.

  • They’re absolutely correct that it doesn’t make any fiscal sense whatsoever to have PS4 releases touched up to utilize that extra processing power. Sony is effectively screwing itself by providing “overkill” system specs when the vast majority of game developers will only take the graphics so far as the XBO will let them.

    So congratulations Sony, you created a “superior” next gen console whose advantages over XBO will *never* be utilized.

  • Now PS4 owners will know what it’s like to be a PC owner.

    Point being, making games based on the lowest possible requirements isn’t very pleasing. Support the lowest, no problem. Forced crippling? No thanks.

    Anyway, I hope people enjoy watching TV on their XBone.

  • memory reads are not a good method of determining over all system speed, one of the systems uses memory on the video chip to avoid just this issue. This news is 8 month old rehash and most of us fell for it yet again.

  • So basically instead of allowing business to run as usual they’re going to seek to create a level of equality just so they can feel better. If PS4 is better in all regards this simply means that Microsoft may just need to rethink their whole makeup once again. I mean if I were Sony I’d much rather crush my opponent simply by providing a high quality product instead of trying to take some plea deal so we can feel equal.

  • last genreration didnt deter devs from pumping out shiitty ps3 ports while they put out better 360 versions. Now that the tables have turned they wanna cripple ps4 games to look shittier. what a double standard

    • PS3 used a nonstandard CPU, which made it difficult to optimize multi-platform titles. The fault entirely lied on Sony, who thought they could push everyone around, because they dominated hardware sales for the last two generations. Had they designed the PS3 with a SIMPLE multicore CPU, a number of titles would have matched or bested the 360 versions. Instead, you got titles that had lower draw rates to compensate.

    • Ps3 performance was at par with Xbox360 the only difference was the graphic textures and lightning. Now that the Ps4 is 50% Better in performance such as frame rates and graphics is a major difference compare to last gen. Something developers could not afford to compromise and anger M$. At least Ps4’s owners get most of its capabilities from their exclusive games.

  • Oh c’mon, we’ve seen that before on this last generation, but both versions sells well anyways, i just hope that the castrated versions for ps4 dont have that slowdowns, huge loadings and stuff.

  • Basically what i read was that because the Xbox One is crap, that they have to downgrade games released on the PS4? Plus, only 30 fps? Even my crap PC plays games over that, P.S. someone upgrade my PC for me please.

  • Rehashing old stories are we eh? Im not a fan of xbone but they upped the clock on their gpu so it now is 10% faster so no 50% of ps4 but still old news is old and not accurate today. We wont see a much difference in graphics on xbone/ps4 anyway. Ps4 versions will have more stable framerate or bigger one or they will go for the lowest denominator and change nothing.

  • Killer Instinct is 720p only.

    Ryse is 1600×900.

    Jesus christ, why do they always cheap out on the GPU?

    PC’s have been able to play games at resolutions equivalent or higher than 1080p for nearly 10 years now. Get with the damn program!

    • Oh yah my ATI video card was supposed to be HD but only in 720 which was a tiny little 800×600 screen other wise it was just like wide screen standard computer graphics with a 1600×1200 screen max size as well but in hd mode it dropped to 800×600 or 720p. 1080i is 1920×1080.

  • RU, Do U, Will you suprise if MS Come back with a new version of “XBOX ONE” console with better hardward before they loose so much money?

    Looks like MS Lost this war before start SONY is the only winner big since NINTENDO not here @ war zone.

    maybe NINTENDO waiting for perfect to time comeback with perfect gaming console.

    “XBOX 1s”
    “XBOX ONEª”

    • True but how much of these PC teraflops are for gaming?

      PC are indeed powerful but not very well optimised. Consoles are still the Queen of optimization of hardware. If PC were as optimized as the consoles, we would have games that would be twice or even trice better than todays standards PC games.

      • lol no, ps4/one are only equal to midlevel graphics cards, as in the 200-250 price range. a 400 card thrown into a standard desktop will outperform both systems. this upcoming generation of consoles is not like the last one, where the tech was several years ahead of what nvidia/ati had to offer for the desktop market.

      • some places over here in europe you get an gpu with 200% of the teraFLOPS for half of the estimated PS4 price, it are going to be as expensive as the more pricy Geforce 780’s … god hell, you get even an full computer with better stats for the same price, but compared to the sise, noise and things like that the PC ends up as an bulky big thing even in an ITX sise dough…

  • Speed/Performance is nothing if no good games were developed for that console/machine and that console isn’t popular enough in the market or doesn’t generate much revenue.

    Developers need to pay the bills so there are other factors to consider. For example the executives or their boss or the investors won’t let them develop for a gaming machine that isn’t popular enough to make money for the higher ups and so on.

  • Sony shouldn’t cripple their game to prevent Microsoft from being humiliated.

    This is business. Microsoft made an atrocious decision in the making of their Xbox One and now they must pay for it dearly.

    Why should Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world, be given a handicap? They didn’t get this far by being given handicaps by competitors, and they certainly should not now.

    • It comes down to fiscal viability. It has literally nothing to do with giving Microsoft a “handicap”.

      If you design games that demand more system resources than an XBO can provide, you’re cutting your potential market in half. Game developers (or rather their investors) want their games to be available on all of the consoles, and they will *happily* sacrifice some graphics to do so.

      It all comes down to how much money the games will make. Not too many game developers will want to invest in building two of the same game, one with PS4 capable graphics, and one with XBO graphics, because it will simply cost too much money to do so.

    • Sony and all their exclusive titles certainly won’t need to please Microsoft.

      The ones that might feel pressured would be the independent studios that make games for all the platforms.

      On the other hand, it is not like they would cripple the games for all the platforms because of the Wii U.

    • Both are bad as one another, Sony and Xbone are both outclassed by the PC, iphones and the touchpads already.

      I don’t know how both systems are gonna cope as the games will have to go multiformat cause of the finical costs and so forth with a timed exclusive on the consoles themselves. I believe they will go rapidly to depths of cheapness within a year or two when people discover that all the games are either on PCs, coming out on PC or in 2 years time.

  • Why don’t they just have graphics settings for the games. The default settings would have the Xbox One and PS4 looking the same and let the user decide if they want to cange the settings to have better graphics.

  • Without knowing who the sources are that are making these statements, it’s hard to put any weight behind them. The author is citing “our contacts”, “another source”, and “one developer”.

    If this turns out to be true, then it has sealed my decision on which console I will buy, but I wont have that choice reliant upon baseless quotes on the internet.

  • Developers should HELP kill the Xbone. By making sure their games look as good as possible for the PS4. Otherwise, its a disservice to their customers.

    But us PC gamers have been experiencing this for years, with ports from consoles that look like shit… so its come to the point that for most AAA games, there is no PC version. I cannot aim worth shit with a joypad, unlike a mouse… joypads are so inaccurate… so its going to be rough when I get a PS4.

    So… either the same thing happens to the PS4, where it the games look exactly like the Xbone *OR* software is done properly (Think GTA series – in which the PC version had higher res textures, more view distance).

    So if the developers WANT to make their job easier, it would be to make a PS4 exclusive. Or at least, make sure the PS4 game looks its best, re-render or lower the res for the game on the xbone. PC games already do this, its NOT DIFFICULT. With a click of a mouse button on options and sliders, a game could go from 640×480 to 2560×1600. Details from LOW to HIGH.

    I don’t think most developers will bother degrading the PS4 version. Also, seems like the drivers are causing more problems than simply reduce horsepower.


    • The end result will be just crying on the Internet, so not a problem the game industry gives a hoot about. It’s not like console fans will stop buying games because of that. Heck, the loyal fanboys will laugh about inferior graphics on another product in one breath & then say “graphics don’t matter” in another if you prove to them their system is performing lower than another one.

  • of course the PS4 is faster, we’ve been saying that since the day the spec sheet was released.
    Both consoles use an APU but the PS4 has the much faster GDDR5 compared to the slower DDR3 of the Xbox One, APU from AMD benefit GREATLY from having faster RAM, this has already been proven many times.

    • Keep bitching, this is what they call “marketing” any “braindead dumfuck” should know this. The Xbox one and ps4 will be nearly the same just like every other time they have released a console simultaneously. Just because I can, have fun playing Ryse and Titanfall oh wait………

    • Not only that, but this article probably proves that the XBone’s gonna share one of the biggest flaws of the 360 last generation: the majority of its games are just multi-ports shared with the PS3, with barely any worthwhile exclusive library of its own (lest you’re REALLY into Halo and Gears). ‘Course, unlike 360, XBone won’t have the advantage of being out a year before the competition (hell, the WiiU took that claim this time around), and their horrid presentation of the thing has already turned off the majority of their potential audience from ever even considering it over a PS4. The higher price point’s bound to kill them as well.

      • but don’t you already own a computer and iphone, well your already being spied upon already despite what Obama says otherwise why would they put that child eater in the prison without hardcore evidence just logs?

        • @yezeik1 Bullshit. Considering some of those backdoors could be kernel level, I’m willing to bet every single thing I own, have owned, or ever will own that you haven’t. Also, even if you did somehow manage that, EVERY program you use online, or service online, has backdoors allowing government agencies to look in on what you’re doing if they please. Or are you going to try and say that you managed to get on the remote servers and modified your accounts to have no backdoors as well?

    • I’m sticking to PC for my gaming needs, but for XBone’s side, this can be said:

      1. Microsoft did fix most of the issues people were complaining about (including turning off the motion-sensor)

      2. The majority of Xbox-fans don’t spend time on the net and just plan on buying it on release with little awareness of the issues.

      3. The Xbone’s launch line-up is better than PS4’s, so those with money to throw around and don’t want to wait for the better games on PS4 to release weeks/months after buying the console will probably get an XB too.

      • 1. They hardly had any choice. Praising a caught robber for actually returning what they’ve stolen isn’t exactly what I have in mind.

        2. Retards. Retards everywhere.

        3. People who have that kind of money are usually PC-gamers. If they are gamers at all.

  • FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!!! You should had never stept on the game console business! Competition in the market it’s supossed to IMPROVE products and trends, NOT TO DEGRADE them! You cheap bastards mudafakars, you’re disgusting, Micro$hit is the kind of shit-corporation that is destroying global economy.

    • What the they mean is that if they constantly put out a clearly superior version of a game on the PS4, it could lead to Microsoft refusing to do business with them in the future. You may not mind the idea for a developer that would be a significant loss in revenue.

      So basically what they’re say is that they will have to intentionally sabotage the PS4 versions of multi-plat games to keep Microsoft happy and doing business with them.

      • Its not a loss in revenue since no one will be buying xbox if xbox is clearly inferior. Because nobody will be buying the inferior xbox not doing business with microsoft wont be a problem, in fact you will make more money if you maka ps4 exclusive title.

      • It’s funny, because if those devs went solely PS4 they’d make prettier games and sell more since people would buy the PS4 just to have those games available.

        Seriously, Nintendo stays in the market because it has good exclusives, and few cross platform games. If Microsoft was smart they’d go the same route, hell if the devs were smart they’d follow suit too!

        BF3 on PS4, CoD 5 (or w/e is next) on XBone.

        • “You’re naive in thinking that one absolute masterpiece of a game exclusive to a single console will ALWAYS sell more than total sales of one average multiplatforms.”

          at the time of the article 07/9/2013, Tomb Raider which was NOT billed as an “average” multiplatform game sold the exact same number of copies as a MP compared to TLoU as an exclusive, 3.4 mil copies.

          The number today is I’m sure vastly in favor of TLoU (I mean tomb raider was pretty average after all… it was good, but it’s had its time in the limelight, the revival failed people, time to let go)

          Not trying to debunk your comment but i’m just sayin: if the game is good enough then it is possible for an exclusive to trounce a MP, it Rarely happens i’m sure, but there goes the one exception in recent years that proves the possibility.

        • You’re naive in thinking that one absolute masterpiece of a game exclusive to a single console will ALWAYS sell more than total sales of one average multiplatforms.

          I’m not saying that’s right. Rather, I vehemently detest this as it’s a sign of a change in drive within game development houses. Back then, almost all studios strive to make the best game they can afford. Nowadays, it’s all about pleasing investors with fucking stats.

          Nintendo stays in the market because it doesn’t strive to go huge. If you looked back at their design decisions in the past, you’ll know that Nintendo just doesn’t give a fuck(sticking with cartridges all the way until 5th gen, the very creation of Gamecube, deliberately putting out weaker hardware since Wii). They know their identity as an electronics entertainment maker, they know their niche and they stick to them.

          Sony and Microsoft? Completely different corporate culture to Nintendo, with multiple divisions producing drastically different products at huge capital, all competing to do one thing and one thing only which is the bottomline.

      • It’s a shame the world is like this.

        Being the evil mastermind as I am, I would think that Microsoft screwed over their console on purpose just to prove that they still have power, despite the hate for XBox One.

        But it’s all just overthinking stuff in my head, of course. :V

    • The problem is, game developers could either optimize performance for PS4 and rely on more resources and then painfully castrate the games for xbox. Or scuttle both versions and just don’t make use of the PS4 better resources, which is cheaper but making no use of the advantages the PS4 could offer.

    • They could make a better game on ps4 and a crapier version for Xbawks, the problem is that this would make Microsoft would get angry so no money from their side and also they would have to make two versions of the game costing more money. So they just make everything the same shit

  • It out!! Ryse is only 900P upscaled to 1080P… They aren’t even mentioning the frame rate at this point.

    At this point the only game in Xbone that runs in 1080P and at 60Fps is Forza. And the game looks more of a Ridge Racers than a Forza game.

    50% difference between the two consoles is believable at this point.

  • Wow, it sure seems like the PC is a far more democratic platform than all consoles, who would’ve thought? One would hope people would finally learn from their mistakes and STOP FINANCING THOSE UNSCRUPULOUS CORPORATIONS.

  • Xbone is worse than PS4. PS4 is worse than average PC. Multi-plat on PS4 will be limit by Xbone specs, but PC version is to be expected to be better ether way because you need to sell it to oven owners who already play Crysis 3 on 4K with ultra settings.

    • Enough with the pc elite bs god im tired of reading it on any console or game topic.

      yes we all know pc has the best graphics but it only for one freaked person, you can’t take your powerful pc any where to family place or friends house

      Powerful graphics has a price of overheating and you must buy something that will cool down the graphics card or else it going to fry everything inside

      • You’re retarded, and you know it. Every graphic card has default cooler, and it works just fine. If it’s not enough for you, you can buy as many 100×100 coolers as you want, $1 each, and put them everywhere you like.
        And yes, you can take PC to your friend or whatever even without car.

  • Ok fact time. From what i garner the Xbox One cpu can garner about 102 GB/s. Which is obviously comparably lower than the Ps4 output of 176 GB/s.

    However, with the proper use of ESRAM the Xbox One the output for the Xbox One rises to 192 GB/s, beating the Ps4 output by about 16 GB/s.

    Understandably this makes sense that a console neutral game would have trouble running on both systems if it was purely Console agnostic on a theoretical level.

    Realistically though games will likely never reach nor require those incredibly high theoretical ceilings since it requires insane amounts of programming.

    We are fast approaching, or have already approached hardware redundancy in consoles. Games just don’t need that much power.

    It also is important to note that there has never EVER (i encourage a challenge to this claim) and i mean EVER been a correlation between success and console specs in the HISTORY of consoles.

    • In the past no but people are becoming increasingly aware of ‘what is actually in their machines’. A lot of console gamers weren’t that into the specs, like many PC gamers are since any game coming out for your console would work anyway.

      Nowadays however, with increasing awareness among the perhaps more casual-tech-savvy console gamers is making people compare products. What do I get for my money, which machine is faster, better, etc.

      I agree that games at this time do not require anywhere near the computation power of these nextgen machines but that’s just at this time. Consoles, unlike PC’s, aren’t regularly upgraded but are still expected to last a fairly long time. How will games in 5 or 6 years time look like? FPS’s like Battlefield and Call of Duty with over 100 players per side? Picture-perfect RPG’s? For this, you’ll need the fastest machine.

      I can seriously see Battlefield for example restrict online playing to 64 players per side for the Xbox and close to a 100 for the PS4 in future releases.

    • -except in MARKETING it. The “specs” drove all you idiot sheep to wait TWO YEARS for the PlayStation 2 when the Dreamcast already offered high-spec, quality games and was already on store shelves.

      That was the last console I bought, so fuck you. Enjoy your spyware and hype.

        • >>>PS2
          >>>probably the best console of all time with the best games of all time

          >gone were titles like Destruction Derby, while others like Wipeout & Crash turned sour, as Sony CONSUMED the very top PS1 upstart developers

          >major developers like Squaresoft begin to struggle financially, start producing shit like FFX-2. gone are the days of breakout titles like Bushido Blade and Ehrgeiz.

          PS1 was better, you stupid kids just don’t know what you lost.

    • These new consoles will outrun most “gaming pcs” of the higher end of about 1 years ago max. For a price of laughable 400$. You will get a passable office pc for 400$. Also the Games nowadays are all optimized for the consoles and run just as good on them. And PC only titles are close to dead. Just take a look at those crappy simulators or Arma3 which also is a pile of shit. The only thing that still speaks for a pc gaming wise is the possibility of getting the games cheap or for free and to mod stuff. I’m a die hard PC user and will willingly upgrade my machine on and on but reality looks bad for pc gaming.

      • It’s the modding ability that keeps me on PC. I am not concerned if new consoles are leapfrogging a little ahead of my PC now in performance. I love messing around & tweaking games just as much as I like playing them. Hopefully that stays viable for some time to come. Would be incredibly boring to me to get assimilated into the restricitve console world as my only option for playing video games.

      • The beauty of PC gaming comes with the amount of autonomy given to each individual player. The gaming market for PCs isn’t held to a single standard, and is consequently always produced on the bleeding edge of technology.

        When looking at the life of a console, we see developers struggling to contain their concepts within hardware that is pushing more than half a decade, and at times the product suffers from the constraints.

        The benefit of a universal medium for mass market gaming is that it can be provided to the community at a cheaper cost, with a broader potential for profit. However, the consumer is also locked into whatever standard that the manufacturers dictate, which is why there was such an uproar at the Xbox One’s original launch options.

        Realistically speaking, there is no comparing consoles to PCs on a performance standard. Even current gaming PCs that are in use today are already above and beyond what the PS4 and Xbox One can produce. However, this is an elite market for a reason, and the price isn’t always comparable. But, you always get exactly what you pay for because you’re the one customizing it.

        It’s silly to think that consoles will ever be more technologically advanced when the developers must use a PC to create the game, often at a more intensive stage before retrofitting it for smoother gameplay.

        The knowledge to build a PC is becoming more widely known, and the market has steadily grown into a second PC gaming renaissance. There are a number of new MMOs in production, which is only possible on PCs, and the majority of non-exclusive big-name titles are launching on PCs in conjunction with consoles. Any game made on the console can be done better on the PC, while the opposite is simply not possible.

    • These new consoles will outrun most “gaming pcs” of the higher end of about 1 years ago max. For a price of laughable 400$. You will get a passable office pc for 400$. Also the Games nowadays are all optimized for the consoles and run just as good on them. And PC only titles are close to dead. Just take a look at those crappy simulators or Arma3 which also is a pile of shit. The only thing that still speaks for a pc gaming wise is the possibility of getting the games cheap or for free and to mod stuff. I’m a die hard PC user and will willingly upgrade my machine on and on but reality looks bad for pc gaming.

  • They still using the commadore 64 for their processor just adding a few more comm.64 chips to stack? shame shame we have I7 computers now working on even faster, bye bye consoles my pc computer is 19x faster than the ps4….

      • boo fucking hoo, here comes the master race to tell us all that we are all morons for choosing a product more convenient for our game lives. yeah, burn our consoles down. PC gamers are fucking pricks. you are not invited to the party but you still show up

      • Cause console games are more immersive then PC games, it’s totally different kind of experience.
        I’m playing both PC and Console games since my childhood but I never felt that pleasure from PC games what I felt from console games. it’s rly stupid to step aside saying shit like “PC > BOTH” cuz they’re totally different things. ofcourse some games are meant to be played on PC, like FPS or RTS.
        but mostly I enjoy playing games on Console.
        well ofcourse again u can spend lots of $$ (I mean 4 or 5 time more than Console price) for high end badass PC and even connect your PC into your big ass TV with HDMI, again get some Wireless gamepad and play PC just like Console but does that makes PC better? not talk about all those must play exclusive games.

        just imagine if consoles never existed, what kind of crap games would we play nowadays

        P.S. sorry for my horrible English, it’s not my native language…

        • Upgrading your card every year ? are you still in the 90s ? a 10 years old nvidia 9800gt can still run many games on high without AA and physics acceleration (i suppose this last point is what will finally kill them once the new gen comes out and games start using more hardware accelerated particles)

          the upgrade curve for PCs has almost flatlined for the last 10 years, i expect a new short lived rise once 4K screens become cheaper but other than that there is no reason for anything else, in fact most old pcs are still overpowered for what gaming has to offer in everything but the graphics card, games are barely starting to use 4 cores, lets not even mention 6, 8 or 64, in ram they are about the same but its the cheapest and easiest part to upgrade

        • Come on, you can’t rly customize your PC with budget like 400$ and having it run latest games on the market with high quality (not even talking about upgrading your graphic card nearly every year)
          it’s hardly your opinion, there are lots of fun, masterpiece games like for ex: Shadow of the colossus on console.

        • I don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a PC that is several times more powerful than a console. Customizing your own PC is much cheaper than purchasing one at a store. In fact, I find consoles way too expensive when all it ever does is play games. Also, games exclusive on the PC are still much better than console exclusive games. There are hardly any games on consoles that I would consider fun.

    • Never heard of John Carmack, sorry (I’ll google it now).

      Whoever he is, doesn’t matter. Which console will be the more powerful one will be obvious after their releases.
      If one version runs faster while looking the same = win
      If one version runs faster while looking better? curb-stomp win!

      Fact is that “some developers” seem to consider creating worse-looking games for the benefit of the XBone, which is far from good. Then again, what are the options? Two different versions cost money (and games are already expensive enough to develop). Only pandering to the better console would be impossible as everyone wants to support MS instead of some Japanese company.

      Well, what’s the point of different consoles instead of a single one? Different consoles have different games and different technologies = graphics (at least in past generations that was the case, ex. N64 – PSone). Nowadays everything looks the same and the number of exclusives isn’t great…

    • Yea try using ddr3 1333 ram to feed a GPU then drop in DDR3 2400ram. there is a clear noticeable difference in performance of that gpu. In this case its DDR3 quad channel pushing 60GB/s vs GDDR5 that is pushing 160GB/s. Ram will help some on cpu side but its mostly all gpu that will gain big from it.

      • The esdram will help a lot for tight loops.
        Even though DDR5 ram is much faster when you must share it’s bandwidth between the CPUs and GPUs it’s not always going to be a nice clean split.
        Sharing access can introduce a lot of latency.

      • DDR5 wile having a faster clock as much longer latency almost 10 times as long as DDR3
        so unless you can make good use of all the bandwidth it wont help much on the computational side of things

        the PS4 will likely load things faster and have less texture pop in (im looking at you UE based games)

        other wise PS4 as a minor edge over the XB1 in that it is clocked faster on the CPU/GPU and has more shaders so maybe 5~10% faster

        for cross platform games it means every thing will be the same unless the game REALLY pushes both systems then the PS4 might have a slightly better fps but will look the same side by side

        and games made for the PS4 exclusives might run a bit better then cross platform games

        PC still beats them all with more dedicated GPU ram and system ram (most cards have 3GB and system ram is dirt cheap so 8GB is easy to have 16GB as crazy as it was a year a go)

    • If John Carmack says they’re very close then they are likely very close.
      This guy knows more about programming then any armchair expert and even most other devs.
      He only founded ID software,Armadillo Aerospace” he did control loop software”, and is the CTO of Oculus VR.

      Both consoles are using the same near the same chipset from the same supplier.
      They’re going to be similar.

    • Well the developers of War Thunder said exactly the same thing. In most cases PS4 was 40-50% better. So there – no vague ‘our contacts’.

      Quote: “It depends what you’re doing. GPU, like 40 per cent more powerful. DDR5 is basically 50 per cent more powerful than DDR3, but the memory write is bigger on Xbox One so it depends on what you’re doing.”

  • ok… so… let me get this straigh… Both where made with the same blueprints or almost. The only diference is the RAM (PS4= 8G DDR5 XBone= 8G DDR3) and that is the 50% diference? Wow.

    The most that appeal to me is the price, so… yeah, this isnt really the reason what makes me want to buy a PS4

    • Yeah “Sony” is downgrading, no the developers will have to make their games shittier to, make sure xbox doesn’t look bad, to keep the competition alive…Or as some sources say, Microsoft is paying them to. Well I think competition is good but xbox should hold back on their release and make it better, so they don’t need the developers to downgrade their games…so the consumer wins. without TRUE competition consumers lose.

      • Sony can’t really downgrade the CPU as the parts have already been ordered.
        Any changes at this point would cause delays.

        They could decide to ship with less ram or clock the CPU slower because they’re using slightly cheaper ram but this would be due to cost or supply issues vs anything to do with their competitors.
        If the console is superior they won’t hobble it,instead they’d run with the fact it’s better and do all kinds of crazy marketing pointing it out.

      • Yeah “Sony” is downgrading, no the developers will have to make their games shittier to, make sure xbox doesn’t look bad, to keep the competition alive…Or as some sources say, Microsoft is paying them to. Well I think competition is good but xbox should hold back on their release and make it better, so they don’t need the developers to downgrade their games…so the consumer wins. without TRUE competition consumers lose.

        • Yeah but this only works on some third parties, the in house devs are going to blow MS out of the water, not that it will matter much the original xbox was way more powerfull than the ps2 at the same price and still loosed the war, the wii was vastly less powerfull than ps3 and x360 and still moped the floor whit them so power dont mean dick, and YES console to PC ports suck ass on PC because of the limitation of the consoles