New Tamako Market – “What Are KyoAni Thinking!?”

brides of tamako market by kitashirakawa tamako

Kyoto Animation has amazed many with the announcement painfully few expected – a new iteration of top cockatiel anime Tamako Market is in the works.

Since there is as yet no confirmation of what form the “new work” will take – the obvious options being a second season, a film or an OVA – there has been a great deal of speculation as to what KyoAni has in mind.

tamako-2 (1)

tamako-2 (2)

Speculation – and incredulity, as the show has generally been the subject of moeblob mockery and suffered what detractors maintain were deservedly disastrous sales:

Volume 1: 4,676
Volume 2: 3,853
Volume 3: 3,790
Volume 4: 3,278
Volume 5: 3,198

Although likely better received than the inevitable second and third season of Free! will be, more than a few have been complaining about the studio holding out on them for the final K-ON! instalment they so earnestly hope for.

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