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Japan Protests French Mutant Sumo

mutant-sumo (1)

The Japanese government has been expressing its outrage at mockery of its advanced “pump-it-into-the-sea” nuclear waste management strategy by a French paper.

The controversy began with French paper Le Canard Enchaîné’s publication of a comic mercilessly depicting the unfair advantages Fukushima-mutated sumo wrestlers might enjoy in the 2020 Olympics:

mutant-sumo (1)

mutant-sumo (2)

Japan’s chief cabinet secretary publicly denounced the paper, saying it gave “the wrong impression” about the multiple meltdown plant’s leaking of radioactive waste water into the sea.

The foreign ministry, he said, would be directed to “properly explain the situation and ensure inappropriate reporting about Japan is dealt with.”

Japan’s ambassador to France also complains that “it is inappropriate and regrettable to hurt the feelings of the victims of the great East Japan earthquake.”

Le Canard Enchaîné is having none of it, and says it has “no intention” of apologising.

The cartoonist responsible also fires back that “the Japanese government’s response is bewildering – Japanese anger should be directed at Tepco’s complete inability to manage the radioactive effluent.”

The LDP may still be in the lap of the nuclear lobby, but it seems the online masses are as well:

“What do you expect from the French!”

“The French are always racist towards the yellow races!”

“But everyone knows the radioactive water is completely blocked off from the sea like our PM said!”

“What do you expect from some immigrant infested cesspit of a country like France! They are no different from Korea!”

“All the right wing monkeys are going ape over this, aren’t they?”

“What kind of idiots complain about a caricature in a newspaper?”

“It’s embarrassing that people are taking this stuff seriously.”

“How come our government never protests all the unflattering articles in Korean and Chinese papers.”

“What the hell is with this reaction. The idiot Japs lie through their teeth whilst pumping radioactive filth into the sea and then get called out by the French and throw a fit?”

“Obviously it targets Abe’s flagrant lies, so the Japanese government piles shame on top of shame by attacking them.”

“As expected of the European Koreans!”

“Embarrassing Jap hypocrisy as usual. If it were China France were targeting you lot would be cheering them on!”


“Funny that they never say anything about this sort of thing…”

“The LDP is as magnanimous as ever I see.”

“French humour as unfunny as ever I see.”

“Japanese as weak to criticism as ever I see.”

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