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Sony “Screws Japan” with Late PS4 Launch

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Japanese gamers have condemned Sony for their “excessively late and overpriced” PS4 release, after they announced that Japan will get the console 3 months later than the rest of the world.

In contrast to the late 2013 release the rest of the world gets, Japan’s release is now dated for February 22nd, egregiously late by all but Microsoft standards.

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To add insult to injury (although the real insult is as usual to European gamers), pricing is somewhat higher than the announced US prices at 41,979 yen including tax.

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Even the slew of other release announcements – including new PS4 IdolMaster, Gundam, Guilty Gear, Yakuza and Dynasty Warrior titles, and the new slimmed down PS Vita – were not enough to bury the obvious snub to the Japanese gamer:

“3 months!”

“Way too late!”

“What a class act Sony is, abandoning Japan completely so it makes its holiday launch in the west.”

“Screw Sony!”

“Sony is done for anyway…”

“If they managed a 2013 release I guess they would just be bashed for lack of releases though…”

“Missing Christmas is unthinkable in the US and Europe so I guess they had no choice but to prioritise that.”

“At least they are making sure it has some games on launch now.”

“IdolMaster is not going to sell many consoles though!”

“Can’t be helped, the Japanese market is worthless now. Just look at the Vita, all it is getting for Japan is ports of mobile phone games…”

“I just hope it doesn’t double as a room heater like the first gen PS3.”

“If it is region free we can just import it anyway…”

“It’s cheaper than the PS3 was and they have no competition from the Xbox, the Wii U failed and they had to prioritise Christmas in the west. I guess they had no real reason to worry about delaying Japan’s launch.”

“MS hasn’t even announced a date for Japan…”

“Why so glum? They are having the westerners beta test it for us before releasing it here.”

“Just think of the westerners as human sacrifices to make sure we get a better console on launch.”

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