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MS Xbox One CM “Too Much Even For Americans”

nfl-xbone (1)

nfl-xbone (1)

nfl-xbone (2)

Microsoft’s decision to market the Xbox One as a cable TV replacement for Dew swilling EA Sports fans is enjoying near universal ridicule online, as the response to their latest advertising masterpiece makes clear.

Unbelievably in light of the reception its initial launch received, NFL is still the highlight of their marketing efforts:

This has not proven well received:


It is too much even for YouTube denizens, attracting thousands of angry comments:

“I started laughing when i saw the dislike bar”

“LMAO@ THE FUCKING DISLIKES. Omg I just died. Everyone knows this thing is going to be a pos before it even released. Buy a PC.”

“Why so many dislikes?”

“You know that a consoles are supposed to play games, right?”

“Because people are not happy they don’t have enough money to buy both consoles and they are jealous.

Mark my words, people are going to be bored with the PS3.5, two to three weeks later they are going to be board because of lack of high quality games.”

“We came to laugh at your ridiculous excuse for a gaming console.

No, we don’t know that it plays games. As far as I know this thing plays football games on sundays, connects you to asian men on rooftops and will power up accidentally whenever you say anything close to ‘Put socks, ON'”

“Xbox, did you not understand the first time that we want GAMES!”

“It would be cool if the xbone wasn’t a 500$ piece of shit.”

“Why would anyone buy a $500 GAMING CONSOLE to watch TV they already have.”

“Read the tiny ass disclaimer on the bottom. Monthly subscription required for Xbox One features. Now who is going to pay 10$ a month just to watch TV through a TV input machine? No one Microsoft. Stop trying to make the xbox seem appealing to non gaming audiences.”

“Yeah, I noticed that too. A lot of the people watching this ad aren’t gonna know you have to subscribe to xbl gold and the nfl package just to get it to work. In fact, all the xb1’s features are stuck behind that xbl gold paywall.”

“You lost the war.”

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