2DS “Actually Has 1 Screen” “Heavier Than 3DS”


The frosty reception enjoyed by Nintendo’s newly unveiled 2DS hand-held looks to have already frozen over completely, with confirmation that it has only one screen under its casing and somehow still weighs more than the 3DS doing little for its reputation as anything but “joke hardware.”

Nintendo gave a unique explanation of the device’s design:

“The appearance of separate screens is merely simulated by the way the case masks out the extraneous portions.

This means the entire screen is by necessity a touchscreen, with the upper screen protected by a layer of plastic that sits above it.”

This has naturally prompted many to ask just why they did not just make it into a full tablet anyway, as its non-folding design so obviously invites.

Nintendo’s own official model comparison also reveals the unflattering truth that the console manages to be heavier than the 3DS despite having shed functionality ranging from power saving to stereo speakers:


Fortunately the loss of 3D seems to have been greeted as a feature by most…

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