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Nintendo Unveils 2DS: “Talk About Unhinged!”



Nintendo’s announcement of the 2DS, boasting no 3D, no hinges and a lower price, looks as if it may please parents but has gamers in an uproar – most seeming to be of the opinion that it is another Virtual Boy or even PSP Go.

The 2DS features full compatibility with DS and 3DS games, albeit without any 3D display, and ditches the clamshell design in favour of an elegantly brick-like dual-screen “tablet” format.

Its major feature is a lower price – dropping to $129 from the $169-$199 of the existing 3DS models.

The cheaper price and – crucially, in light of medical research suggesting “3D” displays may be dangerous to young children which Nintendo has been at pains to ignore – 2D display are believed to be intended to make the 2DS particularly appealing to younger gamers and their parents.

Europe and North America are confirmed as having October releases, with Japan’s release as yet unannounced.


Nintendo has also announced a US price cut for its less than spectacularly successful Wii U, with the 32GB model dropping to $299 in September.

To say the 2DS announcement has underwhelmed Japanese gamers would be an understatement, although how it plays to western markets is another matter:

“So it’s back to 2D after all that hype!”

“This is a joke… right?”

“Who wants this. Why’d they dump 3D all of a sudden?”

“Something to do with patent issues was it?”

“3D just makes your eyes hurt, no wonder they finally dropped it.”

“This one looks pretty hard to control.”

“Not being able to fold one of these is surely some kind of punishment.”

“The design looks absolutely awful.”

“Was it April 1st already?”

“Huge and unhinged, all we need in a portable!”

“Ditch the 3D and make it solid, but slightly cheaper. Who wants this?”

“Removing the 3D is all very well but making it unhinged like this is just sadistic.”

“You’d think they’d have given it one big screen if they went flat like this…”

“The next generation Virtual Boy!”

“This is pure joke grade hardware.”

“A kid might get away with this but no adult could possibly use it in public.”

“Nintendo really seem to have been reduced to relying on their name to sell this stuff.”

“I think they wanted to go for a stylish tablet but this was the end result.”

“Actually I wouldn’t mind one, the folding design is a nuisance if you are used to tablets.”

“Good riddance to 3D, but this design – seriously?”

“I still think it looks like a dodgy Photoshop.”

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