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China Boy’s Eyes Stolen by Thieves


The case of a 6-year-old boy who had both his eyes plucked out so thieves could steal his corneas is the latest to outrage and disgust China.

Chinese media reports that a 6-year-old boy playing outside his Shanxi province home suddenly disappeared, only reappearing later that night collapsed in a field, where he was taken to hospital.

Police say he was kidnapped by unknown individuals, who plucked out both his eyes and left them with him in the field, minus their corneas.






As only the corneas were taken there is a strong suspicion they were stolen for sale on China’s illegal human organ market, and police are looking for a woman suspected of involvement.

The incident, extreme even by the standards of China, has been provoking a strong reaction online:

“This is too much!”

“If they really did this for money the country is finished…”

“This is like some horror film.”

“This must be the work of some psychopath?”

“It is utterly sickening.”

“This is the country where you wake up missing a kidney if you have surgery at their hospitals.”

“Japan’s horror movies have nothing on everyday life in China.”

“If it is for trade at least just take one eye.”

“That poor family!”

“Amazing that the boy survived the shock if they used no anaesthetic.”

“This is utterly bestial.”

“Even for China this is terrifying…”

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