China Menaced by Escaping Cockroach Farm


A Chinese farm breeding cockroaches to make into medicines has released a million of its charges into the local neigbhbourhood after being attacked as part of a development land grab.

According to the Chinese media, a Jiangsu province facility breeding cockroaches for “medicinal” purposes has been at the centre of a (by Chinese standards) minor public health scandal after its livestock escaped en masse.


The greenhouse housing the roaches was reportedly destroyed by persons unknown, letting approximately 1 million of the insects escape.

Local authorities have begun attempting to exterminate the escapees, and insists to the p “there is no reason for people to panic.”

There is some suspicion officials themselves destroyed the farm as part of a China style property development deal, but the local government assures the public that “we didn’t do it.”

Just what medicines the cockroaches were being used to produce is not known.

Online there has been some speculation about this point in particular:

“God, don’t breed them!”


“I don’t even want to think what they were breeding them for…”

“I was hoping they were just using them as lab animals but no such luck.”

“What medicine were they making that it used millions of roaches as a raw ingredient?”

“They were probably eating them. You just know they were…”

“That there was some rotten land deal involved as well is just pure China.”

“At least it was better than the 1,000 alligators which escaped in a storm there recently…”

“Hopefully it was just traditional medicine!”

“I expect they were used in some dodgy supplements or something.”

“This is naive. I expect they were mincing them and selling them as meat… I couldn’t stand to go in a mainland restaurant.”

“I think they released them deliberately in order to help terraform China into habitability again.”

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