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MS “Spares 8 More Countries” 2013 Xbox One Release


Microsoft has announced 8 more countries will be “spared” an early release of the increasingly beleaguered Xbox One and will instead have to wait until 2014, with number of nations on track for a 2013 release now down to a mere 13.

The Xbox One will now only be enjoying a 2013 release in the English-speaking world, major European nations and Brazil and Mexico.

The insignificant European nations of Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland have just been removed from the “November 2013” release schedule and placed on the “as soon as possible” 2014 track – joining such MS strongholds as Japan as not being considered worth even the attempt of launch competition with Sony.

MS propaganda is attempting to soften the blow of its “great progress” with soothing words (and a free game for shafted pre-orderers):

Today weโ€™re providing an update to our launch plans for Xbox One. At Xbox, our goal is to provide the best games and entertainment experience possible and the team continues to make great progress on delivering Xbox One.

At E3, we announced that Xbox One would be available in 21 markets around the world at launch. This was an aggressive goal and the team has been working very hard to deliver Xbox One to as many markets as possible.

Our priority is ensuring our customers get the best Xbox One experience the first day it is available.

To do that, and in order to meet demand, we have adjusted the number of markets that will receive Xbox One in November to 13 markets, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand, in November.

We remain committed to launching Xbox One in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, as soon as possible in 2014.

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  • I love the picture’s caption “Ready when you are”. So I take it since we the public are never going to be ready for it, the xbox1 wont’ ever be ready and microsoft will be trapped in a cycle of revisions upon revisions. FUWAHAHAHA

  • Although I’m not buying either console (retired from gaming) I can see that Microsoft is totally losing this battle against Sony.
    It’s ridiculous how many bad choices there have been with the XBox One. Every move of MS leads to people being disappointed, getting angry and leaning towards the PS4.
    I can understand that releasing a console world-wide is a major thing… just think about the production costs and stuff (though each console is just a cheap piece of plastic and metal). In the past there have been shortages and other issues. MS seems to want to go an easier route and concentrate on the richer, safer countries. Yet, I can’t understand why those 8 countries are “spared” as they are stable…
    No idea who makes those stupid choices at MS, but they won’t profit from retarded shit.. they should get their shit together and don’t abandon their customers lol

    • Damn right! I quit with the 360 after my 2nd one broke. i was going to wait until the xbox one had been out for awhile then get one if I didn’t hear heaps of shit about them breaking but microsoft consoles are dead to me now after all the bs they’ve pulled.

  • Funny how people from four countries mentioned in this list simply can cross the border to Germany and get one.
    Travelling back and forth will take them a day at most something most people obsessed with getting it as fast as possible wont mind.

  • How can you honestly jusify NOT launching the Xbox in Scandinavia? It’s not like it’s a back-waters area with low income that can possibly afford the new console, It’s a well developed area that just dind’t sell very well with the Xbox 360. Maybe with some promotion it would do just fine. Now Microsoft if just alienating the Nordic countries for no reason…

  • I won’t be getting either system until I finish my 360 backlog in about 2 more years. The One already looks a lot more promising now so after that 2 year time frame I expect it to be quite amazing. I will probably buy the One controller in the mean time for all my PC gaming shit.

  • ps4 will rule at launch. and as to not be so humiliated xbox one will b e release only in a few countries to have a small release to say yeah ps4 had alot of sales but we had a smaller release or other could be

  • xbox is going down the first xbox was amazing not as many games as ps2 at that time but then xbox 360 came out and ruled games that ring realy suck anyways when halo 5 is out im getting it thats the power some games hold ps im getting a ps4 first ill get the one when halo 5 is out

  • “Joining MS strongholds such as Japan as not being considered even the attempt of launch competition with Sony.”

    Did I miss something I don’t think the PS4 is launching in Japan this year either

  • Maybe they fear that the first generation Xbones will break down like the first generation 360s again. So launching with just a handful of consoles in a few countries will make it easier (and cheaper) to replace them … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I was already leaning towards a PS4. this just made the choice pretty much a no-brainer.

    microsoft is taking one step forward and two steps back, wihle the PS4 just keeps marching on.
    to win this console generation Sony just needs to be quiet.

    • Or point and laugh at Microsoft as hard as possible. You forget that E3 was won by He-Who-Laughs-Last.

      …That said, somehow I’m always imagining Nintendo laughing last… I need to stop playing AC:NL.

    • Why would this matter unless you are in one of those countries and Sony isn’t launching in Japan so stop being a fucking hypocrite.

      I love how desperate you fanboys are to knock the xbox because you are insecure that the ps4 has no games.

      • original poster (the alleged sony fanboy) here:

        While I’m leaning towards the PS4, I’m not gonna get it on launch.
        I buy my consoles for the gaming, and none of the launch-titles for either console interest me at all.

        only reason I’d get a Xbone is Halo 5… but I’m more interested in Bungie’s Destiny.

        … which I just found out will be coming out for the 360 and PS3 also…
        so in truth, I might not be getting a PS4 either console…
        heh. thank you. if not for this conversation, who knows what could’ve happened.

        • Attempting to point out any strengths a console has over a PC is an exercise in futility. Anything you can do on a console you can do on a PC but in more then one way.

          If you really think about it, A console is basically a sucky PC that will be outclassed in about 3 months after release.

          Also the people that made your PC have NO control over how you use it or what you use it for.

        • @23:52

          If you buy it at launch, 4chan and 2chan will laugh at you. As 90% of the launch titles are coming for the Xbox 360, PS3 and the superior PC (which by all means is already more powerful than the PS4 and Xbone) keep on supporting these companies us Master Race will love you.

          Wait till the price drops and has better technology like the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Where they improved the technology inside each system well after launch like Xbox 360 from the the usual model to the valkyrie and jasper chipset same with the PS3 the only one that seems to be stable is Nintendo.

          Now the next generation would be troublesome since the development costs and the consoles have reached the PC architecture levels they cannot do only games this will where Sony will fall flat. What is the point of getting a PS4 if the major games that appear on it will be on PC which would do many many more things have extra bonuses and DLC?

        • Pc is great , but sorry as long as it doesn’t have the game i’m playing , and which are the reason i’m buying either system , it isn’t worth as much .

          (cause yeah .. i’m a GAMER not an OWNER , i don’t care about the brand , i want the game )

        • @Pyrolite

          An interesting note the 8 X86 cores in the PS4 are actually slower at some operations then the Cell chip in the PS3.
          115 Gflops Jaguar vs nearly 200 Glops for Cell.

          Though the GPU in the PS4 is very impressive for an integrated GPU.

          Now for the real laugh for some ops the Xbox One may not even be significantly faster then the Wii-U.
          Nintendo claims 500 Gflops CPU/GPU combined while the Xbox one may only be able to sustain 800 to 900.
          This is enough clever programming , a better OS, or the lack of built in video recording capability could close the gap on.
          Though it’s still very ram limited.

        • @ 4:10

          1 You can do that with a PC too, all depends on your setup, not the PCs fault.

          2 You have to setup the drivers even if you weren’t gaming. And only once, since most drivers don’t really change and VGA drivers (at least Nvidia) autoupdate/install with a few clicks. Not worth mentioning as a con srsly.

          3 Not anymore. Current generation consoles already had a sharp decline in splitscreen multiplayer. Next gen will probably even worsen the situation on this front. No better than a PC nowadays. I use my Xbox controllers on my PC it’s pretty much the same as playing on a console (just with better graphics)

          4 True, but a good PC is more powerful and can do loads of other things that should offset the price (at least for people who do more on their PCs than just browsing facecrap). Let’s say I pay 400 bucks for a PS4 and 1k for a laptop for everyday use minus gaming. ->1.4k
          Now scrap the PS4 and get a GTX 770. I’m guessing that thing has at least 50% more power than the PS4. scrap the laptop and get a dektop pc 400$ for the gtx770, 250$ for a Core i7 4770, 150$ for a gigabyte mainboard, 100$ for 16gb cl-10 RAM, 200$ for a 256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 50$ for a case, 150$ for PSU and cooling, 200$ for a Nexus 7 Tablet.
          Here ya go 1.5k for a crazy gaming rig + a tablet for on the go computing (good enough for me, I never used my laptop on the go when I had one). The best thing: you can just put another gtx770 in there for 2-way SLI in a few years (probably only costs 200 bucks by then) all while the Consoles are starting to look like toys because you can’t upgrade the hardware.

          5 Did you actually see Crysis 3 on a real gaming rig? It’s like 480p vs FullHD. I certainly can tell the difference.

        • Pyrolight,
          the usual things:
          1 you can sit in a comfortable couch while playing.
          2 all games on the console will work straight out of the box, no need to update drivers and whatnot.
          3 most games are multiplayer friendly (in that two or more people can use the same machine to play together), for a more social experience.
          4 cheaper (unless you count the cost of the TV)
          5 my eyesight is pretty bad. I honestly can’t tell a difference between Crysis 3 on a console or a computer, so why should I care if a PC is stronger?

          though I suppose all those count as “portability”?

        • @ Purple Mage

          Care what you are saying, you are not an Computer Expert otherwise you would be working at Microsoft or working at the SAME COMPANY WHERE THE SAME FUCKING CHIPS ARE COMING FROM AMD FOR BOTH THE PS4 AND THE XBOX ONE SO YOU CANT SAY ITS SLOWER UNLESS BOTH ARE FOR EXAMPLE NINTENDO USE NVIDIA. Microsoft has the technical expertise and knowledge to shut you down in the moments thought.


          You can do that with a PC if you wish all you need is to hook up via the HDMI port to the TV and you have all the features of the console on the LCD/LED TV.

        • Things be changing on console, Mr. Anon.
          For example:
          1 You could do this for a PC too, if you want. You can even use a gamepad, if you prefer that.
          2 Not necessarily true any more, sadly. Games often need patches, as do the consoles themselves. Hell, the PSP even raised its clock speed in a firmware update.
          3 Still holds true, mostly.
          4 To some degree, but obviously PCs serve a lot of other purposes than just gaming.
          5 Sucks to be you.

          Consoles are becoming more and more like PCs. The whole digital DRM family sharing whatever that XBone was planning would have really taken out a lot of the, “intuitive”, nature of buying and playing console games, and if they actually use, “the cloud”, in the ways they were selling it (which they won’t), then yeah, things just get even more confusing.

        • Did you actually say they would be better…

          The PS4 hardware wise is already outdated in comparison to any gaming PC.

          So what possible advantage does a console have over a PC exactly besides portability.

        • No, but you aren’t PC master race. With that fancy x86 arch on both consoles, all the console ports will be simple and cheap, not to mention better. Damn, this is a great time to game.

    • This is an important point for people to understand.
      Microsoft took a loss to get into the console market and now expects its hardware to be profitable. They can’t afford the launch hiccups they had with the 360. Many of those problems are simply regionalization, and by staggering the launch they keep from getting hit with bad PR all at once.

      Sony has a similar problem but more forgiving fans.

      • “Many of those problems are simply regionalization…”, What a BS excuse!!!

        They are releasing the console in Germany, France and Italy, yet not in Switzerland… Why is that? The swiss only speak german, french and italian.

        The same thing for Brazil and Portugal. The console is been released in Brazil, but not in Portugal?
        And by the way, the servers owned by Microsoft that Spain is going to use are in Portugal…
        So BS excuse!!!

      • They ARE profitable as it is. Very much so in fact, since every single console game sale feeds them a licensing fee.

        What people are upset over is Microsoft trying to further nickel and dime them, while offering an inferior product (or more accurately, product terms).

      • As someone working in the software development world; bullshit.

        MS seems to have made some very bad bets with kinect, making it impossible for them to lower the price down to PS4 levels. Thing is, PS4 isn’t going to be doing any more hardware subsidizing than MS.

        They just didn’t put requirements of expensive external sensors into the standard package.

        And as someone living in a small Japanese apartment that feature is dead before launch. Game makers will have seen this from afar and guess where they will put their bets..

    • Yeah, it’s almost like you feel like ten years ago, if this happened, somehow it’d be like ‘Oh, okay’ but now it’s like they’re using methods in a world where the bullshitometer just is inescapably off the charts and blaring in our ears where it wouldn’t have this time last decade.

      You’re just kind of left in awe. This whole thing is like a trainwreck or a Sunrise anime. …Sorry for being redundant there.

      Either way, grab some popcorn, because it’s better than most storybooks in the ‘what happens next’ field. I am completely waiting for the next chapter.

      • It’s too bad Sony hasn’t delivered the killing blow yet. So far they’ve had pretty tame reactions in general when MS talked around the fact that the XOne would change course again, while I know Sony has got the potential to deliver the killing blow (you only have to watch the video from Sony about how to lend an game to an friend on the PS4, as an spoof on how difficult MS made/has made it for the XOne.
        I call sadistic streak in Sony, LOL.

  • Something tells me this is a good thing. if they devote their attention to the immediate “successful” launch in the teir 1 countries, it offsets the backlash for poor launch sales if they proceeded to distribute to non-xbox heavy regions.

    • They guarantee poorer launch numbers by skipping the boost Christmas sales normally deliver in this sort of products. If Sony actually manages to manufacture enough units in time for Christmas, it’s going to snatch some customers from MS simply because of it. It might not matter for single adults, but it does for families.

    • im guessing they are fudging the numbers releasing on the countries where the 360 was strongest to show a better reception than they would get world wide, also the tv thing is probably brings a huge problem with licenses and permits

      • It’s about sales in proportion to copies produced.

        When unclear, it’s better to sell 400/500 consoles in one country, rather than 700/2000 consoles in four.

        They’re doing this to sell in places they know where it will sell, and then produce more when demand appears in other countries.

        It says something about the state of the Xbox One’s popularity when they’re forced to do this, since this model is more commonly done with games of dubious popularity, but for it to be done for a console is… Well, unheard of so far.

        • “Sadly, everyone has it in their head Sony is a savior. They forget the shit they pulled with the PS3. In the end, BOTH will shaft you in some way.”

          Well, it look like Sony did learn some lesson in a hard way and now repent themselves, shown how by they manage the PS4. Cheaper price, less TV and more games, no forced camera to gamers, and helping the gamer that like to upload their games onto Youtube, by making recording available for free. For that, I can forgive them for in the end, Sony did trying to offer the best for gamers.

          Microsoft, they did backpedaling but their deal is still far behind what Sony offering for the next gen. Also, their shit is just ended recently, it takes time to forgive them, and there are still some crappy deal can be make better (Xbox Live Gold and adds,wtf, and many service behind paywall).

  • Don’t really care about MS/PS4
    I prefer HandHeld Console this days

    Have no time to play anymore like the old days

    3 Hour a Day is quite extravagant for me these days
    Sometime only can play on weekend

    3DS&Vita for now