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China Zoo’s Lion “Actually Dog”


Even the Chinese have been outraged by a zoo which passed off a dog as a lion, with the ruse only being exposed when a visitor questioned why their “lion” was barking.

The Henan province zoo was found to have been keeping a Tibetan mastiff in a lion cage, labelled as an “African lion.”

The “dog-lion” was outed when a mother took her child to see the animals, and was surprised to hear the lion barking.

The zoo’s explanation was that an employee’s dog temporarily replaced the lion when it was “sent away” to a breeding centre, because of unspecified “safety concerns.”

Once scrutiny was attracted it was also revealed that the zoo housed a white fox which it claimed was a leopard, and another dog which was labelled as a wolf.

This is unfortunately not the first time such concerns have been raised about China quality animals:

fake-china-animals (1)

fake-china-animals (2)

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