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Police Arrest Man For Not JK Skirt-Flipping

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Police have caused outrage after arresting a jogger for “fleeing” from the scene of a wicked schoolgirl skirt flipping on the testimony of a the girl’s mother, who was not there and did not see him.

Osaka police were flagged down by the mother of a girl who claimed a man had just flipped the skirt of her high school aged daughter, with the woman claiming that “a chikan just attacked my child, but he got away!”

Police diligently cruised the area looking for a suitable man to arrest, and happened upon a man jogging nearby.

When questioned, he denied the offence, but the mother insisted there was “no doubt” he was the one responsible whilst the girl said he “looked like him” so police arrested him on the spot, charging him with chikan-related offences.

However it soon transpired that the mother had never laid eyes on him before as her daughter had in fact returned home and told her about the “attack,” and rather than attempt to wring a confession out of him police checked security cameras which recorded the whole incident and discovered an entirely different man was pictured.

They released him 35 minutes later, and issued an apology a month later.

The entire incident only came to light after investigations of police making unrelated but equally mistaken arrests of a man for supposedly stealing gasoline and a Taiwanese woman for supposed traffic infractions.

The reputation for competence of Japanese police (with their Osaka force being a shining example) continues to take a drubbing online – now even not being present at a chikan-related offence is no defence, it would seem:

“Even jogging is suspicious activity now?”

“Just jogging is enough to get a man suspected of fleeing from a sex crime!”

“What if there hadn’t been a security camera there…”

“His life could have ended if not for that.”

“At least they released him in 35 minutes. If they held him for days it would have done for him.”

“Yet again a single word from our womanly masters gets a mere man arrested!”

“Those idiots almost wrecked his life. Couldn’t they at least prosecute false accusations from women once in a while?”

“The kid might have been mistaken, but her mother was completely lying about the whole thing.”

“They should have been the ones getting arrested!”

“Where did she get off saying there was ‘no doubt’ it was him?”

“Well, what do you expect from a woman who thinks she’s right!?”

“How would she have made amends if the guy lost his job because of this?”

“False accusation is a crime under Japanese law and carries a minimum 3 month sentence and a maximum 10 year sentence.”

“Where is the rule of law when you need it in this country.”

“Considering the number of false accusations this stuff generates they really ought to prosecute her.”

“No wonder we have so many hikikomori these days.”

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