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Shonen Jump “Deliberately Excluding Fujoshi”

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Shonen Jump’s ongoing policy of “excluding” fujoshi in an effort to recapture its traditional shonen readership is still the subject of controversy.

shonen-jump (1)

According to the Nippon Keizai Shimbun, Shonen Jump is working to drum out fujoshi fans with alterations to its traditionally fairly fujoshi friendly line-up:

Another trend is towards attracting male readers. Traditionally Jump carried many titles favoured by girls, from Saint Seiya and Captain Tsubasa to today’s Kuroko’s Basketball and the even now hugely popular Prince of Tennis, which was moved to Jump SQ.

With “a good variety of hot guys (but no BL action)” and “straightforward manly friendship amongst guys” it won many female fans keen on such.

With the likes of Hitman Reborn and D-Grayman, the proprtion of titles popular with girls was increasing. Many female readers tend to prefer tankobon, but in order to service actual shonen with the content of Jump it was necessary to increase the proportion of male readers – hence the introduction of Nisekoi, Shokugeki no Soma, Kiruko-san and the like.

A reduction in “battle” manga and a corresponding increase in “love comedy” by the editorial staff is said to have been one of the major elements of this strategy – although how well it is actually panning out is another matter, as Kiruko-san has since been canned and Soma appears to have sunk without trace.

It has in fact long been speculated that prior to this latest shift there was an unspoken effort by the Jump editorial staff to increase their rotten readership, as evidenced by some oblique comments from mangaka.

The author of “Eyeshield 21” mentions such discussions, but in the end his decision to stick with boys seems to have paid off:

Eyeshield is a manga with a strong shonen following… Jump’s female readership really started increasing some years ago. The figures were surprising!

Shonen just don’t have the purchasing power, it’s hard to sell them tankobon too. We seriously mulled shifting to be female-orientated, but in the end it was decided to keep it shonen-centric until the end.

However, One Piece mangaka Eichiro Oda always seems to have been a proponent of pure shonen action all along:

Beyond writing a shonen manga magazine, we much entertain shonen themselves.

If you start getting fan mail, you will notice most of it is from girls.

I noticed a lot of people in the manga world really did look as if they were getting influenced by the opinion of these girls, but trying to adapt your manga to serve the needs of customers on the basis of fan mail mostly received from girls is a big mistake.

The Keizai Shimbun also happens to mention that editors continue to be concerned about their level of reliance on One Piece, especially in light of its unstable publication situation.

Jump’s new policy towards fujoshi is not without its supporters:

“I laughed when they mentioned Kiruko just got canned. So much for that plan.”

“Depressing isn’t it?”

“They are done for when Naruto finishes. Oda’s clearly getting tired of it, and his real feeling is obviously that he would rather take a break.”

“Hurry up and finish One Piece!”

“Half of One Piece readers are girls anyway.”

“I think it will have the opposite effect. They can gain fujoshi without pandering to them, and if they do that too much they will drive them off.”

“Come on, Jump. I want to read really sultry titles like Fist of the North Star and the old JoJo. Jump now is afraid of any depiction of cruelty it seems. Though I am just a fujoshi so what does my opinion matter.”

“Fujoshi pretty much saved Jump when it lost its way.”

“No way can they exclude fujoshi. Maintaining a roster of titles repellent to women is hardly possible for them.”

“Rot can accumulate around any title. Fan letters and surveys don’t always give an accurate picture of what readers want.”

“Particularly when some of the female readers are particularly diligent about responding to surveys…”

“Fujoshi and female readers are not the same thing!”

“Please, exclude all the moetards next!”

“Getting the fujoshi out is fine, but currying favour with moetards will only lead to disaster, just look at Shonen Sunday!”

“Sunday may have fallen to creepy otaku, but in the end it is their sales which matter.”

“Wait, so their battle manga are actually all for women and their love comedy are actually all for men…”

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  • Well some shounen mangaka are female, so…yeah. And, the problem with fujoshi I think is that they “invade” a male oriented niche, and end up feminizing (literally subverting it into female spaces) the niche; which is something that pisses some males of because they want their sanctuary of relatively scarce amount lf obnoxious girls.

    I saw a vid of some gay being harassed by chinese fujoshi when he was just celebrating his vacation with his partner some years ago. This is just an example to tell you that yes, there are male moetaku and yuricons, but they are not as vocal and overly in your face in terms of presence as fujoshi, hence why they are more tolerrated.

  • “Fujoshi and female readers are not the same thing!”

    Pretty much my feeling as well. Not all female readers want to read Shonen jump to make up imaginary romance between the male characters. Some girls read it for the action scenes and just to read the story.

  • Hypothetical.
    Go to some random porn site.
    Open up the gallery section.
    Click on straight gallery.
    Half of the content on the straight gallery features gay porn.
    Would it be homophobic for the community to complain?

  • “Wait, so their battle manga are actually all for women and their love comedy are actually all for men…”

    Ironic, isn’t it? But that’s the way it’s been for much over a decade already, yet some (especially commentators in the west) still haven’t grasped it. But as soon you realize that deep down, when you get to the bottom of it, everything is all about sex (no exceptions), then it all makes perfect sense…

  • So people in Japan still think that only boys read shonen? Their attempt to keep it a mostly male audience is stupid. Tons of girls read the stories in Shonen Jump, so they have already failed. Only a small percentage of women who read manga are fujoshi. I have no problem with them excluding some stories, but their reasoning is stupid, because they will never have a vast majority male fanbase.

  • Fujoshi and female readers are probably the only reason their sales haven’t dived off a cliff…. “sell more by telling people buying our comics to stop” doesn’t sound like a good strategy to me.

  • Good grief this is stupid, they’re going about it the wrong way. For one thing you are never going to get rid of fujoshi, stop trying. If there’s two men to pair up and they like the show enough, then they will pair male characters up. They’re annoying, but they’re as much a part of the landscape as obsessive yuri shippers and moe fans. Honestly I don’t see why having female fans is itself such a big deal. It just means that the show or manga is good enough to attract more demographics and thus more money. (For example Monster Girl Quest has female fans as well due to its fun characters, interesting storyline, and the fun it has with the video game tropes). Now trying to pander to one group over another is not a good idea, but that can be said for any piece of media in the world. For example, one of the main contributors to the Dark Age of Comics was companies trying to appeal to the older crowd to the point that younger/newer fans were alienated. Now, I really don’t see much pandering to fujoshi in SJ, but even if that was the case I’d say that this is the wrong way to do things. Battle manga may be popular with the fujoshi crowd, but it’s also popular with boys who want to see fighting and there’s definitely more ways to make a fight interesting than a romantic comedy interesting. That’s another thing, Harem shows and love comedies are boring after a while due to their similarities to each other. There’s only so many ways a girl can flash her panties before it gets dull. If Shounen Jump was all harem then it would be repetitive and boring. Plus harem shows, romcoms, and moe are a much smaller niche than battle manga, as much as folks complain about Bleach and Naruto they are much more popular than, say High School DXD. Instead of obsessing over keeping people out they should be focusing on writing better stories and not let the opinions of certain pieces of fanmail sway them too much. The path they are trying to take leads only to loss

    • people make fun of otaku (mostly for fanservice), moe fans, fujoshi, furries, and other anime fan subgroups… it’s like you’re either part of one of those anime subgroups or your some intolerant, high-horse-riding, “serious business” anime fan who hates on those groups… even shonen fans get made fun of for liking some apparently lower-class, overpopular and overrated genre of anime full of filler and plotholes… someone’s always hating and someone is always being hated, lol

      welcome to the world of anime cliques? :/

    • If the fujoyoshi’s yen drive away the shounen’s yen, it can be a problem.

      The problem is, their taste is so different, fujiyoshi prefer the homo-romantism, while shounen prefer straight romance. Putting a homo theme, while it’ll please the fuiyoshi, will drive away the shounen demographic.

      Its a shounen manga, so the focus will be greater on the shounen demographic. Anything that is not suitable for shounen, will be driven out.

      • Fujiyoshi like man to man character pairing, and ecstatic to see any hint of gay relationship between character.

        A sub category of female reader, I guess. But to distinguish between these two, it simply call female reader, or female otaku, and fujiyoshi.

        The female reader/otaku being the side that not into the gay pairing, and the other side is fujiyoshi which very much into homoerotic theme.

  • Could be the new laws there about obscenities posted in magazines, since possibly, they wouldn’t know what was obsene ehough to be arrested for having ‘that stuff’ in the issues each week , month.

  • It’s interesting, most of the biggest “shonen for young boys” manga fans I know are girls. From Hokuto no Ken to Slam Dunk, JoJo and many others. And they also think Saint Seiya is total BL material.
    So perhaps the best method to increase sales for boys and girls is make shonen-ish shonen manga? Without having to neglect any potential customers…

    • Well, from what I observe in my local comic stores, the boy usually read shounen (Naruto, One Piece, etc) and the woman, read shoujo manga. Even my little sister like shoujo manga..

      Maybe it is different in US and Japan, where I do notice from reading forum and from comment like yours, that woman from west tend to enjoy shounen more than the woman in Japan, where it look like they prefer shoujo.

      Shounen Jump is a Japanese magazine, so the Japan rule apply. It only make sense to separate the magazine, for the guy that like action and harem, but dislike BL and yaoi can pick shounen magazine, while the girl that not into action and harem, but into yaoi and BL, can pick shoujo magazine.

      The separating the genre can help their buyer to choose which magazine fit them the most.

  • Why should fujoshi not read shounen manga? I’m a guy in my twenties and I like to spice up my anime queue of mostly seinen stuff with kodomo and shoujo anime. There is the full range, from Precure to Full Moon wo Sagashite, Fushigi Yuugi (that freaking epic ending song!) and even Gravitation (wich turned me into a better person, because I used to avoid gay people as if they’re contagious.)
    I didn’t count Boku no Pico, because everybody watched that.

    Depending on my mood I might want to watch shounen battles, robot battles, magical girl anime, romance, drama, fanservice or porn, philosophical stuff, moe anime, the most boring slice of life anime I can find and if I feel real adventurous even yaoi anime.
    Why shouldn’t that be the same for a girl? A balanced diet of anime keeps you healthy!

    • “Why should fujoshi not read shounen manga?”

      Look like there are confusion regarding the topic.

      Woman, or fujiyoshi CAN read shounen. Anyone can read shounen. Anyone can read a genre that do not targeting their demographic. But the shounen magazine itself, must be remain as a magazine, that containing shounen manga and all the thing that defined as shounen.

      Any yaoi, BL or shoinen ai manga do not belong in shounen manga, as it is in different category, and there are indeed magazine for these kind of theme. Just not shounen.

      It is done in such way so that, the buyer that enjoy certain theme will have easier time to choose which magazine to bought. Like a manga about adventure? Buy a shounen magazine. Like a a manga about reverse harem? Buy a shoujo magazine. Like an ecchi manga? Pick ecchi manga. Like BL and yaoi? Pick BL magazine.

      It is as simple as that. The categorizing is made so the buyer will have easier time to pick the magazine that fit them the most.

    • Any girl can do all that too if they want to, but the majority of them are just being scared off these things because society and the manga creators themselves tell them that they should only stick to things made specifically for girls.

      I don’t see why it isn’t possible for other anime fans to see that a fujoshi can read and enjoy a manga that doesn’t have anything in it considered to be fujoshi material. Same goes for all female readers in general.

      • Don confuse girls with fujoshis, It’s ok if girls (even yaoi fangirls in a sane manner) read shonen manga, but fujoshis can’t skip a single page without screaming like mad because they fantasizes that the fight between the protagonist and his rival is actually a sex-fight…yeah, I’ve heard of even worse cases.

        • I think a lot of guys are seeing “fujoshi material” in their manga where there really isn’t any, though. A lot of little things can appeal to fujoshi tastes and can be taken to fanfic levels. It’s not like shounen manga should stop putting two males in close relationships completely… I can even easily see fujoshi being appealed to by what already exists in manga like Fist of the North Star.

    • Because a guy who calls himself Takuya online is not the same as a generic girl out there or here in Japan. You can’t say sheet like you said, and then say “why shouldn’t it be the same”, you need to show how your likes are the same as the likes of a 12-20 yr old Japanese girl.

  • Shonen Sunday
    The world god only knows
    Kyoukai no Rinne
    History’s strongest disciple
    Denpa Kyoushi
    Hayate no Gotoku
    Silver Spoon
    Zettai Karen Children
    Kunisaki Izumo no Jijō (crossdressing)
    Ane Log (4koma gag of a brother complex)
    Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! (sci-fi romance)

    Fallen to creepy otaku, the only ones that might be would be the last bunch, other wise it’s been fallen for a long long time.

    • how has kenichi fallen to “creepy otaku”? just because it has some fanservice it can only be loved by “creepy otaku”? All the good writing, comedy, and great characters just go out the window then, right?

  • Although I don’t read anything from the ongoing WSJ manga except for Bleach and Naruto (I started reading them ~1 year ago because it said that they were ending soon… and they are still not done -_-), I can say that something is wrong with today’s shounen manga. I prefer reading finished manga, so I don’t know much about ongoing stuff, but I’ve read several finished WSJ manga from the last couple of years… and they were pretty generic, boring, etc.
    Instead of the classic battle shounen genre, most are ecchi rom-coms… and except for pretty naked girls there’s nothing to it. I do like To Love-RU for example, but if most manga are like that… it’s boring.
    Other shounen try a real story and seem promising, but they also fail or get canned (although not bad).
    The biggest problem will come soon… this year has been labeled “manga apocalypse” because of the huge number of finished manga so far, and it’s not only canned bullshit but lots of long-running manga.
    If so many “oldies” go, there have to be others to take their place. But if the quality of new manga is lacking, they will be replaced again. Only a small number of longer running ones will remain, but even they might not have the potential for hundreds of chapters. So my prediction is that SJ will turn into a truly crappy magazine without anything of value (except for a handful series), and there won’t be any BIG manga.

  • You know what actually most of my girl-friends prefer to read Shounen Magazine rather than its equivalent for female readers.

    They say the story is more interesting than their female-targeted magz.

    • See… that’s why it’s a problem to have separate publications for men and women to begin with, everyone naturally and logically wants to go to the publication that has the best quality and talent behind them. I always felt that society still tried to suggest that females should learn to like crappier material made “specifically for girls” if they wanted to join a certain hobby… like “games for girls” which got its own pink little section in games stores and only had topics like “pets” and “fashion” with horrible gameplay and quality.

  • “but in order to service actual shonen with the content of Jump it was necessary to increase the proportion of male readers – hence the introduction of Nisekoi, Shokugeki no Soma, Kiruko-san and the like.”

    ‘I know how to drive women off! Make more ROMANTIC COMEDIES.’

    Yeah, you tell me how that works for you.

  • When are people in the business going to learn that if they get a lot of positive fanmail then it’s best to just keep doing what they’re doing rather than try to play to perceived fan desires. If you’re getting positive fanmail they already like what you’re doing.

      • Because male is simple, they don’t need the urge to change ‘something’ to their ideals.

        Unlike female readers that want to enforce ‘female ideals’ of a clearly and obviously shounen(male) targeted audience magazine.

        Time to raise your arms and send your fanmail to the publisher !

        Beware of homosexualization of Shounen Magz !

  • They ought to make a real gay manga for a change. The main character is a 30 something balding man with a wife and 3 kids who just realized that he was in the closet his entire life, his love interest is a skinhead drug addled HIV positive male prostitute, and supporting characters are all mostly hirsute bears in spandex one piece swimsuits.

    • Then, if it got popular, there’d be in increase in manga like that making it seem like “that’s all manga is now!”, and then everyone would be saying “oh this is all they make anymore! bring back my constant barrage of moe! why is so-and-so putting money into this instead of what I want?”

      Face it, if you can’t tolerate it you’re just gonna keep hating it and people who like it because of that intolerance. You’ll just have to get over it and learn to live and let live like all reasonable people who realize that we have to share this world.

    • this, i have no problem with gay man, but those straight woman who’s fantasizing about them, (the one we called rotten woman or fujoshi) to be honest they creep me out, their mind is seriously so fucked up, its creepy disgusting and disturbing

      • And then they say the same thing back to us about what we like, and you just gave them even more reason to… male otaku everywhere thank you for your assistance in making our lives easier….?

        • Like many psycho-sexual phenomena I’m certain there’s some evolutionary reason to it. No reason for laymen to worry too much about figuring it out, though. I’m quite thankful that there’s more than one circuit relating to sexual interest in the male and female mind.

        • @11:36, not me, no, but there’s TONS of other guys who love yuri or even just lesbian kissing… I watch and love a lot of anime that has bits of yuri in it but the yuri never really added or subtracted much to the anime for me. Same goes for yaoi, I just don’t care. it could be part of the story, it could be for laughs, or it could just be totally ignorable…
          Though, I’ve actually seen far more people gush over yuri than yaoi, especially since before I ever even heard of yuri I saw guys drooling over lesbians in even western pop culture where as I never see the yaoi equivalent happen in western pop culture. I don’t understand it but there are things people like that make far less sense to me and I don’t say anything to those people either. I’m sure I like some things that baffle a lot of people too.

  • If Toriko isn’t shonen ai then I don’t know what is.
    Just think if Komatsu was a girl, every one of the 4 heavenly kings wants him to be their “partner” who they can protect whilst he slaves away in the kitchen.

    • As long as Komatsu not making out with Toriko, I wont call it Shounen Ai.

      Also, you making it as if Komatsu is 100% useless, because he is not useless. He is the one that recreate Century Soup and create simplify method to prepare complicated to prepare food such as Medicinal Mochi and all special cooking ingredients in Disappearing Cuisine.

      All top chef are stunned with his ability, even Setsuno and other top 10 chefs, and every citizen and the 4 heavenly Bishokukai actually owe him in 4 beast act.

      He’s weak, physically but in cooking skill, its not farfetched to say he is in line to be the greatest cook in the world, maybe even better cook than Fohze, the Chef God in the end. Heck, even Fohze (or Joa?) want him for his cooking knowledge.

  • When I first got into Anime in 1992 or last century ago, all manga readers were guys, and for years I literally never saw a single girl into anything about anime or manga, and I used to think “man it’d be cool if a single girl, even an ugly one was into it”, but then over time, it shifted to the point, that its all girls that read manga and watch anime that I meat. The few guys i meet are either under 18, or really feminine (traps). What happened?

    • -Less mecha, more social comedy
      -Older otaku don’t socialize, they have jobs or are hikikomori
      -It is the nature of the Feminine Imperative to invade and conquer all male spaces and subvert them into female spaces. That’s why girls like to complain there’s nothing catering to them when practically everything on TV, cable, literature, and mainstream media are catering to them. Remaining bastions of male spaces are being attacked relentlessly. Cue Dragon’s Crown.

      • I dislike the idea of mainstreaming, or a game have to made to satisfy every demographic.

        I think it safe to say Dragon Crown is made with man’s in mind, so if anybody dislike it (especially woman), leave it alone and find other game that suitable for their own taste.

        But nope, they decide to trash a game that isn’t made for them, and its very clear they are influenced by feminist.

        Dragon Crown, despite being a great side scroll action game, is reduced to 6.9 score by Polygon reviewer despite it have gorgeous graphic, stable frame-rate, great battle mechanic and even better online mode. Apparently, due to one and the only minus point, the exaggerating art pull the score that much.

        The average was 8.3, which say a lot on how biased she is when she’s doing the review. She forgot all the positive side, only to focus on the “negative” side (debatable) in her review.

        Danielle Riendeau, with this attitude and biased mind, do not fit to be a game reviewer.

  • Well thanks God.Fujoshi are fucking annoying.They put their asses everywhere, even in place they don’t belong to.After finding out about for example SnK i was happy about getting some arts of new awesome shounen from random sites and save them etc.What did i find? GUESS.A fucking yaoi pictures everywhere.This is simply ridiculous.
    Therefore, screw you, Fujoshi’s.Go watch gay shows like Free! and stay away from titles made not for you.

      • Taylor: …so with your logic, its womens fault that they are supporting the series they like by buying the books, and its also their fault that men arent buying the ‘manlier’ series??? What the fuck, man?
        It says right there that women are buying more tankobons and that a lot of the series they are aiming more at men are failing because no one cares enough about them. This is economics 101 dude.

        If you want more manly macho stuff then blame the editors at Jump for not wanting to take any risks and just sticking with shitty To-Love-Ru ripoffs that end up getting cancelled over and over again. The female readers have nothing to do with it.
        Or do you think they should stop reading Jump so it loses a fuckload of money and puts a bunch of artists out of a job?

      • I told you there was no market. I did warn catering to women would be the end of anime. You mocked me when I said it, now that the most popular anime magazine says it maybe you all will listen to me. The new Era of Taylor is coming soon be prepared.

        • Reborn (KHR) is made by a female mangaka.

          It’s only natural to have a hint of shounen-ai or even yaoi inside to cater fujoshi fangirls.

          AFterall, they buy the magz too.

          The problem is when it becomes overdosaged/too much hint that makes the story not funny anymore.

          Some people would tolerate, some will drive away.
          Replaced by fujoshi.

          I think the logic is true because in shoujo magz there is almost never be yaoi/shounen-ai hint at all

          Most of them are boring, cliched and romance/angst shoujo story.

          So fujoshis tend to read Shounen Magz where there are A LOT OF MALES to spark the imagination especially the pretty guy one and fantasize the seme and uke, making the doujinshi that is popular and profitable.

        • The problem here is that it’s not even “women” in general but fujoshi who are a completely different breed.
          Quite a few shounen/seinen mangas are neutral enough to be enjoyable by girls, often more so then dedicated shoujo because those are sadly very bland and always more of the same.

          And along come the fujoshi who latch onto it like some kind of parasite. They start to twist something that used to be good more and more to their liking.
          And sadly what they like is something that is plain unenjoyable by MOST guys and not interesting to many girls either.

          They key difference here is the basic principle on which the works are based. A decent fighting manga can be enjoyed by about everyone, hunky guys wrecking each other’s backdoors? Not so much.

    • My wife likes to read articles in my archaeology journals. Should I say she can’t because she’s not an archaeologist. Of course not. I’m glad she takes an interest. The same applies to fujoshi reading a mag with ‘shounen’ in the title. It’s just a title, not a ban.

      • The title show what it contain. A shounen manga have to contain all shounen element, like archeology document, have to contain everyhing related to archeology.

        Putting a fujiyoshi element in shounen manga is like having an article about Britney Spears scandal in the middle of document about Egyptian city.

  • This just…cracks me up.
    1; Writers should write for themselves and tell the stories they want to tell..not fit them for male or female fans. (..Unless you’re a writer on contract then you should probably write what your bosses tell you to write.)

    2; ……..They do realize Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece have giant female fujoshi fanfollowings right? ..They’ve seen the doujinshi right? ..moving Kuroku and ending KHR aren’t going to stop fujoshi from being fujoshi.
    Just because you move titles that have a lot of male bonding won’t change anything. I have seen fujoshi draw fanart of characters that never even once interacted.
    Nothing will stop fujoshi from being fujoshi. Just..accept it and move on with your life.

    This just in: My sources tell me that any time a straight male has a homoerotic dream, it was caused by a fujoshi that died and is now haunting them.

    • “Writers should write for themselves and tell the stories they want to tell..”

      Yup, but where the manga will be, it not up to the writer. If they wrote a yaoi manga, it belong in a yaoi magazine. If it is a seinen, it belong in seinen magazine.

      This system is made so the reader, which obviously have different kind of taste, can choose to buy which magazine fit their taste better. A boy mostly will find a shounen manga fits them better, and a fujiyoshi will find a shounen ai(boy love, or gay in simpler word) magazine better for their enjoyment.

      If an author of manga published in shounen magazine decide to make his/her manga gayer, its better to move the manga to shounen ai/ shoujo magazine.

      As the genre change, it might not fits to the demographic of the magazine primarily targeting. Which is what Shounen Jump is doing right now. All the manga that analyses as still delivering what a boy want, remain and the manga that look like will be enjoyed by fujiyoshi more, will be moved to magazine that specialized in female demographic.

      • Then how do you intend to fight them? Never draw two male characters in the same panel or ever have them acknowledge eachother? Never draw another bishounen again? Make all of our heros look as hideous as possible? The slightest hint of friendship, male bonding, or bromance can give a fujoshi ideas, especially if even one of them is good looking. They can easily do it with even Hokuto no Ken.

        None of this has ever bothered me though, which makes all the crying around here pretty confusing to me.

  • i remember reading an interview with inoue (author of slam dunk, one of the best seller mangas ever and published in shounen jump) in which he said that when he writes his stories, he doesnt think about males or females reading them – he just writes what he thinks is interesting for everyone. and it worked: slam dunk was loved by everyone, from sports fans, to fujoshi, to traditional shounen fans. sj should use him as inspiration.

    >series with mostly muscular men in the cast
    >stories about power of friendship and camaderie
    >not expecting girls to like them
    what the hell are they smoking? even jojo is widely loved by girls, even non fujos, because the men are so hot.
    dumb harems are killing the industry, and these fuckers are trying to kill shounen mango. retards.

    “Wait, so their battle manga are actually all for women and their love comedy are actually all for men…”
    NEWS AT 11

      • Yeah, but it also became more socially acceptable to some degree throughout the past decade or so.

        When something becomes more socially acceptable, more people will join.

        Let’s also not forget that people who were fans ten years ago are often still fans today, in short the anime/manga media fanbase is simply getting larger.

        However because of social norms still viewing otaku men as ‘creepy’, there are less willing to come out with it, while fujoshi have been viewed as cute hobbyists. In short, fujoshi have become more socially acceptable while otaku are still suppressed.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are still people who view fujoshi as a bad influence, but not as much as male otaku.

        Also females are more willing to write letters and such than males are, so the increase in female fan mail is only natural.

  • I can understand them wanting to get more male fans because the title is SHONEN jump, but that isnt going to change the fact that manga and anime just has a lot of female fans in general. And face it, male characters in shonen manga tend to be much more appealing than male characters in shojo manga, with few exception. And theres no magic formula for what is going to attract female readers; people can say its ‘pretty boy males’ all they want, but that wont change the fact that Toriko – which features roided up muscley dudes in a style more like old-school shonen that I would be shocked to see anyone describe as ‘pretty’, seems to have a HUGE female following.
    I would actually like to see some of the more old-school ‘manly’ style things in Jump like Fist of the North Star, etc. Even if the style isnt to my taste, for the sake of variety. I just wonder how well it would sell. Jojo’s revival’s doing well after all…

    Its kind of lame if the main titles ‘for men’ are generally just the ones with pretty girls and wimpy-ass men (coffTo-Love-Ru) though. The prettiest of action shonen protagonists is manlier than Rito.

    I don’t understand how trying to attract back more of its original readership is ‘excluding’ fujoshi at all :/

    • I’ve always thought that Jojo and Fist of the North Star had it’s share of bishounen-type characters too, actually, like Rei for example. It’s just that the characters in those shows are totally “men”, not teenage boys or younger. Toriko… well, I guess it’s cuz he cooks? lol… I find it lame, anyways, that there’s a new stereotype going around that women only like bishounen and that muscles are for gay guys or something. Whither society is talking about the tastes of one sex or the other it’s always sweeping generalizations when both sexes actually love a variety of different types of beauty. There’s still women out there who like to look at a shirtless Ahnold as much as there are those who like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom.
      It’s true though, like I said in another comment, it’s impossible to try to make shonen manga a total “boys club”, so it’ll only hurt their own image and even sales to refer to it as something exclusive to males like that. Most of the top mangaka and writers gravitate to shonen jump, it’s unfair to keep that talent completely exclusive to one sex. What they’ve been doing so far is fine, what doesn’t make sense is that they’re suddenly talking like there’s some kinda problem and try to reiterate “oh we’re still a publication for boys”

  • I don’t believe in segregating people. The mangaka should just write and draw what they want and it’s fine no matter who picks up their manga, girls or guys, even if they’re fujoshi/yaoi fans who will dream of two of the guys hooking up. By saying “my manga is for boys” you’re alienating even the few girls who take in interest in your manga, especially the ones who are NOT into yaoi or are not fujoshi. I don’t know about anyone else but I like being able to meet girls who also enjoy the kind of manga I like. It’s very counter productive for all involved to alienate any potential audience. Besides, it should be the nature of the story its self that dictates what ends up in the story, not “because this is for boys”. All art is for human beings, anyone can get something from a story. I’m not saying that all stories should target towards everyone or need to change, but that mangaka shouldn’t alienate any potential audience that picks up their manga by saying “this is not for you because you’re part of another group”.

    • Well alienating your readers is a bad thing too ya know. I agree with him. Though I also agree that Shounen Jump should be targeted for Shounen audiences, hence the SHOUNEN in the title. But I really love it when i find a female who loves the same manga I do. The problem is the editors in the department are stupid. They force their mangaka to write to a type of genre, rather than writing what they want, or continue a story when the mangaka wanted to end it 200 chapters ago. Jump is usually pretty good about the freedoms of their authors, but only when it fits into their sales market. When there is no money to be made or doesn’t’ fit their marketing scheme then you see manga dropping right and left out of their magazine.

    • I disagree. Its a manga, marketed as a shounen. Its a manga made for boys. As simple as that.

      As it is a manga aimed for boys, there are rules to be made. Generally, its content must have everything that appeal boys and eliminate all the things that do not appeal boys.

      Action and sports generally what attract boy’s reader, so manga like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Toriko, which all about fist and blood is allowed in Shounen Jump.

      Of course, if you want to read yaoi/ shounen ai, you can. But not in a shounen magazine, it belong in shoujou or josei magazine.

      • @18:30 You’re continuing the archaic and sexist ideas that keep all human beings from being seen as equal. I know tons of women who love action and fighting and sports, so why should we keep calling those things “guy things” and alienating half the population when women are fully as capable of enjoying them? Sounds like bad business to me, if nothing else. Likewise, straight men can also enjoy cute things, cooking, gardening, singing, fashion, etc. I know a lot of totally straight guys who love that stuff.

        I’m not saying it’s bad to market manga towards males. If a male makes a manga then of course it’s naturally more likely that other males will enjoy it, but there’s no reason for him to say “I just made this only for guys”. I’m not saying all manga should be trying to appeal to both genders equally all the time.

        • @12:49, I think the problem is that there is no neutral publication for manga that doesn’t have a strict target audience… there’s manga that target just for girls or women or boys or men, but besides the ones for “all children”, there’s nothing made for both men and women.

          I agree with everyone saying that these manga should stay the way they are, they don’t need to change. But seeing that so many girls also enjoy these kinds of manga I just think that it’s about time that society stops calling these manga “shounen” or “just for boys”. My problem is not with the content, it’s with the labeling.

        • Hey. I did not say because it made with a guy in mind, it mean a girl is not allowed to read it.

          I only say that the manga have to satisfy guy’s reader first, as it named shounen magazine. It marketed as a boy’s comic, so why it have to contain stuff that not giving enjoyment to a boy?

          If a mangaka want to appeal all demographic, then his/her manga being in a shounen manga is a big mistake. It belong in other magazine, not here in shounen.

          Seinen(adult male), shoujo(young female), Josei (adult female), kodomo (kids), there are many magazines specifically made for specific demographic.

          Let me stress up I do not have problem with woman enjoying a shounen. Some girl like action and blood, I know that.

          But when the shounen manga itself, being reduced to less of a shounen, like adding too much romance or start making an obvious gay pairing, which serve only to satisfy the gals while neglecting the boys, it become a problem.

      • @18:30 all that does is limit the medium and the story when it could be so much more… where is the mangaka who says “I made my manga for anyone who wants a good story, I am personally trying to tell a story that means something to me as a human being”.

        tell me, there’s “shonen” and “seinen” and “shoujo”, but where is the genre for “all” for all human beings?

        • i guess with a BOY of 20 and 4 children each child havens feels like 6-10 while some are 6-12 and some even are 6-12 +6 having bonus +5 nintendo on each child isnt weird at all… but i’ll ignore that — too.

        • Maybe when age difference is small 12-14 vs 12-14 it can be normal. But 1. It’s usually quite sexualized – I mean panty shots and sexual innuendo.
          2. What about little girls in anime / manga who behave and look like little girls — under 13/12, especially around 5-10. Is it normal to have such little girls for 14+ boys? Is that something which appeals to young boys or should appeal to them?

          Actually I’d add most 14+ boys usually like girls who are older or own age. A 14 boy liking a 12 girl is rare. But I’ll ignore that.

    • «I don’t believe in segregating people.»
      Shounen Jump neither. They even pushed the authors to make manga “for all”. But then they find that female readers don’t buy enough tankobon.
      It’s not “segregating” if you think with your wallet…

  • > “Wait, so their battle manga are actually all for women and their love comedy are actually all for men…”

    This trend has been going on for years. Battle manga is loved by young boys and fujoshi while moe shows like K-on are made for otaku but also got a huge female audience too.

    • I’m male and I don’t like moe genre that much. Most of the time its over saturated with cuteness and becomes bland. Same thing though with the battle manga. It’s become bland. Creepy Otaku need to be ignored and fujoshi need to be weeded out of shounen battle manga. Then again the old shounen formula sucks too. I’m sorta tired of the worn out theme of friendship, teamwork and effort. The formula becomes stagnant. When general female readers were gaining interest in Shounen Jump, that wasn’t bad. But the battle manga which was already going down hill have gotten worse since the fujoshi got involved. I’m not going to say all women readers are a negative effect to Shounen Jump, but it is true that to a dying genre of true Shounen Romance and Shounen battle manga, the creepy otaku and fujoshi have put a negative impact.

      Not much manga like city hunter anymore, patlabor, etc. Oh and for shounen romance, I’s and Video Girl Ai were awesome. You don’t see stuff like that around anymore do you? That was true shounen romance. I think Shounen Jump’s editorial staff is getting desperate. Instead of trying to weed out current running manga, its better to just take that manga and shift the focus. Just because a high ranking manga has a large fujoshi following gives the editors no right to weed those mangas out. Bring back something liek Video-Girl Ai! Or more stuff like Ah! My goddess! You’re Under Arrest!

  • Jeez.. there’s a reason it’s called Shounen Jump. Why don’t fujoshi just make their own and call it Fujo Jump? Just because Free! came out doesn’t mean every anime will suddenly be Fujo bait, either. Be like the rest of us subgenre viewers and stop whining.. the shallow kids rule the roost.

      • Dude, you can just not watch those yaoi pairing in the net or deviant art.

        I know the pain, I do not enjoy watching two man, Eren and Rivaille touching each other chest with such a horny face because I am straight, but I choose not to ignore it and just enjoy the manga.

        All the gay thing are drawn is not made for us, so its better to just ignore it.

        ps. I expect the same treatment from all you ladies, just leave the Dragon Crown and Senran Kagura alone, don’t like it, don’t watch/play the game.

      • Lol just ignore it >_> if you were a real fan and a mature person you wouldn’t let some yaoi offend you

        The girls in madoka magica get yuri pairings all the time but I still love the series even if im not a huge fan of yuri.

        -sigh- girls just always seem more mature when it comes to things like this

      • Welcome to the discomfort most female anime fans feel when they find a show they like and 98% of the fanart and doujinshi is yuri porn and female characters getting raped/gangbanged. The difference is that most girls roll their eyes and keep watching the show rather than whining like 2-year-olds.

        • @nadia – same anon as 07:28 here…

          I agree with you, actually. Personally the way I see it, there’s always some female fans attacking guys for what they like and then there’s always some male fans attacking females for what they like (sometimes they even say it’s being done out of revenge). I see it as a constant and endless circle of lack of understanding, hatred, bigotry, intolerance, venom and spite. There’s always gonna be some loud asshole on either side of the fence pushing the wheel.
          I think if everyone just had the mindset to continue to tolerate what others like, even despite others being intolerant towards them, a lot of this circle of hatred could die down. Fat chance that’ll ever happen, though. Everyone seems pretty addicted to just bashing each other back and forth. The only reason why there’s so much of this crap on Sankaku is because all these anons know they can get away with saying whatever they want without any moderation.

        • To be fair I said ‘MOST female fans’ and mentioned yuri as a counterpoint to the constant complains about yaoi fanart (most female otaku I talk to don’t mind yuri as long as it’s done tastefully and in-character they’re a bit more mature in that matter). There is much hypocrisy among the more vocal male otaku. I mean they yell about how yaoi doujinshis and fanart ‘ruin a show’ (which is quite silly because this is the internet, home of rule 34 and every fetish imaginable) but don’t even consider how the female fans feel about the exploitation/gangbang/ tentacle rape doujins and fanart involving the female characters they identify with. If girls complain about that they are being ‘feminazis’ but if the guys complain about the ‘evil fujoshi’ then they are being hailed as heroes and gain followers (see Taylor).
          I myself am asexual so fanservice doesn’t really affect me, but I do enjoy good characters and a good story and trying to stifle one gender’s opinion leads to creative stagnation.Plus, hypocrisy makes you look like the bad guy even if it’s an admittingly annoying hardcore fujoshi (who are only a small subset of female otaku btw and some fujoshi are surprisingly intelligent if a bit hyper-obsessive).
          I merely wish to point out the hypocrisy/ double standards and perhaps foster some understanding. We are all anime fans after all.

        • Funnier thing, I’m a girl and yaoi, angst, and reverse harem bother me a lot more than some girls getting to know each other whether in manga or anime.

          Find it funny to watch fanservice for boys anime/manga alike.

      • You guys must be pretty weak-willed if fans making gay fanart ruins something for you. Go back to jacking off over CardCaptor Sakura and Pretty Cure and tell me more about unintentional demographics ‘ruining’ something.

    • Exactly, the mangaka don’t need to change anything or try to appeal to them at all. They’re lucky that they’re getting other people outside of their target audience to pick up their manga without changing any content or without trying to pander to them, but then they go and say “only boys allowed!” so they’re gonna alienate some of their fans for no reason.

      Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    • Exactly, the mangaka don’t need to change anything or try to appeal to them at all. They’re lucky that they’re getting other people outside of their target audience to pick up their manga without changing any content or without trying to pander to them, but then they go and say “only boys allowed!” so they’re gonna alienate some of their fans for no reason.

        • @19:39 – sure you could handpick a couple of comments to support you from that thread, I’m not saying no one attacked kyoani and only attacked other people, but there are far more people in that thread who said horrible things to everyone except kyoani…

        • Some of the comment after Free is confirmed:-

          “after what happen with kuroko no basuke, well all i can say is goodluck kyoani, you guys gonna need that”

          “Damn! The ultimate betrayal!

          Kyoani is FINISHED!!!”

          “targeted audience demographics, mostly girls, no moe. Sigh*”

          “Hey… Kyoani… 1st of April was a month ago…”

          “Looks like KyoAni just put quite a few nails in thier coffin.”

          “I feel like I got betrayed…”

          “Son. I am disappoint.”

          “HOLY FUCK NO!!!”

          See that, disappointment because KyoAni decide to cater fujiyoshi instead of their regular long time fans.

          This is the real reason why Free get bashed, and hated.

        • ‘We are fine with the yaoi anime existence, but when it shoved to our face, when it start to coming from our favorite studio, it become a problem.’
          It’s not being ‘shoved in your face’.
          KyoAni dont owe you a thing and they can do whatever the fuck they want.

          Stop fucking whining and watch the latest anime about some mewling moeblob who wants to fuck her brother, you can last 3 months without a KyoAni show, cant you?

      • Well, if someone want to force a gay comic into a hetero magazine, do you expect we just keep quite?

        There are shoujo magazine and josei magazine, all the yaoi and shounen ai belong there, and not in shounen magazine like Shounen Jump.

        Let me rephrase again, we do not have problem with gays, we only have problem when someone force us to read gays stuff, to force us to read a genre that we are not fond off in our guy’s magazine.

        • @04:48 – simply knowing that gays exist doesn’t make you gay. But keeping knowledge about the world from people DOES make them ignorant. Show people what happens in the world and let them figure out what they think about it themselves. By setting rules that mangaka can’t put certain ideas into their manga, even just a bit, is limiting their story telling abilities.

        • Of course, no one is saying that shonen manga needs to transform into shoenen-ai, but at least manga that can appeal to a general audience couldn’t hurt to show that it’s possible for a people to like the same sex, it just simply builds tolerance and understanding for something about world the same way all those other moral tales do.

          It’s like how there was a yuri couple in Sailor Moon, which was created for shoujo audiences. It’s just a small thing to add to the story and characters, and it’s not like we had to see them fondling each other constantly.

        • @23:46
          You’re just another gay forcing your ideals on everybody else. People are naturally straight. You were born from sperm and an egg. Every single person on this planet was. Evolution is gonna weed the gays out. You are exactly what he is referring to. Forcing gay stuff down our throats. It’s like you want to brainwash our children into becoming gay. Society is becoming more accepting of gays but you shouldn’t interfere with the natural order unless the person willfully goes down that route through their own experiences. By introducing that to young kids, it will confuse them.

        • @23:46
          You’re just another gay forcing your ideals on everybody else. People are naturally straight. You were born from sperm and an egg. Every single person on this planet was. Evolution is gonna weed the gays out. You are exactly what he is referring to. Forcing gay stuff down our throats. It’s like you want to brainwash our children into becoming gay. Society is becoming more accepting of gays but you shouldn’t interfere with the natural order unless the person willfully goes down that route through their own experiences. By introducing that to young kids, it will confuse them. Just like telling a child in a wartorn country that it’s ok to run on a killing spree through their enemies. They need to grow up and understand pros/cons and consequences of their actions before doing such a thing. Another situation is like saying, “Why do our children have to go to school. They should have the option from the start.” It’s to educate our society beforehand. They may dropout in highschool but it is also their decision as they are becoming more of age and feel the need to for 1 reason or another. It’s not a bad thing to be gay but bloodlines will die out.

        • And if you don’t RESPECT the partition for the Male, Female, Bi, Lez, Gay and Trannies, you’re just a fucking anarchist who calls anyone who wants order a homophobic.

          You fucking suck.

        • @23:46 dear cowardly gay bashing fucks, dont lk things with mild undertones or homosexuality or anything that a fujyo could take and turn into something yoai based in their heads? heres a thought: DONT READ OR WATCH IT. there are many things in magazines i buy/read that i am not interested in, and i simply dont read them. wtf do u care if something lk that is published in a magazine i doubt you buy anyway. dont lk gay ppl or things? got that much of a stick up your ass? then dont read or support said shows or publications. write your own gay bashing manga or anime and see if someone wants to read or watch or buy your work. until that time, why dont u go start a “gay conversion” cult or something and stfu. you just sound lk an ignorant dumb-ass

        • @05:43 – well that explains a lot of the homophobia around here then… they’re all afraid that the gay images will make them gay. So they say this isn’t about their lack of confidence in their sexuality? lol

        • That’s what you say. But what about young boys who are afraid to buy gay manga or don’t know yet they’re gay and want to enjoy a diversity of sexual tastes?

          They can simply buy the gay magazine. There are tons of that in the market. What so hard to gasp about that.. If you straight, then buy a straight stuff. If you gay, then get a gay stuff.

          I already being very clear that while I have no problem with gay, I dislike it when somebody try to force it into me. No crisis identity, not secure of my masculinity or that similar crap, I simply prefer to watch straight stuff, because I am straight.

        • “Let me rephrase again, we do not have problem with gays, we only have problem when someone force us to read gays stuff, to force us to read a genre that we are not fond off in our guy’s magazine.”

          That’s what you say. But what about young boys who are afraid to buy gay manga or don’t know yet they’re gay and want to enjoy a diversity of sexual tastes? You are discriminating against those gay boys. And also why can’t breeders enjoy gay stuff too? Maybe they’ll enjoy it and hook up with other dudes?

          If you don’t celebrate alternative sexual preferences, you’re a sexist, homophobic, bigot. That’s how it goes.

        • “btw, brothers conflict no = yoai. it = reverse harem”

          Thanks for that correction, silly mistake on my part. Anyway, reverse harem is still can be considered as a shoujo anime, an anime that usually catered towards woman, and not man.

          So.. you know, it still show that we are fine with yaoi/shoujo anime/manga existence, as long as we are not forced to be involved with it.

          Actually, if you look to recent anime trends, there are tons of yaoi/shoujo anime in past, this year alone we have Uta No Princess Sama, Glass no Kamen, Amnesia, there are tons of stuff made for woman.

          And we do not complain about these anime either. Only Free, and that is because KyoAni decide to not make any anime for us this season.

        • “if that was the problem then explain why you all bashed Free! even though no one was being forced to watch it…”

          Like I say, we do not have problem with yaoi in general. I already mention that there are many yaoi anime, 3 yaoi anime just this season that we do not bash, Hakkenden Touhou, Brother Conflict and Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist.

          We use the approach, it not suit our taste, so we leave it alone. So there are no bashing on these three.

          Its only when the KyoAni decide cater different audience that causing the anger and uproar. A studio that we like for making moe and slice of life anime, decide to turn back to cater the fujiyoshi.

          Of course we are angry. We are waiting for anime like Hyouka, K-On, Haruhi this season and what we get? A gay anime that totally not compatible with us. Really a big disappointment, which in return turn into anger.

          The gay and fujiyohi bashing is merely a side effect to unleash that anger. Misfire perhaps, and I do think that KyoAni are the one that the fire supposed to be directed.

          I am telling you, this is what actually happening in the Free bashing phase. If we are that anti-gay, anti-fujiyoshi anime, why the other three yaoi anime are left in peace?

          We are fine with the yaoi anime existence, but when it shoved to our face, when it start to coming from our favorite studio, it become a problem.

        • @18:52 – if that was the problem then explain why you all bashed Free! even though no one was being forced to watch it…

          and you can’t say “we were only bashing kyoani for making something that wasn’t for their masters” because it’s pretty much been proven that it was mostly fujoshi, yaoi fans, and women in general being bashed

        • @04:48 – simply knowing that gays exist doesn’t make you gay. But keeping knowledge about the world from people DOES make them ignorant. Show people what happens in the world and let them figure out what they think about it themselves. By setting rules that mangaka can’t put certain ideas into their manga, even just a bit, is limiting their story telling abilities.

        • Read those books and ask yourself “if this was an hetero porn book, what would a female reader say?”
          Also: my ex-girlfriend said yaoi is not porn cause girls can make the story in their head. Yeah.

    • I believe that he is somewhat isn’t doing his best on the current arc. since the past few months, he hasn’t actually revealed anything that much besides the fact that Doflamingo didn’t really drop out of the shichibukai and that the toys were former human, plus the fact that used up a lot of chapters to introduce a ton of characters only to be beat up like a doll a few pages/chapters aftewards. So yeah, it’s been about 3+ months and the story has barely even moved.

      • One piece’s problem is that there is too much main characters now. I like every straw hat, but when they split Oda tries to show what they all do, so each one gets 2-3 pages by chapter and the story doesn’t progress.

        The best arcs lately were the Impel down arc, which was luffy solo, and the fishmen island arc where they didn’t split much.

        • One Piece start: ok
          One Piece at water 7 to impel down: the shit
          One Piece at marineford: ok
          One Piece post time skip: Why have Nami’s tits grown and why won’t she wear a shirt? Why does Chopper look younger? Tired of Sanji’s “women can do no wrong” bullshit. Don’t hesitate to seriously fight a woman Zoro. Robin is now Boa Hancock 2.0. FI was effed by crappy villain and boring flashback with Otohime, PH by giant annoying kids.

          Luffy/Brook/Franky/Usopp are still ok…for now.

      • Didnt Oda take a break in those 3 months, though..? I thought the arcs taking a while to get started was pretty usual for One Piece personally.

        But seriously, if you sleep for only 2-3 hours every night I dont blame you for ‘getting tired’…

  • Male otaku logic-


    • Almost everyone in the world is an asshole full of venom and hatred for others, the internet just brings this out to the front, especially sites like sankaku, youtube, and image boards.

    • “quite a few very sick comments on this site. the hate is reaching nazi levels. pretty concerning when people hate a group so much they become so incredibly pathetic”

      Since there is no such thing as normal, we’re told, there is no such thing as sick. Since “hate” is a brain state, and brain state in meat computers are equivalent because people are zombies and only have illusion of self awareness, it all doesn’t matter.

      One can’t derive normative values from empirical experience. One can’t say hate is bad or un-hate is good. These are all subjective “feelings” based on conditioned brain reactions. But they’re meaningless. One can’t escape this epistemic problem.

      • Oh plz, while this is true it just means that people can’t handle the fucking truth (hate) even if it goes as far as giving a guy an extra hole (TY Haganai for showing me just how fucked up fujoshi is)

        Whoever came up with that must of been a fujoshit. To that BS I’d like the introduce them to “Nymphs of the Stratosphere” aka subtracting a hole from girls – it’s just as fucked up as a “yaoi hole” but for some reason heteros & lezzes still find it damn hot.

        When it comes to girls, guys & dolls can accept anything, but yaoi & fujoshi – hell keep it where it belongs. Dumping it where it doesn’t will induce instant “hate”.

        Since they call this “hate” maybe they should discover some internet mind control techniques 😉

  • Everyone was up in arms about Free! since it catered to the female demographic (while still being a decent anime that males could and should watch, BTW). You guys were talking about how they shouldn’t market toward a new demographic and that it was an “outright betrayal” to their fans. When the opposite happens, none of you guys complain and instead applaud the decision.

    Ah, why is everyone such a hypocrite?

    • The funny thing is, in the Dragon’s Crown thread I mentioned how everyone was bashing fujoshi, gays, and women in general because of free! and now women were bashing what guys liked again, and then we’d be bashing what they like again to continue the cycle of hatred and bullshit, making all of us assholes regardless of our sex. So then, for speaking the truth, I got downvoted and people replied to me saying that I was wrong because the bashing due to Free! was being directed at KyoAni, not anyone else.

      I think the comments in this thread really drive home that I wasn’t wrong.

      • “I got downvoted and people replied to me saying that I was wrong because the bashing due to Free! was being directed at KyoAni, not anyone else.”

        Dude, I already explain to you many times. The bashing, is originated from KyoAni decision to abandon their supporter. That is the only reason the whole thing started.

        As I already mention, the other three yaoi anime this season, Makai Ouji, Brother Complex, Hakkenden Touhou was left alone, and you know why? Because it was not made by KyoAni.

        We can tolerate the yaoi existence, shown by WE DO NOT BASH THESE THREE ANIME. Only when it start to affect our favorite studio, we retaliate and show our protest.

    • I don’t get it. You can always NOT watch/read it. Seriously FUJOSHI in a SHONEN mag is dumb as hell. Free is an anime, it’s not stuck in the middle of some SHONEN mag. You can NOT watch it – but people WILL always bitch about EVERYTHING. If that’s hypocrisy then the whole damn world is a hypocrite.

      YOU are apart of this world right???? If not then join us already. LIFE IS HYPOCRISY!!!

      • Well, KyoAni is always about a shounen anime making studio.

        Yeah, we can choose not to watch it, and you know what, we do not watch it. It just, very disappointing to know that KyoAni a studio I anticipated every season to make anime I enjoy, which most of the time I did enjoy, turning their back on me.

        No Hyouka, no Haruhi, no Lucky Star, no Kannagi, no potentially AAA straight slice of life/comedy title from KyouAni is very depressing..

        Damn, we (KyoAni fans) have to wait for 3 month for anime catered to us again. If they decide to not abandoning us again next season..