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“Finally!” – Senran Kagura Bursts Forth in English


Hyper bust-’em-up Senran Kagura Burst has finally been announced for an English release – after years of begging and pleading by the franchise’s international fans.

The English debut trailer:

For the uninitiated or those familiar only with its tantalising anime adaptation, the game itself is a 3D beat ’em up with heavy emphasis on busting up the opposition in as many ways as possible, where players choose from an array of well-endowed shinobi and battle swarms of enemies.

It also features provocative transformation cut scenes, realistic breast physics, and even a saucy costume gallery:

While somehow managing a “T” (tame) rating, there is still some fear that the game may not be well-received by ever-moaning western critics hostile to the anime-style art and its focus on busty maidens rather than wholesome man-on-man murder…

The game is scheduled for a fall release in North America as a download-only 3DS title, with details about a probable European release still forthcoming.

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