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JK Busts MD: “I Was Interested In Naked Girls”


The latest creepy salaryman to fall victim to the voyeuristic temptations of the nation’s schoolgirls boasts the unusual distinction of actually being chased down by the very JK he sought to upskirt.

The 41-year-old doctor worked at a Chiba hospital and was on his way home after a drink with friends, when he happened to find himself ascending an escalator to a Chiba monorail station behind an 18-year-old schoolgirl.

In heroic salaryman fashion he whipped out his smartphone and began filming up her skirts, but staff at a nearby shop noticed his poor technique and quickly informed both the girl and station staff.

They confronted the doctor, who promptly fled, getting some 300m before the girl and her companions chased him down and handed him over to police.

The doctor was charged with voyeurism under prefectural anti-nuisance laws, which he admitted noting that he “was interested in naked women.”

The doctor also seems to have suffered unusually intensive online persecution, after reports mercilessly made his name public and 2ch and company promptly raided his Facebook profile, perhaps making a token fine and the humiliation of being chased down by an angry schoolgirl the least of his worries:


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