“Even Fairy Tales Cannot Escape Moe Now!?”



That even the latest issues of popular fairy tale story books for children now boast outstanding moe artwork has been causing more than a little comment amongst otaku art historians – many of whom are left wondering how well even that style will survive the test of time…

The Little Mermaid (Ningyohime) 1985 vs 2013:




Cinderalla 1985 vs 2013:




Snow White 1985 vs 2013:




Little Red Riding Hood (Akazukin) 1985 vs 2013:




Hanzel & Gretel 1998 vs 2013:




The relative merits of 1985’s now old school art versus those of 2013’s kirakira wandafuru Precuresque editions have come in for some debate online:

“I guess a lot of the big friends will be buying these too…”

“The Little Mermaid looks like a hostess!”

“She is taking things too far!”

“I can’t help but think she has some seriously lascivious reasons for coming onto land.”

“She looks like she’s about to service half a dozen guys there…”

“They all look like idiots designed to appeal to anime otaku now.”

“Snow White looks like an AV cover.”

“These are ero-anime, right?”

“Cinderella would make a passable Sunday morning cartoon.”

“I think they are hoping to appeal to some parents as well. And there are probably not many artists around now who can do non-anime art styles.”

“I can certainly see some doujinshi coming out now.”

“The poor Little Mermaid looks like some horny tramp dressed so revealingly like that.”


“Looking at the 1985 version I don’t think exposure is the issue here.”

“1985 is more like she is pondering her love, but 2013 is more like ‘I am so going to seduce this guy’.”

“I prefer the old ones. Why does it all have to be anime now?”

“They are aiming for us with these.”

“They may as well just give up and redo all these as official Precure stories.”

“How fast art styles change:”



“Just what sort of art is going to be popular in another 30 years?”


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