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Dragon’s Crown “Grossly Sexualized Adolescent Fantasy”


Dragon’s Crown’s controversial character designs have been earning it negative scores for sexism, with its “ultimate hardbody” Amazon and “excessively animated” sorceress not proving popular with some elements of the more sexually enlightened western gaming press, to say nothing of its “groping” mini-game.

The review at the centre of the controversy, by Polygon writer Danielle Riendeau, has been proving exceeding controversial and more than a little reminiscent of that surrounding another “disturbingly sexualised” classic:

Dragon’s Crown is a fantasy-obsessed teenaged boy’s dream: crazy, violent and full of impossibly large breasts.

Recalling developer Vanillaware’s previous work on Odin’s Sphere, Dragon’s Crown is a 2D brawler/RPG hybrid starring a cast of over-the-top adventurers in a land of generic fantasy tropes.

The combat and wide variety of enemies play to Vanillaware’s strengths. But the game’s repetitive structure and a troublesome presentation of women prevent Dragon’s Crown from transcending its juvenile influences.


Dragon’s Crown’s serious liberties with female anatomy are distracting. Two player characters — the Amazon and the Sorceress — are explicitly sexualized, with breasts literally bigger than their heads with rear ends to match, and plenty of the screen real estate is dedicated to their respective jiggles and sashays. But at least these characters are powerful women, with agency and a penchant for destroying rooms full of bad guys.

The same can’t be said for the female NPCs that fill Dragon’s Crown’s dungeons and other environments. Most of the women in the game are barely clothed, with heaving chests, backs twisted into suggestive positions, some with their legs spread almost as wide as the screen. They’re presented as helpless objects, usually in need of rescue. It’s obvious, one-sided and gross.


Dragon’s Crown makes a strong first impression. It’s a fun mix of RPG tropes and dynamic brawler action. But I found its over-exaggerated art style alienating and gross in its depiction of women even as it shines in building a world of fantastic monsters and environments, and the forced grind through the same stages dulled my excitement. Dragon’s Crown is a wild place to visit, but it doesn’t quite hold up in the light of day.

Dragon’s Crown is an unapologetic adolescent fantasy


Reviews less preoccupied with moral rectitude clothed as women’s rights have given the game a clean bill of health in spite of its obvious sexism, however:


The game’s “touching” mini-game has also come in for accusations of sexism too, notwithstanding the fact that players can freely fondle the gigantic slabs of muscle which form the male barbarian’s chest as well – this not counting as it is “not sexual”:


The game’s international release is imminent.

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  • And what an idiot writer this western shit trash is. The game wasn’t made by some teenager. It was made by a grown man. Men have their fantasies too and styles and this one was taken from Norse mythology. Idiot!

  • Soooo big boobs = sexism/mysogyny

    Any for of “good looking males” = …?

    I’m getting sick of the moralfags, whiteknights and feminists out there. Just because a game has sex-appeal doesn’t make it “bad”. It gives it a target audience is all, and if a feminist can’t stand a game with good looking girls and sex-appeal, they don’t need to fucking play it. They can just go play Skyrim and… other western games.

  • Hmph… I thought the artwork was amazing.
    Besides I’m picking the sorcerer. I don’t care how the women look because as one I know not to dress like that and I just ran out of fucks to give.
    Yes the damsel trope is always there, (I’ve seen it reversed) but I’m in it for the difficulty and to play with my friends.

  • Hrrrggg!!!

    Dragon’s Crown one of best games released in years! Me get soon, me would even get console to get game!

    (Prefer PC, but will get PS3 at last, collect game systems, just wait till out a few years)

    As for the rest I say “Death, Death, DEATH to P.C.!!!” Death to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, you want a “lie from the pit of HELL” look no further than PC. It’s a nation and family destroyer as much as an industry destroyer.

    And I mean it.

    Let’s first seperate it from actual anti-racist, socially progressive thought.

    America was NOT “PC” all through the 50s, 60s, to the 70s… Lots of struggle to stop people from lynching blacks and as they choked ripping off pieces of flesh with corkscrews just for the FUN of it. Lots of attempts to put a few laws on the books so men couldn’t outright rape their wives and batter their faces into catcher’s mitts even when she DID clean and cook and was an obedient wife. And protests against wars fought to make the elite richer at the cost of the country.

    And PC Hippies/leftists either. Check out Robert Crumb’s character “Angelfood McSpade” the product of only having national geographic to whack off to;-) But he also was deep into the Blues and rescued a lot of characters from obscurity along with his public voice through his crazy comix.

    PC is an agenda to destroy America and any real progressive work by turning the cause of anti-racism and pro social progress into an insane twisted fascist parody of itself. Offensive to few and boring and dumb and oppressive to all. Hey, let’s not be prejudiced against rich people, give them bigger tax breaks the wealth will ‘trickle down’. Hey, let’s free the woman from the opression of the kitchen, let both man and woman work -wait now the labor pool is doubled so we can pay them both each LESS than HALF what we paid the man when he worked alone! Oh, wait, our feminists puppets still scream they earn less than a man, namely all they are good at is degrees in women’s studies and they get handed cushy jobs but want to earn as much as men who study math, science… Don’t worry, Toots! We’ll LOWER his wage to match yours! The family is the strong base of civilization so lets fill society with evil laws and the media with filth to break it apart, if everyone is leaves in the wind they can’t form unions anymore. Hey, we got a Global SWEATSHOP excuse me, Global village so you are a HATER if you don’t like losing your job that paid good money so a barefoot 6 year old girl chained to a post in a factory can do it for you. And when the generalissimo demands bribes that far more than make up for the ‘savings’ we get it from the government which takes it in taxes out of your UNEMPLOYMENT insurance, hahaha! Likewise, the flood of illegal immigrants and the other criminals with them, that’s “Human Rights” dood, don’t want to be a RACIST do you?

    Likewise this push, headed by the “Trope Pope” and her “Feminist Frequency” are more than a “Post Feminist” screeching for any cause now that for better or rather WORSE the “Feminist” cause has largely won so they are just hot air without a real cause to champion.

    And they are set to destroy the video game industry just as was done to publishing in the late 70s/80s. Want to see tons of forced PC tropes that make it boring, then the now subsidized by government money industry will eat the “Art game” / “indie” game world alive, and all the games will be dumb cartoon characters bleating “Don’t use drugs, kids!” and it’ll be outright illegal to make your own game?

    I’m not just foaming and ranting, though.
    My suggestion is this; a letter. And I mean snail mail, the post office needs the money…

    Write a simple, concise letter (a few of them) to publishers, politely assuring them you want bewbs and bloodshed and sexy and screw that ratings fascism. To advertisers on game sites that say you’ll avoid their product because the messages on these “Trope Popes” are against what you like for entertainment. And to publishers saying you won’t buy their PC sh-t anymore, better go back to barbarians, boobs, babes, bondage women waiting for rescue by barbarians, etc.

    • I just want to say… congratulations on your post actually showing up. I can’t count the number of times I’ve raged from my lengthy, blood and sweat posts never showing up on Sankaku. I had it happen twice just in this thread.

  • People are calling this game things like “The King of Side Scrolling Brawlers”, and the only label she can think of for it is just some “sexualized adolescent fantasy”? Once again, just like that Kotaku guy, she’s basically calling the creator and all his fans a bunch of 13 year olds, because obviously only 13 year olds get horny and have perverted thoughts. She’s insulting a hell of a lot of people with her “fair” review.

    She’s not giving an educated opinion here. If she really knew gaming and this genre she wouldn’t be able to help but to give it the score it deserves, but instead she’s being totally SHALLOW about it just as much as what she’s accusing others of doing. This isn’t a fair review but a platform to spread her propaganda.

    Contrary to what a lot of people say is a fact about reviews, I actually don’t think they should be so opinionated. They should just be as informed, educated, and unbiased as possible to at least give the due respect a game deserves on a technical level. Any personal opinions should be on the side.

  • so no one remembers AHNOLD schwarzenegger doing Conan or that Sonja playing Red Sonja movies – what did they wear let me remember…

    oh thats right – LOINCLOTH and muscles just like this fighter. And red sonja for jesuss sake wore a metal bikini.

    so western fantasy has always been like that – i mean swords and bare skin – perfect armor. there we go.

  • Feminism really full of bullshit. The touching guys chest do not count as sexual?

    You clearly can see the bias from these group of people. Its nothing new though, I’ve seen this kind of treatment many times already, when a man get rape, a feminist decide to not use the word rape in her describing blog. Probably trying to make it look like not a rape, even though its is, a rape.

    There are videos in youtube showing when a man beat a woman (its a TV show, not real thing) all the woman bystander get upset, and when a woman beat a man most of the woman bystander assume the guy is doing wrong (assume he’s cheating, mostly)..

    Once a woman seek advice of her husband committed suicide, after caught her adultery, and her daughter ask her how the dad died..the moderator, decide to tell the woman that she is free from any guilt, and all the wrong doing is blamed to the husband, calling him having a mental problem for committing suicide. Even she know that the trigger, is the woman. She is the one that commit adultery.

    When Lightning have cat girl outfit, its objectifying.. when Chris Redfield wear a sexy sailor outfit that showing navel, and tight short pants, nope, its not objectifying.

    The feminist claimed they seek equality, but what I observed is purely one sided gain. Woman gain all the advantages at the cost of man’s everything. Better call the feminism as a movement to hail all the woman and step on the man faces at any chance given.

  • What about the male anatomy? Never seen guys with torso’s that big and muscular.

    America, oh America. People are either seriously offended or don’t give a damn. What happened to that nice happy grey where people could discuss things?

  • Feminism is a cancer
    The west is badly infected

    It gets in the way of reson, logic, morals or common sense

    Game is good?
    OH NO BUT IT HAS GIRLS AND THEY ARE TOO HOT FOR MY PRUDISH STANDARDS! Gotta slap it with an obviously bullshit rating.

    It’s obvious that they aren’t real gmers, they are fascists.
    In asia girls can enjoy games with sexualized pretty boys just fine. They actually enjoy the games instead of just whining online because the pretty virtual girls made them feel insecure.

    We all know that’s the basis of all of those complains.
    Jealeousy and typical female angst.

    • So true.

      I like Japan on the way they handle sexual content and everybody get some, man get the boobs while woman get the pretty boy like you mention.

      Meanwhile, in west woman is allowed to get the handsome guy, but man are slammed left and right for the boobies.

  • It’s amusing how feminists immediately dismiss Japan as sexist to disregard the fact that almost nobody there has problems with this kind of media, including women of all ages.

    For example, watch the video of Asami Imai playing this game with her friends. Three females playing with a guy. Can you imagine that happening in the West?

    I’d also like to point out that Polygon is an even less reputable source than Sankaku, especially considering that it was created by the same people who often cited Sankaku when they were at Kotaku.

  • Everyone is overlooking the fact that how females appear in fiction has zero effect on most people’s view of females in reality. The fact is, nothing in Dragon’s Crown affects how I perceive or act towards women. I am sure it is the same for the majority of humanity.

    Modern feminism fundamentally assumes superiority through the self-deluded mindset that others lack the intelligence to separate fantasy from reality. They assume that everyone else is so stupid and beneath them that they need to police everyone.

    Also, the fact that modern feminists focus so heavily on fiction instead of reality proves that they don’t really want to solve anything, they just want to create excuses to justify gaining power over others.

    Finally, I find it interesting that feminists aren’t defending the Amazon for having such a muscular build, considering that it breaks out of the typical expectations of popular weak, slender feminine aesthetics that are so often described as unrealistic expectations forced upon women by the “patriarchy”.

    • I remember one comment from a gaming website that declare any medium have the power to change people’s mindset.

      Using some book that trigger the end of racism in US (some deep book I guess), they claimed that even games can change how peoples views woman..

      They seems to forget there are serious medium, and fantasy medium. That book about the racism may able to change mentality, but do the novel Twilight will change people’s view? I don’t think so.

      Mixing up a entertainment medium with a serious medium shows that feminist have some problem in distinguish between fantasy and reality.

    • Maybe we need a test to reviewer, make sure their mind is clear before authorized writing an article. I am not against a woman in game industry, but not feminist. Never, ever, the feminist.

  • Well, the point is all the characters are mutated and it is not like the female characters are solely eye candy. They actually are bad ass and you play them. Which makes it far less than sexist. Even the blokes are rather mutated with their muscles and exaggerated.

    Plus the gameplay looks great. Lol the mini grope mini game is hilarious. That is a bit odd, but its for all the characters ahaha.

    I think she clearly hasnt reviewed the gameplay. Which isnt sexist.

    Feminism : It is a shame she being like that.
    the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

    So all the crap to do with feminazis and feminist to be man haters is utter tosh.

  • Oh look, it’s another SJW who’s trying to kickstart her career by causing some controversy and getting a shit-ton of media attention by shouting accusations of sexism or racism… oh, and look, and it’s working!

  • It’s a game. Women are objectified for their curves and cunning. Males are objectified for their strength and utility. I don’t think anybody expects to see real dragons, women to have breast as large as watermelons or males to have biceps as big as tree trunks in real life. There’s always plenty of other game options too. Like tetris, or farmville…but it won’t be as fun and action packed as this game.

  • Really though, she’s right. Look at the designs. Look at the minigames. The low score is probably unwarranted, but critics give opinions, and critics who are out of line with the majority aren’t that useful or relevant. But… yeah, it’s grossly sexualized adolescent fantasy, clearly. Nothing wrong with that – there’s a market for it. People like it. But let’s call a spade a spade.

    • People are calling this game things like “The King of Side Scrolling Brawlers”, and the only label she can think of for it is just some “sexualized adolescent fantasy”? Once again, just like that Kotaku guy, she’s basically calling the creator and all his fans a bunch of 13 year olds, because obviously only 13 year olds get horny and have perverted thoughts. She’s insulting a hell of a lot of people with her “fair” review.

      She’s not giving an educated opinion here. If she really knew gaming and this genre she wouldn’t be able to help but to give it the score it deserves, but instead she’s being totally SHALLOW about it just as much as what she’s accusing others of doing. This isn’t a fair review but a platform to spread her propaganda.

      Contrary to what a lot of people say is a fact about reviews, I actually don’t think they should be so opinionated. They should just be as informed, educated, and unbiased as possible to at least give the due respect a game deserves on a technical level. Any personal opinions should be on the side.

  • This just in: female reviewer reviews semi-parodic game designed for a different demographic, doesn’t like it much. News at 11.

    This would be like me playing a yaoi VN and then whining that the portrayals of men aren’t appealing, realistic, etc. The only difference is that I wouldn’t review it, because like 99.99999% of the human race I can tell when something isn’t made to cater to my sensibilities.

    If she wants to make a case that the game industry is sexist as a whole, fine. At least that’s obviously true. But this game isn’t even the worst offender; it’s mostly a parody and it’s most sexy female character is the most clothed and reasonably proportioned one anyhow.

    • Do you know Patricia of Kotaku deliberately hide the fact that cat girl outfit DLC for Lightning in FF 13-3, is optional?

      One commenter said it disintegrate Lightning character, when I point out it was optional and the official dress still remain faith to her character, the commenter was shocked. I do agree with the notion the dress disintegrate her character if its the main dress, but it isn’t.

      And the fact that Patricia purposely hide the fact to stir the comment section is even more disturbing. Very low quality and low morality journalism there.

  • Aaand above is why i stopped identifying myself as a feminist and started decöaring myself pro-equality. Because i don´t like sexism, no matter what gender it hurts or which gender propagates it.

  • Oh no! A fantasy game using fantastical characters pulled from someone’s fantasy! Tell you what, feminists, don’t like the way women are represented in games? Make your own fucking games…it’s what PETA does, and look at how great THOSE are!

  • Well actually, Polygon is funded by Microsoft so they have been giving really low scores to all Playstation exclusives.

    No matter the good points said in their article they will always give it a low score.

    The feminazi thing is just an excuse to cover this up though.

  • Feminists. You have no idea what guys’ “adolescent fantasy” really is. You want the truth about guys’ fantasy? If you’re offended by this game, you can’t handle the truth.

  • The reason her argument is complete bunk is that it doesn’t single out women. Men are grossly exaggerated to the same degree and paraded about like caricatured ideals just as excessively as the women (see: the pretty-boy fighter and the half-naked, rippling dwarf).

    It’s a fantasy game so it should be fantastical, and no one should have to play a fat, ugly Rufus-like man or a dumpy little shrew just because that’s closer to reality.

  • And sexism against males strikes again. God knows males shouldn’t be allowed to fantasize, but women can do it all they want just cause they deny it. So tired of feminists and the like trying to declare males as this trashy useless gender, that should be ashamed for having a penis.
    That kind of narrow-minded bigotry is disgusting.

    • Who cares. It’s a game. No one is forced to play or spend their money on optional entertainment. These whiners should be more focused getting females and men out the porn industry than whining about some little exaggerated cartoon characters in a fantasy greek mythology influenced game.

  • There’s this one woman at work who just won’t shut-up (once she starts) about womens’ rights and how men hold them down with with unrealistic expectations (and in the next breath spewing the merits of ’50 Shades of Gray’…freak hypocrite).

    I’m gonna see if I can find a poster or wall scroll of this so I can put it up at work.

    In her cubicle.

    Before anyone else gets in.

    Not like the office keeps track of who gets in when 🙂

    • I know the same type person. In first day at collage, in orientation there are this debate between man group and woman group on random topic given by lecturer. It went smoothly, most of the time the guys do the talking, then BAM.

      The topic is woman right, and the women start talking, non stop and fires bullet to the guys group (its was a friendly debate, more like a friendly discussion than I-have-to-win debate). Non stop, and the guy not even given any chances to talk. The guys leader face look like a puppy just receive a punch from its owner. He look sad, and lost cause.

      After that, the topic changes to about the oil dispute in middle east, if I remember correctly. The female group have no input, remain silent like they was before the woman right topic, and amazingly, not one woman utter any word. Its like “I done complaining, and for this topic you do the talking”

      I was expecting them to talk more on the oil topic, thinking they are shy before, and the woman right topic will give them confident to talk more, but that clearly not the case.

      Its more likely these women reading too much on the woman right/equality topic and don’t care about other topic.

      After that I start noticing most woman is very vocal only on the topic that involved a man-woman relationship, be it positive or negative. Even in gaming website, the female user usually give comment and aggressively replying to a comment when any article that the author spin to make it sound offensive to their gender (like Dragon Crown) come out.

  • I preordered mine on amazon. Yeah the sexy characters are fun, but I’m just tired of all the 3D super realistic CGI playable movie games.. a good old style side scrolling sprite-based masher game is quite nostalgic. Not everyone wants more pokemon.

  • Whenever there’s a half-baked, wannabe “journalist” trying to sell their own subjective opinion as objective fact, i can’t help but laugh at the silliness of it all. All this misunderstood feminism, equality-now over the dead bodies of delusional “enemies”, give-us-more-rights-than-the-others-have…it’s just sickening.

    Look ,here’s the deal. I’m male. That’s it. I love to look and interact with females just as much as any other straight man out there. I love the female form (shocking, right..dangerous even?) and yet, when everything is said and done, i can totally and absolutely respect women in spite of all those fully natural tendencies. Me playing games like these has absolutely no impact on the way i usually treat ALL humans with the same initial respect. Whether they deserve it or not is something that has to be determined later.

    However, when you see such articles flying around, you can’t help but come to the conclusion that such people with a “righteous cause” are actually the ones that cause nothing but trouble for themselves and the ones they think they’d represent/protect for whatever reason.

    Why are such people so afraid of the female form? Why would they go out of their way to raise their pitchforks against fiction and art? Why do their arguments always sound like a mantra to convince themselves of their own actions?

    Sexualized/Adolescent..these words ring so hollow if you take a look at what they are projected against. Fictional characters. Fictional characters who regularly defy the perceptions that are held against them.

    The true danger lies somewhere else. Namely in the sad fact that “rights-activists” can’t distinguish fiction from reality. Normally that wouldn’t be much of a problem, we all get lost in dreams from time to time, but these people are so delusional about “threats” and “dangers” that they can no longer see the difference between what is real and what is not. Aggressively declaring real-life human rights to be projected onto fiction.

    That is, for all intents and purposes, insanity.

    • Their idiots looking to control society. Simple, the liberal feminist under-tones is this

      Attack Gaming=Attack men’s dicks. Attack men’s dicks= CONTROL

      Which is the WHOLE POINT. This is NOT about protecting women. Infact the entire idea of whining about this game does NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to help or ‘protect’ women out in the REAL WORLD, where actual actions ACTUALLY impact them.

      Not some guy enjoying a game. Infact, I ENCOURAGE and support guys to play any game they please. If it keeps em occupied, relieved and happy who cares. Why take away other people’s happiness. These poor excuses called Feminist and their supporters are NOTHING like the feminist from before, the true feminist who actually SUPPORTED females showing their sexual freedom!

      These are the bullshit feminist who creeped out and want nothing more than society and especially men to be under their thumb. It’s a TRICK people, and the liberal feminist like Anita Shitski are just using brain-dead whiner’s emotions, the Christians “perspective” and annoying parents who think the entire game industry belong to them as excuses to fund their own little $$$$ while they take away everyone else’s enjoyment. Why don’t feminist, western game-media and the like stfu, sit down, and mind their own business.

      No one is hurt or harmed by a video-game, so there is no real issue at all. Just those going out the sidelines to make one. Too much time on the hands and lots of mouth. If they wanted to be productive, put their money where their mouths are and get males and females out the porn industry or strip bars.

  • Yet another feminazi bitch. I hate using the last term but I feel in this case it is appropriate since she is willing to harm a game over it when it should be reviewed on its merits of playability and such, not art.

    I’m totally for women’s rights and healthy portrayals but that should have no bearing in art. Art is freedom of expression, leave it alone. If they want to truly do good then they must get off their asses and stop trying to censor art and get out there and help the women who need their help. What about the sexualization of women in movies and TV/commercials? That is far more disempowering/damaging than a videogame.

    • All feminism is bullshit.
      What the fuck are you talking about? Female right haven’t been a thing in first wolrd countries for decades.
      Feminism, feminist fascism, feminazis, all the same shit. It’s evil.
      Pure evill. Crazy movement controlled by some old ugly bitches full of sheep that has nothing redeeming or of any value.
      No real feminist is a decent human being or wants any kind of justice. They are all despicable.

      • I don’t like feminism either but I think your post is pretty terrible…

        If you’re gonna fight back feminists at all you have to do it a little more reasonably than that. They’re already the unreasonable ones, we shouldn’t be.

  • I do agree the proportions are disgusting but that’s for nearly all characters in the game. Call it male power or male sexual fantasies if you want but there is a difference between that and what is done in Dragon’s Crown. It’s an art style in a great exaggerated world so all the characters are exaggerated.

    Besides, I’m sure every male, even teens, realize that this is fantasy and nothing more and has absolutely no basis in reality. If she thinks that it does affect the male mind then that just shows what she thinks of men. So she’s obviously biased and just wants to cause trouble.

    Plus, it is completely unfair to rate a game based on it’s art style. Definitely make a mention of it and give an opinion but that should not be reflected in the final score, which should be about how well the game plays, story, value, glitches (or lack of), etc.

    • I am very sure she thinks that a violent games, shooting between the eyes COD do not influence people’s mind, do not make anybody to be violent, but somehow Dragon Crown can do the influence people’s mind because she think it can.

      I am sick of this biased mentality, really really sick of it.

  • starsplash says:

    This iss the difference between a reviewer and a gamer. A gamer doesn’t bother themselves with moral Bullshit because they know that video games are fantasy. They just focus on the mechanics. A reviewer aren’t gamers (Im sorry, they really aren’t. At least these types). They focus on realism which is usually irrelevant because it is a game and not real, and very little on the game itself. Its almost like this author was forced to review this game without knowing the genre. And when reviewers critique games based on moral and realist standards, none of these Jrpg games would get good scores because they are to interested in the sexual nature of the games rather than if this game was fun and whether the mechanics are set.

  • I’m a bit a surprised that dragon’s crown is getting so much attention, especially in the west, that some people are even making a fuss over this.

    Where was this feminist criticism for previous vanilla ware games?

    Then again, this is a polygon review; so yeah.. carry on friends, there’s nothing else to see here…

  • Poloygon is agenda driven in its reviews, tries too hard to be controversial to become relevant and lost all credibility when they rated the Sim City clusterfuck highly. Ignore them, maybe they’ll go away.

  • Yet they ignore every half dressed male that would be labeled a sex god in their own right. They wouldn’t bitch if it was up in a gallery. Still getting this wonderful game because Vanillaware is good at making them.

  • The clothing is sexy but I don’t like the character design. The only problem I have with the character design is how the head is much smaller than the body. It looks disproportional. Other than that the girl’s clothing designs are dead sexy yeah!

    • As it was point out, the Dragon Crown theme is exaggerating body proportion. It was mention by George Kamitami that he purposely did it because he try to be different than other designer.

    • These people are called “Social Justice Warriors”, or “SJWs” in short, and they are a bit like hipsters with a main interest of finding things to be offended by.

      It’s important to realize that SJWs will be offended by literally _anything_, because it’s really not about stopping sexism, racism, abelism, etc, it’s instead about them scoring cred with their SJW friends while feeling smug about themselves.

      Some people even manage to make a professional career out of this by saying stupid and controversial stuff online, and then bootstrapping their career by cashing in the nasty troll threats that will come in.

    • It’s a male power fantasy, everything is a male power fantasy – weak loser guys, strong manly guys, weak sexy women, weak cute girls who don’t give off the least bit of sexuality, strong amazonian women. Everything and everyone ever is a male power fantasy 😛

      • I hate that word.

        Might as well call a sexy woman in the game as FEMALE FIGURE FANTASY. Lets be honest, there are not one woman that want to be ugly and fat. Given a chance or a wish from genie, ALL OF THEM will wish to have the body of Megan Fox and face of Jennifer Lawrence.

      • No, then they’ll accuse the game as showing women as unappealing and awkward. It doesn’t matter if the game is intentionally being unsexy or not. It’s still sexist by whatever criteria they want it to be sexist.

        • In the end, they complain for sake of complaining and to direct their negative energy and stress accumulated in their head..

          A tips. Do you know that when a woman complain, the thing you recommended to do is to shut up? It because the complain will only prolonged if you be a wise ass and counter them, they complain because they want you to listen their anger, not to find a solution..

          A case.
          Woman: I am so tired, I gave to work overtime everyday and my bad auntie Mary come to the office and create havoc. Its so embarrassing.

          Man: Why don’t you quite your job. You don’t like it anyway. About your auntie, lets go to her house this weakened and have some talk with her.
          – this is the wrong respond. If you talk like this, she will accuse you for not listening to her. Sound familiar, the “not listening” part?

          The right response.

          Man: You poor baby. It must be tough for you. Are you alright? Come sit here, let me make you a nice drink.

          -this is, listening in woman context.

          When a woman complain, they do not look for a solution, but they look for someone to hear her out..

  • Danielle Riendeau is a sad old spinster with the maturity of a 15 year old, and Jason Shreier is a white knight little bitch who’s about the same mental age. It’s fucking hilarious.

    Maybe they should date, so Jason can finally get the pussy he’s looking for with all that retarded bullshit of his.

  • and what’s so bad with George Kamitani’s esthetics…? by now people who played Vanillaware games should either be familiar with Shigatake (Odin Sphere PCs and Kumatanchi, Muramasa as well?) and George’s (Raiden from Muramasa and rest of the villains in Odin Sphere, full PC of Dragon’s Crown) character designs…

  • As usual, feminism not using logic or facts to back her arguments. They labeled it as an “Adolescent Fantasy”.

    So I did my own scientific research on this subject: I’m 28 years old, I masturbated to the sorceress massive breasts, and the results were favourable. Age was not an impediment.

  • And guess what, according to a certain Mr. Schreier those who fapped to Sorceress are lolicons! It sure fun when reviewers are talking about “horrible and disturbing art” more than the gameplay itself.

  • All of this is of course just the opinion of a single narrow-minded feminist zealot game critic. And as such has nothing to do with those of who possess far greater minds as evidenced by the Metacritic capture right there.

  • 4 more days, can’t wait to get my hands on this. Anyways, don’t see what the big deal is, games are for entertainment, it can be sexy and fun.

    Also, lol @ Women activist making a big deal about the sexualised female. Theres hypermasculine male characters in the game and us guys ain’t complaining.

  • The exaggeration is very distracting. That is the right word.

    Adolescents wouldn’t even find it that attractive, it’s so absurd that it’s making fun of itself, so this person, like most videogame reviewers, is up their own ass.

      • Feminism has always been bullshit, it has always been responsible for bullshit and full of crazy sacks of shit that don’t give shit about creative arts, or justice, or men or even other women.It’s like a sect of crazy female KKK.

        They are all about patronizing women. deminizing men, hating on everything and demanding more privileges to their ever incresing pile of special benefits.

        They are also all about lies and bullshit.
        More men get raped than women, more men are victims of sexual violence than women, men are doing worse in education and workforce ratings, men always lose on family courts and feminists just keep trying to hide those facts.

        • 100 years ago I figured that was their ideal, but then somewhere down the line that became sexist in and of itself because it portrayed women as only being good if they were “Like men”.

          Then these same feminists antagonize girls who make cookies.

          It really doesn’t make sense.

      • i wouldnt even call the person a feminitst, at least the “real” feminists focus on the real issues, these new age fuckwhits just try to find something to bitch about to try make a name for themselves….and subsiquently fail in the end.

        • “Women who hate men and who want women to be *superior*, on the other hand, are NOT feminists. They’re misandrists.”

          Well, these people do call themselves as feminist.. I’d think the real feminist as you claimed should do something to kick out this fake people from sullying the group’s name.

          So far, nothing has been done, and there are many feminist(or fake, hard to tell) that I observed do have superiority mentality. Thinking their gender is better, and the manipulating the situation so it be on favor of woman, disregarding any common sense and rule.

        • @09:06 – the funny thing is, I have yet to see any threat from the “feminist” aspect of Atheism Plus. I think it does a lot of damage when MRA or anyone in general attacks someone for even mentioning the word “feminist” and then associate it with “Dworkinism” when they haven’t done or said anything to justify that level of threat. What I know about the person who started the movement, she doesn’t seem at all like even Anita Sarkeesian levels of Feminazi. Not saying you guys are wrong, I’d just like an example of when Atheism Plus has done something shitty.

        • @09:06 – the funny thing is, I have yet to see any threat from the “feminist” aspect of Atheism Plus. I think it does a lot of damage when MRA or anyone in general attacks someone for even mentioning the word “feminist” and then associate it with “Dworkinism” when they haven’t done or said anything to justify that level of threat. What I know about the person who started the movement, she doesn’t seem at all like even Anita Sarkeesian levels of Feminazi. Not saying you guys are wrong, I’d just like an example of when Atheism Plus has done something shitty.

          I mean, there are still instances these days, like in the Fighting Game Community where there’s been a case recently where a clan’s team leader started treating his female member like absolute shit for no other reason besides simply her being female, and I see no problem with some kind of feminist group standing up for someone put into that horrible position.

        • Wow, I’m surprised that there are other sancom readers that know of the hilarious freak-show named “Atheism Plus”.
          They are hilarious in their insanity, but I’m still surprised, since I always thought no more than a few hundred persons even noticed their existence.

        • @08:33 – there was a time when specific aspects of society required feminism, though, like the right for women to vote and the fairness of various laws. I think now we’ve pretty much gotten to the point where our rights have become equal but society in general just doesn’t treat both men and female with equal freedom when it comes to different things.

          Feminism is only really useful now in societies where equal rights have not been achieved. Social views should be a whole other thing entirely.

          To see the state of equality for both men and women in our society today, for example, you only need to look at the toy isles and how they’re separated between male and female. Society should see all those things in either aisle as acceptable for anyone of either gender to purchase, not discourage anyone. That’s where all the gender stereotypes and hatred start.

        • Actually, if you dig a bit into feminism you’ll find out that the feminism movement have never been about equality, but about increasing women’s privileges.

          They have a long history of having men-hating nutjobs in powerful and influential positions, and that this hypcritical view on male vs female sexuality where bikini amazon = WRONG! while loincloth barbarian = YOU GO GIRL! is entirely in line with feminism ideology.

        • Both “feminism” and “masculisum” are useless ideas anyways. Both males and females have been deemed both superior or inferior to each other by society in a multitude of different ways. By supporting one you’re ignoring the other and that doesn’t help equality in my eyes. I would think that a person who consider themselves equal would also treat everything else equally, meaning supporting a person of either sex who is being harmed or treated unfairly. It should be considered hypocritical to support the freedoms of one and not the other.

        • Actually, Anon 01:01, equality is exactly what feminists fight for. Feminism just means that you want both men and women to have exactly the same rights.

          Women who hate men and who want women to be *superior*, on the other hand, are NOT feminists. They’re misandrists.

        • femanazis – professional victims. Just look at the cunts ( both women AND “men” ) that infest Athieism Plus. They’ve infected what was originally a forward thinking movement of intellectuals and critical thinkers and turned it into a pathetic bitch-fest where every person should feel justified to be offended at EVERYone if they don’t fit in with their facist agenda. They’re ruining everythign for everyone around the world with their nonsense. And with the women associated with that cult…fair enough, they’re women who have issues with men, no matter how twisted their own ideas are. It’s to be expected of butthurt, fugly bogmonsters who are self loathing and resentful of thier lack of femininity. It’s boring but not that annoying. It’s the emasculated limp wristed herbivore fawning pandering pathetic loser BETA-Males that support them in just yet another sneaky way to try and get in the women’s underwear, like the deluded sickening white knights that they are. Cunts, every last one of them.

      • They are not 1:1 analogues. The man is a male POWER fantasy. He represents strength, masculinity, and other male desires. The woman is a male SEXUAL fantasy. She represents all the things a male desires in a woman. And in both cases, they’re MALE fantasies. Nothing about them represents female desires. You can’t just say, “Both are half-naked people on the screen, thus represent the same thing.” because that’s not even remotely true. And both represent immature desires, hence why it’s an adolescent” fantasy. (That’s directed to the above comment pondering why a teenage boy would want to see hyper-masculine men on their screen (as if young boys don’t watch wrestling for the same reason.))

        • I know women who want to look and be like the sorceress, although they know it’s just a fantasy. So that makes her a female power fantasy now, right? So fair is fair, equality reached, let the game be fairly reviewed now.

        • FACT: Feminsts understand absolutely nothing about the men they rally against and also love sweeping generalizations. Ironically, this only makes them take many steps backwards, ultimately.

        • In the mini game video above theres a hypermasculin shirtless man he’s clearly there to appeal to women (or guys who like Free!).

          Male Power is definitely a woman’s sexual fantasy (unless your a dude who likes Free!).

          All im saying is, the analogue is 1:1 (unless your a fan of Free!).

        • @ Anon 18:44

          While well-put, I feel like you are going the wrong direction. Rather than denying that we are simple, the reality isn’t that one is simple and the other is complex, but that we all have simple desires wrapped in bullshit to pretend that our simple desires have complex backgrounds. We both love, admire, fear, and explore sex as a human being, both men and women. What we need to stop pretending is that we don’t enjoy these crazy simplifications because it makes life nice and simple and allows us to, for even a moment, apologetically enjoy a gigantic set of breasts or a woman who just sluts herself up for just a moment to let us pretend that for just an instant, they just enjoy sex without any attached lies or social taboos, and the same for women in terms of a man being lanky and handsome, or tall and strong, being a representation of just an archetype of a man who is a servant to her sexual desires, whatever her experiences have let them evolve to be.

          Archetypes are archetypes for this reason. Humanity shelves general concepts in their minds into simpler elements for the sake of being able to focus on major elements, archetypes are nothing more than another aspect of this. Being afraid of sex because of social taboos doesn’t change this at all, and people believing one aspect of sex is wrong compared to another is yet again the ego stepping in to determine those archetypes.

        • “as if young boys don’t watch wrestling for the same reason”

          I just read the rest of your post. I am anon 18:44.

          This is exactly what I was talking about in my post. I didn’t watch wrestling as a kid. I didn’t like it. Some of my friends did. Others didn’t.

          We don’t all have the same interests and fantasies.

        • “They are not 1:1 analogues. The man is a male POWER fantasy. He represents strength, masculinity, and other male desires”

          Basically, your argument is “men all want to have huge muscles, so it’s okay to idealize them into a woman’s sexual fantasy”. Men aren’t some unified entity, you know. We’re all different. For instance, I like having a slender, cool body, so I don’t identify with muscled men archetypes. I don’t find having muscles like them desirable. I don’t want to have the “bad ass” attitude that a lot of modern male characters have, these days. I don’t want a beard or a mustache.

          Women aren’t some unified entity, either. There are women who love games like this and Dead or Alive. Some of them like the designs and exaggerations and others don’t. But for the ones who don’t, you wouldn’t openly say “Women want to look like this, so it’s okay”, would you? It would be sexist, right? It would imply that all women are simple and have the same likes and dislikes, correct?

          I really wish people would stop trying to use this argument. It holds no water and honestly makes me feel like people are brushing off male idealization as a non-issue when it’s everywhere or that we’re simple and have all the same interests.

        • Actually she reviewed a “Leisure Suit Larry” game and said barely anything regarding the sexual content. Besides a thinly clothed, muscled dwarf and a warrior/knight with a really small head that she conveniently glossed over. Focuses on 2 of the possible 6 playable characters. Double standard anyone?

        • Are you forgetting that women would more likely fantasize sexually about sexy buffed men than a guy would? Your thinking too much into this.

          Gou Matsuoka, from Free is a perfect excample, she just oggles @ buffed half-naked guys.

          P.S. Fuck Free!

        • Women pretend that just because their fantasies are more subtle that they’re not as ridiculous. The irony is that at least male fantasies divide themselves more readily from reality, hence the exaggerations and unrealistic prospects. Women who chastise men for those fantasies merely have the wherewithal to do so because they rarely recognize their fantasies as subtle expectations on reality that they are unable to separate. No man would look at those body shapes and appropriate it to reality. They are archetypes. And archetypes are designed to be larger than life fantasy to represent aspects of human ego, just as every god has since the dawn of time, through Sumeria, Greece, and and into all modern religions.

      • The art is trying a new approach, going all out from traditional arts that plague many games (hyper realistic, in shit load of games)..

        It can work, it can not work. The IGN people maybe hates the art, but some of other review and gamer, do appreciate the new approach.

  • I just gotta say, I hate feminists and feminazi bitches, but some of the things some guys are saying here… I see that a lot of you guys say you support female freedoms and wouldn’t complain if women had their own sexual fantasies portrayed in a game or anything, but… what happened when Free! showed up? Don’t kid yourselves, we all attack each other and will continue to attack each other. Today they hate our toys and tomorrow we will hate their toys. That’s just how the wonderful world keeps turning. 😛

    (btw, the sarcasm kicks in here when it starts to sound like I actually support this circle of perpetual bullshit and vengeful hatred)

    • We did hate it, but the reason is because KyoAni decide to abandon its fans to cater different audience.

      There are no noise about Uta no Prince-sama, Brother Conflict, or the yaoi Gravitation, or any other fujiyoshi, multiple handsome man anime..

      If Free was done by other studio and KyoAni release their regular genre anime, there will be no complain of that version of Free.

      • That makes no sense, KyoAni has various teams and the one working on Free! was a different one and wouldn’t keep any other KyoAni anime from being made. We basically got Free! instead of nothing at all.

    • Another thing, our opinion do not affect or carry any weight, but her opinion, as a professional reviewer can affect a sales.

      Pro have to be fair in their review, not give the score down because she saw one thing she dislike and blinding herself towards the positive point of Dragon Crowns. She’s not been fair in her judgement, and that is what a bad reviewer do.

      Why is she given the right to review beyond me, this games is better given for review for a people that more similar to the demographic this games try to sales.

      As example, a gay games if given to a hetero will result in bad scores, but if the game given to a gay, it will gain better score. Especially if the game is made, aimed for gays.

      • To be honest, i have to question her being a professional. Apparently, this is not the first time she criticized games for non-factual reasons and that means she’s repeatedly broken the golden rules of journalism to not let personal opinions be part of a fair, objective review of facts.

        All of her accusations are not facts but her own constructs. If she had any dignity as a journalist, she’d publish a formal apology containing her transgressions.

        Because of that, this “review” has no value beyond it being a written opinion.

        • You just said “journalism” when talking about video game reviewers.

          I hope you realize how funny that is.

          The game industry is the absolute cesspool of shitty journalism, full of people who, instead of looking for facts, look for freebies and hand-outs and exchange them for glorified, overhyped press coverage.

        • Really? Her review always been that bad? This remind me of Patricia, Kotaku’s review.

          You should check out her Call of Duty review. It’s so bad and she basically talk about her experience and knowledge about war, and not about the game.

          She mention Saddam Hussein execution in her review for crying out loud, and blabbering in I think 20 paragraph about her bad experience, that barely related to the game.

          The bad review in topic:

          Sometimes, I wonder if these two “journalist” being tested before given the job. Probably the website owner afraid to turn them down as it can evoke feminazi response, calling the game industry sexist by not admitting both of these “qualified author”.

          Or maybe these people is a agent from feminist, sent to spread out the ideology.I won’t rule out this possibility as its very clear from their article that they are indeed a feminist.

    • The whining is only because KyoAni abandon them. That’s it.

      If Free is done by other studio, not KyoAni, I am sure there will be no complain about that, as long as KyoAni released their usual genre anime. Moe or slice of life..

      Do we talk trash about Uta no Prince-sama, Brother Conflict,and Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun, the another yaoi vibe anime this season? Nope, the attack only directed to Free, with the reasoning I just told you.

        • Also proof, yaoi anime and manga have survive long enough, undisturbed by the hetero group.

          Yes, there are spark or bit judging on taste by both side, but each other at most only something like saying “i hate the gay anime” or “Otaku sucks” but that’s it.

          We the do not go out all the way writing a review to shunned the yaoi anime/manga/game down, or doing something that leading the masses to judge the fujiyoshi’s taste.. and possibly leading to the massive genre hating and discrimination.

          Its very different. What we do and what this Polygon author woman is very different in impact and scale, the author have cross the line and potentially, leading to games like this to never exist again in future.

          Danielle Riendeau’s review is an ultimate form of discrimination, and show’s her as a shallow person that like to judge other taste strongly. She is very self-righteous, shown by her very biased review.

        • Perhaps the anger was misfired towards the gays lover (not woman in general, just towards fujiyoshi) but I am telling you that is the real reason.

          We don’t give a damn about yaoi, we can simply not watching that gay anime (unlike some feminist that forcing their ideology into other) but when a studio that we like greatly turn their back against us, we are pissed.

  • Just looked at the fondling video. Pretty boring tbh… My fav is the orc butcher, so sexy 😀

    Funny thought: imagine someone faps to the girl and right at the end it switches to the orc (don’t know if it switches itself or you have to press a button). That’s kinda funny.

    On the review… seems okay and not feminist. It’s a fact that the character designs are ridiculous…