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Aso Sorry for “Learn From Nazi Germany” Remarks


Deputy Prime Minister, former-PM and noted Rozen Maiden fan Taro Aso has caused outrage by supposedly saying Japan should copy the methods Nazi Germany used to do away with its pesky liberal constitution, although despite his apologies there are some concerns that he may have been grievously misquoted after all.

Aso’s translated comments were quoted as saying Japan should sneak through constitutional reform as Hitler did with his infamous Enabling Act:

“The German Weimar constitution changed, without being noticed, to the Nazi German constitution. Why don’t we learn from their tactics?”

Predictably, China and South Korea have also weighed in, with China warning it that after only 70 years of being Asia’s doormat Japan must “win the trust of Asian neighbours and the international community through concrete actions” and Korea claiming the remarks “definitely hurt many people.”

Top anti-anti-semites the Simon Wiesenthal Center also condemned him:

“What is worth learning from the Nazis? How to secretly undermine democracy perhaps? Has he forgotten how Nazi Germany dragged the world into the abyss of the Second World War?”

Aso quickly retracted his remarks in response to all the controversy:

“I retract my remarks in which I cited the Nazis as an example, as it has ended up leading to misunderstanding.”

The Chief Cabinet Secretary also affirmed this:

“I want to make it clear that the… cabinet will never view the Nazi government positively.”

Japan’s post-war constitution remains unchanged from the version imposed upon the ruined empire by MacArthur in 1947, essentially being a hastily cribbed copy of the US constitution with the notable addition of a “pacifism” clause.

Aso and most of the LDP have long been keen to reform it, with proposals ranging from wholesale reform to allow the sort of authoritarian state most LDP nationalists seem desperate for, to the most moderate and realistic option of a revision of Article Nine to allow a more credible defensive posture against China, although as Japan maintains the world’s 4th largest navy despite its provision that “land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained” the practical necessity of reform seems questionable.

Another recent development has been efforts by the LDP to support an initial reform of the constitution’s requirements for revision, in order to make it easier for them to pass their wish-list of subsequent reforms (most of which relate to stripping individuals of rights, or making the document “more Japanese” as the LDP would have it).

As might be expected, some have alleged his remarks were simply quoted out of context or translated rather liberally (and may have a point, as the original address apparently does not explicitly mention Nazis at all and is clearly alluding to the threat China poses to Japan’s security) – his full address:

The international situation Japan finds itself in now differs completely from that it found itself in when it enacted the current constitution. Thinking you can just shout about the constitution and peace will come is a big mistake.

The objective of the constitution is the stability and peace of the nation. The constitution itself is just the means to this end. It’s not something we should determine in the midst of an uproar.

We should calmly consider what sort of environment we find ourselves surrounded with, after carefully considering the situation conduct constitutional reform in line with public opinion. If we don’t, we cannot avoid a mistake.

Germany’s Hitler arose under the Weimar constitution, at the time thought to be Europe’s most progressive constitution. Even with a constitution regarded as good such a thing was possible.

I don’t want to discuss the constitution in an excited atmosphere. Even with the Yasukuni Shrine, we should visit and pay our respects quietly. What would be strange is that we would not pay our respects to those who gave their lives for the nation. We should visit quietly.

So, saying “we should do it quietly” is also relevant to the Weimar constitution – it was changed without anyone even noticing. How about we learn from their methods? I have no intention of denying democracy, but I do not want to decide something like this in the midst of an uproar.

There is some concern about the level of difference between the full text of his speech and what mass media soundbites have alleged he said:

“If that is what he actually said, what is the problem?”

“Somebody upload his full speech please…”

“The worthless media needs to stop editing what he said and put the whole thing out.”

“Honestly, there is something really wrong with our media if they manage to turn this into ‘Aso supports the Nazis!'”

“Maybe one of them simply didn’t understand the speech?”

“Maybe to the most deluded anti-Japanese maniacs this does look like praise of the Nazis?”

“This is a pretty egregious example of media fabrication. The LDP should do something about the press!”

“The world’s media is going on about him praising the Nazis and the word ‘Nazi’ isn’t even mentioned in the original speech!”

“It looks as though the Yomiuri altered what he said in their quote of him to say ‘The Weimar Constitution was changed into the Nazi Constitution without anyone ever noticing. How about we learn from that?'”

“Aren’t they ashamed? I guess they make more money making things up than would reporting anything honestly.”

“He’s still talking about how they changed the Weimar Republic into the Nazi Germany overnight.”

“I think he has a point… I read the Wikipedia article on the Enabling Act and was convinced. The Nazis did not even abolish the constitution, they just passed an act and overrode it all.”

“According to tweets from people who actually attended, that was the basic content of what he said though – he was saying it doesn’t really matter how good your constitution is you let someone amend it in the midst of a crisis or uproar, not praising the Nazis or the method they used.”

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  • “HE plays with dolls.”

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    ich weiß nicht wieso ich so oft aso und also in meinen deutschen sätzen hab ….

  • Not shocking when i recall that Nazi Germany was practically under roman catholic control through the roman catholic dictator Adolf Hitler.
    I’m sure Abe has his ties with either the Jesuits or some other special roman catholic elite bureaucrats.
    There is a reason why Gemrany was allied with the Japan in WWII.
    Both countries were under indirect control of the Vatican, where the japanese were right in rejecting the jesuits and roman catholics when the shogunate was established, though they went overboard and banned christianity in its whole.
    Currently both are still under roman catholic control.
    In Japan one can see it in all kinds of roman catholic schools and the roman catholic influence in many anime.
    Abe is just another traitor to the japanese populace, selling them out to the pope.

  • So basically what he is saying is that he wants to change the constitution without the public scrutiny that would make the changes he wants unacceptable. If he wanted to repeal the pacifism clause alone he would just say so. He obviously wants more authoritarian changes like the establishment of a wartime dictatorship, or some other unaccountable office to be established.

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  • The reports over-emphasized Naziism a bit, but the meaning is clearly there in the original: let’s push something through that allows us to rearm and attack other countries. Of course, his stated idea is that Japan should be able to attack others to protect itself, but he still is praising Nazi tactics and comparing Japan’s current situation to that of Germany in the early 1930s.

    Personally, I think there are lots of things that Hitler did well — reviving the economy, principally. But revising the constitution was not one of them. Unfortunately, it is clear to all — even those who won’t admit it — that there are some unreconstructed imperialists in positions of power in Japan.

    Calling Japan the “doormat of Asia ” is stupid: it remains the most prosperous country in the region, and in possession of some islands that by the terms of the WW2 Potsdam Declaration it should not have. I’ve read all the supposed apologies, but we all know that right-wing Japanese do not really apologize at all for their success in invading other countries. They are proud of it, and look down on other countries, as is crystal clear from many articles in Sankaku Complex.

    Japan should think harder about how to correct its demographic, political, and economic problems, and not divert attention toward foreign affairs. We all know that patriotism is the “last refuge of the scoundrel.”

  • Idiotic statement is idiotic. One should never say something positive about Nazis or Nazi Germany in public (especially not if they’re known people, be it politicians, musicians, actors etc.), it just hurts your image and is always misinterpreted.

    Well, people forget about what he actually meant saying this, and only look at the “Nazi comment”. He basically said that the Japanese constitution should be changed in secret without anyone having a say in the matter. And if by “liberal” he meant replacing it with old-man-thinking-right-wing-shit, it’s even worse!

    Concerning the comment on “nothing good comes from Nazis”, that’s not true. They are famous for building lots of “Autobahnen” (=highways), booming industry (well, war furthers production), architecture, and other stuff… and one shouldn’t forget how far the German Reich expanded. If Hitler didn’t make some mistakes in his decisions (like attacking his ally Russia. They were unprepared for the cold weather and lost huge parts of their army, having to retreat in the end… and then having a new enemy coming from the East.), he could have conquered even more of Western Europe.
    Hitler, his thinking, actions, and his followers are undoubtedly shit… but it’s still fascinating how far they got, unemployed Hitler getting the support of the people, turning into the most powerful man and bringing chaos to the world!

    One should not overlook those aspects and simply say “there was nothing good about Nazi Germany”. Though some of those “good points” are still bad or morally wrong^^

  • “Has he forgotten how Nazi Germany dragged the world into the abyss of the Second World War?”
    Typical hateful Jewish propaganda. Germans didn’t want war but they had to protect German people who were oppressed by Polish. British and French started the war!

  • Media circus aside, anyone who ever remarks on the Nazi in what is not clearly negative light is not qualified to be a politician.

    How such amateur manages to get himself elected is a joke the universe does not share.

  • Oh for shits sake! Britain and the Rothschilds banks dragged everyone into the war. Germany moved into Poland to stop the British agents (at the behest of the Rothschilds) from operating a bombing campaign of German citizens in the North of Poland (who were originally German, and glad they were ‘rescued’. This was the ‘marker’ the British had been waiting for, as Germany’s industry and ‘proper banking’ industry were leading everyone else. Germany then led to move into Russia and oust the Starvation King (Stalin) to prevent them from moving through Europe with communism. .. The Rothschilds started the propaganda war, claiming that German made detention centers for illegal immigrants were ‘Death camps’. Which they were not. And that they were ‘killing jews’, which in reality they were moving ‘genetic sociopaths’ out of the country but first placed in camps(well provided for camps, as Germany initially before the war was outrageously rich). All the holocaust information was disseminated by both the Rothschilds and British agents to win public approval to bomb the living hell out of Germany and once again ‘re-establish’ the Reserve Bank there, which Hitler removed. As the Reserve Banks in any country are the means to extract the wealth of the nation by giving them ‘debt based’ currency. Ie, the banks take your country for free.

    People nowadays don’t believe it because they think Germans are evil, even to this day, they still believe all Germans and Germany are evil. They never have been, never were. Only the international bankers are evil, and constantly get away with mass murder for profit. Constantly.

  • Every one hate German Nazi, Not Japan. While they’re both on the same position in WW2 as the Axis. Nazi being hated across the world by killing Jews. But no one hate Japan by killing Koreans (Except the Koreans themselves).

  • owwwwwwwww, come on.
    You still believe in that shoax crap???
    Just how old are you guys? Can’t you just grow up and face reality? WW2 revisionnism is pretty well documented and easy to find. I still can’t believe they managed to make so many people believe in something that crazy with absolutely no proof whatsoever. Not that I really cared that much about it in the first place, mind you.

  • What’s the big deal? All he wants before he dies is to return Japan to the way it never was: A happy, obedient land full of noble, honorable, dedicated, brave, & fierce samurai warriors that were the fear & envy of the lesser, wanna-be, savagely barbaric & backward nations that surrounded that golden, shining isle which served as the world’s only dwelling place of true, civilized humanity.
    And of course, in order to do this, he needs a government that has the authority to do whatever it wants to whomever it wants whenever it wants however it wants to do it!

  • Even with the full context, the last paragraph is still wonky at best. Neither the wording nor the obviously lacking referential context help to completely refute the allegations. Not to mention that the apologies seem to actually put even more weight on those accusations.

    The problem is that politicians are often regarded as “elites”, as people who are “in-the-know” but nothing could be further from the truth. That certainly is not a local problem. Politicians like to blabber and since most of them are NOT qualified for their respective positions, they easily overstep their own boundaries and talk about what springs to their mind without thinking about it.

    But coming back to the problem at hand, yeah…what can you say? Japan has many, many problems that also stem from their bullheaded reluctance to truly take responsibility for their past AND their present. It’s so much easier to simply ignore problems and pretend that nothing really happened (Fukushima anyone?).

    That will always come back to haunt them.

    • Exactly. They actually were offered USGS report on the dangers of potential natural disasters including the tsunami on the nuclear reactors, and was presented with various GE nuclear reactor blueprints that were resistant upto 20m of tsunami for that purpose. The ignorant fucks cut corners and even though they could laugh at the American warning regarding the potential of disaster saying ‘you know nothing about our natural disasters’.

      Who’s laughing now? Not all the pathetic japs who ran around crying bitch tears trying to cover their little asses after fukushima. Blaming the design, blaming the workers, blaming everything but themselves. It’s like watching a five year old brat bitching about how the pissed bedsheet is not their fault.

      Their politicians and people are pretty fuckin delusional that makes them the lowest laughing stock of the world and their neighbors. No wonder koreans and chinese think they are easy bitches.

  • He’s got a pretty good point regarding the uselessness of the constitution.
    Case in point: America.
    It seems like everyday, this govt is doing things that pretty much make the constitution useless. Not much of an uproar is going on…Anytime a govt declares the right to murder anyone, anywhere in the world at any time for reasons(secret beyond the claim to national security) it deems necessary, you know that piece of paper that ‘held’ this democracy together is a hymm to keep it’s populace asleep. It’s a distraction.
    The only thing that keeps govt in check is visibility, accountability, and vigilance.

    • I accidentally hit enter and the editing is still broken.

      Authoritarian states tend to be economic failures.
      I know someone will bring up China but China has 1.3 billion people and a GNP less then half that of the US.
      Real uninflated GNP figures may only be a third or less.

      Most of their growth is from whoring out their large population as cheap labor and exploiting their vast natural resources.
      Japan has neither a large population nor vast natural resources.

  • Funnily enough, a better example Aso could’ve used would have been the Patriot Act of my own country. Passing an act that overrides our basic liberties over what amounts to nothing more than a terrorist act? And passing the Patriot Act in the midst of the uproar. Then starting a war…

    “We should calmly consider what sort of environment we find ourselves surrounded with, after carefully considering the situation conduct constitutional reform in line with public opinion. If we don’t, we cannot avoid a mistake…

    …I don’t want to discuss the constitution in an excited atmosphere. Even with the Yasukuni Shrine, we should visit and pay our respects quietly…

    …So, saying “we should do it quietly” is also relevant to the Weimar constitution – it was changed without anyone even noticing. How about we learn from their methods?… …but I do not want to decide something like this in the midst of an uproar.”

    Where was this voice of reason when America needed it?

  • Even if the japs change their constitution, china will crush them in the end. they have no chance against chinas strength.

    and like israel with germany, they could vaporize japan easily even today.
    but unlike israel, they haven’t forgiven the war-criminals their crimes.

  • This is nothing but a plot from those dirty jew$.

    Hitler was just playing war when we compared with Mao Tsé-Tung. Mao Tsé-Tung killed 100 millions, probably even more! The entire WW2 was just around 60 millions. Hitler alone did just 9 millions as max!

    Joseph Stalin killed around 50~60 millions too.

    STOP BEGIN brainwashed by those dirty jew$ !

  • Now this is jap hypocrisy trying to masquerade as ‘misunderstood’ and ‘miscommunication’, such childish and transparent excuses as always. I bet they even believe their own shallow lies too while their actions and records speak for their hypocrisy.

    This is just weaselly little roundabout way of saying ‘we need to 100% revise our constitution as sneakily and quietly as possible’ while trying to confuse the issue by making dual-sided comments about ‘learning’ from how weimer constitution was overriden, and now trying hard to convince others that they meant something completely different. Their fundamental motivation is so covered with hypocrisy and lies that they have trouble understanding what they are doing wrong even by themselves.

    Why? Read on about things he said, in sequence, and tell me if it even makes sense that he is ‘against such tactics’.

    He claims to say that he meant they should beware against such attempts done in the midst of national and international uproar, but then mentions it again and says they need to ‘learn’ from the methods of how the weimer constitution was overturned, with wordings and tone obviously implying a degree of interest instead of aversion and critical look at the idea. Also, he takes the coward’s way out by saying he means they should ‘learn’ from not going down that path, but is amusingly bringing up possibly the worst example to make that point and ‘ambiguously’ state their intentions so that they have enough room to make excuses later on.

    They think they are being subtle and fooling someone. They are not fooling anyone but themselves with this bullshit excuse that only is justified in their own heads. What’s most amusing is how they actually manage to convince themselves they meant something different and spout such childishly obvious lies as legitimate excuses.

    Jap childish two-faced transparent and lame attempt at excuse making. Again. More ‘cultural misunderstandings’, more ‘you just lack subtlety’ while anyone else just can’t be bothered to make such an obvious bitch move without feeling great amount of embarrassment. What fuckin ‘subtlety’? They live in their little delusional world and bitch and moan when they get slapped around by reality.

    How’s this? Maybe those American troops and foreigners and other asians who raped jap women were just ‘misunderstood’ and had ‘cultural differences’ that legitimatizes their actions.

  • To say there is nothing to be learned from Nazi Germany is bullshit. Whoever posted those remarks must be out of their mind- there is a lot we can learn from Nazi Germany- Like, how to prevent such a thing from happening again? Goddamn Israeli nutcases.

    • Actually, that’s misrepresenting his point. What he means, is that there is nothing positive to learn from the Nazi, which mind you is still invalid, since there is no reason why bad guys can’t have good ideas too.

      • They must teach us in the UK differently about WW2 then, cause I thought that the holocaust was the greatest massacre in modern history, being approx 6 million if my mind is correct, I have not heard of any higher numbers from Japan in the same period?

        You can always learn from something whether it is a good or bad event

      • Prevent the born of Nazi-level of bad thing.
        There are something in Japan called “Hannmen kyoushi.”
        aka “learning from the mistake of the other”.

        Looks like politicians in Japan shall not cite the Nazi, even if they are talking bad about Nazi.
        That shit is called “Kotobagari”, a kind of censorship by the media itself.
        Also, the most important journal of japan picking up part of text and tell the inverse of what he said is full lack of professionalism have the Japanese journalism.

        This shit like that make the theory of comfort women being invention of Japanese journalism more trustful for me.
        It’s more trustful even when I think any kind of crime against humanity/war crime is automatically truth with no need of proof.

    • Only by people manipulating a spineless, easily fooled, easily manipulated kids like you can the world opinion turn against a group of people being oppressed and threatened with genocide, based purely on their ethnic background while they ignorantly ignore their own sins and crimes that will put them against a brick wall and shot tomorrow if they were all accounted for with the same standards as they criticize others.

      Israelis are perfectly in the right to oppose such racist and ignorant attitudes of those that turned against them at a dime (not to mention religious and economic thievery in the form of special taxes and informal pressure to kowtow to every whim of non-israelis) during modern and ancient times for no other significant reason then that they are jews.

      Israelis deserve their place on earth. It’s their strong sense of ethnic identity and cultural heritage that makes others feel uncomfortable, even without as adverse actions on part of the israelis, because in many ways it gives lie to every group’s core pride and idea of their ‘unique’ greatness when a smaller group succeeds and excels at the standards they can’t even dream about and still has that pride and honor of belonging to a tribe that has such strong sense of identity and spiritual resiliency.

        • Innocents? They are all dedicated to genociding the jews and teach each other bullshit about why their miserable loser existence is justified. Why aren’t the palestinians not genocided yet? Because jews are not dedicated to committing genocide unlike some criminal people. Their blood is on their own hands, just like all criminals who act with ignorance and bigotry.

          Not to mention it’s not ‘god’s’ given right for palestinians to fire rockets to schools and hospitals and commit suicide bombing on buses.

          Fuck off/

        • Territory which was stolen from Jews after Romans did their dirty work for them. The name Palestinia is a fake one given by romans after they made the decision to forcibly and purposefully erase the name Judea in order to scatter and exile the jews and give their land to their enemies.

        • I assume you are talking about arabs and palestinians who hate jews for what they are, versus jews who largely go with what they ‘do’. Only recently since nothing else works and that it has been proven time and time again what racist pieces of shits arabs are, have israel taken a slightly greater hardline stance against them.

          How else would jews allow 20% arab population within their state and amusingly enough, not enough palestinians and arabs can get it line fast enough to work in israel where jews have built one of the most modern and innovative centers of prosperity from practically nothing in 50 years versus endless strife and stagnation for over 2000 years under non-jewish rule.

          You little fuckers with attitudes better check yourselves.

        • What right do you have judge others?
          Zionist are such hypocrites.
          Every race should be entitled to there own community, sense of history and nationalism.
          To take that away is criminal.


        • 12:31 Exactly. Jews are entitled to their homeland where their heritage and traditions were formed, unlike mongrel decedents of thieves who stole that land after romans did their dirty work for them.

          Who is the criminal? The ones indiscriminately firing rockets and claiming to initiate genocide fundamentally because of who jews ARE. Who is the stupid fuck that think they are not hypocrites and trying to manipulate and twist childish buzz words like ‘racism’ and ‘apartheid’ so they can be the enslaver? Arabs are the biggest and oldest slave traders in human history.

          Zionists are good patriots who seek to rebuild their homeland and create a place on earth for their people who suffered over 2000 years of exile and wandering in total. You dumbfucks can’t even share the land with each other, much less a strip of land less than half the size of NJ.

          Careful where you try to bitch and play that game because you’re definitely gonna get horsefucked ^^

        • Better self-defensive, self-aware and proud zionist then a fucking reactionary, cowardly muslim that can’t even win a fight out numbering jews 20 to 1.

          All mouth and no fuckin spine you bitch

  • So what Aso is saying that he doesn’t want to change the constitution under an emotional atmosphere because when changes were made to the Weimar constitution under turmoil they turned out pretty devastating. Sounds reasonable to me.

    • That’s what he wants you to think, but notice how he brought up the topic twice (saying it once about bewaring such possibility would have been enough, if that was the intent) and in the second time he distinctly show interest in such ‘tactics’ that is decidedly not critical of such methods. What this is implying is a typical read-between-the-lines deal where he tacitly endorses and admires the way in which weimer constitution was overruled.

      World laughs at the japanese ‘subtlety’. Obvious as a bitch in heat panting at the sight of a cock LAWL

    • Umm, bub, I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but, there is nothing fascist in wanting to change a constitution which does not serve the best interests of the people who empower it.
      What he is essentially saying, is that the constitution should be changed while avoiding strong emotional response from a poorly informed general populace, which entirely reasonable. Nowhere in his speech does he suggest that the public should be kept in the dark about the whole thing.

    • Simply: Fuck you.
      The Japanese constitution has been basically written by America, after WWII. That’s why it includes stuff like “not being allowed to have military forces”.

      The Japanese used a bunch of legal tricks to avoid problems until now. It was basically meant to tie them after the war.

      • Japan started a world war that killed hundreds of millions, remember? The action, and its consequence, were theirs.

        If anything, they got off easy, considering what the Germans got for their half of the war. Thus, today’s Germany don’t get nut cases like Aso as PM.

        • Japan should be prevented from having any sort of military after what happened in WWII. Also what have they got to complain about? If the Americans didn’t help them, allow plagerism for a period of time and help set up their economy; Japan would still be a assbackward mud bucket.

          Face it, Japan would be completely in the shithole if it wasn’t for the Americans. The only reason Japan entered the war was because the civilization was absolute shit in comparison to most other nations and just couldn’t compete with China in trade and felt economically threatened. It wouldn’t even have the tech advancement now if Japan didn’t get a massive Free Ticket for plagerism to help them build up their shattered economy shortly after the war.

        • ‘Imperialist’? LAWL the bitch excuses keep piling up. Since when did we even give a shit about what you think or what you ‘believe’ US to be? What country doesn’t keep tabs on its citizens? Unlike you, we didn’t rampage for less than 12 years racking up 10 million plus casualties in chinese civillians or try and mass enslave so many in so short a time. If you got time to bitch about ‘imperialism’, go bitch at your friends to make yourself feel better.

          It’s always entertaining to watch anti-American fucks bitching and moaning about smallest excuses to America and we just throw you a bone and give a good bitch slap once a while. What happened when park made that speech and abe had to retract his position like a good pochi?

          Some serious LOL here/

        • The USA would never accept a constitution which forces itself to be a ‘pacifistic country’. it’s just the usual imperialistic bullshit.

          And let’s not start about your ‘freedumbs’. Americans have shown their colours many times. Prism and the NSA leaks are just one more point in your ‘freedumbs’ list.

        • Simply: fuck you you weeaboo piece of shit.
          The japanese would have raped and murdered millions if they were allowed to have a military. But youre such a piece of shit weeaboo motherfucker that you would think they are raping and murdering for good. You stupid fuck up motherfucker, learn history assfuck.

      • Their old ways of doing things was maniacal and demonic. They should NOT be allowed to touch anything until every person born before 1950 is dead or decrepit so they cant influence laws with their insanity.

        They still have another few decades worth of timeout. The young generation is fine, the old ones in power like Aso still long for the evil ways of the past. Under no circumstances should these complete and utter psychos be allowed to govern rights and military.

      • You got a fuckin constitution when we should have fucked you to pieces in the burning ruins of your paper and stick houses. Better watch that fucking mouth if you like staying in one piece 🙂

    • Observe the laughable excuses and plain bitch attitude he takes when trying to convince others using slimmest of excuses that satisfies his hypocritical dual-faced statement. His speech clearly carries the intent of trying to follow in the example of subverting and over riding the constitution, yet he has no balls to even say that outright without resorting to lawyer speak in leaving a trail of deniability.

  • I didn’t know sancom is publishing Japanese politics. I mean they publish Ishihara’s stupidity and other remark about anime or loli ban whatsoever but this is just pure politics.

      • That doesn’t really stand. Japanese officials have apologized for WWII atrocities something like 47(?) times now – but they never explicitly mentioned “comfort women.” It’s Japanese to apologize for something if you’ve inadvertently caused offense, but not to lightly admit to something shameful that you have not done.

        • Fuckin laugh riot. Just like no japanese women were raped and are getting raped by koreans, chinese, foreigners and US soldiers? Who gives a shit how many times they mouth off empty apologies when their actions clearly show they don’t know their place? No one gives a shit about their ‘apologies’ which are just excuse making excercises – their mentality is what is childish and criminal. They are whores acting like virtuous virgins acting demur infront of other people and sucking off the whole town in their room LOL

        • 05:49 No, they communicated his true intent behind the words, albiet somewhat clumsily but still on the mark. And this is not just the international media but a scandal started by japanese media first.

          This little fucker can try mouthing off all he wants but no one “misunderstands” the intent behind his pussy lies.

      • Nope, “Hitler = Nazi”. That’s what the world knows. If you talk about about Hitler’s Germany, the world will asume you are talking about Germany when it was under Hitler’s rule. Not doing so is simply retarded.

        Extreme right wingers are the same all over the world, they would let their true colors slip and then apologize and say it was a misundertanding and people interpreted it the wrong way when things turn ugly for them.

        • Who’d vote this comment down?
          It’s the truth and nothing else!

          Dumbfucks twisting history (yes, mostly YOU, americunts!) should learn a thing or two and then carefully think about their actions…
          Where’d ‘white pride’ and ‘KKK’ come from? HUH?

          Also, never ever make new generations responsible for the evil deeds done by some austrian maniac.
          [Note: There is still the misinformation about Hitler being born in Germany]

  • Sieg Heil and greetings from the usa.

    Btw, those that speak ill of Nippon because of Oahu should sit down and research into why the Japanese attacked.
    Cutting off there oil supply, assignation attempts on diplomats and attacking without declaring war are at least some reasons the Japanese attacked us.

    And besides we knew of it well ahead of time, we just let it happen because we wanted to attack Germania.
    Not Nippon, we couldn’t of cared less about them at the time.
    It was just a ploy just like the USS Liberty, and 9/11, and ww1, etc etc.

  • the media perpetually twists your words for there own agenda of spreading hate to your fellow countrymen. what a shocker. well Japan welcome to the U.S.’s problem. before long your bought and sold media will encourage unjustified race riots to manipulate your government. have fun living in perpetual fear of the unknown and maybes of the lies spread by the media. god knows we,here in the evil US empire love it.