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Top 10 Hobbies Even A Hot Guy Won’t Be Forgiven


A survey revealing 50% of Japanese women quizzed believed that there are interests which disbar even a hot guy from romantic consideration – and that all of the most despised of these relate to anime, managing to displace even the likes of “lolicon,” “prostitution” and “gambling” from the top spots – has been inflaming opinion online as usual.

The ranking, with comments from the several hundred females surveyed:

1. Anime

“It just has always had a strong association with ‘otaku’ so it’s totally unacceptable.” – 34-year-old woman

“I don’t normally watch anime so I can’t imagine we could have anything to talk about. Even if he was hot, if we have nothing to talk about…” – 26-year-old woman

“This just leaves a childish impression.” – 24-year-old woman

2. Bishoujo figures

“You’d just be grossed out to go in a hot guy’s room and see he has figures of girls in there!” – 25-year-old woman

“If he likes anime or whatever I guess that’s OK, but it’s creepy to display figures like that.” – 27-year-old woman

3. Gambling

“Guys into betting may well be in debt.” – 29-year-old woman

4. Idols

“If he weren’t spending that much on it I could live with it, but these guys have a reputation for endlessly spending their money on this stuff…” 23-year-old woman

“You can’t help but think any guy who likes idols is an Akiba-type.” – 24-year-old woman

5. Lolicon

“I’m not going with anyone with special sexual fetishes.” – 26-year-old woman

“Even if he isn’t doing anything suspect, this is just incomprehensible!” – 30-year-old woman

6. Crossdressing

“Even a hot guy is out if he’s into this stuff!” – 32-year-old

7. Porn collecting

“If he has a few books I don’t care, but if he had a lot it is gross!” – 26-year-old woman

8. Trains

“I’ve heard these people spend money on train sets and photography. And a lot of them are very passionate about their interests.” – 29-year-old woman

9. Insect collecting

“Keeping and rearing insects is just gross!” – 25-year-old woman

10. Prostitution

“Sometimes there are guys who treat this as a hobby, but I can’t tolerate it!” – 30-year-old woman

Aside from the obvious question of how the results would have differed had the word “hot” been replaced with “rich,” the loathing with which many Japanese women single out otaku-related hobbies has many men on the defensive:

“They really hate anime more than gambling? Seriously now?”

“Since when are prostitutes a hobby?”

“Who even cares what hobbies bother some 34-year-old woman.”

“And isn’t lolicon a sexual disposition rather than an interest or hobby?”

“Glad I’m not a hoy guy. Let me get back to watching anime now.”

“Honestly, how can any woman really be more bothered about a hot guy being interested in trains or beetles than him frequenting brothels all the time?”

“What is wrong with catching insects!”

“There is unexpected toleration for lolicon… and anime is really worse than this?”

“Can it you old hags. Young women these days are all watching anime.”

“Sorry, I have figures on display and I like anime.”

“BBAs are below these hobbies anyway.”

“Figures are out, lucky I only have dakimakura isn’t it!”

“They are just insulting hobbies they refuse to accept. If they were confronted with Gackt’s love of Gundam they would soon change their tune.”

“Gaming isn’t in there for some reason…”

“Apart from eroge and MMO obsessives everyone plays games these days.”

“Blame smartphone casual games.”

“Even with no offensive hobbies an ugly guy has no chance.”

“Even with girls, someone with no otaku-type interests is bound to be boring to talk to.”

“3D can go to hell.”

“I’m just glad I’m ugly so none of this applies to me!”

“Conclusion: 2D >>> 3D”

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  • 3, 4, 5, and 10 (he’d better be clean if I get past it) I’m uncertain of.
    I’m glad gaming is not on this list.
    Other than that I don’t care. As long as he doesn’t turn down sex when I ask.

  • Gambling and Prostitution, I’ll give them that. Everything else on that list is bullshit. If you can function in society, and stay honest and faithful in spite of your hobbies, then it’s fine. And if your GF doesn’t like it, you simply need a new GF.

    I get the impression, most of the women in this survey treat men like accessories.

    • Ohhh…

      IT’S DANny-CHO wife!!!

      Kamu ngeres banget sih BINZAR!!!





  • OKI boys, try reversing this list.

    Would you want a girlfriend who kept a collection of hot, half-naked boy dolls in her bedroom?

    If she was spending all of her money (and possibly your money) on buying music from jpop or kpop idols?
    Or her bedroom walls were covered in posters of boy bands?

    What if she were into the kink of shotacon???

    What if she liked dressing up like a man, playing the role of otokoyaku?

    What if she was collecting pornographic pictures of naked men, boys, and yaoi manga?

    Instead of being obsessed with trains or bugs,
    what if you discovered your girlfriend kept her
    toenail clippings, and shaved public hair in jars?

    What if the girl you were dating had an a hobby of visiting women’s bars with naked men shows, or was often visiting host clubs, or was calling male prostitutes for sex?

    Seriously would you want a girlfriend who did any of these things?

    • 1-sure why not. doesn’t bother me.

      2-i’d be disappointed she doesn’t just pirate it.

      3-you mean girls don’t do that already? last i remember every second teenager plasters her walls with boy band posters.

      4-if it’s just a cartoon, who cares? as long as it’s not a real kid nobody but crazy old lonely people cares.

      5-that’d make for some kinky sex.

      6-like they don’t do that already. also what guy above said.

      7-comparing apples to oranges. you should’ve said something like “obsessing over handbags or clothes”, then it’d be much more comparable. comparing a train or idols to pubic hair is really grasping at straws.

      8-well i definitely wouldn’t see someone like that as a potential steady partner. a one night stand, or a short term sex friend/affair at most, since they obviously don’t care for actual longterm relationships.

    • A very interesting post. Your answers from my own perspective…..

      1) I don’t care much. I am a real human so why should I feel inferior to some lifeless dolls

      2) I don’t mind posters or cds either. Can get some good music out of them. But I would definitely ask her to keep and maintain a limit on the expense. After all it would be quite lame going bankrupt this way xd.

      3) Being a shotacon is not a problem as long as she doesn’t go after a real boy.

      4) Well hello…… since how long women are wearing pants???? Even most society doesn’t care about it. Apparently society doesn’t seem to have problem with tomboyish women (as far as a otokoyaku can usually go) but its gonna raise hell if they see a effeminate man or a man in skirt. Let me know of a society that have no problem with men of skirt (except for countries that have traditional male skirts as dress like in south asia).

      5) Well I am not gay nor i am a fudansei but I do read yaoi manga too (I read all type of manga there is). And if she collects gay porn that is even better. I will just make a compromise that we can collect and store our respective porn and not trouble other with it. Afterall the wife who smokes can’t tell the husband to quit smoking XD.

      6) No idea about train, nail or hair but don’t have problem with bugs (butterfly’s are bugs too) as long there is no cockroach (seriously hate em).

      7) Well bars or host cubs can be considered as long as she don’t go two timing on me. So the prostitute is obviously out of question. I want to loyal to this woman so whats wrong in demanding loyalty in return. Or are you telling me you can accept a two timing boyfriend?

      8) Everyone has faults. Loving a person means to accept that person as a whole both good and bad. I believe my answers on previous questions will be good enough to answer this question.

      Funny… You didn’t mention anime anywhere in your questions. After all watching anime is much more enjoyable if you can do it with someone else. And if that person is you life partner its just the best. I am guessing you are much sensible person since you didn’t blindly bashed it XD.

  • Hrrrggg!!!

    As the great one warned; “Modern women who seek to destroy MEN!”

    I can understand gambling. That’s one thing I agree with. But then again, I’m sure a “Yakuza” is some bad boy they’d let F*ck them casually when younger, just not take home to mammasan (she’d steal him!) But dazed slaves that feed machines, yeah. Some casino will take his wealth versus you.

    The rest of it… Granted the extremes are bad…

    “Hey flat chest san!” pulls smuggled Hustler, like perhaps the classic 90s one with Kascha in it… “Don’t you wish you looked like this? I sure wish you looked like this!”

    Or a Lolicon with gross piles of Loli, a big network of encrypted cloud drives, tons of wifi remote cameras, toys with wifi cameras in them to leave at schools… Strangely more excited to learn the woman has young budding daughter from previous marriage. Or worse a “Guro Loli” fetishist with all of the above, gory loli posters all over, besides the spy camera kit is a medical kit with tons of scalpels…

    But, frankly, much as I am for males to rule, any women want them just do this… And I mean the non-psycho ones that are just lonely and bored, ok? Just go in, classic not fetish maid, meaning coveralls, hair cover, etc. Start CLEANING. Not destroying/trashing, but clean the place up, cook food, etc. Then after he’s stared jaw-dropped for a few hours start up a light, irreverant conversation…

    You’ve triggered the Animal… “Woman! Woooommmannnn!” and boom with some hot sex and more cleaning, cooking a man who’ll bond to you forever, who’ll finish college, fight and beg and work for that promotion so he can bring more money home. And all he wants are meals, cleaning, affection and sex now and again. Don’t bash him or make him trash the porn, the toys, etc. Just ignore them, most of them will be in a big trunk under the bed and gathering dust after a while. Possibly sold off if they have collector’s value to pay for that ring, that trip, etc.

    And he’ll probably join you in bashing my ‘sexist pig’ rants, too! And I’m for it also. I don’t really want to drag women around in chains. I’d rather women give up the “man! man! hate and hurt MAN!” feminist hate screech. Most men today are nothing like previous generations, they are nice and sensitive and just want some love and companionship. But they’ve faced a legion of women trained to hurt and exploit them. They do NOT deserve it. They’d never hit you, never hurt your feelings or embarrass you and would stay loyal for a little companionship and affection, becoming better people to prove themselves more to you. But women hurt such men at every opportunity, let the vilest of men have sex with them, then cry they don’t have good guys anymore and are getting older.

  • Let’s recap, shall we?

    1. Anime: How dare you be obsessed with and spend money on things other than me?
    2. Figures: See above.
    3. Gambling: See above.
    4. Idols: See above.
    5. Lolicon: You’re a freak who doesn’t care about me but some other (little) girl instead.
    6. Crossdressing: You’re obsessed, spend money on things other than me, and might even be attracted to other guys instead of me.
    7. Porn: How dare you be obsessed with girls other than me.
    8. Trains: See #1
    9. Bugs: How dare you have an icky hobby that I don’t like and that takes money and attention away from me!
    10. Whores: How dare you give into your desire for other women, and spend money on them at the same time!



    At least with guys it’s just one word repeated over and over again.

  • This is disturbing to be sure, but I’m equally disturbed by the fact that some of you guys consider 23-26 year-old girls “old hags”. o_o I don’t know if you’re pedophiles or what, but there is SOMETHING wrong with you at least, seriously…

    • And I think it’s a little disturbing that you call 23-26-year-old females “girls.” Are you in league with the feminists who want to raise the age of consent to 25, thereby redefining “pedophilia” and criminalizing even more men for exhibiting normal male sexuality?

  • Women generally become more desperate when they hit their thirties, which is a good time for men fuck left and right without the prospect of marrying some high-maintenance women who barely got out of their Cinderella phase.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anime in Japan is like furry here – it is at the bottom of the geek hierarchy, not because the hobby is any worst than others, but because the fans are the most socially retarded.

  • Anonymous says:

    So much nonsense in these answers… either they don’t know shit about those “hobbies” or they are simply prejudiced against it. I’m not in the mood to go into detail on this stuff, so let me ask two simple questions:
    1. What hobbies should a man have according to these women? (my guess: they don’t need hobbies, they should work and fill my bank account so I can go shopping)
    2. What hobbies do these women have? (my guess: shopping, dressing up, makeup, getting their hair made, lazing around at home, reading women’s magazines, social networks, having affairs…)

    What about other hobbies of men that are more common in the West: sports, cars, drinking.
    Women would say: Sports are primitive, men react loudly, it’s annoying, sweaty men stink, GROSS… but some men look HOT.
    Cars cost lots of money (dozens of designer clothes worth)… but they are a status symbol, so it’s okay.
    Drinking… men get loud, smell, alcohol is expensive, they turn primitive sometimes, they barf GROSS… I’d rather they work instead and I can go with my ladyfriends drink some expensive cocktails and wine hihihii

    “Glad I’m not a hot guy. Let me get back to watching anime now.”
    “I’m just glad I’m ugly so none of this applies to me!”
    “3D can go to hell.” “Conclusion: 2D >>> 3D”
    That’s all for my finale 😀

  • -__- Hey you guys on the internet. 3D is not bad. This only pertains to Japanese women. I think if you moved to some other country, women might be more tolerating of hobbies.

    Anyway now that I’m done addressing 2ch, I want to make a comment that, the reason that jap women are so unhappy with their men and cheat on them is because they pick guys who have no personality or hobbies. Later they find out, the guy is dull to be around so they cheat on them and leave them. If the dull guy is rich they won’t leave them, but will just go off and cheat to find some “excitement”. Seriously, here is the thing, the standards of “exciting men” is understandable for people in their 20’s but as time goes on people mellow out and then pick up hobbies to obssess over or pass their time. IF you don’t have any type of hobby when you get older, there is nothing fun to do so you might as well kill yourself.

    Seriously native raised Japanese women really give women in general a bad name. And the fantasy anime portrays of the ideal Japanese woman is kinda sickening too, when you think about it realistically. Sure anime girls are idealistic but if you think about it realistically, anime girl persona would be kind of annoying and feel real fake.

    The women living in Japan just make a male like me angry at how lacking of love they have.

  • My wife had the same attitude to anime and figures a few years ago. She came with me to my local hobby/game shop one day and her words to describe it was “discusting”. But her atitude has changed towards it. Recently I gave her the Arakawa Under the Bridge mangas to read and she enjoyed them, also she has expressed a desire to watch Madoka. I think she finally realised that Im in to anime and figures whether she likes it or not. Hopefully Madoka will convert her 🙂

    Bashing others hobbies is not cool.

  • Anonymous says:

    From article:


    はい……193人(50.0%) Yes
    いいえ……193人(50.0%) No

    So, the #1 spot, by far (“anime yurusanai!” only got 45 votes out of 386, 12% of the vote) is “no, there aren’t any hobbies which would make me drop even a hot guy” with _50%_. And add in the source (MyNavi Woman) and the sample size (~400 people, in a nation with well over 50 million women)…

    So for all the “3D are PIGS!” folks, please try to have a TINY bit of perspective. Seriously, even if the sample is statistically accurate to the general Jp population (doubtful), only 12% of young, eligible women hate anime enough to drop a hot guy over it? I’d take those odds! (Even though that’d put me under the “gambling” category I suppose)

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m going to laugh when these dumbass broads are like 40 and their parents start berating them for not having any kids.. to which they complain ‘all the guys I meet have bad hobbies’.

    To which, every guy who’s actions are limited to ‘work to spend money on her alone’ and ‘let her rule the household’ and NOTHING MORE.. God damn, it’s no wonder all the guys are sitting in their rooms watching TVs and fapping to chicks on a screen.. if I lived there, I’d probably be outside only to flip em off.

    Or I’d be jailed for beating the crap outta one chick for stating me to be inadequate… you know, after hearing that a few thousand times before.. Here’s hoping the population decreases to the point where all the women eventually wind up going OMG SOME GUY HAVE SEX WITH MEEEEEE because at this rate, with them acting like spoiled little children, it’s bloody deserved.

    • yeah.

      i got the impression currently it is more like:
      “some woman… have sex with meeeeee …. hmpf.. *turns on TV/screen and puts his hand somwhere special*… well who cares anyway….. while the woman run around like: ” omg i am the best girl in the universe and my competition is all trolls “.

  • Anonymous says:

    If the input of these women are to be taken into account, this means the only men they will fall for are either of the following:

    ~Boring guy with no hobbies.
    ~Rich guy who will only dote on them.

    But then again, most of the respondents are over 25, which is pretty much a spinster as per Japan’s local standards.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, the key to life, the question of the universe, the most sought after answer to ‘why am I here and why are we here is’.. PUSSY. SInce dah bitches only give pussy to the mobster with a suitcase full of cocaine and 500,000 dollars cash, and we aren’t getting our share of PUSSY, 2-D is much better and is already always there.

  • Anonymous says:

    This has got to be a joke. Sounds like these are all the ramblings of insipid women to me… Perhaps it’s different in the states but come on. Is it really the norm for women to over generalize people like that? Sounds like they should pull their head out of their asses, I mean come on! I know very little about relationships but I do know if she cares that much what you are into and less about how you treat her then she deserves her jaded, skewed sense of what love is. Then again what the hell is it with worshipping idols? They are not someone who us going to be their when shit his the fan… Anime us just cartoons as far as I’m concerned, and bug collecting? Piss off! Get over yourself. You sure as fuck don’t shit rainbows and piss excellence.End rant…

  • Most non-otaku men hate anime too, you know.
    But of the ones on the list, the only ones that would irk me out are:
    Idols, Trains, Gambling, Prostitution.
    The first two arent deal-breakers though, and I mean, there’s nothing -wrong- with trains, but the way some of the train otaku act make me think they’re more mentally ill than a lot of anime otaku.

    Gambling is worrying but in the end it depends on the type I guess. It’s possible to control it. If it was an addiction that was spiralling out of control, then he needs help. Thats why gambling crisis hotlines exist.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hah!!!! The other list for in a womans room? Oh my gosh were do were start? The battery powered dildo? The non battery powered dildo? The non battery powered sexual countertop edge? The used kotexs in the trash can? The pieces of matter that drop out with the period time in the shower drain? I think the girls have a little more to worry about..

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Anime: 34 year old single lady should stop worrying if I watch anime or not and worry if I’ll just find someone younger and less uptight.

    2. Figures: should be less worried about me having figures, and more worried about when I invite her over for desert and walk out naked with one dangling from my penor like I’m the 50 foot man.

    3. Gambling: that new $500 necklace I got you was thanks to gambling, don’t like it, give me back the necklace.

    4. Idols: “If he weren’t spending that much on it” maybe doll yourself up more so I don’t need to look at idols? just a thought.

    5. Lolicon: It just so happens that my first experience was when I was 5, with a 6 year old, don’t judge me for trying to relive my youth by dressing you up in a school girl outfit, get out of my apartment.

    6. Crossdressing: your panties are silky smooth on my grapefruits.

    7. Porn collecting: 2T HDD full and proud, and you best be doing what they show, or again, get out of my apartment, but you can keep the necklace this time, I’ll just tell everyone that you earned it the hard way and trash your snobby reputation.

    8. Trains: so you won’t be sitting down and letting me drive my train set up in there?

    9. Insect collecting: umm…sure, those bugs crawling on you are my pets I guess.

    10. Prostitution: If you don’t like it, then why’d you call this number? just give me my money and get out of my hotel room.

  • Anonymous says:

    I care too much about anime to care what women think of me besides its there loss if they judge someone by there hobbies but should like them for there personality that just makes them shallow

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Anime

    “If she doesn’t love anime or doesn’t at least wish to seriously get into anime with my help, I couldn’t possibly have anything to do with her. It doesn’t even matter if she’s got the body of the woman of my dreams.”

    – (25 year old anon dude)

    2. Bishoujou Figures

    “If she can’t appreciate my women figures as much as my male figures the way that I do… if she doesn’t appreciate and see the reason why women are called the fairer sex and see the beauty in both the male and female body like I do, then I don’t think we’d get along too well to begin with. Seems she’d be pretty close minded and uptight over something that can be actually very positive with the right mindset”

    – (25 year old anon dude)

    That’s all fine, though. If someone feels that they are too lame to get along with someone they would be wise not to waste eachmother’s time.

  • What many women don’t understand I guess is that there are plenty of people (to be honest, like me) who pour our time and money into hobbies like idols or video games because we don’t have anyone else in our life. Especially Idols, they are virtually a ‘girlfriend substitute’, so if an Idol otaku is dating a real girl he’d probably dedicate himself to her instead of Idols… it’s proof that he can be a loyal and supportive boyfriend. An otaku would never cheat on you or treat you bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know, if you expend a lot in Idols and Anime merchandise you can at least be sure it will be there (Anime at least). With 3D you aren’t sure at all. She can get a new boyfriend while using the clothes YOU bought.

      Conclusion: Anime Merchandise is a future proof inversion vs 3D Girls.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think a life without risks isn’t a worthwhile life at all, though. At least even if you take the risk with a real 3D woman you still have 2D and all that to fall back on. It should be a win-win either way you cut it.

        The first anon has a point though. A lot of guys DO get into 2D as much as they do because they need something to substitute their lack of 3D women. It’s incredibly ignorant and short sighted for women to see guys like this and just shrug them off. They’re really just giving up the battle for a potentially great guy without even trying.

        This is why they say that good people in general are like diamonds in the rough.

        • @14:06 – who says you have to get “married” to begin with in order to stay together, anyways? Consummate the relationship and your love in some other satisfying way… screw religion, the government, and society.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think the burden of a failed marriage is too huge in US.

          Losing house, half the asset, half the pension and right to the kids. The law need to be changed so the guy wont lose too much in divorce. By the way, 2/3 divorce initiate by the wife.. sure, why not, they have nothing to lose..

  • Anonymous says:

    I can confess to #1 and #2, but my wife doesn’t mind, although she does think they’re kinda ‘nerdy’. However, SHE watches the “Real Housewife of…” series on TV, and I ignore that, too. It’s all about compromise, Guys.

  • Anonymous says:

    Woman hate all hobbies that is not using/giving them the money. They think all your money need to go to them in some way or your the wost guy ever.

    the loli and porn ones they hate because it makes us see we dont need them and they have to work for the money themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sometimes I can’t understand woman, they refuse to have sex but when the guy need to unleash the urge, they disallow porn as well. Leaving the guy hanging high and dry

      Some even jealous toward a game “rival” like Loveplus or similar dating simulation game.

  • “This just leaves a childish impression.” – 24-year-old woman

    This is a biggest misconception that I hear about often. Cartoons may look to be childish, but there are those out there that were clearly not made for children. I also noticed that this is a biased topic, they tend to look at the whole, not the individual, but when dating that is who you should looking at, the individual. I do believe it is important to keep a “inner child” within you as you get older. Being too strict can turn you into these “people.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, that caught me as strangely ironic too. I had the idea that Japanese society encouraged childishness not only in women, making many of them try to literally talk and act like children with high pitched voices in an effort to sound and appear more cute, but also that all of Japanese society in general have a collective adoration for childhood and cute things (which is why so many business make use of cute imagery to sell things).

    • Anonymous says:

      Depends on the woman, I don’t think age makes any difference. I’ve met a damn cool around 60 year old otaku lady before, and she seriously knows her anime shit, believe it or not.

  • Anonymous says:

    Who gives a damn what middle-aged women think. If my hobbies are being so righteously judged with those dull excuses, I can thank you for sparing me any chance you wished you had to begin with. The bible was written by the same people who said earth was flat, just like this feedback was written by menstruating condom perforation queens. Don’t pretend we don’t know.

    • Plato said the Earth was flat. He didn’t write the Bible, the Pope just decided to agree with him as it was easier than actually considering whether or not the Earth was flat.
      As for the people who actually wrote the Bible, I don’t think most of them cared whether it was flat or not as they tended to believe that only God knew what shape the world really was.
      As for the women, they just can’t handle the competition.

  • Anonymous says:

    lol at number 10 seeing as most salarymen in Japan partake in prostitution.

    But I’m sure all these christmas cake girls would marry the first thing that asked them when they start getting close to 30.

      • Why wait until the guy gets out of jail. 😛 Inmate dating is the “in-thing”. Google say there is about 15,900,000 results.

        They would never have to worry about their ideal (in)mates spending money on anime or railroad.

  • I can understand people being turned off by gambling because it’s an addiction, but the people being surveyed ought to be a little more tolerant. Watching anime or collecting figurine is a little different but isn’t indicative of a weak character or a mental illness.

  • Anonymous says:


    Click on the original link and take a look at the ridiculously low number of “representative” voters.

    Seriously Sankaku. If you’re that desperate to come up with a bit of “news”, i’d rather read about some random shit from Hirano or the next Squenix-fail.

    This is just pathetic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, it’s not that all women or all men are bad. But the women that gave these ridiculous answers are shit. They are intolerant, ignorant, know shit about some things, etc.
        Seeing that only bad answers are given to us readers, one can guess that all women interviewed are thinking like that. As they asked a certain amount of women that “should be representative for the majority of Japan’s women”, one could take this survey seriously.
        If it were true that most Japanese women think this way, those women truly are shit… and then it’s no wonder Japanese men don’t want to put up with 3D and escape into 2D worlds or the idol industry….

        • @20:22 – you say that now to her, but explain the majority of the other posts here who are basically using this opportunity to hate on all women just based on this useless poll alone? It makes me ashamed to be associated with these people for using this site…

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s true, I’ve realized that this blog pretty much just runs on next to nothing these days. Artefact can literally post his own dump and it’d keep the blog running just as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Anime

    Yep, otaku are bad, they’re childish….oh wait, “otaku” isnt exclusively an anime term. Bummer.

    2. Bishoujo figures

    Yep, it’s bad….oh wait, he could have bishounen figures up there….no, wait, letting your other half know what your hobbies are is not allowed. Bummer.

    3. Gambling

    Makes sense for the most part.

    4. Idols

    “If he weren’t spending that much on it I could live with it, but these guys have a reputation for endlessly spending their money on this stuff…” – And he has his mysterious income source to keep paying for “this stuff”. Oh wait, spending money you earn to support your favorite singer/artist/dancer/etc. is creepy. Bummer.

    5. Lolicon

    “I’m not going with anyone with special sexual fetishes.” – that’s one boring sex life, if you ask me, but to each their own, I guess.

    6. Crossdressing

    “Even a hot guy is out if he’s into this stuff!” – Ever heard of the word “cosplay”? Oh wait – girls cosplaying as guys is just fine, never the other way around. Bummmer.

    7. Porn collecting

    “If he has a few books I don’t care, but if he had a lot it is gross!” – OR “if he had a lot”, his girlfriend may just suck that hard (pun intended)

    8. Trains

    “I’ve heard these people spend money on train sets and photography. And a lot of them are very passionate about their interests.” – Frankly, I dont even see the “negativity” in this statement – why cant this mindset be applied to any other sensible hobby/interest/whatever?

    9. Insect collecting

    “Keeping and rearing insects is just gross!” – “cant tell if trolling or just stupid”. What’s the problem here, exactly? Dont like insects? Welcome to the World Outside Your Window. Dont like looking at dead “live organisms”? I don’t feel like our planet lacks insects ’cause of insect collectors. As long as they don’t stick them in my face, I’m fine with not “teaching” other people what to do, where to go, or what to like.

    10. Prostitution

    Makes sense No.2

    • Anonymous says:

      yup i can’t imagine why and how train models is in the list, just don’t know how their minds work. does this also apply to other models of real world stuff like model cars and remote controlled ones or planes and helicopters.

        • You’ve clearly never seen a train otaku before. There’s a few on the line I use to get to work I see about once or twice a week and they’re pretty terrifying. They do stuff like bow to the train as it arrives, pray to it, yell out the station names along with the announcer as it pulls into the station, and plaster their face against the window to watch the tracks going by with an orgasmic expression on their face. There’s this one guy that yells ‘arigatou gozaimasu!’ and then applauds frantically each time the train makes a stop. I thought they were just people with some mental difficulties but then I found out that this isnt exactly uncommon for them.
          They also regularly trespass into areas where they can get good photos of the trains, and have disrupted the train traffic before like this. Basically, they’re not thought highly of for a reason.
          People who really like model trains are fine, I think they’re pretty neat too, an interest in trains is healthy after all, but when I think of ‘train otaku’ the ones who look like they literally want to whack off inside the train is the type I think of.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is bullshit, if a “hot” guy with one of the above as a interest was going out with one of these women, I’d highly doubt they even stick to their opinions.

    Easier to rate someone when it’s B&W as a top 10.

    With that said ““I don’t normally watch anime so I can’t imagine we could have anything to talk about. ”

    That has got to be the dumbest statement ever, why would you have nothing to talk about if someone has one particular different interest. It’s like if I don’t ware makeup suddenly I can’t communicate with women.

    Simply bizarre.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re just not up to the competition, lol. A woman that can draw me away from my hobbies (especially like some of the ones listed here) more than I’d expect is definitely a keeper.

    • Anonymous says:

      If they’re like the women here in Alberta, they want a rich guy who can pay for their lifestyle but who is also away working for weeks on end so they can whore around. Then when the oil money dries up, the divorce rate doubles and there’s suddenly quite a few houses up for sale.

      The thing I hate is this “entitled bitch” and “catch a rich one” mentality is 3-4 generations deep out here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Where is the list of Top 10 hobbies that even a hot girl won’t be forgiven?

        #1 All those pretentious women who waste money on fashion, designer outfit and cosmetics.

        Wait… that practically covers moviestars.

        Basically the answers to the poll can be summed up as jealousy. The idea relationship would be both partners’ respecting each other’s hobbies. A hobby is a hobby. It is no longer a hobby if your life revolves around it. Then it becomes your life instead.

      • Anonymous says:

        Even beyond gold diggers it is amazing how much the entire tradition of marriage is about buying a woman.

        Dating= Buy them drinks, dinner, entertainment, flowers, etc. It’s romantic! Or it’s Enjo Kosai, but not. Buy them the right stuff and they may fuck you!

        Getting engaged= Buy them a ring. No seriously, you pay them with a piece of jewelry to think about marrying you in the near future.

        Marriage= Pay for a wedding, buy them another ring, pay for a vacation for them(you get to come along!).

        Divorce= Pay them to not be with you, pay your lawyer and their lawyer too. Pre-nup helps but you still are paying.

        With these things being the custom, how is every woman not a whore? And why is anyone getting married…

        • Anonymous says:

          That is so true, and one of the reason why a guy get married, for sex is not fulfilled and woman can choose to ignore that need while blocking the husband from access to porn or outside source sex..

          Man work and pay everything, and gain nothing in return.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think the doll hobby should be up there, bishojo figures for me would be normal and I’d be happy to see, even the big naked ones with huge tits. But if I walked into a room full of dolls where they had all those clothes for the dolls to change into and different faces I would run out of that room instantly.

  • “They really hate anime more than gambling? Seriously now?”

    I think I know why. Gambling is something people don’t really show off (like an alcoholic). An Otaku on the other hand is loud and proud.

    Whats the point of that you may ask. Well its just like advertising. Something that is mentioned a lot will be known more compared to something that is almost never mentioned.

    That’s what I think, but WTF do I know xD

  • Anonymous says:

    So for the most part, Japanese women hate men who have interests that will keep the woman from getting more money from their sugar-dad…err…”boy friend”.

    Polls like these have made me give-up my sexual fetish for Asian women in general and Japs in particular.

  • Anonymous says:

    Meh who cares they are all old and boring.
    My wife doesnt mind that I watch anime and that
    I have tons of loli pictures I’ve collected from this site. Hell and its not that were young and shes even older than me and can tolerate the anime I watch if she isn’t watching it to.

  • Anonymous says:

    “It just has always had a strong association with ‘otaku’ so it’s totally unacceptable.” – 34-year-old woman

    -So if a guy carries a concealed weapon, he’s probably a mass shooter, because, you know, all mass murderers have been associated with weapons.

    “I don’t normally watch anime so I can’t imagine we could have anything to talk about. Even if he was hot, if we have nothing to talk about…” – 26-year-old woman

    Because guys who watch anime don’t have any other topics of conversation and talk about anime 24/7. Yeah, how boring.

    “This just leaves a childish impression.” – 24-year-old woman

    Childish, shmildish. Those women must really love no-bullshit-faced guys who are always serious.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Normal people,” say the same thing about our hobbies as well. That we have, “serious problems and should consider removing themselves from everyone.” Did you not read the article?

        • Guns have genres. I guess it all depends on what it was designed for. Say a finely crafted double barreled shotgun for hunting versus a fully-automatic belt-fed whatever for military.

          In any case still ironic that someone with our interests is making a blanket statement about another group. Ours is hardly considered normal either, thus the article.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well to be fair, Hentai has genres unlike guns. Rape hentai… I couldn’t understand how someone might think someone who watches that stuff could have more potential to rape, but a there’s actually a lot of hentai that doesn’t have any rape. Some hentai you could watch is more like the equivalent of carrying a bubble blowing toy gun, not just any gun.

    • Ikuhisashiku says:

      To a woman that isn’t into anime nor trains, I’d imagine that _both_ of those would seem rather childish. And I’d imagine that it wouldn’t particularly matter which one is quote-unquote more childish than the other. If she doesn’t share that same taste, then it’s meaningless to her.

      Now, on the other hand, if she has even the slightest inclination towards anime, then that might take a difference. Then she might want to go with anime-guy over train-guy, depending on how much she shares his tastes. It just depends on the woman in question.