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Square Enix: Lightning Returns “Better Than Skyrim!”

miqote-lightning (3)


The team behind Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy XIII rehash Lightning Returns have revealed the game’s open-world gameplay is intended to “beat Skyrim,” prompting much derision, and have also confirmed the important news that Lightning has officially been augmented to a D cup.

In Famitsu’s latest interview with the Lightning Returns development team, director Motomu Toriyama (famous for removing towns from XIII as “they were too much work“) and “wilderness lead planner” Yui Umeda revealed their intent to make a Skyrim beater:

Umeda: The wilderness is designed with a natural open world style of play in mind.

Toriyama’s first instruction was “beat Skyrim!”

That may be a tall order with the resources on hand, but as this is FF we decided it might be best to approach it by letting you run about on a chocobo.

Also, although there is lots of freedom in the wilderness, there is only one goal but with many paths to accomplishing it.

Thankfully for them the talk soon shifted to the far more important topic of Lightning’s increasing bust size, perhaps illustrating where everyone’s priorities really lie:


Is it true Lightning went from a C cup to a D cup?

Goto: Well, Toriyama told us to make her bigger!

Toriyama: You’re just passing the blame!

Goto: Well, yes, we made her bigger.

That is to say, she was a C until now? She jiggles about a bit now, doesn’t she?

Goto: Yes!

Toriyama: It actually depends on the wear you select. Sort of like supportive underwear.

Suzuki: There’s an unshown costume where she is wearing a sarashi. If it is announced, think of this.

Lightning herself has also been made to moonlight as a Miqo’te of late:

miqote-lightning (1)

miqote-lightning (2)

miqote-lightning (3)

Even Square Enix daring to mention Skyrim, let alone challenge it, is all too much hubris for Japanese gamers it would seem:

“Like they can manage Skyrim.”

“There is no way this can compete with Skyrim as they say.”

“I think they are confusing their ‘open plains’ from XIII with the ‘open world’ of Skyrim.”

“I’d love to see just what part of this game they have deluded themselves into thinking could compete with Skyrim.”

“Skyrim was overrated anyway. It was only really good because you can mod it up.”

“With those comments Umeda is basically saying one small part of the game is somewhat comparable to an open-world RPG.”

“If they were saying this about XV I might think they were serious, but it is obvious they long ago gave up making anything of Lightning Returns.”

“Other than the cuteness of Lightning they really have nothing to beat anyone with.”

“I wish they’d stop dragging out Lightning. She’s not even that appealing a character!”

“These weird host and hostess costumes and odd equipment they are obsessed with are so out of date it is not funny any more! I’m getting truly sick of their mixed medieval high-tech worlds too!”

“The whole game premise is just awful.”

“It will just be another long linear story though.”

“Maybe they could beat Skyrim with the battle system, at least.”

“They could surely beat it in terms of CTDs!”

“Square Enix is hopeless, they long since forgot they could succeed going their own way.”

“Square Enix is just done for.”

“It really says it all that even now they are saying they can compete with Skyrim.”

“It is odd that they are so obsessed with Skyrim at all really.”

“It carried off everything they ever wanted to do, I guess. Now they are just deluding themselves that they can beat it if they try.”

“God knows why they are trying to do this with another continuation of XIII. They shouldn’t even be trying this with the FF brand.”

“This lot probably don’t want to do anything like TES at all. They are just crazy about the way JRPGs have been reduced to a global laughing stock and even Japanese gamers are united in adoration of Skyrim.”

“That’s mostly because you can mod it to the gills though. Japanese game companies would just bitch about copyright or some nonsense and never allow it, so they have no chance there.”

“The fact that it took them this long to even accept just the notion of an open-field in an FF game is proof of just how empty their heads are now.”

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  • Who cares about Lightning, she is insipid, really is a clone of Cloud but more insipid, and people say to she is serius, cmon, dont know the difference to serius personality and insipid antisocial?. Ah serius personality is for example Oscar from Versalles no bara, but Lightning is insipid and flematic only, inclusive dont have a real personality.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really don’t get why people consider Skyrim as GotY… Its buggy as fuck, graphics are nothing special, gameplay gets old fast, story is almost non existent. It can be fun to just fuck around in that vast open world, but that’s about its only redeeming feature IMO. I mean making dragon slaying boring… that takes talent.

  • half of the comments in that article i find upsetting sure everyones entitled to there own opinion but SE doesnt have to listen to them i personally like lightning as a character shes one of my favorite final fantasy characters also i love the mix of high tech and mid evil its one of the things i love about final fantasy series its going to be hard to imagine they can beat a game like skyrim when it comes to open world but other then that im really happy there making a new game based around lightning although why did they call her lightning in the first place doesnt seem like a good name to me also i think some of the comments were wrong because final fantasy is one of my favorite video game series especially ffxi so if any game could compete with skyrim it would be the final fantasy series

  • Anonymous says:

    So a heroine boob job and chocobo riding make them think they could beat the best selling RPGs ever… Can’t wait till The Witcher 3 gives them a bitch slap (and with a lesser budget)

  • I can’t even comment anymore. They picked an easy target for game mechanics wise, but beating Skyrim’s open-world is going to be tough. Furthermore, Square Enix would in no way allow modding to be done. Hell they won’t even put these games on the PC. You know if they moved their franchises to be on PC first and allow modding, and then later move those titles to console I think they might have some merit in gaining profit, but Square Enix just can’t understand the formula game makers did with Skyrim, can they? Heck they could easily beat skyrim’s game mechanics, but yeah, shape up Square Enix!

    Hopefully FFXV doesn’t turn out to be horrible. With these jokers in charge I can see them ruining any title/franchise that falls under Square Enix’s doors.

  • Anonymous says:

    I gave up on Final Fantasy mostly at 7, holy shit did it go downhill after that. I really liked 12’s world, but the story and the battle system were doomed to failure. If you’re looking for a JRPG these days, stick with Dragon Quest – it’s still good enough to be considered an illegal release on a school night.

    Let’s just hope we get 10 and the remake of 7…

  • Anonymous says:

    So Square you want to compete with Skyrim eh?

    I got a nice little guide for you then:

    1.Take an old engine.
    2.Spend 2 years or so optimizing it, rewriting some code here and there.
    3.Tell everyone its a new engine.
    4.Create the open world and spend rest of the development filling it with useless clutter and other junk nobody cares about.
    5.Make it moddable so you have people fixing and finishing the game for free (<– understand* 70% of the game) while you reap all the glory.
    There now you have a bethesda game!
    6.Create a better combat system (preferably one that will look and play like from this century).
    7.Beat Skyrim.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s like comparing Mansanas and Dalandan!
    Skyrim is great because of the open world thing and mods.
    FF WAS great because of plot and characters.
    They should just focus on that!

  • Anonymous says:

    In order to beat Skyrim, Square would have to come out of console enviroment first, they have shit games for PC, I’m not expecting them to beat skyrim, but at the fucking least, do a better job than Bethesda. Players fixing their game is a habit for Beth-soft, actually Skyrim is:
    20% bethesda engine and base
    80% player input.

    So in numbers Skyrim is easy to beat, just do better work, we can do the rest ourselves 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      You are fuckin stupid. Ever heard a nekomimi outfit? Its an outfit, designed to look like a cat (the ear and tail). Its a subculture fashion in Japan, and popular among otaku.

      Calling her look like a prostitute because the tail and ear is just dumb.

    • Anonymous says:

      cause 13-2 & 13-3 are basically map packs guised as full games, whereas 7 remake requires a whole team to develop. and no one really cares about 7 in japan, you weaboos only care about 7 because it made jrpgs mainstream. deal with it.

  • Anonymous says:

    how can they possibly think this will beat skyrim… when they don’t even let you play any other character than Lightning? (i.e. no character creation)

    as for the rest… yeah, SE shouldn’t be allowed to make grandiose promises any more.

  • Anonymous says:

    Initially I wanted to write a long comment filled with the usual hatred and bash this crap… but it’s just not worth it. The facts speak enough for itself:
    1. Increase Lightnings bust to a D-cup, so it can jiggle… and the devs are really happy and laughing, shows their immaturity and stupidity
    2. Fanservice outfits, ecchi and moe. Since when does a serious JRPG game need that shit? Imagine FF7 where you spend your time cosplaying… standing in the midst of a bloody building/burning village wearing cosplay… a certain girl being tied up wearing a bikini… makes the game ridiculous lol
    3. beating Skyrim… never played it, but I played it’s predecessors. Not even the old FFs with open world map have as much freedom as TES games lol this will 100% fail. Also, they always speak of “wilderness” = open world will be plains, jungles and shit like in FF13, which was boring… give me cities, dungeons, gigantic buildings, mazes, castles etc.
    4. DLC… as everyone knows by now, Squeenix loves mobile phone games. Soo, they will again fill their game with useless DLC in the form of cosplay, hair styles and other shit. It’s hilarious what they do with JRPGs nowadays…

    So it became a long rant again lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Better to Skyrim…inclusive better to skyrim + mods…..TROLOLOLOL!!!! dream more Squartle-penix dream more.
    Lightning D-CUP?….D-CUPPPP!!!! XDXDXDXDXD…seriuslly??? XDXDXD lol she have the personality and the body of a table.

  • Anonymous says:

    final fantasy has had large world exploration before
    at least Enix is trying to make a good game this time
    also making your character have big tits and optional clothing could only interest me more
    i hope the fighting system is funner or improved it didn’t need to be but i hope it is

  • Anonymous says:


    SQUENIX Tries to appease fans by trying to make an Open World game that can be better than Skyrim.


    Seriously they try and appease you mother fuckers and all you do is whine more and more.

    All the while those of us who were open minded and enjoyed FFXIII and it’s linearity are royally fucked over because the average moron has the impression that at somepoint FF was open world when it has NEVER been.

    Yeah, who gives a fuck about story pacing and character development! Random meangingless exploring open world! yeahh!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was like, “Ooooh, I might have to try it, since they challenged SkyRim.” Then they had to mention the D-cup and now I see them as just selling Lightning as if she’s a prostitute or something. It shouldn’t matter what size she is, you fucking idiots!

  • Anonymous says:

    For some reason.. I like Lightning less now due to the “Better than skyrim!!” attempt. Skyrim or should i saw Elder Scrolls series is in their own league to me, stick to Final Fantasy games plox. =/

    Wait.. let me rephrase that. I dislike Lightning’s creators!! D: Instead of ‘Beating Skyrim’ why not a “Better then all the rest! Final Fantasy” =P

  • Anonymous says:

    Western RPG sequel: “we made fighting more responsive, better interaction with NPC’s and more interactive environment”
    FF ‘sequel’: “we made her boobs bigger”

    I love older jRPG’s, so I’m happy I can’t play newer ones, because it would tarnish this feeling.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Toriyama! Remember this:

    “We think many reviewers are looking at Final Fantasy XIII from a western point of view. When you look at most Western RPGs, they just dump you in a big open world, and let you do whatever you like… [It] becomes very difficult to tell a compelling story when you’re given that much freedom.”


  • Anonymous says:

    Well, there went another load of the respect I once had for Square… Seriously, this is something I’d expect from Tochimichi Mori, and BlazBlue doesn’t take itself so f***ing seriously the fanservice ends up feeling painful rather than welcome.
    If I buy this game, I’ll buy it as a used retail copy; I won’t finance Square if it goes on vandalizing its own star franchise like this… (As a final note I have to say that I never thought I’d see the day I’d look back upon FFX-2 and think favorably about it in relation to whatever I had before me.)

  • Anonymous says:

    I pitty those guys trying to level up their game based on a bad game just because its popular. Skyrim is a bad bad game…boring as hell…Vanilla Skyrim is crap… the mods on the other hand saves this game. FF13 over Skyrim any day.

  • Anonymous says:

    If she wears a cape a helmet and sunglasses it’s wrong and she looks stupid, if she wears some sexy dress it’s wrong all the same and she looks like a whore… come on guys, make up your minds already!
    If I’m gonna play a shitty game at least I want a hot bitch on it! I think that just this little detail is the FIRST RIGHT THING Squeenix has made in years! Now they need to add a decent game to the sexy bitch element and voilá, you got something worth of my money! It’s that hard to understand???!!!!

    I mean, Who the hell play video games after all??? Girls wanting to see a bunch of haircut-divas girlie boys??? OR GUYS wanting to see hot bitches and kill monsters???!!! I don’t even

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a straight guy who plays his games for the game… meaning for the story, characters, the world, challenges, battles, action/tactics/skill in FPS/RTS, etc…. I’m not playing to watch the chicks in some fancy (or not) outfits. Do I care about the character because I can see her tits bouncing? Not at all. If I want sex, fanservice and the like I’ll watch/read/play porn/hentai/eroge… or go out and have sex with a real girl -_-

      Mostly only shitheads, who care about visuals, like all this dress-me-up fanservice DLC shit and empty their wallet to get some bikini outfit or nekomimi+tail :/
      But I’m not all negative concerning the dress-up! I liked that feature in “End of Eternity/ Resonance of Fate”. You got new outfits in-game, no DLC shit. The outfits were pretty tame and nothing revealing IIRC. That’s the way to go, not all this “spend ~2,- for 1 set of fanservice clothes… don’t worry, we have 50 packs ready”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh get the fuck over it, it’s one dame outfit. She was hot before it’s not like they took a moderately attractive girl and suddenly made her cute. She still is one of the most kick ass females in FF.

  • Anonymous says:

    If nothing else it will be interesting to see what they make out of this. A Skyrim-esque open world Final Fantasy game could be quite a fun experience if done right. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the goods though.

        • Anonymous says:


          Why wouldn’t I deny it when it blatantly isn’t true, though? The only people who are making breast size a big deal are the people who make a giant deal out of sex appeal or make have this idea in their head that strong women characters can never have large breasts, when I’m pretty sure people and body types come in all shapes and sizes.

          Female characters, breast large or small, have been critically acclaimed.

          I’ve never even noticed her breast size and I can still only tell the difference when I squint. Did you ever think maybe Toriyama is an artist and simply thought it might look better to him if the size was made a little bit bigger? Seriously, what difference would it make? Nobody’s going to buy this game solely because she’s one cup size larger, at least when it’s so unnoticeable and I’m pretty sure they know that. In fact, they haven’t even mentioned it, until they were asked about it in this interview.

        • Anonymous says:


          The problem is that these days an entire female character’s worth IS based on her breast size. Don’t deny it. This was just a dick move by SE leaders to try and make anything XIII-related sell more.

        • Anonymous says:

          No. I’m sick of gamers like you that judge an entire character’s worth based on her breast size or if she has alternate costumes available that are or aren’t completely to your liking.

          You don’t even seem to know what a “sex whore” is. Just stop.

        • Anonymous says:

          more like “I’m sick of guys like you that judge an entire character’s worth based on her breast size or if she has alternate costumes available that are or aren’t completely to your liking.”

          What’s wrong, your father rape you for dressing like a white? Or are you just a fat cunt, whom no one wants to fuck. You disgusting landwhale.

    • When even Sankaku commentators are crying foul and deploring the objectification of a female video game character, saying things you’d expect to hear on a feminist blog, that’s when you know you’ve fucked up.

      And I agree with the general consensus here.
      Lighting was a soldier. Serious, strong and determined, with a more practically themed yet still entirely feminine look/outfit, striking a good balance of fantasy and respectable aesthetic.

      And now she’s dressed as (?) a cat girl, in a cleavage exposing top and red miniskirt, with her bust sized increased, and leaning over in a provocative pose.

      When will the clueless businessmen behind these kinds of choices learn, that a character or franchise is not just a brand name that you attach to whatever putty you think will sell. They work so hard to maintain their own intended “corporate image”, and yet treat the identity of their products like fickle and disposable cash cows.

      I don’t even care about FFXIII, but I see this treatment of characters and franchises far too much.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t like how they make all those fanservice outfits, be it cute, sexy or “cool” (like the Cloud uniform – I dislike it)…

        The outfit DLCs and also the D-cup change show that Squeenix doesn’t take the game seriously… all they want is earning more money through fanservice (and lots of people will buy this crap DLC). As they love social games, which also empty one’s wallet, this game is the same.
        Sure, it’s optional, but that doesn’t make it good.

        Another thing… the game will be ridiculous when Lightning talks all seriously and wants to save the world… while wearing revealing cosplay with her bust jiggling as if it were Tekken or DoA lol
        Just imagine Yuna crying about all the dead people while wearing a bikini… funny neh?
        Or imagine princess Dagger, wearing a goth outfit… how about Aerith in a pink leotard walking through the church, slums and in her flower garden?
        All of that would ruin the games lol

        • Anonymous says:

          Its is optional.

          Did you miss the official Lightning cloth in FF 13-3? You can and you will default-ly use that cloth, and not this optional try to be different cloth.

          The main play-through, the tear fest Yuna you want to play as you trying to make as an example, you still wearing the serious cloth, after you finish the game and extract all those emotional impact in your head then you can try these cat girl attire so there are a reason to play the game again.

      • Anonymous says:

        In addition, the costume will not change Lighting. The strong and determined Lightning, will remain the same.

        Apparently you are missing why there are DLC costume in games. One of the reason why it was made so that the player feel different/funny while playing a game with a character with a definite sets of characterization, in an outfit that so contradicting with his/her characteristic.

        Playing as Lightning with her usual dress can be boring during 20-ish hours playtime, you are looking at the same pink head, grey cloth and brown boots (a serious looking attire) character for a really long time so the the contras looking costume can breath a fresh air. The same also apply for the second replay, a DLC costume can bring motivation for player to play again in the funky dress.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did not understand how everybody is taking conclusions by just a pose, and change from C to D, still seems small.
      They do not say anything about personality change to look bad ass must be flat and have personality male or lesbian?
      If nothing changes everyone thinks it is the same copy and past the other versions, changed the size of the chest and put on a sexy pose …… game over man game over …
      Comparing Skyrim with FF is like trying to mix water and oil, rpgs asia x West will probably never reach a middle ground ..

      • Anonymous says:

        You are speaking the truth, and yet you have no upvote.

        To bad I have no account on Sankaku, if I do and if I allowed, I will upvote you thousand times. The finger cramp of pushing upvote button, I won’t mind it at all.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, those celebrities and actresses ARE whore lol

          Nah, not really. To call those women “whores” is wrong, still they don’t have any decency doing those poses, naked photo-shoots, wearing revealing outfits etc.
          From a classical, uptight viewpoint it’s amoral and “slutty” to be an oversexualised woman showing off their goods.

        • Anonymous says:

          If that’s what only take for you to call a woman a whore, that’s fucked up as many celebrities, actresses basically doing the same thing on photograph session.. same cleavage, and same pose..

        • That’s a copy from the Migo’te (that outfit is borrowed from FFXIV) who are fanservicey catgirl types. The pose is a copy, as well, so don’t read too much into it.

          I liked FFXIII a bit and I thought FFXIII-2 improved on a lot of FFXIII’s weaknesses, but they need to stop making grandiose statements like this. Note even in the quote, though, I get the impression that “this isn’t as good as skyrim but that was our aim.” I’d say some of the announced things, like making the entire game based on timed stuff, aren’t looking good though.

    • Anonymous says:

      ^ This, I had tremendously fun 5 months with Skyrim, but only because of mods (and Japanese voice pack, lol. Combined with char model mods to actually make females look good, it almost felt like a truly open world JRPG because of that).

      Skyrim also has to be the one core game with the most percentage of really dedicated female players (and modders!). Don’t know what this has to do with anything though, lol

        • Anonymous says:

          01:16, unless they added custom voices for her (is there even any eng Fate dub to take voices from? If no, why would they include a non-Japanese voice for her in the first place?), she should be assigned one of the installed default female voices, which are of course all Japanese because of the voice pack.

          Can’t say anymore on that since I didn’t know until now that there even is a Saber follower… wouldn’t want one though, since IMO such things break immersion.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why does it make it weaboo?

          Japanese voice actor/ess did a very good job in delivery emotion in anime and games, which something English dubs lacks so much. Not saying Skyrim voice sucks or something, but Japanese voice actor/ess is very good at doing what they are doing, voicing a character.

          There are even class dedicated to voice acting in Japan for crying out loud. Talk about caring and maintaining the top quality of voice acting in Japan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its a plot/character driven game, able to customized will affect the game.

      For instance, if your character customized as a kid, and there are scene where Lighning going to a bar drinking beer to ears-dropping on a conversation, it will look like the game promote underage drinking.

      Serrah Faron is Lightning little sister, if customization is allowed, then Lightning can be a man and it will look weird if Serrah calling your character, which you make a guy, as “sister”. Imagine Serrah said “sister, I want to go out” when the sister, is a man with muscle of The Rock and hairy chest .. it do not look pretty.

      In Skyrim, where your character can be a random person as you are a person without family or in the past friend or hometown background, customization will not affect the plot. You can be a guy, a woman, a cat-woman (Khajiit) or some Lizard-man and it won’t matter.

      In Final Fantasy, as it limited by deeper plot, Lightning is not some random person, she has family, friend and deep background which will make the full customization features will not work.

    • Anonymous says:

      In a world that massive, a great plot seems unachievable as the people are scattered everywhere and the player need to travel a long distance, in which meet 3 dragon, 2 bear and some saber-tooth tiger just to reach the aimed destination.

      That’s a lots of combat (try go from Riften to Marrowind, I think you’ll meet at least 5 dragon on the way by foot), and it can dilute the excitement of the plot because it took a lot of time for the next plot to be revealed.

      The scattered people also means there are many sub-mission to be designed, and its not easy to create 100+ engaging mission. Meeting them for the side mission to trigger also can be hassle as the map is really gigantic.

  • Anonymous says:

    As if Square-Enix can manage an Open World game anymore… On the scale of Skyrim too… There’s a difference between “open world” and “large world with a linear storyline with very little sidequest”

  • As long as they don’t die a powerful/useful class into the Miqo’te outfit, I couldn’t care less about them putting it in.

    They did put in a swimsuit for Serah in FFXII-2. Not to mention Thief and Lady Luck way back in FFX-2.

  • If you strive to copy something, then if you succeed, you’ll have a good copy of it. Greatness comes from making your own thing – though they’ve clearly forgotten how to do that.

    The makers of the cityless hallway dungeon game are going to make an open-world game to beat Skyrim? Maybe they’ll beat it in terms of Lightning-having… unless someone’s made a mod for that already.

  • Anonymous says:

    Beating Skyrim isn’t all that hard, considering that Skyrim, when you really break it down, it kind of a shitty game.. Like.. a REALLY shitty game, that just has a ton of stuff in it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wtf is this. Barf. Misplaced cat-ears trying to copy off FF Reborn?

    Yuck Square. Just another typical westernized shit hollywoodified videogame. No thanks. Start making originals again instead of this mainstream big breast appeal.

    • Anonymous says:

      to what are you talking?

      what is this SE you are talking to?

      do you see a giant robot wielding some sword with the letters SE (square enix) or what?

      and what do you think is “well talk”?

      why not now?

  • Ikuhisashiku says:

    Lightning started out as a pretty decent character in my opinion, but now they’re simply turning her into a sex object. Normally, I wouldn’t disapprove so much of this sort of thing, but it’s just too contradictory to the rest of Lightning’s character.

    The _only_ way I could see this sort of thing even possibly working is if it’s some sort of alt-world Lightning who’s not quite as “tough-as-nails” as the original one is.

    Still, it’d be better off if Enix would just let Lightning go. All they’re doing at this point is beating a dead horse that’s why past its time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lightning doesn’t know how to be “girly”. She’s a tough chick, with no feelings. Maybe she’ll fall for Vanille. I heard she’s in the game too. I wish 20 year old Hope is in the game and they become a couple. Lightning needs a man in her life.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is honestly depressing. They’ve reduced a kickass female character to a sex object. Seeing her pose like that is completely out of character for her.
    If you wanted to do this so badly, SE, why not just make a new female character instead of shitting all over one of your few decent existing ones?

    • Anonymous says:

      they needed a way to try make some money from all their recent failures so to lure guys in put a slutty looking girl in it and give her less and less clothes and hope that makes the game sell.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree sooo much. Lightning is my favorite FF woman character and I have played all FF games and I like her because she isnt a whiny girl.
      Badass and lovely voice 😉

      But with this -.- well its japan so they have to make every woman/girl moe ffs

    • Anonymous says:

      I admit FF13 sucks but I do like Lighting. I like her but not in this way… even though I fapped her… it wasn’t like I fapped her coz she sexually aroused me…(dont get me wrong bro, she is sexy in her own way) I fapped her with respect and dignity. But now… I can never fap her the same way I used to. I do not wanna fap this Lighting, that’s for sure.

        • @A

          Hahahaha, true enough! But it can be done in a dignified way, as can sex. It’s all based on our fear of discussing it and our ingrained stigmas about sex. Masturbation wouldn’t be necessary if we humans had a more instinctual method of relaying our willingness to mate, but we’re conscious human beings with free choice, so we have variations to cover for our heat not aligning with others 😛

          The above description is just epic because of its non-give-a-shittery in how it’s conveyed, so to speak. No playing around why she’s beautiful or to what level, just ‘I would fuck and respect that before, now I wouldn’t fuck it with a stolen dick cuz she looks like a whore’ basically.

        • “Haha, nothing undignified about it either, really.”

          Erm no… actually you’ll find that it’s not an act that dignifies someone. lol. You wouldn’t venture outside and pride yourself by telling the world that you just fapped to a 2d character.

          It is ‘natural’, however.

        • Haha, nothing undignified about it either, really. It is what it is. The convoluted description was hilariously roundabout and anecdotal in a way to describe his own distress at her being potentially stripped of that which earned respect. Being turned on by the concept of a woman who has that much strength and self-purpose is nothing to be ashamed about. If guys don’t lie to themselves, most of the time they fap to the vapid girls represented by that picture above, because a woman with a mind of her own is the woman you fall for, a woman who sticks her ass out and looks at you with come-fuck-me eyes (as my friend calls them) is one who is immediately objectified and you merely imagine plowing her like a field. Watching a woman you respected turn into a shadow of her former self emotionally makes it difficult to find her attractive anymore. Except in doujinshi perhaps, since that’s a fetish for some, but I imagine it has to be set up in a sexual context first so you know it’s a rise and fall from grace.

          Fuck now I want to go research the sexual psychology of it!

        • @ Anon 11:49

          Why is everyone so negative about that setup? Why must it always be about them being stupid or reduced as character when they are free to do what they want and they end up having fun? She was an idol in terms of her heroism, and she gained the freedom to have fun and the idolatry turned into a different type with her music. I won’t pretend that they attempted to have some fun with the Yuna/Lenne or whatever her name was connection, but it wasn’t done in a tasteless manner.

          I want you to pretend that you’ve spent your entire life training to die, every day, stuck in an encapsulated lifestyle where you have no choice but to be the hope and prayers of every single person living, otherwise you will not only be a failure to everyone, but everyone will probably die. Then I want you to imagine you’re suddenly completely free of that, and have power and the respect of all people, and never had a childhood. Even if Yuna’s shift was done with the idea of Otaku in mind to let her be a cute idol girl, it was not done in a bad or in-elegant way that makes it somehow as unforgivable as many people seem to make it.

          Plus, I don’t quite understand your comments about dress spheres. She was a summoner and sorceress, I don’t think she came in with no training or discipline. The concept may have been exaggerated, but not unbelievable. It fit the concept of taking on different personae that the entire basis of the story revolved around, them finding out who they were as people in the new world and putting on different ‘acts’ so to speak. It was a pretty nice metaphor I thought, and rather fun to play with.

          I just don’t understand what is so hate-inducing about it. It was different, sure, but not disrespectful in its purpose (which I’ll hold my breath to find out with the change in the article above). Nobody ever explains what they actually expected from it to make it so hated, all they do is whine, bitch and moan like always.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ignore HouseLife. The sequel was terrible. They clearly didn’t take the girls seriously and in order to get guys to play the games they stripped them down, physically and mentally.

          Yuna was no where near as elegant or tasteful as she was in the past, and the entire story was watered down. They went from the vast struggles of the first game into Yuna stopping a war by singing pop music and using dress spheres in order to godmod other people’s abilities without having to go through the experiences of learning classes. Why train to be a mage like Lulu when you can just pick up a sphere and transform and steal all the knowledge? And why bother leveling up when the creators can’t even take female protagonists seriously and feel they have to make them super powerful in order to make things interesting?

        • I won’t. That game’s puzzle-based system was kind of annoying, but everything else about it was enjoyable in the sense of how they show the world shifting from the prospect of being destroyed on a regular basis to being in a state of general peace, and how everyone reacts to it.

          In case you haven’t recognized from the existence of Reality TV, peace generates some rather ridiculous shit. It’s believable and awesome how they showed that world and how the characters who fought so hard had difficulty adapting, and did so in an almost facetious way.

          I don’t understand the morons who call it ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ They finished that joke at the end of the friggan tutorial dungeon. It’s obvious they didn’t really play it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Let me ask you something.

        Do Square Enix announce they will change the Lightning character? The way she behave, the way she interact, the way her stoic facial expression?

        The answer is nope. She will be the same as ever, and the DLC, the you-can-choose-not-to-buy-it costume I think only made for fun, for sake of imagination on how the stoic soldier looks if she dressed as a cat girl (a popular costume in Japan, BTW).

        That’s all, and her pose, and her cloth-skin ratio is not that revealing either, I’ve seen worst in movie and TV shows that made for family to watch, which mean even 5 years old kids watch it..

        Its called a fanservice, and its not new in Japanese game industry.

        Chris Redfield, a stoic Resident Evil character, also get the same treatment and yet I see no whining of objectifying calling or some similar shit..

        Its because we know Chris will remain the same, weird DLC costume or not, a costume is just a costume created so the player feel different while replaying the game with alternate so-not-like him costume.

        Chris will still hate Wesker. He will still training to beat that fuck head. He still will shoot gooey monster in further Resident Evil game and kick them in a melee attack..

        He will not turn into Bierber-esque type of person (sissy brat) just because a fan-service DLC costume.. and same apply to Lighting as well.

        The Lightning that you guys respect so much (which in my opinion, is weird as she isn’t likeable to me) will not change because a cat girl costume. Her personality will remain the same, and only will change after plot demanding her to do so.

      • @Ikuhisashiku

        Really we’ll have to see. Making her more busty and customizable is one thing, and it’s done to many characters, but we’ll just have to hope they recognize that it was a small thing. Sankaku does like to focus on very small aspects of what passes for ‘news’ here, so there may be a context we lack in this.

        Either way I share the worry, and one of the comments is what I agree with, which is that Skyrim and Elder Scrolls in general are good for what they are, but in the end, overrated and generally weak in everything but their atmosphere. Open World is and always has been a lie, they all lacked a decent plot and appropriate character development which Square does have the infrastructure for in their games, whether people say they fail or not. There will never truly be an open world plot-driven game, as you must eventually finish it, and the plot almost always sucks unless handled correctly like Mass Effect.

        Lightning being sexualized is a bit unnerving, as her sensuality existed by default in her confident beauty. Being able to toy with her being out of character in-game by choice via outfit-switch is different, the pose in that picture is (hopefully) someone just having fun. Her expression being vapid I took to being a play on the fact that she went cat, and cat characters are always the type to be very open-minded and wide-eyed to stuff around them, so it’s less of a bastardization and more of a playfulness.

      • Anonymous says:

        she looks like a soulless slave that does whatever you want from her.

        lightning was a really cool character concept sure ff xiii was not the best and all but there was potential to really turn light into a cool character. instead they did they exact opposite

        • Anonymous says:

          She’s dressed as a cat-girl, of course she’s a sexual object. The original Lightning would scoff at the idea of wearing anything like it. That being said, if she HAD to wear such an outfit, her giving us an “up yours” gesture would be much more believable than that sultry pose they have her in.

        • Ikuhisashiku says:

          Anon 05:27, I think you’re missing the mark by a bit.

          It’s not just because she’s dressed differently. That sort can be easily explained away. Sure, it’s something that the original Lightning’s character would _only_ wear under very specific circumstances, but she could still definitely pull it off.

          Rather, it’s all the little things combining into one big screw up. The focus on her being bumped up a cup size, the newly acquired breast physics, the pose, even the look on her face… All of it seems “off” when compared to the original Lightning. Squeenix is _specifically_ targeting all of the aspects that further sexualize their character, most likely in the hopes of targeting a specific audience. Your argument that “just because she’s dressed differently doesn’t make her a sex object” doesn’t add up. Especially not when every single thing Squeenix is doing is contradictory to that statement.

          Like I’ve said before, I wouldn’t mind this sort of thing if it were some new character. In fact, I’d probably be one of the ones looking forward to it as well. It’s just the fact that this was a pretty well established character whose entire existence they’re turning around. They’re adding even more salt to the wound with the fact that all this is unnecessary.

          There are plenty of ways that a character can still come off as sexy without blatantly needing a breats enlargement or dressing them in even less clothes than before. Just look at her original design. She still has plenty of appeal while wearing a lot more clothing.

          Now, I’m certainly not a feminist. I’m also not a prude. I realize well that sex does have a tendency to sell. I buy into it myself, so I can’t even say anything on that front. I just don’t think they’re doing the original character justice with this turn they’re taking on her. It’s just bad writing in general to change a character’s entire demeanor on a whim. And all it’s likely to do is piss off the fans who loved those aspects in the character that they’re now removing.

          TL;DR: Sexing up other characters = okay
          Sexing up a well established character who got by just fine without the added sex appeal = not okay

        • Feminism? Ugh, is that supposed to be some sort sexual empowerment feminism bullshit?

          I’m sure you feel real empowered after letting every douche with a popped collar drop a load on your back.

          Christ, Feminists have to some of the worst people ever.

        • Anonymous says:

          More of my muh feminism comments.

          Just because she is scantly dressed does not mean she’s a sexual object. Does she have some unrealistic properties? Sure but you can say that about any character.

          Besides, this is just an alternate costume, no need to get your buttmad about it. If you want your tom-boy fantasy, play with the stock or go with the preorder bonus of the SOLIDER outfit from FF7

        • Ikuhisashiku says:

          I certainly hope so, anon 04:11.
          The only way I even accept this Ligthning’s existence is if it’s some alternate-universe version of her. Even better would be if the original Lightning was still there as well and the two versions somehow met up.

          Otherwise, Squeenix is going to have a helluva time trying to explain this one to the Lightning fans like myself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing! Lightning was such a strong female character; it’s really sad to see her flipped just to appeal to objectifying audience.
      Agreed: make a new sex toy girl vs bashing in an old one that was perfectly good.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are freakin out over nothing. Its just a costume, damn it. The official costume still is the main costume that define her character, and this alternate optional costume is created so Lightning look different than her usual no emotion personality..

        She will not behave like a sex toy, the story will remain the same about a journey of a unreasonably strict woman soldier. One costume, which you can choose not to buy, is not going to change her character.

    • Umm she was a sex object anyway, pretty much every female char in games are made to look hot/desirable, it sells games.

      I’ll be honest though its not hard to make a game with better gameplay/plot than skyrim. The story in skyrim was garbage and the game play was completly dumbed down compared to oblivion.

      • Anonymous says:

        Gameplay was a lot better than Oblivion, even though it was dumbed down. This goes to tell something about just how much suckage Oblivion gameplay was… enemies leveling up with you? In an open-world RPG? Really??? Why would I even want to level up then in the first place??? And don’t get me started on what that meant if you didn’t pursue a melee or attack magic-based career…

        Morrowind still the best TES though in terms of both gameplay and atmosphere. Though mods have come a long way to make Skyrim come close at least in the latter discipline.

    • Anonymous says:

      lightning wasnt decent in anyway, and seeing as toriyama is freaking obsessed with her and is also a horrible director, he went with the sexualization route and made Lightning and XIII even more unbearable

  • Anonymous says:

    It is actually possible that they could make a game that is as good as Skyrim. Skyrim is 2 years old now, which means they’ve had plenty of time to play it themselves and figure out what makes it so good. If they were to incorporate those aspects, they really could do it.

    However it would just be their own version of Skyrim then, and not much of an accomplishment for them as a gaming company.

    They will never get the kudos for game innovation as long as they’re playing catch-up to someone else, especially when the rest of the stuff they put out is crap.

    • Anonymous says:

      They had Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Xeno Gears, … those were good games. They knew how to make them. They don’t seem to even understand that anymore. The problem lies elsewhere.

      In order to understand why Skyrim is so good they would need to have a soul.

      Squar has lost his somewhere around Final Fantasy VII (a bit after I guess).

      In my humble opinion, FF VII was less deep than FF VI (FF3 in the US?), but there was the 3D novelty so it was not really a failure. I think the world of FF VII was still pretty open.

      After it, it seems that the “cinematic/looks” budget raised and the story/background/world details got down.
      FF VIII was a disaster (and short).
      FF IX was uninteresting (forgot most of it).
      FF X was ridiculous (gave up after a few hours).
      FF XII was an improvement, a hope to go back to the good era, partly because of the somewhat open world (finished it).
      FF XIII was an insult (my disk is somewhere in a Landfill).

      All SquareEnix do now is looking at a kind of check list with variations on superficial themes.
      D cups ? That’s your target audience ? They are doing it wrong. There are many kind of adult games (some that I remember fondly of) that are perfect to deliver this kind of content. Now REAL Role Playing Games (written fully since some “genius” registered RPG to better abuse it) should be let to teams with a soul, a vision and skills.

      On that front, SquareEnix is doomed.

      • Anonymous says:

        FF8-13 were fine with the exception of FF12, which was boring as hell. The FF games are still some of the best. People like you need to get over the past and start viewing them as stand alone games instead of whining about nostalgia.

        • Anonymous says:

          XII is the best in the FF franchise and closest thing Square got to staying current.

          Relatively open world.
          Free form battles.
          Huge number of side quests and secrets, so great replayability.
          More mature characters (no emo shits).
          Layers of history and lore that echo to current events in the game.

          The problem with Square is that it started making incoherent $60 CG movies with shitty characters and plot. They took interactivity and exploration out.

          Games like Dark Souls or GTA do well because they present deep and open worlds that players can visit over again and still find something new.

          FF franchise never fully learned how to tell a coherent and interesting story in a complex and fantastic world. Staying true to their roots just lead to stagnation.

        • Anonymous says:

          Standalone ? Whining ? Nostalgia ?

          All “old” FF are standalone games.
          FF10 and FF13 are the only series.

          Your various choices of words is perplexing so I’ll give up trying to make sense of the rest of your comment. I’ll just assume “different cultural background”.

        • Anonymous says:

          “of their time” ?

          out of curiosity, if they are among the best of their time (1999-2007) what are the best ones ? What are the worst ones ?

          Remember than this period also had … (Approximate years, and I sorted them to my tastes so I put FF9 in one of the list)

          ~1999 (FF8)
          Planescape Torment
          Fallout 2
          System Shock 2
          Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner
          Baldur’s Gate
          Might and Magiv VI
          Ultima IX
          Red Guard

          ~2000 (FF9)
          Diablo II
          Tales of Eternia
          Paper Mario
          Vagrant Story

          ~2001 (FF10)
          Deus Ex
          Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption
          Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn
          Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
          Shadow Hearts

          Feel free to complete it. I feel a sudden urge to play Planescape Torment 2.


    • Anonymous says:

      skyrim took like 5 years to develop. If one of the goals was to “beat skyrim” then either they’ve had a change in direction mid development or the game is glorified shovelware.

    • Anonymous says:

      its really difficult to imagine they can do anything close to skyrim, when XIII games are complete shit, and they are now going the sexualization route of a character that was barelly sexualized, we already started to see this in XIII-2 as well, but now they have gone full blown retarded on this.

      Toriyamas obsession with lightning is also bordering on creepy and personally i cant freaking wait for SE to move on from XIII and lightning.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Better than skyrim” ? LOL

    In Real Skyrim people can make a Final Fantasy XIII mod (include lightning as main character) on it, but can FF XIII-LR can make a “Skyrim Mod” like a Dragonborn or Fus Ro Dah ? of course NOT.

    If FF XIII-LR is full of mods, people will made a “Nude Lighting” mod for sure 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Lightning looked great in the first and second games. I especially liked her outfit in the second game. She was a strong heroine and still attractive. They don’t need to butcher her design in order to make the game better. Leave the cutesy looks to Vanile or Sera.

      • Anonymous says:

        It have million times better combat than Skyrim. The ability to climb a monster, and scar their face is also sweet.

        But the open world side, the plot, or the graphic, or the character, it sucks.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not silly, it’s absolutely stupid and a pathetic attempt to hype the western gamers.

        It’s sad that once upon a time, Final Fantasies were something unique… Now they’re trying to copy things that don’t fit it, don’t work and things they simply don’t know how to make work.

  • Anonymous says:

    Beat Skyrim? Why even compare Final Fantasy to Skyrim, that’s just silly.

    No what Final Fantasy really needs is a story that makes sense, and have proper narrative coherence.

    The whole fal’cie thing it just makes my head hurt, ugh.

  • Anonymous says:

    How about instead of fussing over her body or clothes they try to make her less of a completely unlikable rude bitch.

    Or better than that, dump her and replace her with an actual good character.

  • Anonymous says:

    do they really think it is approriate do discuss the cup size of lightning in a press conference/view ?

    i guess thats one of the reasons why japanese games are getting worse and worse compared to western games

  • Anonymous says:


    Not a fans of FF Series but when the Stronglike Lady Character personality treated like this i always thinkin that the Square Enix Dropped their Ball SO HARD

    please give back the Strong personality of Lightning by give her A PROPER CLOTHES.

    This clothes don’t suit her personality

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t even care about the Final Fantasy series I find this depressing. To resort to sex appeal and hyping up a game to be able to beat a game that took years Bethesda hard work to acheive is just an unrealistic goal. Almost as unrealistic as how SquareEnix considers “Tomb Raider” a commercial failure.

    • Anonymous says:

      While I don’t think resorting a sex appeal is wrong, as its very common nowadays (think Tom Cruise or Brat Pit, Megan Fox will be as popular as they are today if they do not have pretty face?), but resorting a sex appeal show that Square Enix do not have any idea on how to make a good game anymore.

      In a game, sex appeal is after a good gameplay, good character, good plot and good graphic. Square Enix forced to use sex appeal as their triumph card scares me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. Many games are shit until modded. Even dark souls (for PC) had crap resolution and texture quality until DSfix came out.

      The next best thing is an emulator. Playing FF12 at 4x native resolution at 80fps on a PC makes it look pretty nice. It may even pass for a PS3 game if texture quality was better.

      I just wish a PS3 emulator comes out soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Toriyama said make her more fappable and give her more room so we can see her boobs jiggle in different areas”

    “Toriyama said make an underskirt reflection when she passes a water source, and falling down motions so I look at her panties while fingering my niece.”

    “Toriyama then said Don’t tell her parents, or you’ll cause Squara-Enixa to die like this Feng Shui building has.”

  • I don’t really care for that character -i’ven’t played the late FF- but… those wtf costumes of late make her lose all credibility and look like a facebook attention-whore.

    What’s next, seifuku /maid /sukumizu ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t get this mentality. Do you think Lightning character will change because an outfit? Because that is so not true.

      I can’t wait for the seifuku /maid /sukumizu outfit, I will used it after playing as Lightning with her official cloth of course, before switch into different type of outfit in later re play-through.

    • Anonymous says:

      You didn’t miss anything, remember when they took out the world view for FFX? well they took out the option to think at all in this one, it was basically a cream coated straight path, and the story was “Boohoo I’m emo” “Boohoo I’m emo, but I have a tough exterior for a girl” and “Boohoo I’m a black guy with an afro with all these young cracker chiks and they don’t want to go with me behind the bushes.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Motherfucker Toriyama’s jokes suck as much as all the stories he wrote. I don’t even like Skyrim that much and you dare compare your pieces of shit to that?

    Bahamut Lagoon, Front Mission Evolved, Third Birthday and Mindjack proved that you suck. Go fuck yourself, braindead incompetent asshole.

  • Anonymous says:

    So they’ve done a full 180 from piperun without cities into skyrim-overclassing(according to them) open worldness.

    I don’t really hate this turnout as it definetly sounds better than running in a never ending tunnel… But I don’t really agree with how they’re treating their main character th, she’s now officially a dress-up doll for underaged teenagers to onanise for. Next they’ll reveal you can play the game with the Penis controller that comes with the 3D custom maid special edition.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t think the outfit will required, as Final Fantasy is not Dark Souls or Monster Hunter in which the armor, need to be adjust/switch to bring a new powah/skill.

          Most of the time, in Final Fantasy, characters wear the same outfit (Cloud Strife wear that black shoulder-less cloth for the entire game) and the unlock skill and XP are the one that manipulated/leveled up make the character stronger.

          This mean no matter what Lightning wear, her power/skill is the same, and mean that you can use her old cloth or change into cat-girl outfit and her skill/attribute remain the same.

          This fact made the cat-girl outfit you hate (but I like it) is optional. You can choose not to wear it, and it wont be any different.

        • Anonymous says:

          Where did you get this the costume carry a specific power, because I never heard of that.

          But, still, even it have some sort of power, it won’t be as important as say, Mario’s cat suit which required to climb a wall in the game. No cat suit equal to be stuck behind a wall, and this make it mandatory.

          Most likely the outfit have low defense, and other not important attribute that make it almost useless, and do not required to be worn to unlock something ( new mission, weapon, NPC).

          It just there for cosmetic purpose, so yes, it is optional.