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Cops Arrest Comic Megastore CEO & Editors


Police have arrested 3 editors and the CEO of Core Magazine over the May issue of Comic Megastore, all on charges of distributing obscene material.

The 55-year-old director of Core Magazine and 3 of his editors-in-chief have now been arrested for illegally publishing obscene material, based on the 60,000 copies of the May issues of Comic Megastore and Toukou Nyan 2 Club sold.

According to the public safety division of the Tokyo police their CEO denies the charges, saying “we did lessen the mosaics as sales decreased when they where made thicker, but we ensured it was not enough to be considered obscene.”

Police have apparently previously rebuked the company for 18 incidences of “obscene” imagery in its many publications during the 2003-2011 period, but after amateurishly raiding their offices earlier in the year and allegedly making comments which suggested they viewed the company as a potential revenue source they have finally filed formal charges and made arrests.

Japanese law on what is considered “obscene” is largely ambiguous and so determinations of what constitutes illegal obscenity is largely left to the arbitrary whims of police – the main defence of the adult industry being the various quasi-governmental bodies it pays to say its mosaics are thick enough, and who perhaps not coincidentally employ plenty of retiring police officials.

Why Core Magazine was singled out for a shakedown when the it is business as usual for the rest of Japan’s vast and notionally illegal porn, brothel and pachinko industries – all of whom are known for paying a variety of thinly disguised tithes to police – is not known, but previous speculation centred on point-scoring prosecutors, or else naked extortion, as the likeliest explanation.

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