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AKB48’s Rino Sashihara: “I Get Money Even If You Hate Me!”



AKB48’s notorious sexual predator and top idol Rino Sashihara infuriated AKB48 fans yet again by bluntly expressing her disdain for her critics, saying she couldn’t care less about them as she gets paid all the same.

The 20-year-old HKT48 idol was recently interviewed by a fashion magazine, and wasted no time brushing off the scandal and her management’s expectations that she maintain the pretense of virginity:

“I have no idea whether there is supposed to be some sort of rule about not dating now… it’s not like nobody has anybody, I’ve got friends.”

Her demotion to HKT48 after the scandal erupted evidently left her unimpressed as well:

“I’m psychologically really strong. I don’t take much notice of people, and often don’t give a damn about what they think… I really worried about what to do when it happened, but after a little while I couldn’t give a fig about it any more.

I was unhappy the day it happened, but the day after I was back in high spirits. I can just change negative events into positive ones inside.

I don’t want people to misunderstand and think I don’t regret my actions, but I’m really quick to return to my usual high spirits.”

And as to her many vocal critics, she reveals she doesn’t actually care what they think as she gets paid either way:

“I don’t even look… there’s sort of a wall of me not caring, maybe that’s the difference between me and some of the other members.

Even if they are abusing me, I just think of it as me getting more money for doing nothing. Of course, it’s not like I’m getting that much, but its more enjoyable work than a normal job.”

She even makes some rare comments about AKB48 godfather Yasushi Akimoto, much in the news for alleged yakuza ties and much criticised for turning the Japanese music charts into an AKB48 marketing tool amongst other things:

“Akimoto-san gets criticised a lot for all sorts of things, but he can turn any situation to his advantage. People who don’t know about him just call him a fraudster and stuff though… he couldn’t get by by just doing that.

Myself, if I were just in it for the money I would have quit ages ago. The reason I’m still at it despite definitely having enough to live on for the rest of my life and support my children is because I enjoy it.”

An oblique hint about how impressed she is at how Akimoto spun out her own scandal (if indeed it was such) may well be embedded in her comments about him…

Her pronounced lack of contrition seems to have won her some unexpected respite from creepy ***48 fans haranguing her about her hymenal integrity:

“She’s brazen! She doesn’t just say ‘more work’ or ‘being on TV more,’ she comes straight out with ‘I’m getting money!'”

“I’m not sure about all this, but you certainly get to see where her priorities lie.”

“She’s making some incredibly crude statements there… what good qualities does she have exactly?”

“Sashihara may not be cute but I can’t deny she is tough as old boots.”

“I quite like how she is so intent on using everything to her advantage to make more money whilst she still has the chance.”

“She’s gotten quite sassy after not having been fired!”

“To think some other members got sacked just for appearing in purikura snaps with boys. Don’t get too full of yourself, you ugly little wretch!”

“Seeing how badly all her haters react to her comments is too entertaining!”

“Basically she has come out with ‘Anything you losers say to someone as rich as I am is just sour grapes!'”

“This ugly little bimbo doesn’t have an ounce of humility in her, does she? She may be 20 now and able to get away with this, but a few years down the line she’ll see how things change. It won’t be pretty.”

“Coming out with all this stuff just means she will be even more hated when her next scandal is released.”

“She’s so honest about things I can’t help but like her.”

“Her true self is such a sleazy low-life though, I can’t believe something like this maintains a fan base.”

“She’s like a female version of Horiemon.”

“I suppose we can’t put this down to Asperger’s or something. She doesn’t regret the enormous scandal and hassle she caused at all.”

“She’s so tough, she makes a coward like me really want to learn from her example!”

“Pure steel! She totally ignores all her critics, why is this ugly little idol so positive!?”

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