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Square Enix Announces New Star Ocean: “You Guessed It!”



Loyal Star Ocean fans are the latest to be given the full Square Enix treatment, as the announcement of the latest and greatest title in the Star Ocean franchise seems to have left much to be desired in their eyes.

The new title, Star Ocean: Material Trader, is an “item creation card RPG” set to be distributed by GREE on mobile platforms in the near future:





For some reason fans of the series are not happy:


“It’s over now…”

“Fuck off Square!”

“God, could it get any worse…”

“They changed the character design for good measure?”

“Thanks GREE!”

“Nice to see these two great companies cooperating.”

“GREE are besmirching another great franchise with their filth I see.”

“Who cares, I already switched to western games so it is no skin off my nose!”

“I guess I should not have got excited when I saw this announcement, it is Square Enix after all.”

“They slapped the SO name on this trash but it has nothing to do with SO. Still, this isn’t some AAA franchise so perhaps this is an actual prelude to a new release?”

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