Free!: “Just Think Of Haruka As The Heroine, We Did!”




KyoAni’s masterpiece swimwear anime Free! continues to enjoy a rapturous reception, with the 3rd showing as strong as the last and full of sexy service and characters as engaging as they are ripped.
















































































Free! is now the darling even of 2ch:

“God, this is too good for a homo anime, it is troubling! And show us Gou’s swimwear please!”

“This is absurdly good, really good fun.”

“This episode was the most rotten yet…”

“Every episode is seriously good, this is the best anime of the season for caps!”

“If only we saw Gou in her swimsuit it would be perfect!”

“Surely we’ll see it in the summer. Even her smile is enough to be getting on with.”

“KyoAni are taking things a bit far with the swimwear service in this show.”

“Megane is too much of a minx!”

“This week’s was great as well, how good is this show.”

“This anime is just trying to turn us all gay, and seems to be succeeding…”

“I can’t swim but this makes me wish I could!”

“I didn’t have much hope for this… but I ended up just loving Rin.”

An interview in which the production staff reveal “writing became much easier after we started to think of Haruka as the heroine” sheds some light on all this…

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  • Anonymous says:

    The reason Sankaku is covering Free! is because they know pandering to it pisses off a lot of people. It starts conversations about “kyoani haz suked sinse dey stopped making full metul panic.” or “fujoshis r dum”. Meanwhile this show is just ecchi for girls.
    As far as I’m concerned, even being a male; I really like this season, there are a good number of great anime out. Though I can see where people can complain since pretty much… it’s 90% slice of life. If you look at the anime slated for release you can’t really bitch about the direction of anime unless you want “ROID WARS: MASCULINE MEN BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF EACHOTHER, NO WOMEN ALLOWED.” for the umpteenth time. Been there, done that; I don’t mind fighting anime, but the standard shounen gets boring after a while… what am I even talking about anymore?

    See, I ended up unknowingly going on a rant about the direction of anime on a completely unrelated note. Good job Sankaku Complex, you really know how to work up your audience.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t understand why people keep making the fujoshi argument, as though all girls who watch are fujoshi. Unless you think all women are asexual, you’d have the sense to know that not all women are fujoshi and that this would appeal to many of them. I don’t understand why any girl who shows interest in this show gets the fujoshi label. I also don’t understand how so many other guys are opposed to girls showing some sexual interest in something.

      • Anonymous says:

        12:52 – men tend to get pissy and mad about women showing sexual interest in something they dont improve of. It stems from their desire to be at the centre of everything a woman wants at all times.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m a guy and I have absolutely no problem with girls getting fanservice and I fully acknowledge that not all girls who like this stuff are fujoshi. But people like you don’t help things when you go ranting about all men like this.

          Lots of guys support you girls getting fanservice. But when you go bashing all guys you basically tell even the ones who agree with you on the topic that they’ll get stereotyped no matter what they do.

          I’ll continue to support girls getting fanservice anime because it’s FAIR and logical. But it’s a pity women like you only re-enforce the fujoshi stereotype. Luckily, I know there are plenty of sweet anime-loving girls who deserve stuff like this and can enjoy it without male bashing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll watch almost any anime and I think Free is hilarious. My friends and I watch it and make fun of it, but in the end it’s true: It’s just a slice of life anime with ridiculous fanservice for girls. The only way I can really hate an anime is if it’s just flat out boring. But if I can make fun of it, I’m still being entertained, so I don’t see the point in hating on this one. It’s not offensive. It’s supposed to be ridiculous. The story isn’t bad. And more money for Kyoani to make other stuff if it does well.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a good post.
      Although Free! is not ecchi(oh, how many of fujoshi would LOVE it to be, though), it does have fanservice, but it’s nothing compared to most anime aimed at men.
      Nothing explicitly gay or sexual like groping happens. The girls of K-on are more “lesbian” than these guys are “gay”.

      I definitely agree there needs more balance in anime. If there’s fanservice anime for men, why can’t there be fanservice anime for women/gays? It’s been long shown that women do buy manga/anime. This kind of anime is rare, whereas every single season has like more than half of all the anime with sexualized girls for mens’ viewing/fapping pleasure.

      If an anime has fanservice for BOTH genders, that is also great. Anime like Code Geass and the Persona 4 anime seemed to do good at balancing that, while also making sure it doesn’t distract the actual plot.

    • That’s the problem. This anime is only ecchi. Kyoani havenever made before ecchi. Every anime was watchable for males and females alike. Until now.

      This disgusting anime is a break in that tradition. Only for girls. The male fans of kyoani are rightfully furious.

      • Anonymous says:

        Free! Is not echii. If it was you would see nipples, bare ass shots, and nutsack outlines in your face. Also orgasm- like faces.

        Stop trying to make free look like a crappy generic echii.
        im not saying all echii is necessarily bad tho, so don’t get your nuts in a bunch

        • Anonymous says:

          So Akihito is whining about the skinny dipping that showed nothing and had absolutely no detail. Brilliant.

          Seriously if you think that requires censorship because it affects you so much, you might want to question your sexuality, because you were clearly having a powerful reaction to that shadowy underwater silhouette of what may or may not have been a nude body.

          Quick! Someone pixelate the opaque water before Akihito has a nosebleed!

      • Anonymous says:

        Kyoani changed it up. Free is out now and it’s not going away. Deal with it, and stop bitching. Either find a way to fix something if you can, don’t watch it, or put up with it and stop bitching about how “furious” you are. Whiners who don’t take action are annoying little bitches.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re really not “rightfully furious.” You’re just furious. Or, if we’re going to use the more appropriate term here, “ridiculously buttmad.”

        One, it’s not echii. If you think it is, I’d like to point out this isn’t the kiddie room, you’re in the wrong place and should probably leave and find something more age appropriate.

        Two, so the company decided to make something a little more fanservice-y. Big deal. At the end of the day, you’re only pissed it’s not aimed at you. Seriously, had they released something aimed at hormonal male otaku instead of the female fans? I would’ve been willing to bet good money that NONE of you clowns would have objected.

        Hell, if the front page of Sankaku is any indication, you guys are STILL being pandered to. Heavily. So nut up already and get over this swimming anime bullshit. You’re an embarrassment.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t think one Free article on a page full of articles geared towards men makes this a gay website.

    What I DO think is gay is that so many of you come in here to bitch about Free instead of looking at boobs in the other articles.

      • Anonymous says:

        (different anon)

        Is it lulzy because you can’t read for shit?

        They’re not saying Free! is or isn’t gay. They ARE saying the buttmad Sankaku members who keep obsessively commenting to the Free! articles to say how gay and gross it is is gay. I mean, think about it:

        If even half of you guys are to be believed, the anime’s super gay. And yet time and again, you show up to keep saying so. In a thread full of screen shots from the anime. Which you apparently look at, just to say how gay it all is. And it’s safe to assume most of you have at least watched some of it.

        So, you’re basically showing up to repeatedly view something you think is gay, all for the sole purpose of saying “HA HA LOOK HOW GAY IT IS, WHO COULD EVER LIKE THAT, RIGHT GUYS?”

        It’s like repeatedly watching “Magic Mike” to reaffirm your own heterosexuality as a man. It makes no sense, and you look like an idiot trapped in the closet while you’re doing it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m lost as to why Gou isn’t in a swimsuit as the 4th member? If that happened, we’d at least have some balance.

    Trouble is, Kyoani never deviates, so sadly we’re probably stuck with this level of fujoshi right the way through to the end, a shame.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s because they are not there to be objetified, but to be seen by their qualities.

      Such when Nagisa says that Gou used her sex appeal. She didn’t blushed and denied like a tsundere or moe-blob, she merely said she wouldn’t do that.

      Ama-chan sensei too, she was a model but she definitelly has more than that on her.

      I think it’s a great thing that Gou is not the 4th member, and not because fujoshi would be jealous of her.

    • because women, especially fujoshi, can’t handle seeing cute girls with sexy bodies who are not them which is why normal girls mock otaku guys and why fujoshi mock moe anime and any anime with girls who are cute cool and popular who dont seem like they are lesbian.

      Kyoani knows very well the inane jealousy of women.
      If they put Gou in a swimsuit and let at least ONE ONEEEEE of the males take a love/sexual interest in her, it would be completely counter productive in marketing to fujoshi. They would give up the whole series just because of that. Now if Gou were ugly, fat, unpopular, socially inept, terrible body, blushed and pushed the guys away who went after her anyway all the time instead of being outgoing and aggressive like she is, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY and fujoshi would make sure this serious flies off the fucking store shelves.

        • Anonymous says:

          Really? You’re the sperm that win? That’s a shame to the rest of the population’s intelligence.

          How can you be so SURE that we picture ourselves as her? Like, for example, I don’t. I don’t picture myself as anyone when I watch anime. I just, you know, WATCH it.

          And yes, you bet I’ll still watch the hell out of this anime. I’m not as shallow as you that I would start bashing Gou because as a woman I feel harmed by her existence, just like how you say that all of the men in Free! are gay because if they’re straight, they’re making you look terrible because you don’t look as good as them.

          I mean, if you claim that’s what women do, there’s no valid reason not to claim the same for men.

        • Anonymous says:

          >every girl in existence is angry moneygrabber man hating bitch that marryes only to have more money and then wants a divorce because their man is “always at work”.

          So for example, Mother Teresa was a man? Fucking discovery man!

          You know you’re exaggerating. You’re doing it deliberately. You’re doing it on purpose.

        • Anonymous says:

          @H1z: No, I have never done that. I understand the difference of fantasy and real life. Nor have I tried doing hadouken or anything similar to that.

          So like, it’s okay if I label every attractive women as “gay” (or if you wish for a proper term, lesbian)? I mean, you’re SO delusional if you think that REAL women looks like that. That’s essentially what you just said, I just changed the gender.

          And dude, I don’t think that anime men dictates what real life men looks like. I know the fucking boundaries.

          It looks like you don’t though.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor 11:38
          > Gou is still in the stage where fujoshi can picture themselves as her

          Wow, what rubbish. She is drop-dead gorgeous, as gorgeous as they get. The only way to make her more attractive in the eyes of some is to pander her design to individual fetishes.

          You’re now just bending the facts to fit into your twisted world view. And the rest of your post is just baseless nonsense.

        • Anonymous says:


          You are the one putting words in my mouth,
          >(there is no other visual feature standing out about them you could reasonably be referring to)
          Those faces man, those faces.

          You’re putting the words there yourself. They look like *gasp* anime bishounen! They totally fall into the “default” category as far as young male anime faces go. The faces do not stand out at all. What you think stands out about them doesn’t matter as it’s simply your imagination and nothing else. I dare you to do a side-by-side comparison of each of their faces with those of recent male ecchi harem MCs.

        • Anonymous says:

          H1z 12:55
          > When did i say that?

          H1z 12:32
          > You’re so delusional if you think REAL man that look like that are not gay

          Let me rephrase it for you, since apparently you’re too dumb to even understand your own words or their implications: You said all men who look ripped like that (there is no other visual feature standing out about them you could reasonably be referring to), i.e. including all athletes, are gay. Thinking otherwise would be delusional.

          Who’s delusional here, I wonder?

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor (11:38 18/07/2013):
          “and the guys notice them”
          That would be boring. If both the girl and boys noticed each other though, that would be fun. Just one side, no matter which, being some sort of object to “win” is pretty dull. People are active agents, no matter the gender. Them acting like it too is far more appealing.

        • 23:51 I was referring to their face, they’re so girly that if you put them in a dess you won’t know that they have D’s in their pants unless you check.
          You are the one putting words in my mouth, >(there is no other visual feature standing out about them you could reasonably be referring to)
          Those faces man, those faces.

        • 12:45 Nah i’m not delusional and i know every girl in existence is angry moneygrabber man hating bitch that marryes only to have more money and then wants a divorce because their man is “always at work”.
          And those boundaries you said, i’ll repeat what i said to another anon, real man that looks/acts like that are gay, they exist.

        • Because Gou is still in the stage where fujoshi can picture themselves as her. They might have to brush their hair and work out a little bit but yeah. But lets see if you still like her if she gets in a bikini with double d’s and a tiny waist three more girls are added to the story and it becomes about a swimming club of men and women and all the girls are hotter than you have better personality and the guys notice them. I wonder if free will still have its majecticness with women then.

      • Ooooh Taylor, I’ll have to deduct some points there. Plenty of fujoshi like moe anime. But try harder next time! One of my friends is the fujoshest fujoshi that ever fujoshid and she collects both Bl and het porn doujins and Yui is one of her favourite characters, and she’s hardly an isolated case, although given that you’ve likely never talked to a fujoshi in your life, it can be hard to know this. Maybe I should see an eye doctor about the girls I keep seeing around the K-On merch, and the ones who went and saw the movie a year or so back, surely they werent actually there, maybe these eyes arent as good as they used to be.

        Anyway, I’m touched that you announced my impending presence to everyone like some kind of fanfare, as though me and a precession of people will be arriving in an assembly, it was very kind of you, although I dont see what the purpose was. I have no reason to waste time voting down every post I disagree with on this site. I don’t have so much free time like you guys who are able to waste it all complaining about cartoon boys. Must be nice to have so little else to do!
        I’m off to spend my time productively. Have fun posting so much about the show you’re scared of catching cooties from, Taylor! -ruffles Taylor’s hair- Little scamp! Just don’t get yourself too worked up, young man.

      • Anonymous says:

        It wouldn’t be counter productive, since some girls could identify themselves as gou, then they would start dreaming of a cute relationship with a cute and respectful guy.

        Good bye, I’m flying away for a few hours. Don’t say too much rubbish my lovelies!

  • Anonymous says:

    Obviously only in Japanese anime you will see guys in swimwear without dicks 🙂

    Horray !

    Which is why I don’t watch this anime, seriously, if it was all girls I would be addicted to it, but, I’m not into guys, even if there is a single super cute girl in a one piece swimwear, I cringe but i will not watch!.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m be completely honest. I’m not seeing all the gay that the guys are complaining about. I’m also not seeing all the fanservice that the girls are fangirling over. Maybe it’s because I went into this knowing it was about swimming and by association I assumed they would be shirtless a lot, or maybe because with the way people were complaining/cheering I thought there might be some full blown yaoi in this and was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise… but I just don’t see the big deal.

    I see no problem with girls getting fanservice. I’m just surprised this blew up the way it did.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s hardly gay. The guys here are just so obsessed with gayen that they can’t help thinking about gay sex if they see two men acting friendly. Unless they all have access to an uncensire
      Haruka is clearly not gay, but watersexual or poolsexual.

        • Anonymous says:

          So basically you just proved the point that the people in your class were obsessed with all things gay to the point where they couldn’t ignore it and acted out on it because they were insecure and thought that acting overemotional and throwing tantrums and bullying made them “manly.” Got it.

        • No, screaming about how awful “3D” women are while pretending you’re a character from a movie about well-oiled, mostly nude men screaming and running around with each other while they throw large, phallic objects to penetrate people raises some red flags. To use your own argument, you simply don’t like the show because you can’t stand good looking men in anime that aren’t yourself, so you want to ruin it for everyone else. Only you’re helping to spread the show by constantly shouting its name from the mountaintops. I’m sure you’re far too busy watching MANLY things like Top Gun to consider that, though.

        • Or, you know, you could just not watch it. Isn’t hard. Just use that big X up in the top right corner of the screen. That would require you to actually search out the show, click on the link, start the video, and sit through the ads before you even get to watching it, though. Pretty easy to just avoid it instead of announcing how homophobic and woman hating you are.

        • Anonymous says:

          if you just don’t want, you just don’t want.

          if you say it’s homosexual, and that it’s bad to be homosexual or fujoshi etc, and that female otaku send the crap everywhere, and that it’s going to be the end of the whole world of otaku… you possibly have a problem.

          and then if you add that male torsos are disgisting, there’s a possibility that you may be uncomfortable with your sexuality.

          psychological logic opposed to your exaggeration.

  • Anonymous says:

    This show is highly gay as fuck but I do enoy all the gracious hot bishonen bods of man ass and frilly boys. Shame the plot of the show pretty much is in the WATER if u know what I mean 😛

  • Y’know what would be funny?

    If Kyo-Ani’s next anime is about a female swimming club instead. Same art style, same themes, same general direction.


    For the “second season” of each, they merge the two animes, with the cast of each both meeting and the show giving equal attention to each in the same episodes. Would be a masterpiece in trollishness.

    All the confused and hysterical mantears that would result, would just be too hilarious.

    I actually really want to see it happen, if only as a social experiment, and also to perhaps make a point to a good number of childish fools who can’t look at things from a third person perspective.

    Would be hard to explain from a business/investors perspective though. Shame.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think this is all part of a feminist or gay agenda. They ban loli, then hardcore ero, then rape, etc. And after all forms of “objectification” towards females have been outlawed, stuff like this anime will be all that’s left.

    • Its about a bunch of gay guys that like hanging out with each other at the pool. The girl is meaningless to the story believe me. They don’t even notice her despite all her effort. Even her oniisan ignores his cute imouto which we all know it a common theme in anime and one of the reasons girl love this show so much because they like it more when you ignore them. The girl is about as important as the wall as they are too busy thinking about the feelings of each other using swimming as an excuse.

      The littlest guy was naked with the other guys in the pool by the second episode. That should say enough.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh, god. This needs an all caps. WE’RE NOT IMPOSING YOU TO WATCH THIS ANIME.

          We’re just saying that you guys should shut the fuck up with all the “boohoo KyoAni betrayed us boohoo it’s the end of anime boohoo women should not have an anime that cater to their genre boohoo let us, men, have the anime for ourselves boohoo”

          Seriously, in what point of your life do you get this low in terms of intelligence?

          Have a good day, you can watch what you like but don’t impose things on us.

        • Anonymous says:


          Okay, so you feel fucking imposed to watch a certain anime when you see an article about it on a fucking site? JESUS CHRIST you must be one of those people who reply to spam mails asking for your credit card number because you’ve won an iPad. Where in the world does it say that this was once an all male site? Because I was here since, idk 2009, or something? I have been here for a LONG TIME and I’m a girl. That’s one fucking discrimination you have there.

          I mean, then you would feel imposed to rape when you see an article that says a father has raped his daughter, right? BECAUSE YOU IQ IS THAT LOW.

          SWEET LORD i’m so fucking done with you. Seriously, everything I say just fly out of your brain that’s as small as a goldfish’s brain. Pity.

        • I’ll repeat: they even have anti rape gym where they teach defenseless women SELF DEFENSE.
          Apparently women now are too lazy to go to the gym.
          And what’s with the japanese? are you trying to be a smartass all of a sudden? cause i won’t eat shit or die for you.
          Yes i can read it.

        • Still acting like all women are the victim are you? enjoy a future where men are banned from existence because of women like you that point their fingers on a random guy and label him as rapist and so on.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Anon 13:00

          You’re a simpleton, right? The vast mayority of men has no interest in harassing women in any kind of way and doesn’t do it either. Who’d thought? Especially not when it comes to you.

          Secondly, men only trains would be quite likely be pretty crowded simply because it gives men a chance to flee from the possibility of being the victims of tricksters and false blame enacted in order to exort them. Which is in fact becoming a quite common practice and has lead to several suicides already, ofc you’d rather overlook that.

          The sad fact you and many others ignore is that both genders have about the same tendency towars violence and criminal acts, one of the reason why women tend to look better in the public is that they are in generaly more sheltered and looked after (which is btw one of the reasons why most homeless people are male) and society tends to turn a blind eye.
          Child abusers are in the vast mayority the biological mothers, not the fathers. Official statistics show them to be the perpretators in about 68-70% of cases, with the fathers being about at half of that.
          Yet we only ever see fathers being brought to justice, because society denies the very possibility of a mother doing these kind of things, same goes for female rapists who DO exist and quite often target children.

          Why do these women target children one may ask, the reason is simply, they are physicaly weaker and such easy targets. It’s not about being male or female, it’s about having physical strenght compared to the victim and having the opportunity to inflict harm.

          So stop acting as if all males were rapists and all females were poor victims. Most of you don’t even leave your house, so it’s not like you could become victims anyway.

        • Anonymous says:

          Comment by H1z

          “Have a good day”,”you can watch what you like but don’t impose things on us”.

          “all male site”

          sure…now it happens that this web site is for “males only” ¬_¬

          what an idiot

        • Anonymous says:

          @h1z: OH WOW so it’s women’s fault for not being defensive enough. WHOA okay keep on blaming us. Have you ever thought that, maybe, when you slap them, they’ll hit the fuck out of us? It’s common sense that most of the women are weaker, physically, than men.



        • 13:00 And there’s the need of that? really? couldn’t women grow some balls and slap the fucker or scream? they even have anti rape gym where they teach defenseless women SELF DEFENSE.
          Or are you one of those “i’ll make it look like they molested me and get their money” kind of women?

        • Anonymous says:

          @h1z: well, y’all guys make it like that.
          >Women’s only carriages on train: because women are afraid of getting sexually harassed by MEN. Why was it created? BECAUSE MEN COULD NOT RESIST TOUCHING GIRLS, apparently. BOOHOO there ain’t any men’s only carriages why does women get one that’s not fair. Well, how about girls start sexually harassing you and then you’ll get your own carriages. Would you like that?

          I mean, we won’t need women’s only carriages if some men will leave us alone and control their sexual urges or something.

          >every man is a rapist: YEAH because you MAKE IT that way. because literally, when we are alone walking, some guys couldn’t resist but rape us. i don’t know why, but apparently some men can’t resist their sexual urges. Boohoo.

          And then you COMPLAIN about how the world are so women-centric. OH DEAR, that’s sad. Tell me, how does that make women rule the world? I think that screams discrimination, because women can’t fucking ride on the same train with guys without fearing harassment. Because other women have experienced guys harassing them. That’s just little things. Like, it’s hard for us to literally RULE the world because YOU MEN WON’T FUCKING LET US.

          Oh, god, this is why I hate engaging in battle of wits with someone who’s unarmed.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you’re talking about yourself. Evidently, KyoAni starts producing one anime that cater women, and you guys start to flip shit. Change the “girls” in your sentence to “men” and it reflects the current situation: Men like you “are never satisfied… and won’t be happy until… most anime is made for you”. KyoAni makes one anime for girls and you guys feel “invaded” and feel like you have to erase that anime from existence so that your position as the majority in the anime world won’t be harmed.

          Who are you to say what’s allowed what’s not allowed as an anime? Did you create the anime genre? Do you own every single anime in the world?

          You’re just someone who watch anime, like the rest of us. If you don’t like it, shut up and go away.

        • Anonymous says:

          @h1z: still with victim-blaming. You know, science has proved that people who believe in victim-blaming are a bunch of dumbasses. Like, “WELL, if GIRLS don’t want to be HARASSED then they should DEFEND themselves by going to the GYM or something like seriously though DON’T BLAME ME for touching you, BLAME YOURSELF for not defending youself.”
          Do you see my point here?

          What’s with japanese? Well, English is not my first language and I feel like it’s better and clearer if I say it in Japanese. I’m SORRY for not speaking the language that you’re oh-so-fluently speaks, I guess. Am I trying to be a smartass? Maybe. At least it’s better to be intelligent than to be dumb and ignorant like you.

          And nobody ask you to die for me, dude. Do it for the world. So that the IQ of the world would raise significantly.

        • Anonymous says:

          H1z: its becuz girls are afraid because of some sick people among men and rape problems exists

          although they woudnt be afraid at taylor, just not wanting to sit next to him becuz too silly :p

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh, we rule the world now? Okay, who are the current leaders of the most powerful countries in the world? That’s right. MEN. When a country have a female leader literally EVERYBODY start to flip the fuck out and say “OMG THIS COUNTRY IS GONNA BE RUINED”

          HOW in the world can you say that women took over the politics? I don’t understand. Oh, maybe because I wasn’t born and raised to have the equivalent IQs of a ham fucking sandwich like you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let girls have their anime ffs! Men, you don’t have to KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON EVERY DETAIL. Nobody is forcing you. Just like girls don’t like to watch perverted anime that’s meant for men. Or otherwise people may start to suspect that you really are into FAGOTRY.

        • Kanon, Air, Clannad, Hyouka, Nichijou, Lucky Star…. Kyoani have made a fanbase with a lot of female and male fans because it has never made fanservice anime. All of its anime were perfectly watchable and enjoyable for both males and females. Until now.

          With this fujoshi pandering anime, consisting of nothing more that pure fanservice and eye candy for the fujoshi/female otaku, kyoani have abandoned its male loyal fans.

          The thought that the same studio that made ​​the animes I’ve mentioned is doing now nothing but rubbishy fanservice is insulting to every male fan of the studio and should be equally insulting to any woman who were a true fan of kyoani.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yet I fail to understand why the show is “controversial” to begin with. Ecchi and fanservice are vary rare for Hetero/Bisexual women and gay men as far as I am concerned.

        Also, there are plenty of shows coming out with loads of naked gals to look at and for the enjoyment of hetero/bisexual men and lesbian women. “Free!” does not compare to the 4-5 shows we’re getting!

        • Anonymous says:

          So wait, all this buttmad rage is that KyoAni’s fanservice isn’t aimed at straight men? I was under the impression there were SEVERAL OTHER STUDIOS TO CHOOSE FROM. And keep in mind, I got that impression just from glancing at Sankaku’s sidebar. It’s that prevalent.

          So, quick question, one guy to another: do you apply this moon logic to anything else in life? I mean, if Honda releases a new car tomorrow, and it doesn’t appeal to you because it’s a minivan with faux wood paneling, will you scream and wail about the end of the entire automobile industry? Or just move on and go back to looking at all the other cars on the market?

  • Seriously sancom stop it.
    I will NOT watch this, this site was good when it was all about anime for male.
    Now it’s like this site is being indoctrinated by feminazi, WHERE ARE THE LOLI! we want those not shaved gay guys swimming.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why is ‘Free!’ a popular anime to bash out on here?
    There is so many Fujoshi/Gay anime out there yet Sankakuans choose this?
    Is it just because that it is done under KyoAni?

    Honestly, all this is pointless over reactions.

    Don’t be surprised if a Fujoshi find these comments annoying because I’m sure you would find it annoying if any female said ‘ew’ to all the loving Yuri Animes out there because it contained lesbians/females with unrealistic body proportions etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. Fujoshi are fast to bash anything they don’t like. In fact they do it quite often, which is part of the reason why people are so aggressive towards them.

      2. They are intrusive to the extreme, it doesn’t matter of it’s targeted towards them, it doesn’t matter if it has shounen-ai or yaoi in it or is as far away from it as possible, they will try to monopolize it and cry for the producers to ponder towards them. They are even creeping on shounen animes meant for a younger male audience if they so please.

      3. The reason people are angry is that an producer who historicaly produced stuff for a completely different audience and often quite decent stuff at that suddenly and for no apparent reason changed their target audience.
      There IS already enough stuff out there for fujoshi, if they have the feeling there isn’t then they are mainly to blame for not spending enough money on it and making ot more profitable.
      That these guys aren’t exactly happy with losing at least one of their slots shouldn’t wonder anyone, especially when there’s already enough “girl” anime in this season already, altough much of it is meant for “normal girls” so to speak.

      • Anonymous says:

        …because it’s not aimed at them…? Seriously, how’s it insulting? I mean, sure, it’s yet another in a long line of stupid as hell sports animes, but I don’t really consider that “insulting.” Just bizarre.

        I mean, at the end of the day, all sports anime is just you watching imaginary people do imaginary things that you could watch in real life, usually for free or close to free.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s kind of funny the main character in watamote would probably qualify as a fujoshi and would probably drool over anime like this and everyone loves her and yet here everyone is all “wah wah evil fujoshi.”

  • You know for every 1 female-targeted show you whiny boys (I refuse to call you men)get there are at least 10 shows full of bouncing boobs, fetishized innocent moe girls, and loli ass, right. What’s wrong with a little fanservice for the female crowd, I mean for crying out loud the double standard is absolutely idiotic. Every season we female fans have to sit through bouncing boobs, panty shots and yuri fanservice yet when we get ONE SHOW that panders the same way you boys act like the sky is falling. News flash, girls watch anime and buy merch too, get over it. You can still have your boobs, loli and moe just let the girls have their stuff too once in a while. At least it’s well written, well animated and the bodies actually exist in nature.

    • The bodies are absolutely unrealistic. They aren’t olympic athletes.

      This is a Kyoani anime and, as such, It is a waste of its talent to make a crap fanservice anime like this. Something like this anime could have been done by Studio Deen perfectly.

      • Anonymous says:

        “The bodies are absolutely unrealistic. They aren’t olympic athletes.”

        …man, if that’s one of the reasons you hate this, what anime do you even watch? I feel like the titles that don’t have this same problem would be few and far between. It’s just happening more to the guys than the girls this time around.

        Though if you wanted realism, there’d probably be some pretty significant crotch bulge in those swimsuits. Maybe count your blessings they didn’t go for ultra realism, just saying.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was on the swim team from 3rd Grade until Senior Year, and was All American.

    I feel this anime is personal paypack for all my time and money spent on the Queen’s Blade franchise.

    • Fuck your sensitive questions. WE ARE SPARTANS. We don’t have time for feelings show me the POWER of your LOGIC, STRENGTH in your words. I don’t respond to that boy loving man who calls me Taylorchan. Show me something that makes Sense. Give me FACTS Show me STATS Fuck your opinion if its nothing but weakness we take no interest. Gain a strong argument and perhaps you will gain our attention.

        • Anonymous says:

          (Different anon)

          Can’t say whether or not they mocked them (if they did, it was almost certainly Athens), but Spartans were heavily involved in the boy-loving. The younger (as in, VERY young) recruits would end up paired with an older, seasoned soldier early on. The logic was, if you formed a special attachment to the men fighting with you, you’d fight better, so they gave them someone to focus on.

          And no one was surprised when it turned into boy-love. Especially considering it was pretty common throughout all the city states we know of as “Greece.” A good rule of thumb is that when a culture repeatedly puts something into their mythos (fables, mythology, etc.), and ISN’T condemning it, they’re pretty fond of it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I gave it a chance and I like the show. It’s funny and the story is okay. The animation is really good too. Gou is really cute. The teacher is meh. I think one of them will end up in a swimsuit. Sadly, I think it will be the teacher and not Gou.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not every girl likes Twilight or Free, hopefully xD there are a lot of girls that find Twilight cliché, or Free not being part of their tastes.

          Although intolerance seems to be a thing that girls have VERY RARELY a taste into. (maybe I’m wrong, and you already have a supporting gf or bf)

        • ‘straight’ men plucking their eyebrows and refusing to have any facial and body hair having more skin hair and body products than women and dressing their hair up like justin beiber to please women is bad, yes.

          Why the fuck do you men in the east all have justin beiber hair?

        • Anonymous says:

          (hey, was my latest comment deleted?)

          Hopefully we’re not all fans of Juntin Bieber. 1- his haircut didn’t suit my face and my personality. 2- his vision of manliness sure is not mine at all. 3- Liking Free! and liking Bieber all separate things.

          For the rest, I don’t care about men who take care about theirselves. ^^ I just care about your future, Taylor, and your non-understanding of your concept of tolerance. this is why I will keep trying to make you understand until you have this little light bulb above your head. And you’ll discover that actually, a lot of people are cooler that you may expect! I fucking believe in you Taylor! xD

        • Anonymous says:

          let me laugh about justin bieber, will ya, Taylor?

          Ready everyone? Ok. 3. 2. 1.


          Ok I laughed.

          now, Bieber has his fans. Ok, it’s the fan’s right. My personal opinion is that Bieber took all the business too seriously, that his haircut wouldn’t suit my personality at all, and that he’s not my standard of manliness (perhaps some people find him manly though (?))

          disliking something is ok, disrespecting people is not. I won’t be late before I go, so I’ll let perhaps one or two other comments for the moment.

        • Anonymous says:

          If straight men putting effort into being attractive to women somehow magically makes them gay/bad, does this mean women are allowed to stop combing their hair and shaving too? The hypocrisy here is mind-boggling.

    • Anonymous says:

      a bunch of money and attention whores in the east that prostituted itself wholesale to the rest of the world in order to mooch crumbs off of the table, then act fucking stuck up, calling other people ‘entitled’.


    • Good job men. We seem to have overcome the fujoshit raid. Though be careful because tomorrow shuubi and her gang of femimen will be arriving. But for now men WE LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY. THIS IS SPARRRRTAAA!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you seriously calling Free! gay and whining about all the male skin you have to see in it while referencing a movie full of well-muscled, sweaty men prancing about in loincloths?

        Are you stupid, or just hoping to find Narnia at the end of that closet?

      • Anonymous says:

        Why did we stop commenting?

        Because to each of our comments or questions, either you downvoted (cutting the conversation) or you gave us always the same over-used and unrealistically manichean arguments (this is wrong, they are wrong, we are the poor, we are the helpless…). And also because some people don’t live in the same timezones as you, and took some time to sleep.

        So basically we’re talking to walls. Now let us some time to think about even better bullets to prove you that you have many interests in changing your opinion.

        • Taylor chan? Imposing your homosexuality on me huh?

          Somewhere in life you lost your manhood boylover. Your questions don’t get answered because when you speak to a Man, you need to speak like a Man. So keep on calling me taylor chan and writing long as essays for me to ignore. Continue to vy for my attention and my talking down on you can get worse. Much worse boylover.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh little Taylor-chan, I never compared Free! to 300. You did it by yourself my lovely ~

          And I didn’t make any jokes about closet-gays or something (ok guys, stop doing humor, cause you know it’s not true and that Taylor-chan is sen-si-tive)

          (PSA: someone deleted my previous reaction. Democracy is fragile here.)

          H1z: well it is easier to respond with the same useless and inexact arguments (we’re the poor, we’re the oppressed, we’re threatened, they’re wrong, they’re mean) than to build sentences with at least an amount of common sense.

        • Anonymous says:

          We never asked you to compare Free! with 300, Taylor-chan. But you started. ♥

          And it’s harder to try to build some logic in the replies, than always to give the same bullshit of yours.

          And where some people don’t want to reply to you, it’s just because they want to ignore you like they ignore mosquitos.

          (To the people mocking Taylor about the closet-gay thing: next time, remember to tell Taylor that you’re using hu-mor ♪)

        • “Why did we stop commenting?”

          -Doesn’t matter. Whatever works were fine with.

          To the rest of your argument, tell it to this guy:

          Why can’t women be like spartan women?

          BY THE WAY to all the people saying men can’t watch free because the naked males make us uncomfortable and we’re homophobes and closet gays..
          I want to remind you 300 was one of the HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIES among males EVER and its filled with more half naked males with better bodies and men still LOVED THE MOVIE. We don’t like shit like Free because FREE IS SHIT and nothing more. How do you think those for “haru chan!” swimmers compare to SPARTANS? So take that retarded argument elsewhere.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ah, and little precision: I’m a pansexual, if this helps you to talk to me and to apply on me the right prejudice. This means that I don’t care about men, women, trans, etc. I can love people from every gender. And being a Man, pfff, fukk it, as long as I’m myself.

          And if you try to bring shame on me for being able to love boys as well as girls, you’re really mistaken. But don’t be afraid Taylor-ch-ch-ch; you’re definitely not on my dating list. xD

        • Anonymous says:

          I obviously tickle you when I call you Taylor-chan. I don’t think the “chan” seriously, as I need this kind of humor to prevent myself from your shameless attacks. BUT I won’t call you Sir and obey your exceptations anymore, sorry.

          So, if you respond to “chan” messages, I’m satisfied; if you don’t, I’m self-satisfied because you didn’t have the guts to answer.

          Tada! anyway you know what the world thinks about you. And that makes me quite satisfied. Although the most satisfying thing for me wouldn’t be you dying under the weight of shame, but just simply changing your point of view.

          I’m sure you can. Go in other families for example. Did you do trips abroad with your school or something? Or cultural exchanges? Well, meet different people for once! This is only advice, my dear Taylor-ch-ch-ch.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, almost each time I ask you or Taylor a question that touches a highly sensitive point, you don’t answer it and it gets heavily downvoted.

          Of course you don’t want to admit you’re wrong. (I don’t want to admit I’m wrong either cause I’m convinced of my right.) My mission is to make everybody see how ridiculous you are, and that you need to change. I already began this littke work with Taylor-chan.

    • Anonymous says:

      How the fuck does anyone give a shit about a bunch of sexually confused idiots? Fuck ‘homosexuals’. You need to be a pretty fuckin retarded to think your feelings are the center of the universe.

      Wait, we see supposed ‘straight’ kids here acting that way opening their mouths all the time.

      When ‘straight’ kids can’t even act straight, gays and deviants are given greater weight. Says a lot about ‘heterosexual’ men these days.

      Sigh, pathetic.

  • Anonymous says:

    Butthurt otaku who haven’t even watched this show raging in 3, 2, 1……

    Seriously, the show is good. Probably the best this season. Before you cry, note it has cute girls in it too. Gou-chan is adorable, and their teacher is probably Hirasawa Yui grown up.

    The boys need to take their shirts off to swim, so get over your insecurities and watch it and have fun instead of whining on the internet about nothing every time Sankaku makes a Free! post.

      • Anonymous says:

        They look like that because they have been swimming & exercising since CHILDHOOD.
        You would fucking know that if you ACTUALLY watched the anime instead if judging it by mere pictures and idiotic hate comments

        • Anonymous says:

          I know young men who aren’t even in their 20’s but love sports so much and have been playing so long they have very muscular bodies.

          Now does every guy look like that? No. But does that mean it can’t exist?

          Also, you could say the EXACT same things about how anime girls look perfect no matter what age.

          Your reasons to hate free are so hypocritical. If females want to enjoy a hot character just like males do why stop them?

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel like puking with all this disgusting gayness, and not because I am homophobic, I am fine with it, just not something I would watch, fucking gay.

    BUT I want this to succeed sales wise in order to fuck so very much fucking moetards, the scum need a good lesson, and nothing better than infest anime with gay stuff same as moe ha infested and downgraded anime, and by the hand of you shitty crappy god kyoani, FUCK YOU SO VERY MUCH MOETARDS, ALL HAIL A NEW ERA OF GAY ANIME, at least for the next 8 YEARS, feel the pain many of us endure with your shitty moecrap!

  • Anonymous says:

    the speedos are a reason for not watching it but the red haired girl looks kinda nice, dont know her personality yet, however waiting for the show to end befor i decide if i watch it or not

  • Just so you know men, these women that you think just want something ‘fair’ and something to ‘cater to them for a change’ to innocent want to ‘share’ anime with us…They’re two faced! Don’t fall for that fake smile. While they are smooth talking you into accepting anime like Free they are mocking us male otaku while they think we aren’t looking. Don’t believe me?

    • Anonymous says:

      protip: They’re not mocking male otaku.

      They’re mocking whiny little shits, particularly ones with SERIOUS entitlement problems, homophobic behavior, and/or some pretty sketchy as fuck views on women. Which is why Taylor-chan here is like a celebrity on that site.

      Seriously, he’s like the Paris Hilton of entitled manchildren. He’s not famous for actually accomplishing anything, just for being stupid in the public eye and completely full of himself. And the good thing is, none of us ever have to worry about a Taylor sex tape getting leaked.

      Because there isn’t NEARLY enough apocalypse going on for a woman to get anywhere near THAT bag of crazy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course we’re mocking you. You’re acting like fucking children over a swimming cartoon that isn’t aimed at you. Tons of male anime fans are laughing at your entitled crying as well. You’d think seeing the blog and responses would be a wake up call to grow the fuck up, but no, you keep giving us reason to laugh at you.
      We’re not laughing because ‘haha anime is ruined for you’ we’re laughing because ‘haha these idiots literally and unironically think it’s the end of anime because of bys swimming.’

      Thanks for the blog publicity, by the way. The whole world is laughing at you losers, even people who don’t give a shit about free.

      • Right, because we Otaku have always cared about the fucking opinions of you shits. Otaku have always been made fun of and ESPECIALLY BY WOMEN. Did that stop us from wearing anime shirts on over weight stomachs while carrying dakimakuras? Nope. Stop us from filling our rooms with anime gear? Nope. Stop us from spending thousands on anime per year and NOT waste it on 3d women like you? Nope. And we are still growing in number and anime is a thriving industry. We didn’t give a fuck about you before, we don’t give a fuck about you now. Have fun on your blog rising to fame because of ME just like the opportunistic advantage taking women always do because you’re not creative or intelligent enough to run a quality blog on your own ideas. Bitches. -smugface-

        • Fujoshi are less accepted by society than male otaku are because women are expected to act properly. So you would THINK fujoshi would know better than to try and shit talk male otaku since they and their butt fucking interests are even MORE EMBARRASSING to society. Sure we otaku like MOE but fuck thats better than daydreaming about shit covered dicks going in hairy male asses. But they want to talk as if people dont look down on their thick glasses, lonely, unkempt hair, fat hanging over their belt buckles, smelly, hairy, forever alone pimply asses. Just because no guy wants to date you dont take your anger out on male otaku. Or are you mad because EVEN WE IGNORE YOU. HAHAHAHA. Bitches.

        • you said ciao and then came back for a post script?

          I know not all otakus are like me, I am one of the extremes and that is intentional. Because otaku are positive, well behaved, passionate, sweet, nice, mild mannered men(who still cant get 3d women to give them a chance but thats another story) who get beat down, mocked, made fun of, criticized, and discriminated against because of their interests. So it was inevitable that eventually ONE of them would have to make a stand against all the bullies who mainly are female AND EVEN female anime fans.

          So I am on the extreme because I am a collection of all the male otaku frustration over the years who have just taken your bulling which wouldnt be acceptable if we were female. Then someone would come defend us. But no we’re males so no one gives a shit about us. Well I do and you know what? Close to probably half of all those notes you get on tumblr for male otaku posts are people AGREEING with the posts or did you stupidly think they were all in support of fujoshi? I had followers on my tumblr account not even 24 hours after I opened it without even posting one thing. I get supportive inbox messages and friend requests all the time. People dont always agree with me publically (though sometimes they do) but believe me there is support for the defense of Men, their rights and interests, and male otaku. As my profile states I am fine with being the bad guy and you can call me an asshole all you want but I will still work to end the injustice. Not yesterday, not last week, not last year..

          The Revolution is Now.

        • Anonymous says:

          H1Z: well, I wasn’t talking about wealth.

          but ultra-rich assholes are generally not well accepted by most of the society either.

          They’re probably only accepted by other rich assholes. But since I’m not that rich…

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh Poor Taylor…

          You are – or at least you self-proclaim – the samurai of all male otakus. You’ll be the devoted defensor of the helpless and lonely misogynistic gamers. You’re bashing women so you support men, and you’ll be the great leader and the winner of this gender war you created to continue. You’re already populat on Tumblr so you’re the great hero of the nation. For the messages you say you receive, how could I be sure of it, I cannot check your inbox.

          Well, “rage on”, Taylor, “rage on”. Currently, they may be greater frustration among real male otakus caused because of your behaviour. Because real otakus are more interested in their games and animes, than in bashing people and pointing their fingers while saying they’re victims of heavy discrimination. Yes, a majority of male otakus suffer of the image you and others blokes like you give of them. Bravo the hero.

        • Anonymous says:

          A very big number of women are fed up with these social expectations that men don’t have.

          And anal sex requires precautions irl: condoms, lubricants, etc. so that they don’t get contaminated by feces (you see the intelligence?). And gays are also fed up with social expectations that hets don’t have that much.

          The “forever alone” thing is as true for them as it is for you. Choose in which way you may want to understand this statement.

          also, you’re saying that “fujoshis will never have a date” (did you check?) and they drool over handsome-looking 2D guys. What’s the difference with you, drooling on 2D girls and probably never gonna have a date either? Aside from the fact that you are very insulting, and don’t accept that anybody with an adverse opinion takes a bit of voice? Does it reduce your “Lebensraum”?

        • Anonymous says:

          Riiiight, I’m sure women bully you because they are big mean bullies and not because you’re constantly openly saying how much you hate them and how you think caring about your appearance makes you gay…… it’s all their fault, clearly.

        • Anonymous says:

          Otaku like Taylor are probably the reason otaku get made fun of. I am embarrassed to call myself “otaku” if it means being grouped with this kind of crazy. You probably should see a doctor.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not every otaku has been made fun of by every female or fujoshi/fudanshi.

          Sometimes some mindless girls mock at male otaku in their whole mass.
          But most of the time it’s females who mock at a little category of otakus, the ones who are really intolerant like you.

          You know, not even every otaku is like you and has no life outside of anime. I know plenty of friends who are hardcore on anime, even hentai fans, who also spend time with their girlfriend, or do things outside, or just – JUST – are friendlier and more tolerant!

          You see, it’s easy!

          So it’s difficult for you to talk to girls and Free! fans in other words than “bitches”? Oh my, you sure had a big problem in your childhood; it’s the only way I can see this problem, really. It’s the only origin I can see to your current disrespectful behaviour. Or perhaps a very strange kind of education.

          And speaking of Tumblr, there are a lot of creative people over there. Maybe you should give a glance to GeometryDaily or BisousLesCopains. ^^ ciao my lovely Taylor!

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor, what’s it like in Opposite Land?
          I’m a girl, and went through all of highschool being bullied for liking anime by the MALE STUDENTS. The girls didnt care, because they liked disney cartoons and even though they didnt like anime it was just a different kind of cartoon to them.
          There were some male anime fans too and they got picked on by mostly male students too.
          Whenever I look around the internet and find anti-anime fans, 9 times out of 10 they are men, mostly going on about how anime fans are losers for not finding the women they find sexy attractive.
          Even within anime fandom it seems to be mostly male anime fans that mock moe anime.

          It’s pathetic how much a ‘persecution complex’ you’ve built up about this. Also how you cant seem to differentiate between ‘women who tease people about liking anime’ and ‘female anime fans’, although seeing as you seem to think all women are exactly the same, it isnt surprising.

          I can also guarantee every last one of those reblogs are people who think you’re an idiot. These people are even pointing out the ridiculous fallacies in your argument (WOMEN ONLY BUY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!! WOMEN NO BUY ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL WOMEN SAME!!!!!!!!!) merely by existing.

          You’re a fool if you think anyone is laughing at you just for being an otaku. It’s because you’re like the Fred Phelps of otaku.

        • Anonymous says:

          P.S. Assholes like you are even less accepted in society than fujoshis or homosexuals.

          Because the great expectations put on assholes like you, is to change in order to become a better person. And this seems to be… a very enormous social expectation.

          (Yes, you began the insults, so I may call you an asshole. Equality of treatment.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Make an ass of yourself on a website for no reason and you’re somehow surprised that someone else on the internet is making fun of you? After reading some of the comments on that link, who wouldn’t make fun of them?

      • Go watch any youtube video about any fucking thing and you’re going to find haters. Doesn’t matter the subject or topic negative or positive and theres going to be some loser saying “hahaha you’re so stupid! this is so dumb! hahah!”

        I could easily argue its just as retarded to care about our opinions and have ‘normal’ people make fun of you for caring about what whiney otaku say.

        Still in my opinion its better to be a doer than a saying. In the words of britney spears “theres only two type of people in the world, those that entertain, and the ones that observe”. So you and your fujoshi friends keep watching and spreading the name of TAYLOR

  • Another free post. What a surprise. Wow we haven’t had this much coverage on one anime on sankaku EVERRRRRRRR. And that’s no exaggeration. Sankaku never goes episode to episode even on the most perverted anime which I though was sankakus modus operandi. Wait leme think back if I’m right..was kiss x sis covered this much…NOPE! Other than to love ru manga, no ANIME has been covered they way Free is being covered. I wonder why..Could this be the turn in anime to start to center and focus on women I warned about you all said Im crazy and could never happen? Hm..

    The Revolution is Now.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been on this site for less than a year. By the looks of it, you seem to be an old-timer here (YearS, maybe). And… for some reason, it seems even I was able to realize what seems to be obvious even to newcomers here: all these Free! articles are just for trolling. Trolling, and nothing else. Yes: including those 2ch comments.

      Incidentally, they also help on uncovering some people with hive-mind thinking: just weeks ago, all Free!-related articles were scathing and negative, and so were all comments. Now, all articles are (falsely) apraising and positive, and SUDDENLY, some people do the same on comments more often than before… Not many, but still.

      Yes, indeed, some people blindly follow what this site says about something without even verifying its sources. Hive-mind at its best.

    • Anonymous says:

      i quite enjoy this show, still waiting some more about scenario etc. seems still a bit hollow to me

      but the comments here are sureso highly entertaining im ready for a second season of tears