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AKB48’s Minami Takahashi’s “Blatant Plagiarism” Exposed



The latest scandal to be released by AKB48 sees Minami Takahashi uncovered passing off “blatantly plagiarised” art as her own copyrighted logo designs.

Various official AKB48 logos “designed by Minami Takahashi” and featuring on AKB sites and goods have been identified as bearing an uncanny resemblance to images pulled off the Internet, the first case being the uncannily appropriate choice of a pirate ship taken from a stock photo site:





A circus, also appropriately enough, featured next:






The AKB48 editions are marked “© Takamina,” whilst the various sites they are apparently appropriated from bear dire legal warnings about just this sort of misappropriation.

Shortly after the issue surfaced, the AKB imagery quietly began to be revised to bear less of a resemblance:


Her supposed artistic prowess was also featured on TV, but again doubts arose:




Online there is not faith in her talents or integrity evident:

“A perfect match…”

“Time for the usual tearful apology I think.”

“Will she shave herself for us?”

“They’ve already started sneakily swapping out the art though…”

“Plagiarism is the worst. What is she, Chinese?”

“Are you all crazy! It’s a galleon, they all look alike!”

“It does bear a resemblance to sometihng out of One Piece.”

“The ship is completely out. As for the tent…”

“I could forgive the boat, but the wave as well is a bit much.”

“I think she  may have actually drawn the frog from the photo herself though.”

“Is tracing really that bad? Mangaka do it all the time.”

“At least combine parts from multiple works to cover it up…”

“It is a bit much to be putting their stolen designs on goods and selling them to fans.”

“I didn’t think she’d survive the arrest of her mother, but this time it is hard to see her continuing.”

“Aren’t they ashamed to be trotting out a sex criminal’s daughter on TV still?”

“They managed to get Google to drop all mention of that from their autosuggest too…”

“Did anyone really think any of these incompetents could draw or actually do anything?”

“I think they’ll just ignore it this time.”

“How do they find this stuff in the first place…”

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