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Teacher “Dared Suicide Schoolboy To Kill Himself”


The latest school suicide scandal to rock Japan has taken on an outrageous new dimension as it is alleged a teacher told a suicidal schoolboy who went on to kill himself later in the day in response to bullying by his peers that he “didn’t have the guts to do it” and that he “should do it if he really could.”

That the 13-year-old Nagoya schoolboy hurled himself off the 11-storey building where he lived in final effort to escape what is believed to have been relentless school bullying is unfortunately no longer surprising, though witness testimony about the conduct of his classmates and – in particular – his teacher has shocked many.

According to these accounts, “A-kun started chanted ‘die, die, die!’ at him and then B-chan started it as well. When he said ‘I’ll kill myself’ his homeroom teacher just told him ‘just try it if you have the guts.'”

These exchanges apparently persisted until mere hours before his death: “Sometimes people would tell him to ‘die’ and he would just be like ‘well, I’ll die then.’ The teacher said ‘there’s no way you can do it’ and that was about 3PM the day he did it…”

His teacher maintains none of these exchanges ever took place and she never even spoke to the boy on the day of his death:

“I heard no such conversation on the day of his death, and I did not speak to him directly at all that day and did not brush him off in any conversation.”

She also maintains he never sought help from her (as he claimed in his suicide note), and that she was unaware of any bullying at all in her class in the first place.

For once the school board did at least concede some bullying may have taken place, noting in its press conference that “from his note alleging multiple unspecified individuals told him to ‘die’ we cannot doubt some sort of bullying may have been a factor” and pledging to investigate further.

A classmate describes him as having been “A cheerful and kind boy… we were supposed to return home together as usual but oddly he said it was ‘impossible’ that day. That was the last time. Maybe if I had pushed him to come we could have talked it over and avoided it…” – although under the circumstances it is easy to imagine he finds himself with many more friends in death than he ever had in life.

With suicide the leading cause of death for young Japanese and bullying endemic in Japanese schools nobody seems that surprised by his suicide, although the alleged behaviour of his teacher is another matter:

“Yet another villainous teacher!”

“Japan, where even the teachers push kids into suicide. Wouldn’t this be a criminal offence of promoting suicide if a non-teacher did it?”

“6 months to 7 years for the crime of instigating suicide, which includes acts instilling in someone the final determination to commit suicide.”

“If it is true the teacher was pretty much directly responsible for pulling the trigger.”

“What did this kid think would happen when he tattled to the teacher about their bullying? That she’d actually care or intervene?”

“The teacher is supposed to have been his one ally against them… instead she dared him to kill himself. No wonder he lost all hope…”

“I cannot believe anyone would think it appropriate to respond to that kind of threat like this!”

“Her attitude doesn’t seem to differ from her pupils.”

“Now it’s her turn to show us her guts!”

“Typical teacher banter isn’t though? Return like for like, but this time someone took things seriously.”

“Honestly I doubt she meant this to happen. Had she intended any malice she would have arranged things a little better.”

“Some people always maintain that the ones who say they’ll do it rather than just doing it aren’t serious, but I don’t think calling a depressed child out on the basis of this is really sensible…”

“She was also claiming there was no bullying in her class though.”

“She also says she didn’t ‘directly’ address him, which makes me wonder.”

“I can’t believe she’ll worm her way out of this!”

“Pretty sure she can’t get away with this one. Too many witnesses are coming out…”

“What’s going to happen to all those kids who told the media what happened…”

“What about the kids who were actually doing the bullying here?”

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  • Terrible tragedy, but at least we know that this schoolboy had more guts than his teacher. He followed through on his promise to kill himself when the teacher didn’t think he could do it.

    Not that I’m saying it was a good thing or anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    Another form of seppuku.
    Best thing I guess is to change school until you will get where you want to be. That way you’ll make them loose numbers (money) that’s the only one effective way to do it. It was long ago but it was successful for me after a few school changes. You’ll get used to that “new uknown person” feeling soon, but to bullying.. never!
    It’s the same as leaving a job.. they will tell you.. oh please don’t go away … 😀
    And you can say anything you want about them as they will try to hide why you left anyways.

  • Anonymous says:

    Another form of seppuku.
    Best thing I guess is to change school until you will get where you want to be. That way you’ll make them loose numbers (money) that’s the only one effective way to do it. It was long ago but it was successful for me after a few school changes. You’ll get used to that “new unknown person” feeling soon, but to bullying.. never!
    It’s the same as leaving a job.. they will tell you.. oh please don’t go away … 😀
    And you can say anything you want about them as they will try to hide why you left anyways.

  • Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Nagoya near where they do dolphin slaughters off shore 2 to 3 times a year? They have a very high mercury rate already in all the sea and ocean food. Maybe its finally like a new mad cow disease that removes the soul and the spirit from the bodies of those people making them nothing more than cruel heartless empty shells. like just south of the border here in texas with the drug cartel butcher murders. the family members of those people being allowed to go to school equals nothing but bullying and torture inside and outside of school. these assholes here as well as in japan use microwave guns as horrible house heating harrassment and sleep depevervation as well. might check under his house and in attic for electrics that dont belong as well. fuck you stalkers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Very sad, you read about this sort of thing a lot on here.
    You get the feeling that their strong denial of it all makes them unwilling to even try to avoid it in the future, because to them it would appear to be an acknowledgement of having a part in it.
    If you’re not even able to acknowledge your mistakes how can you possibly hope to correct them.
    Hopefully, if nothing else, some school hears about this and a student is taken seriously if they say something like that, not mocked and ridiculed.
    They say, people who finally make the decision to kill themselves actually feel quite happy once they’ve done it, because they feel in control.

  • Fuck this shit. It makes me so angry hearing about shitty teachers and shitty students and shitty school heads who do nothing to stop bullying. I hope this weighs on that teacher’s conscious forever.
    This is why the education world needs more people; to replace these idiots who dont give a shit about the wellbeing of their students. Why even become a teacher if you have such an attitude?

  • Anonymous says:

    1. The teacher is FAIL no matter what. Whether she dared him to commit suicide or not, she didn’t notice the bullying and didn’t help him at all (suicide note says that).
    2. How can people be friends in death? I mean… they are dead, the corpse will rot, there is no soul, no afterlife… people who believe in that stuff should think about this… if people are shit in this life, they will be shit in the afterlife/heaven/bla. Some bullies might welcome this kiddo there; what would he do then, commit suicide in heaven? lol
    3. Although I think the teacher and classmates are shit… I wouldn’t say the teacher pulled the trigger. IMO just saying something shouldn’t be a crime. Why are insults, slandering, provocation etc. considered criminal acts?
    “You look like shit!”, either it’s an objective fact, subjective opinion, or a baseless insult (which if false, doesn’t matter). Same applies to “your mother is a whore/father is a gay pedophile”, either it’s true (needs proof), or just an insult (which if false, doesn’t matter because it’s not true and you know that).
    “Just kill yourself”, it’s a statement, not an order. Even if someone ordered this, one does not have to do it. It’s the guys choice to do it. Sure he was suicidal and got provoked, which got him on edge… but it was still his choice.
    Let’s say someone was stressed and stored lots of anger and frustration, some guy starts insulting them. The person snaps and goes on a killing spree. Is it the guys fault for insulting him? No, the killer couldn’t handle his anger and frustration, THEY committed the crime. Well, my way of thinking is purely based on rationality, and that isn’t applicable for most humans, ’cause they always take everything personal and don’t see the stupidity in most of what others say.
    Also, if the kid wanted to proof his guts by killing himself, that shows how stupid and immature he was. As if it matters anything when you’re dead. Just to prove a point to some shitheads who outlive you… At least his an A-type suicide, who did what he wanted. Most people are B-type, complaining about their issues, saying they’ll kill themselves without doing so just to alert others to help them (because they’re too angsty to just ask for help.

  • Anonymous says:

    funny thing about childhood is that you’re not able to simply run away from you;re problems. If you’re being bullyed at school, you can’t just stop going or move to a different school. If you’re an adult, however and you;re being harrassed at work, you can say “fuck it” and go somewhere else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most people can’t get jobs moron. In real life as an adult you have to feed these selfish little egoists called children, and clothe them and send them to school and buy them PS3 games and mangas. You can’t just tell your boss to go to hell. You have to do your job and obey or you won’t have a job and you’ll starve.

  • In the west, the teacher would’ve faced charges, and would be put in jail. I mean, what is wrong with these people? I used to think that people who said japanese people are cowards, were only anti-asian, but this is going a bit too far. Japan is lucky none of their suicidal individuals become psychopaths who go on a killing streak before commiting suicide.

    Japan knows that their numbers are already dwindling, yet they still put lots of effort into fucking up the future generations. Their government needs to wake up.

  • Anonymous says:

    The world is too damn apathetic, that is the only reason things like this happen. People just want to shut their eyes and ignore all the ugliness of humanity instead of working to better it.

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason is that children are not treated as treasures. Throughout the world millions are aborted and millions more are never conceived because they’re too expensive and will either spoil the wasteline or prevent the would be parents from getting the latest iPhone.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was quite a nerd in junior high school, and perceived as wimpy and weak. I got picked on quite a bit by the more “athletic” kids, until one day…..
    Finally a kid my size threw my gym clothes in a toilet, and I put his face into a locker. Broke his nose and cut his lip. Word got around, no one picked on me after that.

    Bullies don’t expect to get hurt. The one that I confronted says hello and is very polite to me several years later.

    You may be hurt standing up to them, but it isn’t as bad as the fear you experience while getting bullied.

    Return that rage back onto the bullies and cause such a scene that teachers have to take notice and admit there is a problem.

    Killing yourself is an easy way out but it encourages and makes the bullies laugh and think highly of themselves.

  • Anonymous says:

    The civilized world needs to stop sending 12-14 year olds to school, and for those ages either:

    a)battle royale/lord of the flies the kids onto an island by themselves;
    b)junior military service, lots of boot camp and forced community service.
    c)walkabouts for everyone!

  • Anonymous says:

    Kill those fuckers. Strip their flash from the bones! Rip their harts, and let them see how you crush it in front of their eyes!
    One thing “people” like this deserve, is eternal suffering.

    • Japanese society is one of those societies where what the group thinks & feels as a whole carries more weight than what the individual thinks & feels. But at the same time, the group will take its cues from an individual it either respects or fears. Or at least, that’s the impression I get from what little I hear of their society.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like the Democratic Party and most LEFT Wing Progressive movements thru the world, i.e. Collectivism. Enjoy it biatches, it’s coming to you.

        Japan is a free society with individual rights by contrast.

  • Anonymous says:

    i believe fist fighting is good to loosen their stress even though they’ll get hurt but everyone gets hurt and letting that pain in your chest wont go away by time so do something even though you know your going to lose. Defending yourself in a world craze with hate seems like the only solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      its a sad day when fighting for your right to live, and be respected as a human being, is out weighed by the feeling of hopelessness, and the feeling that the only solution to you problem is suicide, instead of giving your enemy a bloodied nose.
      what happened to a little self respect for your honer

      • Anonymous says:

        i am clearly not safe from american stalkers which want to convince me i am a terrorist by killing of bin laden and trying to merge me with TV and internet. but just call it “talking out of someone’s ass”. or the “english”.

        i just write how i want to. get it ?

      • Anonymous says:

        i guess everyone is not insane while they take bath salts and eat other peoples faces and one man gets free from killing a black kid and a goes wild cause of one kid yeah the world is safe. go crawl in your hole that your safe from this world and stop talking from your ass.

        • still talking from your ass again and blaming your computer while editting your post haha, good game, your no talk just a wuss. please go crawl back in your hole and i could be safe finally from your dumbshit. and right after this edit your post again so you could look cool, because your a cool person.

        • Anonymous says:

          you do not have the right to tell me what i should do. i wonder when anonymous understands this……

          probably never.

          it doesnt matter from which “hole” i speak from your twisted view.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember kids: don’t listen to loser kids or loser teachers. Don’t jump off buildings or kill anyone. Real life sucks, but there are nice moments nice and again, and if you seek what’s right you will find happiness.

      • Anonymous says:

        note to self: never. under any circumstances. believe a guy which talks bad about another guy to make him look better.

    • Anonymous says:

      For me, I would write a suicide note, writing a list of what the bully did to me and how the school poorly handles it, and then kill myself. I don’t want to have my family suffer from my reckless talent to kill someone. If I die, but by tormentors live in a hell on earth life-style as they have been forever be scorned by the media, especially with myspace or facebook, then I would be satisfied.

      • Anonymous says:

        uhh every country other than america has strict gun laws. everyone gets butthurt when there’s 1 person being stabbed 20-30 times but no one bats an eye when 10-50 people gunned down by a kid.

        • Anonymous says:

          he probably compared an assault with a dagger on someone in the street’s of america-richest (a place to attract attention and media) with a military action somewhere in iraki (i heard these things happen from time to time in war-countries, civilian’s getting shot).

          and i allmost “missed” the by. gunned down by a kid -> 10-50 people gunned down a kid.

          i dont know what “bats an eye” mean … must be something very americanish. i heard that writing mistakes are automatically corrected by the mind.

          i guess i wouldnt have written the comment if i had not missread the “10-50 people gunned down BY a kid”.

    • Anonymous says:

      seriously, if you are going to kill yourself anyway, why not take out as many of those who gave you the trouble anyway? If there were more kids who killed their bullies before they suicide, There will be less bullies.

      • Anonymous says:

        Before dying, get some evidence of them bullying said person and put it in your will via some online host

        Give them an URL of said evidence and the people will have no way to “stand back” and held responsible

        though of course no one in that state of mind would do it… but just incase

      • Anonymous says:

        In a way, it is. An eye for an eye would make the whole world go blind, but if suicidals start running around murdering people to the point of an epidemic, maybe those fuckers at NPA and Board of Education will finally be forced to take this bullying issue seriously. You know , because other people’s lives start to be at stake. If all perpetrators escape unharmed and without consequences, how do you expect this problem to go away?

        Japanese government should stop trying to ignore this, especially since they dont have that luxury anymore. You think Japan’s shortage of young people is exclusively because the newer generations are reluctant to get married? I’d love to meet the stats compilers because they may have been forced to juke those and hides the real problems by the politicians.

        • Anonymous says:

          Saying “Bullies should die” gets a little harder to say when you’ve experienced being a bully yourself. It’s loads of fun, and it’s not out of jealousy either…It’s pure simple, horrible fun. It’s fun to pick on the weak and the different–more so if you’re part of a group. You feel a little more alive and you feel a sense of camaraderie with your fellow aggressors. Also, sometimes you just can’t help yourself…some people are more fun than the others, or more irritating and therefore better targets, and telling bullies to stop is the same as telling a kid to stop playing games.

          Coming from someone who has on both sides of the issue: the best way to deal with a bully is simply to grow some fangs and treat them as equals. Bullies never bully people they see as their equal. Bullies bully because people give them the power to do so by being weak and non-confrontational. Screw what the teachers say, if someone picks on you and threatens to take your stuff, a few bruises on your person is preferable to a year of misery. If they hit you hit back–you might lose, but make sure they know what it means to hurt you. People worry more about the pain they get than the pain they inflict.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Bullies should die. They think it’s funny to torture another human soul? Let’s see the hyenas laugh-off being sodomized by a shotgun before their victim pulls the trigger.”

          This statement is bullying itself. Wishing someone die because someone else considers interaction with them to be some form of psychological torture based on a subjective assessment is truly absurd.

          Japan’s suicide rates are not a problem. Problem is that people want it easy, want to have toys and not children and want few children, while aborting and contracepting the rest away. The same fate awaits Western Europe.

        • Anonymous says:

          so basically you want to double the unnecessary deaths, and to instil depression among more than one family? do you even think before you type?

          Its the bullies, and their families fault, so who cares if the bully die and their family depressed..

          Bullies at fault for bullying and the family for not taking care of that bratty brat good enough.

        • Anonymous says:

          So you guys want bullied kids to go around shooting at schools? Because, that is one reason why school shootings happen you know. A bullied kid has had enough and decides to set the world on fire…

        • Dumb ass teacher should loose any and all right to ever teach again.
          Her teaching degrees should be revoked.
          Then lets see if she wants to kill her self after having to work at a fast food joint to make ends meet.

          As for the bullies send them to a drill instructor like Sargent Hartman from full metal jacket.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree. Those who are driven to kill themselves by their peers/protectors should also die, for they are the direct cause of said death and murderers themselves.

          Sadly, when put into practice we get instances such as Columbine (not Columbine itself, keep in mind), where the victim is just as likely to think, ‘Whelp, fuck-it’ and just go off randomly (or just have very poor aim and hit the bystanders rather than the intended targets), causing even more tragedy.

          But…yes. Bullies should die. They think it’s funny to torture another human soul? Let’s see the hyenas laugh-off being sodomized by a shotgun before their victim pulls the trigger.

        • Anonymous says:

          I did think about it. Trust me when i say that my initial reaction was disgust towards myself.

          However the powers that be in the government, the politicians, they dont give a fuck if it does not hurt their career. They take advantage of japan’s culture of social caste and bending over to the authority despite supposedly being democratically elected to serve the people. Nothing will move them from their seats until something truly terrible happens. Just look at Tepco’s history if you need proof. Hell, even Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          1000 deaths is tragic for us. These unnecessary deaths though are statistics to the bureaucrats and like a demented scorecard system, they will be the only kind of force those fuckers cant ignore.

          That is just the kind of world we live in. Shoot not the messenger.

        • Anonymous says:

          @anon 06:02
          Nothing but excuses, we live now and we have to deal with the problems that are now.

          I dont consider a world where criminals rule over us, leeching us, protected by laws they made themselfs, any better.
          Atleast in those times you knew who you were up against, nowadays you dont, the world is filled with lies and bs.
          Then again, assholes were present in every era, be it filled with plagues or lies.
          Everyone has smartass comments and advices when the problem doesnt invole them, but as soon it does, they curse the world just like those they were so keen to judge.

        • Anonymous says:

          People have it too good. Back in the past we had famines, diseases, wars, earthquakes without earthquake proof buildings, prospects of nuclear holocaust or global war, incurable AIDS, etc.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anon 18:38

          I wish you from all my heart that you get bullied atleast for a year so you find out how it is you internet warrior.

          If people are killing themselfs then it is a serious issue.

          What humans need, is to get back humanity, just like you.

        • Anonymous says:


          You mean the same japs that got bitch fucked and gangraped in the last war?

          If you studied history you should know that Americans lost 1.1 man for every german dead on western/african front, while being helped by brits and russians and other allies, AND committing 60% of their resources there. We lost one man in pacific for every 8-10 japs dead. This is done while we only devoted 40% of our resources, paying our workers (instead of taking and pillaging or using slave labor as japs did), while we were assaulting fortified defensive positions, and while they had the best planes, ships, and modern navy prior to 1943 (and we still won guadacanal and midway even though we were outnumbered in terms of fighting soldiers, ships, and out teched in planes).

          The only one scared shitless against the world are japs. The only reason they are banned military build up is because they will upset the balance of the region, and will ultimately be fucked to pieces by other nations and Americans in which case America will either annex the worthless island or lose the island as a base of operations. Doing so will result in the genocide of japs, which America will not do until they get uppity again.

          It’s for your own good that japs are without military. It will be fucking worthless like last time anyway.

          Learn some proper shit weak bitch/

  • Anonymous says:

    I have no idea whether to think this is true or not.

    You know when you reach that age…early 20’s I’d say…
    When you realize how pointless bullying is and stop giving a fuck?
    It’s a damn shame kids like this end up killing themselves before it gets better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bullying ends?

      Get out in the real world.

      Find a job realising your degree is useless and your new boss, if you’re lucky enough to have one, doesn’t give a rat’s ass about who’s little boy you are. In debt? Tough, u have to pay it off. Can’t declare bankruptcy. Want a house? Well chances are, even if you get a job, bank will confiscate it. Real world is more touch than school.

    • Since you put more words I never said into my mouth, I will correct you on that. I never said women make better teachers than men. Not once. I dont think either makes better teachers than the other. Teachers that have been my rolemodels were both men and women, and I have an infinite ammount of respect for these people because they did their job amazingly and cared about their students. The reason I became a teacher was because of my admiration for these people and the impact they had on my life. When I am finished with my stay in Japan, I’ll probably continue it in my home country. Stories like this only make my resolve to be a good teacher stronger.
      That’s why I’m angry about this woman, because she’s a bad teacher. I dont think she’s a bad teacher because she’s a woman, but because she’s a bad person, like all the other bad teachers that end up in articles about here. Most of those were men, but that’s not the reason they were bad people. I will not defend her, or those men, because I don’t defend bad people.

      You are right to think this woman is bad. I dont blame you for even using her as ammo in your ’cause’. But don’t lump me with her, because I’m just as disgusted by her as you are.

  • Hey SHUUBI what was that you and your supporters were saying about how female teachers make better teachers than male and how they were so necessary and what would we do without them?

    “She also maintains he never sought help from her (as he claimed in his suicide note), and that she was unaware of any bullying at all in her class in the first place.”

    Wow how wonderful and attentive women are in your profession Shuubi. I see why you easily got that job.

    Why precious 2d girls are better than 3d whores reason #5654

    At least when male teachers get in trouble, a school girl just gets her butt squeezed a little, but she lives to see another day (and becomes a whore regardless).

    Show your unnecessary need for 3D women who can’t seem to do anything other than nursing and teaching, and they can’t even get that right, and switch to 2D. The Revolution is Now.

    2d vs 3d Scoresheet:
    2d girls – 5654
    3d girls – 1

    3D Women are wonderful female fun fact of the day:
    “Over the course of November 2007 to May 2008, multiple cases were studied to observe the
    conviction and sentencing rates of female teachers accused of the sexual misconduct against minor students.
    Those convictions and sentences were compared with the statutory guidelines for such crimes. The statistics having resulted
    from this study reveal female-teacher sex crimes against minors are receiving much-reduced prison sentences, if receiving a
    prison sentence at all.
    The following section examines some of the most disparaging cases as they compare to state
    statutory guidelines.
    Ohio sentencing guidelines suggest
    a sentence of 1-5 years for
    the third-degree felony of
    sexual battery. A 36-year old Ohio English teacher was indicted on six counts of felony sexual
    battery against a child. Her plea
    agreement resulted in one count
    of sexual battery against the
    This sex offender was not required to serve a single day in jail.”

  • Anonymous says:

    I really like the idea of killing everything that wants you dead. It’s absolutely logical. We already have way too many lifeforms on this planet. Especially humans. The amount of humans should be decreased by at least 98%. Human especially is not a life form that should be kept alive at such quantities like now.

    Have you noticed in history too, that when one version of human got extinct, then a newer, evolved version of human appeared? And that it happened several times just like that?

  • Anonymous says:

    Sigh, another witch hunt.

    Call the teacher incompetent all you want, but the teacher wasn’t aware of the bullying and simply made the statement to shut the class up.

    The real problem, is Japan’s inability to drill the idea into people’s head to seek help when in a situation, either call a government funded helpline or ACTUALLY TELL A TEACHER.

    But hey we live in insanely politically correct world full of armchair analysts that clear know what it was like in the classroom.

    I guess someone has to take the fall, this is Japan right?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is highly inappropriate to tell a kid “I bet you don’t have the guts” under ANY circumstances. If that happened in my country, the teacher would have their license revoked and never be allowed to teach again. He or she could even receive jail time depending on the circumstances. And that’s the way it should be.

      This teacher should feel ashamed of herself and partly responsible for what happened. She doesn’t deserve to be a teacher.

    • It doesnt matter if she wasnt ‘aware of it’. Saying something like that is an incredibly assholish thing to do, whether you expected him to actually kill himself or not. It is -not- something any decent teacher worthy of the name should ever say to a student.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s an understatement to say that Japan’s training of teachers is woefully inadequate and not properly educating them on how to be good teachers… And when they do behave inappropriately, they get a slap on the wrist.

    It’s no wonder Japanese kids occasionally attack their teachers. And this has to be a contributing factor to Japan’s massive teen suicide rate. Not only are the Japanese not having enough children, they can’t even keep them alive and well to reach adulthood.

  • Anonymous says:

    the ungratefulness of 98% of the arguments here make me thing that i should not explain why I think some weird shit is going on with this “bully” thing.



    in europe its called mobbing.
    MOB= gaming name for enemy.

    BTW…. mobbing is done here in the chats allmost everywhere. so you guys should just shut the fuck up about bullying lol!

  • Anonymous says:



    thats the only thing which i am able to say.


    yo bro i go die. okay bro. i bet you wont. i do. no bro. no way! bro…. i am seriously gonna do it! never!!! hahahahahahahah…. *splatt*…….. o.O oh he really did IT^^

  • Anonymous says:

    I am ashamed that this is how Japanese teachers treat their students this way, no counseling services what so ever, she is selfish, but not the only one for sure. This group of islands education system is for survival of the fittest. Shame!