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  • Anonymous says:

    I’d like to point out that isn’t it a rather shitty time to be releasing this,when the next gen is being revealed and on the brink of being rolled out?

    It just seems a little late to release an anime about the current gen console wars when the next gen console wars have just begun(though to be fair sony won already lololol)

  • She better run terribly, otherwise this shit is completely inaccurate.

    Plus why are they all together already? I guess they’re not really following anything in particular with the games, although I’ve only played the first one.

  • Anonymous says:

    the constant complaining from the prude Americans how sexualized things are supposed to be would be funny to watch if the ruin everything with their 17th century censorship and their hypocritical attitude

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to Sweden asshole and ask those post moderns what they think about sexualised young girls. They’ll tell you you’re just as sick as the 17th Century American prudes.

      In fact condemnation of pedophilia is pretty consistent among both conservative and progressive groups.

  • My sankaku comments have become popular on other websites. People actually go through the trouble to screen shot and post things hahahah. I’m pretty sure I single highhandedly saved sankaku from the bring of disaster. Artefact I’m going to start requiring a paycheck soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ve actually make Sankaku a bigger shitpile that it was, which, while one could argue takes talent, is not something to be proud of.
      Also, people on other websites are laughing at you. Now the whole world can see how hard you fail at life.

      • Is this the great argument you put me on hold to announce? I was actually checking back thinking you were going to say something impressive. But you went with “dur u fail at life” something so original and amazing never before seen on the internet. It was already voted down and grey before I even read it. Ah I wasted my time in thinking you had something intelligent to say. “Other people on websites are maken fun of you hurr durr” she said panting heavily and sweating profusely hunched over her keyboard in her crooked glasses unkempt hair and bad skin proclaiming her internet victory as her stench from not having taken a decent shower in days filled the room.

    • Anonymous says:

      They also became popular on websites with people noticing the probable stupidity of the reasons you give.

      (I didn’t say YOU were stupid. There are probably events in your mast that built the way you think now – a way that seems stupid to tons of people, and that probably is really stupid – which doesn’t help YOU, really.)

        • If I cared that much about the opinions of others that would make me an insignificant unimportant person and follower with no life of my own and so I have to rant all over the internet about other people and what they do and say because I myself am living a worthless unnecessary life that only feels like it has meaning when Im providing pointless commentary about other people allowing me to squeeze the smallest bit of happiness I can out of my pathetic life to give me something to do inbetween the times I’m wondering how I got to such a sad place that mocking taylor is something capable of making me feel happy and where I went wrong in the world becoming so stupid and useless.

          Sound like anyone you know @22? 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    For fan service the depiction of the characters as females after transforming has an alluring compound which makes them look like the perfect representation of the female. I don’t know how they did it but you can’t help but be taken by them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is…is this a complaint. I feel like this entire article is a complaint. I don’t know why though, since it just seems great. Actually, I’d say that if it had some yuri smooching in it then it would be the greatest series IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      How? Well some producer/investor had an idea. The games sold and they could do an game to anime adaptation to milk the same people who bought the games.

      I of course bought one of the games too. Never played it though.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ummm, they don’t look so young to me. What kind of a young girl has massive balloon boobs? lol, silly western hypocrites, go back to your steroids infused male archetypes and absurdly curvaceous Barbie inspired females. Leave me and my loliz alone!

    Oh, and back to this show… no nipples = no go.

  • Back to work..

    If you are intelligent enough to exert the 6 minutes of effort, Read this.

    Why precious 2d girls are better than 3d whores reason #5652

    My fellow Animericans..
    Neptunia, anime like it, and our precious anime industry is being attacked. Anime caters to men in many ways 3d women just won’t without a catches like ass kissing and chasing them, looking like a Bishounen, having alot of money or all of the above. The feel because they have the tits they have the power and you’ll be hypnotized. And if you want to live up to the shallow demands of 3d women fine, more power to you. The rest of us men said alright then, since women now will jump on whichever dick provides them the most secure future without them doing much contributing, we’ll create anime to make us happy, love 2d girls, and create a world where finally our needs and desires are met without major demands, costs, and risks. By loving anime we can experience the LOVE that women wont give us if we’re too fat, too nerdy, too poor, not paying enough attention to them, or one of the other superficial reasons women deem us unworthy of their love and fidelity.

    But there was one MAIN major problem in creating this happy loving anime world for ourselves.

    It made MEN HAPPY WITHOUT THE NEED OF 3D WOMEN. Something 3D women, just will not tolerate.

    So now, with Japanese men leading the way, our attention has grown away from 3d women. Marriage age getting higher, birth rate dropping, disinterest in 3d relationships rising women have taken notice on the cause and their opponent. Anime. The thing keeping them from using their tits and hairy snatches from giving them an opportunity to take advantage of hard working men so they can marry and live the easy life not having to go to school or work. And so what was their first plot to turn us back and pay attention to them instead? Their reaction to anime and its male fans no longer ass kissing them. “Creepy” “Immature” “Dangerous” “Pedophiles” “Not normal”. If we are not normal they could choose to love us back to sanity and use love as an aim to heal us, but instead they used psychological attacks aimed to HURT to return us to “normal” and by normal they mean working 10 hours a day while they sit home and complain about having to cook and us not giving them attention and thats why they fucked the mailman and you’re getting a divorce and they’re keeping half your shit they didnt work for. THIS is the NORMAL reality they wish for us to return to and call us creepy for escaping to 2d paradise.

    But that plan isn’t completely working. Otaku numbers still rise, and anime is still made with the happiness of men in mind. So what will women try next? Infiltrate from the inside.

    Now they are all nice and understanding and want to watch anime too, some even call themselves Otaku and claim interest that matches ours in the anime world (though really many watch watch when absolutely bored or pretend to be really interested to lock a guy, or most who are casual anime fans or fujoshi who dont really care about anime they just really watch what satisfies their desires). And though there may be women who are genuine about it, they are about as rare as what eminem says “they make it all up there’s no such thing, like a female with good looks who cooks and cleans” but ALL WOMEN claim to be the good ones fooling men as that’s statistically impossible. So what is the real agenda? What plan are they really following whether they realize it or not? Well as we’ve seen from the free posts, its to CHANGE ANIME and make it so it caters to THEM. But of course just like in relationships, they’ll deceive you into thinking its about sharing and “US”. Think about it, in your relationships with women is it really about “us” or about you bending over backwards to entertain her and make her happy. Thinking up all the date ideas ect. Only if you’re pretty and have money to share do women contribute to secure you.

    Because these are the types of creatures we are dealing with. They grow up used to THE WORLD catering to them, and when ONE thing doesn’t they insert themselves and seduce until they change it and the attention is focused on them. This is WHY one of the best ways to capture a 3d girl is to pretend NOT to be interested in her. A woman will go “what? he’s doesn’t like me? he’s not paying attention to me? I have to change that”. All smart men know this trick about women.
    And now they want to change our anime world. As you have read in those free topics they want to see anime that caters to them too. And at first you’ll be be deceived because they use that seduction with words like “its fair” “why can’t girl have something too” “you’re not sexist are you?” and it all seems perfectly logical. As dane cook sais women are “Mind Ninjas” But the NUMBER ONE problem of man throughout time is he DOESN’T LEARN FROM HISTORY. Women will seduce you and worm their way into anime with “girls get turned on by 2d too ya know” and then they got you. Next thing you know you’ll be arguing against your own fellow men about how anime is unfair to women, how they should have more titles for them, how loli should be banned, how it wont hurt to give girls something sexy to watch, how you’re being sexist by supporting anime the way it is. And they’ll get YOU to fight their fight for them as they are always play their damsels in distress card. And you have to be the (blind) hero betraying your fellow men in the name of fairness though itll never end in fairness. You’ll dig your own grave and before you know it anime will be completely changed. When have women EVER been satisfied with 50% of ANYTHING? We already have what 5 GREAT titles per year and they want HALF of that. Or they say half but when does it really ever end at half? In alimony and divorce settlements do bitter women only settle for whats fair? Or do the courts cater to them and men end up with the short end of the stick? Women will band together and say there is a market for them in anime then before you know it most titles and studios will be aiming at them. And women ingeniously will be the ones who make MEN lead the charge for them! Divide and conquer, they’ll turn us on each other. In time each anime season will be filled with free, black butler, and hetalia clones. Because as soon as the tide starts turning save the women!, innocent and precious damsels it will cause the tide not to stop until women are the center of attention. THIS IS THE SAME GAMEPLAN THEY USE IN EVERYTHING ELSE. And they’ll say no its not a game plan were innocent, we’re not that cunning, but somehow this is how it alllways goes. – Woman: N-no..I’m not saying I want the relationship to be all about me…its should be half and fair..what makes you happy is important to me to. Stupid Men: (omg she really loves me, Im going to make things all about her after all!! I’ll make my life about protecting her and making her happy!!) Women: (devil horn smiling emoticon) Noo really it should be about ‘us’ (while she pretends to reluctantly take all your money and pride) – Women have a saying that goes “Sure..yea are the ‘head’ of women, but women are the neck that turns the head” Just like drama is about them anime could be next. Do you want anime to be like drama? Poor average looking anti social girl pushes away hot rich popular guy who still chases her for 24 episodes?

    And what will eventually happen is we men get too sick of the shit anime has become with one or two good titles per YEAR and move on from anime and try to find something else to make us happy. And you know who will be at the door waiting for us when we make this decision? Women. “oh you want to give up anime? well i know i said i loved it..but sure! it it makes you happy! no more anime!” And they’ll be wearing tight jeans and a cleavage revealing top as they grin at how stupid you are. They will be right there when they have ruined anime and men are back searching for happiness. And then just as planned we will pay attention to women again and by pay I mean $Pay$ and its back to easy comfortable living for them while we slave at school and work to support them.

    This is what history has shown is is the prime animalistic conquering behavior of women. Or did you think guys were the only ones with “game” pssh you’re game has SHIT on womens game. You might think your girl is sweet cute and innocent and would never be this cunning and conniving, and thats the beauty of women. They are a flower, a ROSE, a POISON throned rose. And the pride of men tells then they can handle it yet for so many men it ends in longing for something u arent good enough to get or in despair. These deceptive snakeish ways are embedded in their DNA. Its a reason the serpent approached eve and not adam. Its part of their natural makeup so they can appear to be completely oblivious and innocent to their cunning ways. Whether you’re religious or not there is a great lesson to be learned from adam and eve, from sampson and delilah, a lesson that a part of EVERY religion AND secular philosophies and ancient texts. LEARN FROM HISTORY MEN. They get in a situation, make themselves the center, and then everything “somehow innocently” becomes about them. Don’t believe me or want to learn from history? Need something more current and personal? Just look at ANY relationship you’ve been in with a women. Who was it mainly about? Who did most of the work? Was is about you and your needs and desires? And I’m not just talking about girlfriends and wives, ANY relationship with women. Aside from maybe your mother who many times gives you so much attention just to piss off another male (your father). Even been through a divorce? Best thing to happen to a kid because the woman goes into super loving mother do anything for her child mode. Who’s is really the center of your relationships with women. How often is it about you and not them? Or have you been fooled by the “us” line? The same will be for anime. It will become about them because thats what happens when women join into anything.

    Many of you have opposed me and supported anything shuubi says in opposition to me in the past. Its easier to just bash and downvote than it is to actually think and consider. Reading her posts you will find she is the exact personification of every bad thing Ive mentioned here about women. She seems reasonable and fair especially against me who intentionally argues on the extreme to get your attention, and that causes her to be able to seduce you with her words and logic. But if you look back, she has supported Free and has made comments on how the anime industry should change with women in mind. Used the same seduction and trickery keywords I warned about like “fair” and “something for us” Continue to support her and idealists and blind males like her and get ready to enjoy anime seasons filled with free’s.

    Show your unnecessary need.
    The Revolution is Now.

    2d vs 3d Scoresheet:
    2d girls – 5652
    3d girls – 1

  • Anonymous says:

    But, when is this happens compared to the games? Story-wise.

    I’m still waiting for all the DLC’s to be released for HDN:Victory – wonder if the anime may spoil anything…

    Also, it needs more Underling(and more CFW Trick)

    • It’s a parody of the many english-language reviews written by non-anime fans for the original games that used words like that. Sankaku have been using it like a meme when ever referening this series ever since.
      People got mad about ‘feminism’ then even though one of the reviews that made people angriest was by a dude. It’s not ‘feminism’, its just the typical non-anime fan finding different depictions of ‘sexy’ disturbing. (tanned blond american in bikini who looks about 30= sexy! its okay!, cartoon girl who looks younger and has feminine features such as boobs – EVIL! PEDOPHILIA! What sick freak those japanitoony fans are!) Pretty sad really. But funny.

      • hmm. Not sure why this comment thread turned into a feminism discussion. I only bought it up in my comment because someone said that it was feminists that complained about the girls being sexualized (it isnt, you get the OH NO SEXUALIZATION from every mainstream, not-anime-fan review) Not much for me to say except that anon, while I think your right that the common depiction of feminism isnt real feminism, the way I see it, there are many types of feminism. Unfortunately, many are bad,(and also the famous ‘straw feminists’ who may not even exist but fox-news likes to pretend they do) and make all the other types look just as bad. Sometimes I think it should be called something else, like, I dunno, ‘equal rights for everyone, stop being a douchenugget and judging people based on their skin colour, or whether their sexual organs are internal or external, I dont care which you are but if you’re a bad person I’ll treat you like one’, but that’s long.

      • Anonymous says:

        Japanese obsession with child sex is quite exceptional. They only banned production of child porno a few years ago and were huge producers. They still do sick junior idol sheet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yet Holy Crap, because disturbing isn’t all of it. Pedophilia is still in the DSM as a freaking disorder and sex attraction to children is seriously f-ed up. It does not lead to happiness, the children are scrwed up for life. It does not lead to pregnancy and if it does often a 10-12 year old giving birth leads to death of both mom child and her baby. It’s maladaptive. It’s cross culturally f-ed up.

        • Anonymous says:


          Gender and Sexual attributes are two different things.. Listen UP.

          Most Feminine <<<<<<<>>>>>>> Most Masculine

          A woman on the far right might be called a Lesbyn, A Man on the far left might be called a F@G.

          We all have sexual preferences that can differ from our physical looks.

          Status Quo thinks we should act the way we LOOK!

          Not the way we feel!

          TEAR DOWN THE WALL………………………


        • Anonymous says:

          18:52- I’m sorry you only know lousy feminists. Divorce equality is something I believe in. The reason that this issue exists is because of sexism as well – the idea that women=nurterer, therefore automatically better for the children. Again, gender roles! Challenge them!

          However, I have heard that men that want custody receive it overwhelmingly in cases where they actually apply for it. This could differ from area to area though.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ 16:44
          You can tell your fairy tales about the “true feminism” somewhere else. Equal rights is not what most of the people who call themselves/are called feminists now are arguing for. Hell, I’ve never heard any of them mentioning, for example, equal rights for both parents over children with divorce. And this, “real” feminism is evil. So, don’t pass your wishes as reality.

        • Anonymous says:

          @16:44 continue
          And about date you are right – “true feminist” woman would never allow to pay for her. But the reason for that is not that she would be embarrassed to no share the burden, but that it would insult her as not being treated as at least equal (but actually of course far superior) being.

        • Anonymous says:

          14:59 You clearly have no idea what a feminist actually is, but no one on this site seems to, so thats ok. It’s got nothing to do with ‘stripping men of rights’. It’s about treating women (and men!) like human beings, which is something a lot of people have yet to achieve. We live in a world where ‘feminine’ is seen as weaker or worse than masculine, which is an idea that hurts men as well as women. Men who arent ‘manly’ are ridiculed all the time.
          Feminism, that is actual, proper feminism (not the ridiculous man-hating shit this site thinks it is) is actually beneficial to men. Pretty much all the problems men have with women are due to dumb gender roles, which is what feminism is against. (For example, you hate the idea that men are expected to pay on a date? That stems from sexism, that women cant look after themselves. Which is bullshit! Feminism recognizes that. A true feminist will never expect a man to pay in my opinion.)
          If genders actually had equal ground, it wouldnt be need to be called ‘feminism’. It would just be called ‘humanism’.
          The fact that the word has such a bad connotation solely because its called ‘feminism’ is evidence in itself why its necessary.
          Hopefully this educated you a little, have a nice day.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah because only feminists point out a flat chested girl is still a freaking child. Yeah little girls are only about sex. Only feminists would disagree. Every father sexually molests his daughter or gets a hard on about her underage persona.

        Dude, criticism of that is not feminism.

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course. Their speech driven by anger emotion, they tolerate no talking back (which is bad in a debate), and likely to fail to see the bigger picture.

        I read countless time of woman cry out of nowhere during her menstruation(hormonal imbalance), and some story about a crying woman during game convention (out of nowhere), and some woman complain to a customer service, then when the customer service person gather all the answer and call her back to solve her problem, you know what she said? She said she complain before because she’s was in bad mood..

        Woman are just as brainy as man, or maybe even more, but some woman have poor emotional management. Many of them are in the feminism.

        • “It’s a fact Taylor: nowadays, men have globally more rights than women, this applies almost everywhere in the world, and women want these rights because it’s just equality. After all, if you were born as a women, what would your opinion be?”

          Legal rights and social human rights are different things. Men want the right to not have to be rich and look like a bishounen in order to get love attention affection and fidelity from 3d women. Men want the right to keep their children after their wives divorce them when the money runs out during hard times and not have the courts always favor the women. Men want the right to be given the benefit of the doubt when a bitter girl is LYING when she says she is raped. Men want the right to have women share in giving attention in relationships and have women make it about the men half the time itself of always about the girl. Men want the right to be emotional if they choose to without it grossing out most women. Men want the right to have women plan out a date for them for a change, to be pursued and feel special for a change and without superficial reasons, to be the center of attention and attention every now and then for a change. To be finally supported without it being a problem for a change. I can go on and on forever with this.

          What would I do if born a woman? I wouldn’t live my life as though I’m special and precious just because I’m a girl. I would do things that would make myself deserving of any attention I get that doesn’t include makeup. I’d work hard and make a way for myself according to my interests and gifts and not just wait for some guy to sweep me off my feet and live off him and do nothing with my life. I can go on and on with this too.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Keep up the fight men. We’ll get our rights back.”

          It’s a fact Taylor: nowadays, men have globally more rights than women, this applies almost everywhere in the world, and women want these rights because it’s just equality. After all, if you were born as a women, what would your opinion be?

        • Anonymous says:

          …doesnt match the fact that men seem to be emotional all the damn time.

          Man emotional all the time? Ever heard premenstrual syndrome, sir?

          Bloating, swelling of arms or legs, and breast tenderness are the usual physical symptoms. Feeling overly emotional, experiencing depression, anger and irritability, or having anxiety and social withdrawal may be present. As many as 20% to 40% of women may have PMS at some point in life.

          I think man and woman can be emotional, but woman, some woman can be VERY emotional especially during menstruation. Woman have menstruation 7 days every months (average) in her younger day, so about 1/4 times, young woman are emotional.

          Also, man get emotional mostly by outside source(bad boss, low salary, etc), but woman can get emotional by both biological and outside source as well. The emotional time’s frequency, is more rapid for woman. Woman are more prone to be emotional than a man.

          Its no mystical myth, its a real science.

        • Anonymous says:

          Men have also been known to snap faster than women and commit violence a lot more quickly.

          Yes, but woman are known to using the backdoor strategy, by spreading false gossip and more prone to holding grudge.

          The woman may not look angry or doing anything suggesting she is mad, but its not mean she is forgiving or lighthearted. In some case, tongue is mightier than a fist, and woman can be very abusing with her tongue.

          Swollen face will recover, but damaged reputation take a lot to recover.

        • I noticed when the facts came out the women stfu. This is the same way I shut up shuubi. What I’ve learned from women is that they will argue their dumbass opinion to the grave because its how they “feel” but when you show them facts proof and logic they can’t deny, thats the only way to get them to stfu. They’ll still try ti change the argument and make it about something else, but its still the best way to shut them up and prove their “feelings” and opinion on an issue doesnt mean shit and they are usually wrong when faced with the facts.

        • Anonymous says:

          But have a think about all the crimes you here when a man who neighbours said was ‘such a nice guy, never showed any signs of anger’ suddenly and inexplicably snapped and murdered his family. Then try to tell me women have problems ‘controlling their emotions’.

          Well, this also apply to woman as well. In freaky incident, there are woman that biting man’s ding dong because she suspecting adultery..

          Woman are better hiding their emotion than a man, by the way.. but sometimes it burst(usually during menstruation) and the real side f her are shown.

          Ever heard “wife changing” after a marriage? Yup, that is one of those emotion hiding, and pretending to be someone else and only show the real selves once the date/husband is secured.

        • Anonymous says:

          the speech of men is driven by anger and they do not tolerate talking back.
          the speech of woman is driven by repulsiveness and they do not tolerate overweight.

          of course…. IT IS JUST A GENERALISATION.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry, but the fact that women get more emotional during menstruation (which is a huge generalization, by the way, not everyone does) doesnt match the fact that men seem to be emotional all the damn time. Have you even seen the coverage of the super bowl? Men are terrifying when they watch sports.
          Men have also been known to snap faster than women and commit violence a lot more quickly.
          This doesnt mean all men will. But have a think about all the crimes you here when a man who neighbours said was ‘such a nice guy, never showed any signs of anger’ suddenly and inexplicably snapped and murdered his family. Then try to tell me women have problems ‘controlling their emotions’.

        • Anonymous says:

          “women get more emotional during menstruation (which is a huge generalization”

          This is a lie. Do you know that 2/3 woman have menstrual cramp during menstruation?

          This is the main reason why MANY woman are more emotional during menstruation. Even for those aren’t having any cramp, they still emotional, and it was theorize this behavior change is to keep man away or show that the 7 days period is the no sex time.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘We’ll get out rights back’
        please tell me which rights of yours have been taken and by who. Because you have never lost any of your rights, unless you mean ‘the right to be an insufferable douchebag’.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yet Holy Crap, because disturbing isn’t all of it. Pedophilia is still in the DSM as a freaking disorder and sex attraction to children is seriously f-ed up. It does not lead to happiness, the children are scrwed up for life. It does not lead to pregnancy and if it does often a 10-12 year old giving birth leads to death of both mom child and her baby. It’s maladaptive. It’s cross culturally f-ed up.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t see “disturbing sexualization here”. At least, not as much as in Tu Love-Ru. Here I would think it is the female body made beautiful and poetic (judging for these screencaps).

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course, the original “disturbing” moniker came from Western gaming sites, and of course the West believes that any interest in any females appearing to be under 21 makes you a pedophile.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually it was one female reviewer. Apparently she thinks young girls have nothing to do with sex-appeal, the foolish old hag.

        I for one can never get too much sexualized young girls, disturbing or otherwise.

        • I remember two reviews, one male and one female, and they were both pretty equally harsh. Gaming columns (aimed at mainstream audiences) mostly said the same thing – judged the whole game on its presentation. Which really irritated me because no one could tell me about the actual damn game, but hardly any of the reviewers could look past the fanservice to review the game properly at all.
          I thought this episode was pretty interesting, though. I heard its different to the game, which makes me more interested in it.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is disgurbing to some people, so it fits the headline.
      Still disturbing is a very stupid word to use when it comes to a TV show not meant to be taken seriously.
      It’s like finding a joke disturbing, only stupid people can seriously get disturbed or offended by made up words that have no real world consequence.
      Get disturbed by shit that matter.
      Stuff like real world events where people get hurt are worth getting disturbed over.
      Riots or killings or world hunger and war. People getting disturbed over a show are fucking stupid.

      • Anonymous says:

        The average American man’s penis is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when erect, a new survey of 1,661 men finds.

        The study, published online July 10 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, is relatively consistent with the results of prior surveys of penis size.

        Penis size has been the subject of dozens of studies, as well as countless urban legends, myths and spam emails. For many men, the idea of not measuring up can cause a great deal of anxiety.

        But whether penis size truly matters to a man’s sex partner is up for debate. Some research shows that women who experience vaginal orgasms do so more consistently with men of bigger girth.

      • You said :
        Still disturbing is a very stupid word to use when it comes to a TV show not meant to be taken seriously.

        Couldn’t agree more. i mean this is fake! never intended to be real, it doesn’t even resemble reality is as close to reality as lets say donald duck is
        close to a real duck. but people get offended by drawings, and they don’t get offended by todays teen shows content or the ever present content of child abuse in police dramas. and what about the child abuse, and sexualization in real life in stupid tv shows like those where mother put their daughter in contests and dress them up, and make them act, as real sluts? and those are real children below the 12 age range!

      • Anonymous says:

        Mhmm, I see your point here. It’s true that it can disturb people with different morals than mines. But yeah, war, hunger, rapes (and silly misogynic and homophobic comments in the posts about Free) are more serious things to be disturbed about…

  • If I get my brothers ps3, I am deff going to buy this game just from these anime pictures. I don’t see what all the fuzz is about it. An Rpg full of cute girls insted of musclebound/bishounen morons for your chara’s? hell yes.

    • Anonymous says:

      The people that complain mostly are woman that involve in feminism.. they can’t stand seeing other beautiful woman(even cartoon)..

      Remember the woman that break his man’s Love Plus in their wedding, or woman asking for divorce for her husband playing Love Plus? Some woman jealousy can be that bad, and all the fuss over this artificial character only highlight this bad behavior of some woman.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. “Plus-chan” looks cute
    2. Pedobearslime… I didn’t see this. I didn’t see this. I didn’t see this. Idin’setis…… ERROR
    3. Looks like the cast is huge = bad. Idolmaster had too many characters, meaning not everyone gets enough screen time/focus. I’m watching Shana III atm and so far they introduce 2-3 new characters per ep, and each one has like 2-3 names… just overkill. Bleach introduces tons of characters with each chapter as well right now…
    Maybe I just don’t like most anime with too many characters. LoGH did it right. Almost every character got developed and stood out from the others.
    4. Fanservice the anime… I like moe and fanservice, but this seems too much. Scenes have fanservice woven in just to have it. I’m sick of fanservice and series where almost nothing happens. Fanservice is present in every show and this creates fanservice overload… FANSERVICE FANSERVICE FANSERVICE FANSERVICE…… blergh… this sucks.

  • Sexy beautiful breasted girls who can transform into cute lolis at will?
    ..I’m in.

    Well the story seems pretty meh but I’ll still support it and buy multiple copies to ensure more anime like Free isn’t made.

    I’m pretty sure I heard the voice of Satokochan. Yaydesuwa! Nipaahhh!

    • Anonymous says:

      You speak the truth bro
      2D is better than 3D and that’s what pisses some people, it’s like, people get mad because someone else took their job and does it better and cheaper.
      Too bad bro, you’ve gone obsolete, deal with it.
      3D stuck on denial about it don’t wanna face facts.
      2D has better and cuter girls and boys.

      • Yep. Though shes generally more educated than most people male or female, she displays the same failure human being tendencies all women do. There are rare sparse exceptions to the rule but she is not one of them. So if you thought you could dismantle my logical argument by trying to appeal personally and emotionally you were wrong. Try now to become a therapist and say I’m the way I am because of mother issues. Go ahead I’m interested in how intelligent of an argument you can make.

    • Anonymous says:

      You had a pretty good argument going about the 2D vs 3D thing, but the whole fujoshi thing just makes me laugh. There is no way they will “change” the market in such a huge proportion you won’t be able to enjoy your 2D anymore, relax buddy.

      As much as I find fujoshits annoying as well, I think you need to take it easier.

      • Careful, men have that idea about marriage too. That it’ll be about ‘us’ and not her. Ask any man who’s been married a while if that’s true. Do the phrases “Yes, dear..” “You’re right dear..” sound familiar to you? Thank you for the comment.

        • Even if the story you are telling is true, its the minority. It is common knowledge that overwhelmingly “Yes dear” is something men have to say to keep the peace in illogical situations. I mean good lord there’s even a tv show called “Yes Dear”. Thanks for comment.

        • Anonymous says:

          Do the phrases “Yes, dear..” “You’re right dear..” sound familiar to you?

          Yeah sounds like what my mother has to say to my father every day. You can’t argue with a man like him, even if every single person in the world told him he was wrong, to him he’s never wrong unless he admits it. I see this all the time.

          Man logic= marriage that caters to a man 80-100% of the time- Just! Good! Equal!
          Marriage that caters to a woman more than 20% of the time- Hold on a second!! I feel emasculated!! Not cool!

          Luckily not all husbands are such douchebags.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think man nowadays start to lose their manhood. They become more sissy and afraid of woman.

          Just take a glance at the Japanese, Korean even some American boyband.. full with man that look like a woman, and frail built.. and don’t get me started with Bieber.

          Movie industry also start to filled with these pretty boys(Twilight), and in game industry the man is slapped all day long by feminist bitchy hand.

          OMG, I am depressed with this. Why is the manly man start to be less and less, and the one that remain torn away by feminism.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow! What a good, succint post that was! It doesnt make you look like a raving, tinhatting lunatic at all! I especially like your use of strawmen (or rather, strawwomen)!
      -Dr Frink’s sarcasm detector beeps and explodes-

    • Anonymous says:

      Incredible. You’ve actually managed to become a parody of yourself. This reads like something written by someone pretending to me a men’s rights activist dumbass to parody how ludicrous they are. It’s all here! Conspiracy theories, the idea that women ‘suddenly’ got into a ‘man’s thing’ (pft), use of the word ‘infiltrate’, referencing the bible, ass-pulls, sweeping generalizations, hypocrisy (the idea that women want everything for them when this post alone is evidence of how so many men want everything 100% for them, reminds me of Dudley Dursely, “36 PRESENTS? I GOT 37 LAST YEAR!!!’, weird leaps in logic and hilarious apocalyptic scenarios, assuming everything women do is to thwart men in some way (the point about women being nice to their sons to make their husbands jealous has to be the most ridiculously stupid comment I’ve seen on the Internet this week, you should get a medal for that) all that’s missing is the random tacked on bashing of female members on this site. …Oh wait, there it is. You really can barely go one post without mentioning Shuubi, can you? Did she run over your dog or something?

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 09:34, I read your comment and you do not provide any valid argument, but just lamenting Tailor comment without bringing any counter argument.

        I am not siding with Tailor, but that is what I gather from your comment.

        • @1600
          Anon @1543’s comment can also be applied to you. Thanks you for your comment.

          Thank you I often make that argument but it’s usually just followed up by the type of comment you see @1600. Thanks for trying though.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 15:43 did you seriously read the bullshit he has pretending to be an ‘argument’? Do you really think its even worth proving such owlshit wrong?
          You must be new here, by the way, even when one does prove him wrong, he wont ever admit it. He’s been proven wrong several times already but he’s like some kind of evil spirit that feeds on logic in that any logical arguments thrown his way get consumed and shat out into some bullshit ‘counterargument’. It’s not just on his sad little war on women, either, you’ll see him do this with literally everything (see: Xbox360 vs Playstation4) It’s like he actually grows stronger from logic being thrown at him. Although its fun to see what magic trick he’ll pull out of his ass next, this latest clownshow is not even worth that much.

      • Anonymous says:

        i like how you explained taylors behaviour. i think its just to much hassle for taylor to use a different approach for one anon or the other. very likely because its the internet.

        • Wow I scroll through the comments just to see what the general opinion on Neptune is (I want to know how it compares to the games) and see that apparently Taylor keeps saying my name. -makes the Soul Eater Excalibur face- Brrr.

          Let’s see your new -airquotes-logic-airquotes- then.
          uhuh, uhuh, uhuh, wow how fascinating, that’s swell, uhuh, pfffffffft, wow whatever. Okay.

          So now I’m trying to make anime change for women. I dont remember ever saying anything like that ever, but okay. I guess you’re right. Sorry men, but me appreciating some cute 2D boys means that all the japanese anime companies are now going to make anime for me only. So brace yourself as you prepare for the onslaught of anime similar to the anime Shuubi likes to cater to her tastes, such horrible things as….Bakemonogatari!! Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei!! Macross!! Madoka!! Oh god, the horror!!!
          (In all seriousness, if its put any other manchildren at ease, anime companies go through booms all the damn time. We only just got out of the damn boom for ‘little sister who wants to fuck her older brother’ anime and seem to be entering some kind of ‘dark magical girl’ boom. If there is a ‘boom’ in more fujosh-oriented anime it will be like any other anime ‘boom’ – one more such show every season for a few seasons, the majority of which will be terrible or else just carbon copies of a successful one, before it dies away to make way for the next ‘boom’ (I dunno, cute girls in rural slice of life? I’ve been seeing a few manga like that recently) It’s not going to make your dicks fall off. It’s not going to make largely successful franchises that both men and women love (such as Bakemonogatari) disappear or stop being made. You can take off your aluminium foil hats. You’ll live. I promise.

        • Shuubi gave her female opinion on what she thinks the anime industry will become. Great.
          I gave a factual argument on the trend of how these things usually go based on history.
          What I said is harder to swallow then Shuubis always fair and comforting words. Don’t be deceived men. Women always say things making them appear sweet fair and reasonable. Yet in the end divorce and infidelity is higher now than ever in history. Keep that in mind listening to the sweet words of women.